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Vampire Lover

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For the next few days, Mike has been helping the Hashus to settle in; sometimes he’s chatting with Danny or introducing and walking them to the folks and stores at the village. Everyone have been very nice to them, soon Annie already felt very at home; she found a job as a clerk on a store and her brother begun making new friends on his own.

Two weeks after their arrival, Danny suddenly disappeared. Annie thought that he’s just with some of his friends but, when the sun already set and still no Danny at home, she begun to worry and asked Mike to help her look for him.

Mike then went to ask the village people to help them. As Mike left Annie, she remembered that Danny had said earlier that day…

“I’m decided, sis…I’m going to enter that garden…I wanted to know if there are really Vampires there…” Danny had said,

“Look, Mister Danny James Hashu…if you’re just scaring me then, forget it. I know Vampires aren’t real…”

“Hah! And yet, you stuttered when Mikey said it!”

“That’s weeks ago…” said Annie confidently, “…and I’m watching vampire movies with you now, remember?!”

“Well…yeah…I guess you’re right…” said Danny, ”but I–”

“Don’t get smart with me, young man!”

“Whatever. But I’m serious, sis…I’ll really go…and I’m going to make friends with some of them to scare you…”

“Ha. Ha. I’m really scared…” said Annie sarcastically, “I challenge you!”

“Or would you prefer a vampire boyfriend?!” Danny just smirked,

“Very funny, Daniel…” Annie rolled her eyes, “Vampires are not real…and I’m not scared of them!”

Annie looked like she wanted to cry. Vampires…real or not, her younger brother must have entered the garden if he can’t be found; and vampires…real or not, she must go get Danny back.

Mike saw Annie just as she was about to pass the archway, “Annie! What do you think you’re doing…get back here!”

“Danny said he wanted to go to the garden…I must take him back…”

“Nonsense! And the sun already set.”

“Exactly…Danny might be scared out of his wits now. Even though he loves horror movies, and would always tease me about them…he’s still just a boy…” Annie said with worry and determination, “I can’t leave him alone.”

“But Annie–”

Annie already left before mike could finish, he tried to follow her but, the village folks stopped him,

“No! Let me go.” struggled Mike,

“Mike! You know no one’s allowed to enter that garden…It’s forbidden.”

“But Annie…she…”

“Let’s just hope that she’ll come back…”

“Huh?! What’s happening here?!” said a very surprised Danny, a bag of DVDs in hand.

To Annie, the garden – although abandoned – is beautiful if taken care of…there are moss here and there, like a jungle that no animal would even want to live in even. But, she’s wrong…there are animals living in the jungle-like garden, animals that swore to serve only one man all their lives, a Vampire Prince.

As Annie walked with caution, calling Danny’s name in a quiet voice, never in her life did she like to be in a horror movie setting, and this is an epitome of it. She felt nervous and scared as she saw the moon is slowly appearing above.

“Danny…please come out…I-I’m really not…in the mood for playing…” Annie whispered, “Danny please…”

“If you really want to find this Danny…I suggest you call louder. We won’t mind, really.” Said a big voice behind her, when she turned around in surprise and fear, she never expected where the voice had come, nor wanted to even know.

“W-W-Wolf…” and with that, Annie fainted.

Annie’s form was surrounded by a pack of big wolves, talking big wolves.

“Isn’t this the girl the prince was eyeing for the past weeks?!” said one wolf, he sniffed Annie,

“Yes…I think she is but, I don’t think he wants her for dinner…” said the biggest wolf,

“Of course he doesn’t…don’t be silly, alpha.” said another wolf,

“Yeah. I guess not…”laughed the alpha wolf, “I’ll bring her to the castle…round up the garden for this Danny…”

“Immediately!” said the wolves and left.

“And now, for the Miss…I wonder what changes she’ll bring…” the big wolf gently placed Annie on his back and started heading for the castle at the center of t6he garden.

Meanwhile, Danny is crying nonstop, “It’s my fault…I shouldn’t have joked about going in there…I should’ve told her that I’m going to town…It’s my fault…my fault…”

“Sshhh…everything will be alright, Danny…nobody’s blaming you, dear…” said grandma gently,

“She’ll be back…I hope…” said Mike hopefully, “Annie…”

When Annie woke up, she’s laying on a very comfortable bed, a woman is sitting on an armchair beside the bed, reading a book. When she sat up, the woman immediately looked and smiled at her,

“You’re awake. Oh, I’m so glad…” beamed the woman, “How are you feeling?! Are you hurt?!”

“Uh no…I don’t think so…I’m fine…Thank you…” answered Annie, admiring the woman in front of her. She’d never seen as beautiful as her in her life but, she’s too pale, “W-Where am I?! How did I get here?! Last time I–”

“By the way, you can just call me Hilda. What’s your name?!” interrupted Hilda excitedly,

“I…uh…I’m Annie…”

“Hi Miss Annie…” smiled Hilda, “Oh yeah I’m sorry…you’re in my prince’s castle…his servant found you in the garden. Man, I was so worried on what happened…”

Annie gave her a confused look.

“W-Well anyway…you stay here…I’m going to tell my master you’re awake…” with that, Hilda left the room.

“What a weird woman…but…what really…” Annie stopped when she remembered what happened to her, “Wolf…talking wolf…a garden…Oh My God…what if this place is owned by the vampire Mike’s talking about…I…I have to get out of here…”

Annie stumbled as she got out of the bed; slowly she walked to the door. The door creaked open; she looked from either side of the hallway before leaving the room. She could feel her heart beating so fast; she kept on telling herself that she’s not scared and walked slowly and cautiously on the hallway. There were several chandeliers on the ceiling that lit her way and took some of the creepy feelings she had on the place.

After a few minutes of walking, she saw a staggering form heading to her direction, having a guess who and what it could be, she stopped in her tracks and attempted to run to the opposite direction but, changed her mind as soon as the form fell to his knees. Annie ran to him, ignoring the fast beating of her heart…and the fear of being a vampire meal.

“A-Are you okay?!” asked Annie worriedly as she helped the guy stood up, he looked like he’ll faint any moment.

Annie almost lost her balanced when the guy suddenly grabbed her shoulders and pinned her to the wall. Fear overwhelmed the girl as the guy growled, showing her his fangs; Annie wasn’t able to do anything but, close her eyes tightly as the word ‘Meal’ ringed in her mind loudly. She waited for the agonizing bite on her neck but, it didn’t came…instead, what came were lips against her own. Her eyes flew open in shock.

Moments later, the lips left her own almost reluctantly. Both of them were breathing heavily.

“Leave.” growled the guy/vampire, pushing Annie away as he clutched his abdomen,


“Go back to your room and stay there.” he growled again, looking intensely at her.

Annie ran back to her/the room.

She was breathing heavily as she leaned back on the closed door. Slowly, her fingers touched her lips, “…a vampire…my first kiss…”

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