Living With The Boys (Journey to Love, #1)

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10. Morning Love

Hope’s POV

If a couple of months ago I woke up to someone spooning me, I would have thought my foster brothers were playing a prank on me. Unfortunately I know all too well what its like being the target of their jokes and I guess I never realised how jumpy I had become until I moved into the house and I would randomly jump whenever I didn’t see them coming.

So a couple of months ago I would have kicked or elbowed the person behind me, however, weirdly enough just from the way he is breathing I can tell that it is Mike behind me but then again that wouldn’t be a surprise since this is his bed. It might be a little weird that I refer to this bed and room as still his.

A part of me still sees this house as a part time thing, I still don’t know how I agreed to share a room and bed with a complete stranger but I just wanted to get out of the house and this was all I could find. It didn’t help that I was accepted through clearing so that didn’t leave a lot of time to find a place to live, on campus accommodation was too expensive for me and this was really my option.

Its crazy how thing end up working out.

“Since when do you like cuddling all the time?” I ask since I can feel him waking up and there is just something about the quiet and calm atmosphere of waking up to him behind me. I can hear no noise coming from outside or from our phones, the curtains are shut so the room is dark and I feel like there is no one else in the world but us.

“Since you started sleeping in my bed.” He replies with that panty melting morning voice that most guys have in the morning when they’re not quite awake yet.

“So you were never into cuddling before?” I ask but just because I’m curious, Mike is a guy who’s been in a long term relationship so it would be weird if he didn’t cuddle with Alyssa like this. Even though it still feels weird asking him and talking to him about his ex, a larger part of me just wants to know him better so I’m willing to suffer through some of the ex talk.

“You don’t really want to talk about Alyssa do you?” He asks and I don’t have to see his face to hear the surprise in his voice.

“Well it’s not totally to do with her. I want to know more about you, you know the little things like this and also I don’t want you doing things just because you think I like them.” I say because there is something worse than not cuddling with your guys at all, him hating every second of cuddling but doing it anyway.

“I think we’re a little bit past the random questions, getting to know each other phase.” He says as he shifts behind me but not to move away, he does try to get to turn to face him but I am just too comfortable on my side.

“You’re never past the getting to know each other phase.” I reply as I have seen my friends parents who have been together over 20 years still learn new things about each other all the time, I loved that. To see that even though you might know all their little habits, major secrets and stories, there are still little moments you discover through time that are another piece of the puzzle.

“You know there are other things I would rather be doing than talk right now.” He whispers in my ear, tightening his arm around me and there is no mistaking what he would rather be doing now. But as I am feeling a little bit mean this morning, I’m not just going to give in straight away and roll over to jump his bones.

“Not until after you answer my question, you can’t just change the topic like that.” I reply even though the kisses he is leaving on my neck are pretty distracting and persuasive, but he doesn’t need to know that because then it will all go to his head.

“Damn you are savage today. Yes, I have always liked cuddling but with you I want to do it all the time and be late for shit I have to do. I constantly have to choose between going to my lecture and getting an extra 30 minutes in bed with you most mornings.” He answers finally and I can’t seem to keep the smile off of my face, I just love how he says the sweetest things - even if I had to pry it out of him a little bit.

“You’re nearly always gone when I wake up so it’s probably not a very hard choice.” I tease him a little bit more even though I know he has been craving some more together, just like I have been. The irony of the fact that I had been dating 3 guys but haven’t had much attention or spent much time with either of them.

“It’s fucking hard waking up to you tucked against me like this every morning, your nearly bare ass against me and knowing that I have to get up and leave you here alone.” He whispers roughly against my neck, gently biting the spot underneath my ear.

"I mean, you don't have to leave me alone, morning sex is one way to start the day right." I whisper back as he kisses down my neck, moving the down the bed ever so slowly. Much slower than I would have liked him to.

"You might have to hurry with that, we both have lectures this morning." I tease him as we both know that we've finished our lectures for this term, I just want him to make it to his destination quicker.

"There is going to be nothing quick about this time, sweetheart." He says against my lower stomach where he has lifted my shirt higher so he can place teasing kisses right along the band of my underwear.

I wish that I said something witty about him being fast but it seems I can't the words out of my throat, any words to be honest. His mouth is distracting me as he is painstakingly slow at moving my underwear down my thighs, placing kisses and bites along the way. You would think that this is the first time we're fucking by the way he seems to have all the time in the world.

"Mike." I groan as he takes this way too far, kissing down my legs as well as he is still taking off my underwear. I know that he is enjoying my writhing underneath him too much, but the again there is something fun to be said about anticipation. Even better when I know the wait is going to be so worth it.

"Patience, my love." He smirks as he stops at my now bare hip, achingly close to my drenched core. I want to lift my hips closer to his mouth but of course one of his hands is holding me down to the bed.

"I need you." I swallow my pride and call out for him, I have those weird moments where I wonder if I'm coming on too strong but then again the current problems is that I'm not coming at all.

He doesn't tease me like I thought he would, not another is said between us as he reaches on his side of the bed and takes out a condom from the drawer. He silently rolls it on, the room filled with out heavy breathing but we don't need to speak paragraphs to know how the other is feeling.

I could say that this is only lust at work and maybe I could say it often enough to believe it but I have already admitted to myself that I am in love with the guy in front of me. I have no idea what his feelings are towards me so this could end in real heartbreak for me.

"You're so beautiful." He whispers as his arms surround me on either side of my face, our lower halves becoming one slowly. We are touching everywhere and I could have sworn I could almost feel his heart beating against mine.

Giving into the heaven that is him sliding inside me, my eyes close on their own. My body somehow taking over, following what it's saying as we start to build up our own rhythm together once again.

I can feel him pulsing inside of me, his weight heavy on me but at the same time comforting. My hands twist in his hair, needing him even closer to me and as the sweat builds on our bodies I feel myself growing higher and higher.

My heels digging into his back might be a little painful for him but he hasn't said anything yet so I tighten my hold on him even more. I want to feel as close to as humanly possible to Mike and as I feel his breath on my neck, his hand on my waist and his cock deep inside of me.

His thrusts are somehow paced and rhythmic when I feel as though I am going crazy from his touch. There is nothing that could happen around us right now that would make me leave this place right here.

"Mike." I moan as he hits that special deep spot, my hands now scratching his back and holding on. My breath coming in short bursts as my hips meet his for every thrust, taking him deeper and harder.

"I'm so close." I whisper, feeling his hand close over my left breast and tweak my nipple, sending another wave of electricity coursing through my body. The need becoming frantic, my body becoming restless chasing that orgasm, the orgasm that Mike holds in his hands.

"Come for me." He says quietly, it wasn't a command but it seems like my body wanted to give him what he wants anyway. My body rising high to match his deep thrust, my body and everything else meeting him straight on.

My mouth opens on a scream but nothing comes out but my body is screaming with the pleasure that takes over me. For the next couple of seconds I have no memory of what Mike is doing or what is going on in the room or house, all I remember is feeling fucking fantastic as probably my biggest orgasm to date runs through my skin.

When I come back to, my skin is burning up and even though I can't remember the last couple of seconds it seems as though my body has been working on auto pilot. Nearly my whole body has lifted from the bed and only my shoulders are touching the sheets.

I open my eyes to stare at Mike, even though right now this should be the last thought going through my mind, I can't help but be taken back by how beautiful he is. My body still sensitive reacts with his as a growl makes it out of his chest and leaves goosebumps along my skin.

Next thing I feel is him coming inside me, but I am stuck transfixed by the look on his face as it's overcome with pleasure, pleasure that I have brought to him. As our bodies start to cool down, neither one of us is willing to move away or break the moment.

He stays inside me for a couple more moments before rolling away and making his way to the bathroom. I don't know how his legs are working right now as my whole body feels like jelly and as much as I want to fall asleep right now, I know I should probably get up and take a shower.

"Can we just spend the whole day in bed?" I ask from said bed as I see Mike leaning against the doorframe, butt naked and confident. I don't know when I wills stop being taken back by his beauty, that he is mine to love.

Granted, the last time I said those three little words it ended in disaster. I am split between voicing my feelings and just jumping head first into this whole thing even though he won't return the words, because at the end of the day it takes a lot of guts to be vulnerable with your true feelings.

On the other hand, I want to keep my words and heart to myself, I don't know how many times I can say the words and have him stomp on my heart. A big part of me wants to protect myself, the selfish part of me.

"We can watch a movie in bed tonight but we should probably take advantage of the good weather." He replies and I almost laugh at the phrase. Nice weather in England?

"What do you want to do?" I ask as I continue to lounge and watch him start to get dressed.

"We could head out to London and go to Winter Wonderland? I think they opened last week." He suggests and I feel this sudden burst of energy, I have wanted to go for half my life so there is no way that I am turning down this date.

It's as I'm in the middle of getting dressed after a quick shower, I realise that I have been on dates with Mark and Martin but this is going to be my first date with Mike. I feel like the giddy 17 year old girl that I am.

In the past I have had to act a lot older than I was but right now I feel like a carefree teenager who is going on a first date with the guy she is in love with. I can feel that today is going to be a good day, it has certainly started in the best way possible.

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