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Vampire Lover

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Although Annie's the type of person you'll least expect to get involved in anything scary, when it's fate it will be fate. Annie only wanted to provide for her and her brother when she decided to moved in at the peaceful village of Arka, if not a bit creepy at times. Although she's the type of person you'll least expect to get involved in anything scary, when it's fate it will be fate; one thing led to another and she found herself caught in a conspiracy and rebellion between the Vampire King and his banished little brother. What's more, it seemed like she also became the most desirable human in the Vampire Kingdom.

Romance / Fantasy
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One gloomy day of May, the Hashu siblings arrived at the outskirts of the Arka Village, the home-village of their deceased parents.

The orphaned siblings: Annie and Danny Hashu recently lost their parents on a car accident. Having nothing much left for them in the city, the seventeen year old Annie Hashu decided that she and her brother Danny should start a new life in Arka, to forget about their miserable past as orphans in the city. Little did they know that upon setting foot on Arka, marked the beginning of a more miserable life they may have, especially for Annie.

Although their parents always told them that Arka is a peaceful place, full of nice people, as soon as Annie saw the village from afar, she felt an aura of gloominess and mystery; an aura that warns her of something unusual.

“Hey sis, I think there’s a movie I saw with this setting. Wanna hear about it?!...it’s about vampires of course…” grinned Danny mischievously at her,

“Hmph! Very funny Daniel James…I’m more concerned on finding our house than listening to you, though…” she answered, fear obvious in her tone,

“As if you ever listened to one…” snickered the brother, which Annie ignored.

The first person they saw upon entering the village is a young man, about Annie’s age, who was carrying firewood in his shoulder.

As the siblings approached him, he stared admiringly at Annie. Danny immediately gave him a look. His sister really is something; they’re barely a minute in Arka and yet she already has an admirer.

“Um, excuse me. My name is Annie Hashu, and this is my brother Danny Hashu. We’re looking for a house, can you help us find it?!” Annie asked.

“House…” the young man replied lamely.

“Uh…yeah…it’s our parents’ house actually…” Annie said, looking at him kindly.

“My name is Mike Urishu. I’m so pleased to meet you…” he said, offering his hand to her, which the lady, almost, reluctantly accepted,

“The uh…pleasure is mine…” she smiled at him.

“Hey mister…stop goofing around and just tell us if you’ll help or not. You’re wasting our time.” Growled Danny irritably, he really hated having guys around his sister,

“Danny!” hissed Annie, “I’m so sorry about that…he’s just tired. I think…”

“N-No! No problem at all.” Answered Mike, “So uh…do you have an address?! This may be a village but, its size is not.”

“Yeah. Our parents left us an address…here it is…” she handed a paper.

“You’re the owners of that house?!” Mike exclaimed in shock upon reading the address.

“Uh…what do you mean?!...” asked Annie.

“W-Well…it’s just that, this house has been empty since I can remember…and my grandma would always go there from time to time to check.” Mike replied, “Did you say Hashu?!” Annie nodded, “Then you must be Licca and James’ children…”

“Yes…that’s their names…our parents…”

“Before I take you to your house…let’s go to mine first…I bet grandma would really be happy to see you…”

“Uh…I guess its fine…” Annie answered, looking at Danny.

“Yeah it’s fine. As long as there’s food. I’m hungry.” Said Danny, bored.

“Don’t worry, grandma usually bakes cookies at this time of the day…” answered Mike, “My grandparents will be really glad to see you. Here let me take your bags…”

“I…uh…thanks.” Annie said gratefully.

Mike took their bags, which he carried without any effort. He must be used on carrying heavy things.

“My grandparents are the oldest folks around here…they said that Licca and James knew them all their lives.” Mike said, “Who would’ve thought that their children would visit…How are they?!”

“They…actually…” Annie wasn’t able to continue, their parents’ deaths’ still fresh to her.

“…I and my sister are orphans now…our parents died on an accident a few months ago…” Danny finished nonchalantly, unlike Annie, Danny’s pretty fast to recover.

“Oh…I…I’m so sorry…I didn’t–”

“No. It’s okay.” Annie smiled.

The rest of the walk was silent, although from time to time, some folk would greet them, and they would greet back. Children were also playing tag around.

Annie was really amazed, although at the moment the village is a little gloomy…by just looking at the trees and flowers, and other plants and animals they passed, Annie knew that Arka is really a wonderful village. The houses have simple and neat appearance that she loved it immediately.

When they arrived at their first destination, the smell of freshly baked cookies can already be smelt at the door.

“…cookies…” Danny said hungrily, as he pushed the door open.

“No wait…Danny!” Annie tried to stop her brother, “Argh! You little…”

“Don’t worry Annie…” chuckled Mike, “My grandparents won’t mind being busted by kids…”

Mike and Annie followed Danny inside.

“Grandma, I’m home…”

“Oh! Hey Mikey. Welcome home…and who’s this young lady?!”

“Good Afternoon ma’am. I’m Annie Hashu.”

“Hashu?! Don’t tell you’re–”

“James’ daughter?!” interrupted Mike’s grandpa, “My…”

“Yes sir. And this is my brother Danny…I’m sorry for the bother.”

“Oh…so this little lion’s Licca’s son?!” chuckled grandma.

“Your cookies are great grandma…” said Danny between her bites.

“Danny…” hissed the sister.

“I met them earlier…they’re heading for their parents’ house. Their house.” Mike explained enthusiastically.

“Really?! Why that’s good news. The house is still in good shape, thanks to grandma here…” said grandpa with a wink.

“It’s nothing. Come Annie, sit down with your brother for some cookies. Tell us, what brings you her?! How are your parents?!”

“Uh…grandma…” Mike begun.

“Our parents died on a car accident a few months ago. We’re here to start a new life, so sis says…” Mike swallowed as Danny interrupted.

“Oh my God…I’m so sorry dear…”

“I’m sorry for your lost…” said grandpa sadly.

Annie shook her head, “I’m sure our parents are happy where they are now…they’ll still be able to look after us.” said Annie, “Thank you for taking care of the house ma’am…”

“Just call me grandma. And you’re welcome dear…Licca and James were just like my own children, I don’t mind it.” Grandma said slowly, “I just can’t believe that they’re really…”

“Sshhh…enough of that for now…the children are here to recover…” said grandpa, “If you’re going to need anything, just tell us. We’ll gladly help our children’s children…”

“Thank you very much…” supplied Annie.

“I’m going to show you around after you’re settled…I’m sure you’re going to buy some things too.” Offered Mike, smiling from ear to ear.

“You’re so kind, Mike…”

“Oi Mister…I don’t think my sister will fall for that…” frowned Danny, “…better think of something more original if you want to have her. I already saw that style.” Mike blushed.

“Dan-ny!” hissed Annie for the nth time.


“Looks like you have a pretty protective brother, Annie dear…”

“Yeah…I guess…” smiled Annie.

Just before the sun sets, Mike and the sibling head for the house, a two-storey house surrounded by healthy flowers and trees. It’s a little isolated but, very inviting. So Mike says.

On their way there, they passed what looked-like an archway, pretty much covered with long leaves and vines. From one angle on the outside though, one can peek a garden, an abandoned garden.

“Mike, is that a garden?!” asked Annie curiously.

“Yeah…” he nodded, “but, it’s abandoned since…forever…there were rumors that it is owned by a Family of Vampires, that’s why nobody enters it.”

“V-Vampires?!” stuttered Annie, “…a-as in real v-vampires?!…”

“There are really vampires in Arka?!” it was Danny’s turn to ask, excitedly though.

“Uh, yeah but, those are just rumors. I mean, nobody really saw any…and no cases of lost or dead sheep or such…”

“Cool!!!” said Danny, “Hmm…you seem to know a lot about vampires…”

“Well…I like watching vampire movies as a kid.” Mike explained.

“No way! Really?! Then I think we’ll get along just fine, bro.”

Danny and Mike were too preoccupied discussing about the vampire movies they’ve watched that they didn’t realize Annie was already trembling, both in fear and anger. Really, boys are sooo inconsiderate; didn’t they realize they’re walking just in front of a supposed vampire family’s garden?! And that, the sun is already setting?! Well, it’s her fault anyway, for asking on the first place.

Indeed, ‘Curiosity kills the cat!’

Annie momentarily stopped as she saw a shadow passed the archway; for a moment, she felt like she’s having an eye-to-eye contact with someone.

“Sis, are you coming or what?! I thought you’re scared of walking alone.” called Danny.

“Oh!!! Shut up you!” growled Annie as she ran to them.

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