Hold Me Close

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Romance / Drama


Daniel Forrester is stuck; in a miserable relationship, a job he can’t stand, and a state that seems to inhabit every human he hates. He never intended to stay this long; or come back at all. Daniel wants out as badly as Lissa needs someone to stay. Alessia Wrangler has spent the last two years hopping in and out of unhealthy relationships looking for that one to give her everything she needs. The first one ended in abuse, the second in neglect, and now her new crush is taken. Except that doesn’t seem to matter much because Daniel appears to like her as much as she likes him. Daniel and Lissa are from two entirely different worlds but when they’re together nothing else exists but them. They couldn’t be more wrong and yet nothing has felt so right. There’s not a name for what they are, not one that truly fits, and only the two of them really know their relationship. Then Daniel and Lissa are abruptly out of time when Lissa’s family up and moves seventeen hours and nine hundred miles away. Suddenly everything that was seems distant and their connection starts to crumble. Especially when the scorned ex-girlfriend Lissa thought was gone comes back into the picture.


My name is Alessia Wrangler; Lissa for short. I met Daniel at work and instantly fell into something I couldn’t describe. But I never expected it to get this far. Never once had the thought crossed my mind that he would want me as badly as I wanted him.

The tale you’re about to read isn’t perfect; there will be plot holes and things aren’t always going to make sense. But that’s only because this story isn’t fake and these characters are real; the names have changed but the facts are still the same. The emotion is mine, the words are honest, and these events happened. It’s still happening – right now, as I type – and I don’t yet know how it’s going to end.

I can’t separate it into chapters with a clear beginning and a definitive ending because that’s not how it works in the real world. It’s not going to flow in an easy to follow order with all of the events in sequence, a point of climax, and a happy resolution. It’s going to sound messy and tangled and the details will blur until you can’t tell them apart. And the ending is yet to be decided.

What I can say is this is a story of love. There will be drama and I can guarantee it’ll hold your attention if only you give it the chance. But that’s not all it is; it’s a story of self-discovery and bending the rules of what’s acceptable. It’s reaching outside the realm of normal to grasp what the heart wants, to feel what hasn’t been felt, and to know what isn’t known. It’s finding the truest form of one’s self in the least expected places and looking farther than they’ve dared to look before.

It’s my fairytale come true and even though it’s not the easiest of stories I don’t regret a single moment. Because Daniel Forrester altered my outlook on life, he changed how I thought about myself, and he made me feel things I didn’t know were feelings. I met him and I loved – love – him and I’m better for it.

I miss him – terribly so – and this is my way of holding him close. Even if he doesn’t know it.

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