Living With The Boys (Journey to Love, #1)

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02. All Together

Martin’s POV

You would think that a crush would be over quite quickly for a guy in his 20′s, but that’s not the case with me and my friends. Hope has grabbed our hearts and she is not letting go.

I thought that we would get bored of her or find something that annoyed us because we are living with each other but she is the nicest and heartwarming person I have met except for the twins. She really doesn’t stop surprising me.

Like every time I go to the gym to work out she is right there before me and sometimes stays after me even which is an achievement since I think I may have an obsession with the gym and I have to work out this often since I eat like a pig.

I still have my diet and stick to it but where other people have cheat meals every month or even more, I have one every week and I have to work that off. I’m not lucky like the guys not to gain so much. They eat as much shit as they want and still stay thin with minimal work at the gym.

It’s been roughly 3 months since Hope moved in and so far we have saved up at least £1000 in an account for her. We don’t need the extra rent money so when she does pay us we only take the bills out of it and the rest were saving as a present for her.

All our families are not rich but have enough money to live comfortably and not worry about bills and things like that so we can afford to do this for her and after everything she has been through, we know she deserves it.

She is at school right now and the twins are at home, I never call them by their names when they are together, only when I am speaking to each one or they are in the same room. It’s really awesome sometimes being best friends with twins. Sorry started rambling there.

It’s weird since I am 2 years younger than them and they are leaving next year but ever since I moved from a different side of the country to this university they have helped me to fit and find myself.

It’s not like I had a bad childhood or family, it was just the case of me needing to get out of my small town and explore the rest of the world. I still talk to my parents at least once a week if not more as to not worry them.

The first year I had my fun but I didn’t sleep with a crazy amount of girls. I would find one and if I could stand their personality then we would enter a sex only relationship since I don’t necessarily want to sleep with the whole population of the school but I also don’t want to spend my days in university being celibate. This way I would not be hurting anyone and the girls would not be brainless bimbos.

Out of us 3 I am the most outgoing and flirty, I like socializing with people and only rarely stay alone or need to be alone. I know for a fact that Mike and Mark like Hope as well but since Mike broke up with his girlfriend almost half a year ago, he hasn’t been the same.

He doesn’t laugh or smile as often but that changed when Hope moved in and we are all really thankful that she is in our lives and I can say that I am mighty jealous and envious it’s Mike that gets to sleep in the same bed as her.

I know they haven’t done anything since otherwise Mark would have started tearing his brother and we have come to a silent agreement that we all want her at the same time.

Something about the image of all of us pleasuring and worshiping her body makes me instantly hard and no matter where l am l have to find a more comfortable position to sit in or if l am in public l have to be careful not to flash my junk to anyone.

l am as confused as l am turned on by my thoughts. Me and the guys have never shared a girl or any feelings for one, not even the twins have fucked the same girl, as far as l know and that would be for sure the one thing l would do if l had a twin.

l don’t even know if they are having the same feelings as me or if they would be ok with being with her all at once.That is why l cannot take it anymore and today while she is in her classes l am going to speak with them and find out what they really think.

This could be the start of something awesome or the conversion could turn awkward in a millisecond.

l just had a shower, explaining the rambling and all the talking, l do my best thinking while l am in the shower and now l am running down the stairs and into the living room.

They guys are just laying around watching TV and for some reason l start to feel nervous but as soon as they come l push them away as l need to persuade them.

lt may seem weird to some people that l want to share a girl l like but this is not just a case of a horny guy wanting to have an orgy while in university, if that was the case then there would be a hell of a lot more than 1 girl.

These are the 3 most special people in my life that are not family and l want to share something with them, something no one else can replace.

l guess it’s time to come out and say that l’m bisexual and have been since the day l moved in with the twins.

Those little buggers really make you fall in love with them quick.

“Hey guys l wanted to talk to you about something.” l say as l sit on the sofa and they turn the TV off since they can hear that it’s something serious.

“What is it dude?” says Mark since l think they were watching something he likes.

“Do you guys like Hope?” l start off with a simple and innocent question to test the waters a little.

“Of course we do.” they say in unison and l laugh since it’s amusing every single time.

“No l mean like, like her in the other kind of way.” l ask and wait nervously for their answer but l am left gobsmacked when Mark takes out his wallet and gives Mike a £50 note while Mike is smirking at his new win.

“l told you so.” he teased his brother.

“What’s going on?” l ask confused from the sidelines.

“We kind of made a bet out of how long it would take for you to come to us about Hope.” Answers Mark as he glares at his brother.

“What exactly was the bet?” I ask surprised and a little angry that they would bet against me but the surprised part is that they figured everything out ready quickly. Usually both of them are very clueless and it takes a long time for them to figure out something is up or wrong.

For example I was the first one to start having doubts about Mike’s ex-girlfriend but he would not believe me but then I spoke to Mark about my worries and then he started to help me look into it we eventually found evidence but I let Mark tell Mike since they are brothers and they have that special connection that you can’t achieve with time.

“Well I said that it would take you less than 5 months but Mark said that it would take you more but still less than a year.” Says Mike as he continues to look at his money and smirk at his brother.

“Do you actually know what l want to ask about her though?” l ask to make sure l won’t make an idiot of myself.

“You’re just as attracted to her as we are.” answers Mike and we both stare at him in shock since he is not one to speak about anything sexual and now he has hit it right on the head of the issue.

“So you wouldn’t mind sharing her?” l ask and l feel more hope seek into me, that was not on purpose.

“We wouldn’t be sharing her though, if we do this it’s not going to be a one time thing just to fulfill some fantasy, l don’t know about you guys but l have strong feelings for her and l am not going to hurt her or let you guys play with her emotions.” says Mark and he looks serious which makes me happy since he is taking this as serious as me.

This is not just some sex fantasy, there are real and strong feelings involved.

“l am not going to play with her feelings, l like her a lot.” l say and hold my hands up while Mike suddenly has a dent in his trousers and is looking off into space.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Mark like it’s the most normal thing ever to ask your twin brother why he has a sudden boner.

“Last night.” Mike answers and just leaves it at that and me and Mark are leaning forward in our seat and waiting for him to continue but when he doesn’t we both shout at him to get on with it.

“Last night she was masturbating in bed and it was the hardest thing l have ever had to endure. She was moaning all of our names and l could hear her hand move on her p*ssy as she pleasured herself and l had to lie there and pretend that l was asleep when all l wanted to replace her hand with my hand, tongue and c*ck.” he describes and all three of us are left palming our erections at the picture he painted and l guess there is little hope for us to seduce her if she is having wet dreams about us.

“That might be the only bad thing about sleeping in the same bed as her, you can do nothing.” says Mark as he is basically wanking off over his clothes.

“We do this tonight.” says Mike in a serious tone and l can see the determination in his eyes.

“Oh and Martin, we know you want to f*ck us.” says Mark with a smirk as both of them stand up and go to their separate rooms, leaving me downstairs staring at the white wall in shock.

Mike’s POV

For the past couple of hours l have been more on edge than normal. We have agreed to seduce Hope tonight but what if she laughs in our faces?

l mean l know that girls like Martin but l was cheated on by multiple girls so there must be something wrong with me, right?

l have to force those thoughts out of my head since l am the one that is left alone with her first and l can’t mess up, for me and the guys.

The guys have ‘gone to bed’ and Hope is in the bathroom taking her evening shower while l am in bed reading one of her favourite books and l must say that l am liking it so far but the main reason for me to be reading this one is that it is a contemporary novel and the main character is called Mike and the other ones she owns are called Mark and Martin, l am seeing a pattern here, are you?

l am on the third chapter by the time she comes out of the bathroom with her nightwear on and in the months she has gotten a little more comfortable with me since at the beginning she was wearing things that even a prude would grimace at but she wears either shorts and a top or a large shirt like she is right now.

Both drive me crazy.

l don’t put the book down but on the corner of my eyes l can see her steps falter when she sees what l’m reading and a sexy blush makes itself known on her cheeks.

“You don’t mind me reading this, do you?” l ask not taking my eyes off the book in my hands.

“Um.. no but l didn’t think you would like a book like that.” she says in shy voice l have not heard since she moved in.

“l don’t see anything wrong with me reading a romance book.” l say and this time do look up to find her sitting at the end of the bed looking at me with a weird emotion in her eyes that l have yet to see.

“Not a lot of guys do read romance so that’s why it surprised me.” she says and l think guys do read sometimes but they just don’t want the girls to know.

“l don’t think reading romance is bad, l can’t think of anything more ‘manly’ than a real man pleasuring his woman whenever he or she wants and there being so much passion that you literally cannot come home and not take her against some surface before dinner.” l say and on purpose use more descriptive language than l normally do to see her reaction and l’m not disappointed.

Her pupils dilate and l can see her chest moving up and down faster as her breathing picks up and if l could touch her right now l would bet that her heart beat is going overtime and for now l’m not going to think about touching other places.

“Well then you will make some girl very happy when you find her.” she says with a smile but l can see sadness in her eyes and l want to smirk since l have found her and she is looking at me right now.

“l’ve already found her.” l say with a massive smile while hers falters and I see disappointment in her eyes.

“Well then, why have we not met her?” she tries to start a conversation about the woman l love but l can see that it’s killing her and even though l like that she is jealous, l don’t want to hurt her even if later on l am going to reveal the truth.

“You will know that truth soon.“l say with a smirk and she gives me what was supposed to be a reassuring smile before walking to her side of the bed and getting under the sheets and grabbing her book that she started last night and copying my position, leaning against the headboard and reading.

“Do you like any of the guys?” l ask all of a sudden and l see her freeze and noticing that she become more nervous and l can tell that she is no longer paying attention to her book.

“What do you mean?” she asks even though we both know what l meant.

l put down my book on my side on the floor and turn my body to face hers.

“You know what l mean, would date or fuck them if you got the chance?” l ask and even the images in my head are enough to heat up my body and l have to switch my position so it’s not so obvious that l am now sporting a boner.

“l live with them, of course l wouldn’t.” she answers but she doesn’t look at me so l know that she is lying and l am praying for her to go to bed so our plan can start working.

“So if you weren’t living with us, you would give us a shot.” l press on even though she is uncomfortable with the topic.

“Maybe, but it would be stupid to start anything with you guys when it could go wrong and then l have to move.” she answers and this time l might be getting somewhere with her.

“You want to know a little secret?” l say in a hushed voice and lean a little towards her.

“Umm... sure?” she says but she sounds unsure but curious at the same time.

l lean forwards even more so my mouth is near her ear and she can hear me but also feel my heat and breath on her skin.

“We all like you.” l say and go back to my original position and grab my book and continue reading and try to ignore her hard breathing and curious gaze towards me but soon after that she turns so her back is facing me and her tempting ass is in my view as well.

l leave my book on the side again and turn the lights off but instead of facing away from her like all the other nights but this time my front is towards her back and very close but not touching her like l desperately want to.

l wait for about 10 minutes and try to even out my breathing so she thinks that l am sleeping since normally l fall asleep quite quickly but tonight no one is getting any sleep.

lt only took a little time of her turning to look at me to check l am asleep and then she is on her back and once again l see her hand disappear under the cover and l hear the tale sign that her hand is now in her panties and touching her pussy.

Even though she has only just started touching herself l can hear and smell her arousal and just like that my erection is back full force and l am in a perfect position right now to just push her hand away and thrust my hips and l would be inside her.

“Mike.” she moans and that is the final thing to snap the small thin string that was holding back my control.

l reach under the cover and l cover her hand with mine while looking up at her face for her reaction and when her eyes fly open and she is staring right at me and her hand has stopped moving but l can’t have that so l push her hand out of the way and feel around her wetness for my own.

“You’re so wet for me.” l say while looking deep into her eyes and even l can’t recognize my voice with it being filled with so much lust and need. l have never felt like this before for anyone, she is driving me crazy.

l start moving my hand around her wet p*ssy and just feeling her velvety softness around my fingers and l am so glad we waited and didn’t do this the first night she came here since now our feelings are so much stronger and the need so much more urgent.

“Why are you doing this?” she asks but her voice is more breathless now and her eyes are drawn shut but l want to look into her eyes when l enter her or when she comes apart as she feels me fill her with my seed.

She is going to feel all of us tonight.

“Ever since you moved in here we have all had feelings for you but we didn’t want to push you into anything so we only took pleasure from our hands but we have all some to the end of our patience with the way guys look at you like you belong to them when your body is made to pleasure us and we are made to pleasure you.” l say close to her ear and continue to move my hand on her opening but don’t go near her clit or any extra sensitive parts.

l want her to squirm and beg with need for our touch.

l momentarily skim my hand over her bundle of nerves and her back shot off the bed and she nearly screamed with how tightly she is wound.

“Do you want to have me inside you while Mark and Martin touch every other place on your body? Do you want to feel my c*ck inside you?” l ask breathing into her neck as l place kisses and bite the sensitive skin.

She opens her eyes to look at me and l almost don’t recognize her green eyes as they are looking at me with love and lust.

“Are you sure you are all ok with sharing?” she asks as she trails her hand down my chest and she pushes my tight boxers down my legs and l kick the off and soon the cover is down on the floor as well and the only thing keeping us from being naked is the shirt now only covering her breasts.

l look back at the door and since l told them to wait outside they know just the right moment to come in and l hear the door open but l am too busy getting the shirt off of her delectable body to focus on them right now.

l move further down the bed and spread her legs apart and the guys settle her upper body so she is comfortable and then they are both on the bed next to us but right now l need a taste of her.

“Are you ready sweetheart?” l ask as l look up and the view is absolutely amazing. Mark is on her left side and Martin is on her right and one of them is kissing on her neck and the other is playing with her breasts and teasing her n*pples.

She seems to have gone into her own little world with all of us touching her so l place my lips right on her cl*t and suck hard causing her to scream and throw her head back giving all of us better access to our chosen areas.

“AHHH!” she shouts when we all suck at the same time and her body can take no more and she shouts our names over and over again as she presents my senses with her juices and l drink all of it but l am still left craving something and l know exactly what it is.

After her intense orgasm she relaxes against us panting for breath while l lazily lick at her p*ssy and make my way down to her entrance and push my tongue inside her tight muscle and she is once again wriggling in our arms and chanting our names.

“Somebody get inside me now!” she orders us when she is on the edge of her second orgasm but this time l don’t want her taste on my mouth but on my d*ck.

“Are you sure you can take us all?” asks Martin since he is the biggest so he has volunteered to take her mouth while me and Mark have ass and p*ssy so we don’t hurt her too much the first time.

“l trust you won’t hurt me and l need you.” she says while looking at all of us and the tender look in her eyes mixed with the lust is enough to make me want to look at her for the rest of my life.

“Lay back and let us take care of you.” says Mark as he gets underneath her after grabbing the bottle of lube and starting to prepare her ass while l push one finger inside her p*ssy since she feels tight everywhere.

“l’ve already come twice, l want to take care of you guys.” she moans as Mark pushes one wet finger inside her tight ass and l swear her back arches at an inhuman angle.

We all smirk and look at Martin who is the only one in a position to be pleasure right now as Hope reaches out and runs her hand up and down his thick and long erection.

He may need to be alone with her the first time since him and one of us is surely going to hurt her so we need to loosen her up a little bit before she is ready for him.

“This is the biggest c*ck l have ever had.” she moans as she wraps her hands around Martins c*ck as he leans down to give her a bruising kiss while me and Mark thrust 2 fingers inside here in both holes as a tiny punishment for her little comment.

“Don’t talk about another c*ck from now on, these 3 c*cks are the only ones you are ever going to see, feel and taste in your life. You’re stuck with us and you will never need another c*ck.” says Martin when he broke the kiss and he also flicked one of the n*pples the same time Mark did the other and l did the same thing to her cl*t.

“Well l think l have a good bargain, most women stick to one d*ck but l have 3.” she moans and barely manages to say even that.

Once l have worked about 3 fingers in her p*ssy and Mark has done the same in her ass he aligns his rock hard cock against the entrance but not before adding a bit more lube to his dick to make things a bit easier.

l let him push in first and Martin started playing with her t*ts harder to distract her and even pushed into her mouth, more like she nearly swallowed him whole because he was taking too long, her words.

When Mark was fully inside her and gave her a couple of moments to get used to his length, l can’t wait anymore while everyone else other than me is inside her and giving her pleasure.

l’m not as careful as Mark is and l push inside her tight hole in one go but stay still to let her get used to have every last hole filled with our need.

Now l know that it is a myth that a woman gets loose after a lot of sex and she is tight when she doesn’t but with how tight she is around me l would say that she hasn’t had sex a lot and that makes me extremely happy.

We will learn new things together and find new heights together, what can be better than that.

“Are you ready for us to move?” asks Mark while she is trying to calm her breathing and keeping her hand moving on Martin’s cock and when she starts moving her hips and takes him back inside her mouth and me and my brother start moving slowly and we all groan from the immense pleasure coursing through our veins.

We all pick up our speeds and all of our bodies are coated in a fine sheen of sweat but none of us are ready to finish this just yet, none of want to stop this dance.

We have all built up a rhythm and normally l would last much longer than this but sharing this amazing experience with the closest people in my life and the fact that l love this girl, magnifies everything and l now feel complete after being broken by my cheating ex.

l feel myself racing closer to that mind blowing climax and my pace increases even more to an almost inhumane speed and with a couple more thrusts l pull out and stroke myself a few times and that’s all it takes for me to come all over her stomach and tits.

Mark however does not pull out but continues to drive into her ass and manages to hold off a little while longer before she comes and she surprises us all by squirting everywhere, including on me which is really hot.

I can see her stomach still spasming and the cum overflowing from her ass and onto the bedsheets and Mark once more relaxes but does not pull out of his own safe haven.

“If you don’t want to swallow then l suggest you move.” Martin manages to growl out but Hope does not let his c*ck out of her mouth but looks like she is sucking even harder than before.

With one last push he throws his head back and shouts at the ceiling as Hope swallows every last drop of his lust and the sight is enough to make me and my twin hard again.

We are all trying to find our breath but we also all have smiles on our faces. She is covered and filled with come and we all have wet d*cks but we all collapsed on my bed tired for the current period but for long.

“Took you guys long enough.” laughs Hope from between us and l must say something that l never thought l would.

l love the feel of Martin’s cock against my ass.

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