Living With The Boys (Journey to Love, #1)

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04. Sleepover

Hope’s POV

“I’m Alyssa, Mike’s girlfriend.” are the words that come out of her mouth and I can’t believe what I’m hearing. Please let this be some kind of hallucination where I wake up and realise that I was just sick from being out in the rain for so long.

However, this sure does feel real.

“What, he didn’t tell you about me?” she asks with that same malicious smirk on her face as she takes a step closer to us, shielded from under her bright pink umbrella but that does nothing to hide the glint in her eyes that gives her intentions away.

“There’s nothing to tell, Alyssa.” Mike replies as he takes a step back to my side as he was rushing ahead, dragging me through the parking lot and now that this woman has appeared he seems to want to be close to me.

“Oh, really so last week was nothing?” she asks with a fake pout on her face which I want to punch as I get this sick feeling in my stomach.

“I told you that was a mistake.” He growls at her quietly as some people look at us weirdly but because of the storm no one is going to stop and stare, thankfully.

“A mistake doesn’t last for an hour.” She snaps back still looking confident as she stares at me and this time I can’t hold back the emotion showing on my face, as I flinch at the picture her words paint.

“Well mine lasted 3 years with you.” He shouts at her, no longer caring to play nice and not draw any attention to this whole scene but the people with umbrellas apparently find this more interesting than going home to a warm drink.

“And that’s why you wanted to marry that mistake?” she replies and it seems like nothing can faze her, she seems to have an answer for anything and everything Mike might say to her.

“Thank God you stopped me from making the biggest mistake of my life.” Mike replies while looking straight at her, completely tuning out everyone that is staring at us.

“You’re going to change your mind again, as we keep coming back to each other. You can’t deny true love.” She smiles at him with what I’m going to call adoration and love on her face, anyone looking in would think that they are meant to be together and are just taking a break right now.

With those parting words she just turns around and walks away as if she did not just cause the dramatic scene in the middle of the parking lot. As if she didn’t just make me doubt everything that has happened in the last 3 months.

She’s made me doubt everything that I am feeling and if it is true, but the pain I feel at her words are just one of the signs that show me that my feeling are true and my love for Mike is real.

I wish I could go back to an hour ago when my biggest problem was him not saying those three little words back, I guess I was naïve to think things can’t get worse and look where that’s gotten me.

As if mother nature wants to give me a break, the rain lets up and slows down to a slow drip, almost like the sky is really crying and just single painful tears are falling down.

I’m surprised at myself and the fact that I haven’t shed a tear yet, I am a very emotional person and even when I’m really frustrated or angry I can start crying which is not very helpful but it’s confusing as I am just frozen on the spot right now and doing nothing.

“Hope, please say something.” Mike breaks the silence next to me and I want to laugh that this is when he choses that he’s going to talk to me.

“Just take me back home.” I reply quietly as the people that had gathered start to thin out and of course as they’re walking away I can see their heads come together and the whispers of gossip have already started.

By tonight or maybe in just an hour everyone on the campus is going to know about what just happened here, I’m not 100% sure on what just happened.

I knew that Mike had an ex and I knew that she went to this university, but what I did not expect was for her to just do something like her. I thought vengeful ex’s were in books and films, I never thought I would have to deal with one outside of the book pages and my phone screen.

Why can’t just something go right for me once in my life?

“You don’t want to talk?” he asks surprised at my reaction as I turn around and walk back towards the campus as that is the way I know how to get home, I’m not willing to just trust Mike right now to lead me home.

“So now you want to talk?” I ask back but of course I don’t want an answer since it’s plainly obvious that as he is now in the wrong he wants to explain himself and then go back to being mad at me or whatever he was before his model ex exposed some of his secrets.

“Don’t be like that.” He says while walking beside me, well trying to but he has to weave through the sea of students coming out of lessons and rushing home or to the library.

“Then give me one reason why I shouldn’t punch you for what I just found out.” I hiss through my teeth since unlike his ex, I don’t want to cause a scene.

I would rather be at home ignoring him while I try and figure out how I feel about all of this. I don’t know if I should be mad or if I have the right to be hurt, that doesn’t mean I’m not both of those things.

“Because...” he begins to say and I can see him struggling to come up with one little reason why I shouldn’t be freaking out right now and maybe punching him in the face.

“Don’t even bother.” I interrupt his not so long speech and lack of words to walk away once again, leaving him behind me as I suddenly spot Martin waiting for me near the door where I initially walked out of my lecture but thing’s kind of took a bad turn since then.

“Where the heck have you been? You were supposed to be done an hour ago and why are you coming from that way, I though you had class here.” He turns to stare at me in panic and then as soon as I am in arms length he pulls me in and hugs me.

“I did but then things got complicated.” I say with a smile and he just rolls his eyes as he links his hand with mine and looks behind me as Mike is walking slowly our way with his head down and his hands in his pockets.

“Tell me tonight?” he asks quietly as he sees Mike and I not making any eye contact and no greetings exchanged.

“Tonight.” I promise and he is once again as excited as am I since now I have something to look forward to tonight instead of thinking and overthinking everything from today, I tend to do that a lot.

“What’s happening tonight?” asks Mike as he stops beside Martin and faces me, I can’t look him in his beautiful face so I just stare at him coat where it’s safe.

“Hope is going to be sleeping in my bed tonight, so sorry but tonight you’re on your own Mike.” Martin laughs and is about so say something more but his phone rings and he walks ahead so he can pick it up and I have a weird sense of déjà vu as we are on the same path as this morning but instead of running away from Mike now I am once again stuck walking beside him.

“You’re leaving me?” Mike asks out of the blue so I turn to stare at him confused at his weird wording, I’m not leaving him but as there are now no secrets or anything holding any of us back I don’t have to hide my feelings any more and that means I can spend as much time with all of them as I want.

“I’m just down the hall and I think we probably need the time apart right now as I don’t know what to do or think around you.” I reply honestly as there is no point in beating around the bush and making the guys uncomfortable at home while I ignore Mike which is out of the norm, especially considering what happened last night.

I can’t believe that last night was less than 24 hours ago and look where everything is right now, gone to shit.

“But you’ve slept with me every night for the past 3 months.” He replies by stopping me on our slow walk, letting Martin really pull ahead as he must be speaking with a friend or something but at least he’s laughing and it’s not bad news.

“After everything that has happened today, you still want me to sleep in the same bed as you?” I ask surprised as I cross my arms in front of my chest, now giving my full attention to him so we can sort this out as quickly as we can so I can go home and make myself a hot chocolate.

“Of course I want that! I need you to fall asleep.” He confesses angrily and I guess I am learning that if you anger him enough or annoy him then you’re bound to get the some truths out of him.

“Well you should have thought about that before fucking her and then sleeping in the same bed as me, that same night. You could have let me know you want to get back together with her so I could sleep on the sofa. I would have appreciated the heads up” I fight back, not letting myself feel and melt at his sweet words but try to hold my ground here.

“I don’t want to get back together with her! Last week was a massive mistake and I was weak and I couldn’t regret it more, I don’t want anyone but you.” He tries again by holding my hands and I almost melt at him words and the look in his eyes.

“If you liked me so much then why did you go back to her?” I ask quietly, as to some people this might not be a big deal but I have slept next to this man for the past 3 months every single night and to think that he got into the same bed as me the same day just makes me want to be sick.

“I don’t know! If I had a valid reason then I would tell you but I was weak and went back to something familiar which I know does not excuse what I did.” He stresses and I know he means it, however, that does nothing to help the imagery in my head and everything else that comes with this not so little secret.

“What did you do?” asks Martin as he joins us once again and I am curious to see if the guys knew about this.

“He is getting back together with his amazing ex girlfriend Alyssa.” I reply while glaring at Mike and I see him clench his jaw and scowl at me.

“I’m not getting back together with her, I told you I made a mistake.” He hisses at me while Martin looks outraged and disgusted next to me.

“Tell me you didn’t fuck her Mike.” Martin exclaims while looking between us two for answers but the anger on both of our faces is enough evidence to provide the answer without saying a single word.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? You couldn’t have turned over in bed or found someone that is human and not the devil’s child!” exclaims Martin and hits Mike on the back of the head, making him trip forward and punch him right back.

They do this for a couple of minutes before they realized that I left them behind and started walking to the house, I even made it to the front door before I hear arguing and running behind me before I had two sweaty guys pressed against my back and trying to push in front so they can get inside first as it had started raining again.

“Will you stop acting like fucking children?” I turn and snap at them as everything is building up from today and I can no longer fake a good mood, I am now irritated and don’t want to deal with men in their 20s acting like children.

“That’s like asking me to stop being myself.” Replies Martin and once again I can’t help but smile at his weird antics.

“You guys, I can hear you from my room upstairs.” Shouts Mark as he opens the door glaring at us and I can see why as he has just a towel wrapped around his waist and his body is wet which is very appealing to me, which he notices as he sends a wink my way and I find myself blushing under his gaze.

He moves back and lets us walk inside, of course I shoot forward to get away from the guys behind me but when I live in the same house as them that is a pretty hard thing to do.

“You and me are going on date tomorrow night missy!” shouts Mark after me as I walk up the stairs to my room and I smile, not replying as I now have two things to look forward to in the next twenty four hours.

“And you’re sleeping with me tonight.” Whispers Martin from behind me and I jump as I did not hear him and to suddenly feel his warm breath on my neck does many things to my body.

“We’ve gone over that a couple of times today.” I laugh as he seems to be repeating this fact over and over again which is very cute and making me more excited for tonight as well, he’s doing well at the job of taking my mind off everything going on right now.

“Well then get in my bed woman!” he exclaims and smacks my ass before sending a wink my way and walking inside his room, leaving the door wide open for me to follow him but just as I am about to follow him there is a hand on my wrist holding me, causing another sense of déjà vu today.

“We need to talk.” Says Mike behind me and I am no longer mad or hurt, I am just exhausted and want to get into bed and rest. Tomorrow is a new day and I can deal with everything then.

“Just give me some space and time, I am extremely worn out and cranky so I am bound to want to kill you no matter what you say.” I reply bluntly as that is the truth and right now anything he might say will piss me off and I will end up saying things that I will regret.

“Tomorrow you’re not going to get away without talking to me.” He says with a frown and keeps looking at me as if I am suddenly going to grow wings and take him to heaven.

“Fine, tomorrow we go to lunch and we will talk.” I promise him with a smile while he waits to see if I am telling the truth which I am as I do need to talk to him, just not right now.

“Enjoy your night with Martin.” Are his parting words which sound innocent enough given our circumstances but the slight malice and jealousy I detect behind the words say differently.

I don’t reply as I am unsure what to say to his mixed message but he takes away my options as he walks away from me and goes inside our room where he quickly closes the door with a slight slam behind him, blocking me both literally and figuratively.

I shake the dark thoughts out of my head and turn around to walk inside Martin’s room where I have been a couple of times but I don’t spend much of my time here as I didn’t really have much of a reason to before.

I smile when I see Martin on the bed, on his side hugging one of the pillows and he is sound asleep, which is very weird as it is only 5pm but I guess today has been a hard day for him as well.

“I’m not asleep, I’m just resting my eyes for a little while.” He grumbles from the bed but does not lift his head or move his body even an inch my way.

“Do you have a shirt I could sleep in?” I ask because of course I am not going to go knocking on the door opposite us asking for clothes to wear, there’s no point in me adding to the awkward atmosphere that is already there.

“Of course but now will you tell me what is going on between you and Mike?” he asks and I can hear the suspicion behind his question, just like it was there this morning.

“I said something I shouldn’t have and now things are awkward.” I reply vaguely not confessing the whole truth and what it was that I said.

“Well it can’t be that bad, he loves you and you love him, so what is the problem?” he asks as if there is nothing in the world that could make things awkward between Mike and me or even make us have a small fight.

Well that is wrong as in the past 12 hours there have been two very valid reasons and situations that are making things difficult between us and we have only been together for a day, what a way to start a relationship!

“As it turns out he might not love me after all.” I reply with a sad smile and turn to walk to his dresser to search for a shirt to wear so I don’t have to look at his expression or the pity in his eyes.

“Of course he does!” he exclaims as he is struggling to comprehend my words and that something must have happened for me to doubt Mike’s love, many things have done that but now is not the time. Tomorrow is the time when all the demons will come out to play.

“Well he has been ignoring me ever since I said it and when I did say it this morning, he turned off and he might as well have slapped me in the face.” I confess and fight the tears in my eyes as I remember this morning and how magical it was before I had to go and ruin it.

But then again, it’s good that I know where he stands now and there are no lies between us. He doesn’t love me yet and that is ok, I was mostly hurt at the way he treated me and disregarded my feelings like they were a burden and garbage for him to dispose off.

“Oh babe. He didn’t mean it in that way, he’s just been really closed off ever since Alyssa cheated on him and that really fucked him up. He hasn’t dated anyone since her and you coming in our lives like this is scary. I’m scared of my feelings for you but I guess my heart is a little more whole than Mike’s is.” He reassures me as his arms go around my waist and his lips press against my neck.

“What would I do without you?” I ask quietly as his words work and I calm down a little, my worries and the hurt are slowly starting to easy, making space for some logic and understanding to take their place.

I guess it’s a good thing that I get to have a chat tomorrow with Mike to clear the air, I have so many things I want to ask him and so many things we need to talk about that just can’t be put off any longer.

“You would be dying without my witty humour.” He replies dramatically and falls back on to the bed while holding a hand to his chest where his heart is, he is always the dramatic one and I love him for it.

“That is true, I would be dying of boredom without you.” I agree as I jump on the bed next to him and cuddle up to him, letting myself relax finally after such a long day and it’s not like I got much sleep last nigh as well.

“Dinner is ready!” shouts Mark from the open doorway as I start to drift off to sleep but I guess I am going to wait a little while longer to rest and recover, however, for food I am willing to make that sacrifice.

“You can’t fucking cook Mark!” replies Martin from beside me as we both start getting up, reluctantly but steadily we walk out of the room to see Mark standing outside in the hallway with his arms crossed over his chest.

“That’s why I ordered pizza, dickhead.” He replies with a frown before quickly walking down the stairs and towards the living room where I’m guessing we’re going to watch a movie.

It’s a lucky coincidence that Mark and Martin love watching films like nearly every single night, like me. However, of course Mike has to be the different one and he loves going to the cinema and watching some of the new movies but he rarely graces us with his presence on movie night.

Which is why I was surprised to see him on one of the sofas in the living room with a pizza slice in his hand and watching the screen with great concentration and for once he seems to be really absorbed into the movie.

I look up to check which movie they have picked and smile when I see that they are playing Fast & Furious, the first movie which for me is one of the best ones. I love all of them but the earlier movies are more focused on the acting and characters while the later ones are more about the special effects and on the action.

“Do we have to watch this? Hope is going to be drooling all over Paul and Vin.” Complains Martin as he takes a seat on the other side of the room next to Mark where there is an untouched whole pizza. I laugh at his comment as it is completely true because those men are a work of art.

“I have something else she can drool over.” Smirks Mark as he throws a wink my way and the guys laugh.

“You’re right, this pizza does look delicious.” I reply with my own smirk and reach over to grab a slice of their pizza even though there is a whole one and a half right in front of me.

Mike and Martin laugh at me while Mark still sends me a wink and looks down to his pants, making me roll my eyes at his second attempt at flirting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very tempting offer but pizza is more important right now.

For the next two hours we are all engrossed in the movie in front of us and we rarely said a word but the silence was calm and comfortable as it always is with these guys, that’s probably what I love most about them.

I can be myself around them and I know that they will just laugh at my quirks or make fun of them but never make me feel like I have to change or that there is something wrong with me.

“Well this was fun guys, but it’s time for us to go to bed and cuddle.” Martin breaks the silence with his loud words and once again I am flattered at how excited he is at just the prospect of me sleeping in the same bed with him, that is honestly one of the best things a woman can see, that her man cannot stand to be apart from you and can’t wait to be around you.

With Martin I feel like he wants to be with me as much as I want to be with him, that way I don’t have to hold anything back or hide anything in the fear of scaring him or saying the wrong thing, you never want to be walking on eggshells around the people you love.

“Yes, she is sleeping with you tonight, you don’t have to announce it every five minutes.” Grumbles Mike from the sofa next to me and I find myself looking at him and not feeling any of the resentment and anger I did this morning.

I was probably overthinking everything and said the words too soon but doesn’t everyone say that people all take a different amount of time to fall in love and that there is no right time?

I guess some people don’t feel that way but I do so I thought it was a good idea for me to get my feelings out into the open, guess this is going to teach me not to always wear my heart on my sleeve.

“Hey, you’re the one that wasted three months sleeping next to her and doing nothing, now I will enjoy her company while you sleep in your own beds, alone.” Replies Martin while sticking out his tongue and of course he has that twinkle in his eyes that is just normal for Martin.

“If I did anything before last night then she would have either screamed bloody murder and reported us to the university or she would only be with me right now, so please complain some more about my timing.” Sarcastically replies Mike and I find myself frowning at how planned they make everything sound.

“Did you really plan the whole thing last night?” I ask and hope for the right answer.

“No, we didn’t. We just finally admitted out loud that we all like you and then everything flowed from there.” Explained Mark as he is normally the voice of reason if Mike is acting childish like right now.

“Good.” Is all I say before wishing the both good night before I walk up the stairs and take an unfamiliar left instead of right into Martin’s room.

I haven’t even taken my bra off completely before the door behind me is shut and a shirt joins my bra on the floor which is then followed by pants, all in all Martin gets undressed in record time as I only manage to take off my shirt before he is buck naked and lying on the bed staring at me.

He gives me a little peace of mind and gives way to some of the logic in my brain to take place but I am immediately distracted by his toned chest and the heated look in his eyes as he takes in my chest and stomach with all the fresh love bites that they left on me last night.

I don’t break the silence or the eye contact as my hands go down to my jeans and take them off slower than normal but with his eyes on me like this it’s more to do with my hands not knowing what to do than me trying to put on a little show or act sexily for him.

As I stand naked in front of him I don’t feel insecure or the impending urge to cover myself but I find myself walking towards him and at the same time letting my eyes explore and wonder at his carefully constructed body.

Out of everyone in the house he is the one that puts the most effort into the way he looks but I am certainly not complaining about that right now.

As I find myself climbing onto the bed and onto Martin, I block out any thoughts other than being here with him and relishing in the sparks travelling through my whole body as my thighs go around his hips and I lean down to kiss him, wasting no time in the foreplay as my hands wonder down his body and under the duvet to take a hold of his throbbing erection.

I push my tongue against his lips and his hands go to my ass straight away, kneading the flesh there and bringing my aching core closer to where my hand is steadily stroking his cock, making me moan as my own hand touches my clit in the same agonizing rhythm I am squeezing his hard on.

I am about to lean down and kiss him when he unexpectedly spanks my ass and another moan makes it out of my lips before he leans up and takes my lips in an almost bruising kiss.

Our tongues fighting for control as I use our position to my advantage and tighten my hold on his cock and twist my hand slightly at his tip, biting his lip at the same time and winding my hips, I am going to use every single weapon I have to make him come hard.

“Hope.” He groans into my mouth and I flush everywhere knowing that I am the reason why he is so worked up and that he is hard just for me, just like I am dripping wet in his hands with his fingers moving painfully slow towards my wetness.

“Martin.” I moan his name back but mine is more of a whine as his fingers just won’t touch me there. He seems to understand me as he is smirking at me and his finger slips into me easily, slowly as I am still a little sore from last night but I know that he is going to take care of me and not hurt me.

I wince a little but get over the slight pain quickly as his thumb rubs my clit and his head comes down to take my hard nipple into his mouth and after that I can no longer form any type of thought.

The only thing I can think about right now is to breathe and that I want to bring him just as much pleasure as he is, but as I am in his lap moaning and wriggling around trying to both avoid and grin into his fingers at the same time, you know that sometimes the feeling is so intense that your body is over sensitive so you try to run but you still want to feel more of that euphoric buzz flowing through your veins.

I vaguely remember that I am holding his pleasure in my hands so as a second finger makes it inside me, I speed up my strokes and relish in the groans he is making as he lets go of my nipple to throw his head back, giving me the opportunity to suckle and bite his neck just like they did last night and probably for the same reason, I want to see my mark on his creamy skin.

I am twisting my hand and I feel his hips move up and down along with my strokes, which alone can bring me to a climax just watching him right now, his head thrown back and his cock pulsing in my hands.

“Come for me.” I whisper in his ear, using the most seductive voice I can but as I am breathless and my voice deeper because of my arousal, I don’t even need to try as my need is plain and clear in my voice and words, which get slightly caught in my throat as his fingers hit that sweet spot.

“Fuck.” He groans and tenses underneath me while I continue to stroke him and suck on his neck, loving the moment when his eyes open and he stares at me with so much love and lust in his eyes, in the exact time that his cock pulses in my hand and he uses his fingers inside me to gently push me forward and fuses our lips once again, the same time that his whole body tenses and spasms in mine.

His come spilling and spurting on my hand and his abs, urging me on to keep stroking especially when I can feel his lower stomach moving and grinding into my hand as he rides out his orgasm.

I lean back a little so I can see his face better and I have to bite my lip as I watch him stare at my hand which is still wrapped around his softening member but his gaze quickly switches to his hand which is lazily teasing me.

Of course he was s distracted with his own climax but watching him come undone has made me even hotter and his teasing fingers inside me are not cooling the fire but just adding more and more fuel onto it.

My eyes close on their own as his fingers start moving once again and he pushes my body back so I’m laying on my back with him in-between my legs, giving him a much better position to look at me and do his magic, which he does not disappoint as I find myself moaning and screaming his name when his hot tongue joins his finger on my pussy.

He is not wasting any time with slow or teasing licks, he is sucking and drawing random patterns around my clit as his now three fingers inside me are driving me wild and my hips have a mind of their own as I wind and grind into his hand and mouth, seeking my own pleasure.

It takes only a couple of strokes and his sinful tongue to have me screaming, arching my back and crying out his name like a prayer. Grabbing the sheets and his hair as I try not to lose my mind, in which I completely fail.

I don’t know where my brain is but I come to a couple of moments later to find myself laying down on the pillow, now the right way around on the bed but I am alone so I look around to see that the bathroom light is on and Martin is just coming out of it with a massive smile on his face, a proud, almost smug smirk on his lips.

“I fell asleep?” I ask embarrassed but he looks quite proud of himself.

“We should have sleepovers more often.” He says and sends wink my way, making me flush once again as I slide down the bed and hide under the cover as he walks back to the bed and pulls me close as I once again fall asleep, but ironically, no matter of the shitty day I’ve had today, I am just as happy now as I was last night and it’s all because of the amazing man sleeping next to me.

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