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Living With The Boys (Journey to Love, #1)

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University is life changing for everyone, but Hope is about to take on a whole different rollercoaster. Hope doesn't have the best background so the fact that she is going to university is a miracle in itself. She answers an ad for a room in a house filled with 3 guys but she just wants to focus on her studies. Mike and Mark are the 23 year old twins who are nearly finished with their Masters so both of them are not thinking about girls. Martin is 21 and good looking, he lives with the twins and he likes to party and live, not love. Mix in cheating exes and pizza boys, with an unconventional relationship and secret feelings and you will get an interesting last and first year.

Romance / Erotica
Adelina Taneva
Age Rating:

01. Moving In

This is book 1 in the Journey to Love Trilogy.

Hope's POV

I cannot believe I’m doing this.

The taxes are too high and my family are not rich enough to pay for my university and for a place for me to live.

l am taking out a loan for my course and working for my rent as a waitress and a dog sitter. Now l am moving into a house with 3 boys or men, it doesn’t matter since l’m still the only girl in the house.

The guys all have class right now and l have just moved the last of my things into the house and now it was only the stairs that could break me. This is the cheapest way since Martin and Mark share a room because Mike used to share his room with his girlfriend but that was a couple of months ago.

l am lucky to have my own room, or so l thought.

lt must have been 10 minutes of me trying to get my luggage up the stairs when l heard the front door open and the before silent house was now filled with shouting and just noise. Looks like the guys are back.

l look behind me and see 3 boys that l can just drool over so l force myself not to do that in front of them. They all stop laughing as they notice me at the bottom of the stairs trying to get my second suitcase up the stairs as you can probably tell it’s not going that well.

“Are you guys just going to stand there or help me with these?” l break the silence and stare since l feel like they see right though me and l don’t like it.

l suddenly feel self conscious with my shorts and tank top, like l am showing way too much skin even though in this weather you can’t wear anything else. They snap out of their thoughts and they all grab a bag and help me and as a result they leave me with just my hand bag.

Looks like I am living with gentlemen, that should make my life a little easier.

I walk up the stairs and l’m confused when they walk into what l assumed was Mike’s room, or at least not an empty room.

“l thought l was staying in the guest room?” l ask them as they turn to look at me and the twins share this weird look and the guy with black hair has a smirk on his face.

“The guest room is currently being used as a gym and we though since you needed a place to stay so badly that you might be OK with sharing a room with Mike.” says the guy with black hair as he motions to one of the twins. lt’s going to take me while to tell the difference between them.

l thought l was signing up to living with 3 guys, not sharing a room and probably a bed with one. l was by no means a virgin but l’m not comfortable with sharing a bed with a guy, that is way too intimate and with the looks of these guys l might just jump one of them in the middle of the night.

“How will that work when you guys bring a girl back or l bring a guy here?” l ask even though l have a feeling that no guy is going to compare to these in front of me.

Suddenly their expressions become blank and l can no longer read what they are feeling and it’s a little scary since a moment ago l could practically read their thoughts off of their faces.

“We’re not really into the casual relationship thing and we rarely bring girls back and if we do then we organise it with the guys so they are out of the house.” Says again the guy with black hair, looks like he is the more open out of them 3 since he has been doing all the talking.

“OK, now that is out of the way, who exactly am l sharing a room with?” l ask with a lot more confidence that l am feeling right now.

“That would be me.” Says one of the twins while holding the back of his neck and he looked damn hot while doing it.

“Well then nice to meet you roomy, l’m sure you know that my name is Hope.” L stick out my hand for him to shake and l am shaken when he does and l feel sparks travel all down and around my body that l can’t stop my eyes from flying to his wide blue eyes as we both stare at our intertwined hands for a couple of moments.

At the same time we break away and l look down at the floor since l don’t want to look at their faces. I can’t believe that l have managed to embarrass myself the first hour l met them; it normally takes at least a day.

“Anyway, can someone show me the room?” l say after clearing my throat and moving past them to finally enter the room they left my luggage in.

“This is the room you will be sharing with me and we were not planning on having anyone move in with us after my girlfriend moved out but when you told us about your situation we all wanted to help you.” Says Mike, the twin l am sharing a room with as he stands leaning against the door since the other 2 guys have gone to take a shower.

“Don’t get me wrong l am really grateful that you guys are willing to help me but l don’t want to be pitied and l am going to get on my feet and move out as soon as l can afford it.” I say since l don’t like how people act when they find out how my siblings were killed and that my father is admitted into a mental institution and l am taking care of my mother, or paying for her care anyway.

“You can stay as long as you like and we don’t mind as long as you don’t mind sharing a room and bed with me and don’t worry about it l just broke up with my girlfriend a couple of months ago and the guys like you so you have nothing to worry about.” He reassures me as he walks past me and starts showing where l can put my things.

I listen to some of the things he tells me like that there are 2 bathrooms and there is no real schedule just that you use whichever one is free. I think l’ll like living with guys, they don’t fuss over the small things and they say what they mean, no bullshit in sight.

I can’t help but stare at his light blonde hair that is slightly curled and l think l found the difference between him and his brother, the other twin has short straight hair while Mike has the slightly curled hair against the nape of his neck.

His blue eyes looking around nervously as he stares at me after he finished talking and we just stand there in the middle of the room staring at each other and l can’t help the blush covering my face and when l look up at his handsome face l see that he has an adorable flush on his face as well.

We both look at each other awkwardly and l can’t help the small smile on my face at how hot and adorable he is at the same time and l get to sleep next to him even if l don’t have a chance with him.

I have black hair with light green eyes and way too many curves for a guy my age, they want the petite small girls that are easy to pick up and have way too much confidence do the guys don’t have to deal with insecurities.

“What do you guys normally have for dinner?” l ask after a while as we start walking down the stairs and to the living room where the guys are shouting at a game on the screen and l smirk as l fall on the sofa next to them.

“ls this the first or second match?” l ask referring to if it’s a home or away game and the guys turn to look at me with their mouths open and l laugh and snap my fingers in front of their faces to bring them back.

“It’s the second game, Barcelona are the host.” Says Mark the other twin.

How did they find each other? Mike, Mark and Martin. That might get confusing for the first couple of weeks.

“l must have missed the first leg while l was moving, so who won?” l ask Mark since he seems like the less shy out of the two and Martin seems like he is the flirt out of the 3.

“Real Madrid won 3-1, with Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema scoring while Neymar managed to bring one in the added time.” Describes Mark as well as how the goals were scored and l smirk when l see their fallen faces as they remind themselves that their team is losing and my team is winning.

Any person in Europe would know that Real Madrid are one of the best right now and that Messi is no longer the best player in Barcelona anymore.

They see me smirking and they stare at me as if l killed their puppy and l can’t help but laugh, like throw my head back and evil laugh at them and even jumped up and danced around the room when my team would score and the one time Barcelona scored the all shouted in my face in return.

“So what are we eating for dinner?” l ask again since l forgot to repeat my question earlier and now that the match is finished and l won we are all hungry and we still haven’t decided what movie to watch.

“We would normally eat pizza and then spend 2 hours at the gym but l don’t know you’ll want, just to warn you that we don’t cook and there is only junk food in the house.” Answers Martin while laying his head on my lap.

It’s very easy to get comfortable with these guys. I feel like l have been living with them for months but they are so laid back and easy to be around that l am comfortable around them in just a day.

“Well someone order pizza then.” I say but when no one goes to move l push Martin off my lap and reach over to grab the phone and order 4 large pizzas since l don’t think the guys will only eat 1 each, l’ll only manage to eat half a large.

“lt should be here in about 15 minutes.” I say once l hang up on the guy and sit back down on the sofa.

“What movie do you guys want to watch?” asks Mike while looking through the movies they have and l just go to the kitchen so l can make like 10 batches of popcorn and since it’s starting to dark outside it’s also starting to get colder so after l leave the popcorn with the guys l run up the stairs and change into a sweater and leggings with warm socks on my feet and walk back down just in time for the doorbell to ring.

“l got it!” l shout and walk to the door and open it to find a cute guy standing there holding the pizzas and he smiles once he spots me.

“l thought only the guys live here?” he asks with a cute dimpled smile and l smile back while grabbing the pizzas from him.

“l just moved in today, l take it you have delivered a lot of pizza here?” l ask while walking back to the kitchen and grabbing my wallet to pay for dinner.

“Nearly every week.” He smiles as he leans against the door with his hands folded over his chest and just this morning l would have been checking out his muscles and the way his shirt fits over his chest but l now live with 3 guys that could be on the cover of any magazine. I have all the eye candy l need right at home.

“Well thank you.” I say while handing him his money and a small tip since l can’t afford much.

“You’re welcome, now what would it take for me to get your number?” he asks with another melting smile but l don’t feel myself falling to the floor or my knees going weak.

“A little time since l just moved here, l’m not exactly looking for a relationship or a hook up.” I say with a sad smile as l try and be as nice as possible in my rejection.

“That’s understandable; l might just ask you again in a couple of months.” He says as he places a kiss on my cheek and walks away leaving me confused since l should be jumping up and down in joy that a guy that hot is into me but here l am hungry for pizza and craving the company of my housemates of less than a day when l could be on a date.

I really need to sort out my priorities.

l walk back into the living room holding the pizzas with a big smile on my but the guys were all quiet and looking like someone killed their puppy.

“Why are all of you so silent all of a sudden?” l ask as l hand each person their food but they continue to stare at the TV and no one has given me an answer.

We eat in silence and a little after l finish my pizza l feel really tired so l just clean up after myself and walk up to my room and change into my sleeping clothes which is just an oversized rock shirt and lay under the covers and sleep quickly overtakes me.

That was 3 months ago and the guys were fine after that except they never ordered pizza in that time. At least not from the same place and l have no idea why.

l have gotten close to them in these months since l spend all of my free time with all of them or separately.

l have learned that Martin loves going to the gym and his cooking can give you a food orgasm, if he actually gets up to make something. l use the house gym every other day or if l want to let off some steams and not bite someones head off but he works out every day and the amount of times l have seen him shirtless, you can tell.

Out of the 3 he has the most cut body. The twins Mike and Mark are thin and have a bit of muscle on them but Martin is the one with the big arms and lick-able abs while the twins have more of an outline and shape but they are still any girls dream.

Every night when l go to bed me and Mike talk for what feels like hours, it’s almost like pillow talk but we’ve never had sex so in a way it’s weird. ln a way l want to since getting to know them they are amazing people but how would l be able to chose one of them and if it didn’t work out, what then?

l can’t tell between my feelings for each of them, they all have their special traits about them that l love and l can’t choose.

Who says they even want me?

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