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Saving Scars

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THE SCARS SERIES BOOK THREE: Things have gotten far more complicated since Casey Ryan first met Lex in that locked classroom, and after the attempted suicide of one of their closest friends... Things have gotten far more complicated since Casey Ryan first met Lex in that locked classroom, and after the attempted suicide of one of their closest friends, they begin to sink deep into their confusion, but the uncertainty of Chris' health isn't the only thing assaulting their once calm lives. Brad Richardson has unknowingly started an explosive domino effect with the possibility of ending tragically, and those in their little family have no idea exactly what dangers await them. An unexpected name from the past will resurface to rattle their lives, a trusted friend will betray them, and childhood memories will haunt them and compromise the happy life they have made, Horrors that should not exist in a normal life will shake the very foundation of their lives, but even in the midst of emotional war and fear, love can be found, and the bonds that are forged during this time of pain will not soon break. It's well known, after all, that the most important person in your life will be the one willing to take the time and care to nurture away your trauma, and save you from the scars of your past.

Romance / Erotica
Amelia H. Vale
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Casey had never heard a more horific sound in his entire life, the loud, ear shattering crack that echoed in the hallways and made the students scream louder. The sound bounced around the walls, and the teens started to run towards the doors. Casey fought them, fought the crowd, desperatly searching for Lex, his breath gasping in and out as he was shoved violently against the wall, knocking the wind out of him.

He pressed himself up against the lockers as he looked back and forth for any sign of his friends. It scared his entire class when Rick and Denise crashed into the room, screaming that someone at the school had a gun, their faces pale, Denise’s mascara running. Mr. Creed had dropped what he had been holding, unable to move or calm his hysterical class as they started to scream. Sam had jumped up instantly, shoving people aside and hurrying from the room, phone in his hand as he dialed Chris’ cell phone number.

Casey understood why he had left so suddenly. Chris had been out in the hallways, retrieving something from his locker, so hearing there was a gunman out there, with Chris, had caused Sam to panic, pushing aside all common sense in order to reach his boyfriend. Casey understood. He wanted to do the same thing, rush to his lover’s side and make sure he was safe. Lex was uncomfortable around guns, surely he was freaking out as much as anyone else. Casey had to get to him. He had to find him.

As he managed to get away from the large crowd, he felt someone snag the back of his shirt, and shrieked out of habit as he spun around, ramming hard against Cal’s chest, the taller boy’s hands coming down on his shoulders to steady him before a finger was brought up to his lips, motioning for Casey to keep quiet. He reached back and grabbed onto Annabelle, who was holding Jaimie tight against her side, and started down the hallway, away from the crowd.

“Wh-where’s Lex?!” Casey asked, his voice high pitched from his panic.

Cal squeazed his hand as he pulled him down the hall, “He’s okay, angel, he and Seth are in the science room this period. Just around the corner.”

They turned the corner Cal had motioned to and came face to face with Seth and Lex. Relief washed over Casey, and he threw himself at his boyfriend, arms wrapping tightly around his waist and face burrying against his chest. Lex wound his arms around Casey’s shoulders and looked back and forth between his friend’s faces.

“The hell are you doing here?! You were closer to the exit, you should have left! Where the fuck are Sam and Chris?!”

“S-S-Sam ran out of the c-class,” Casey whimpered, “Chris had to g-get something from his locker so he w-wasn’t in the room when it h-h-happened.”

Lex cursed and tightened his hold, his head lifting when a heart shattering scream echoed through the halls. Fear pulsed through each one of them as they started to run towards the scream. It was an uncontrollable urge to follow those screams, as they were all familiar with the pain, and wanted nothing more than to comfort the victim. The sound was hurting more than it should have, though, and Casey tightened his grip on Lex’s hand.

“Lex, that’s Sam!” he screamed out, eyes wide.

The group turned one last corner of the school hallways they all knew so well, and Lex, who had been in the lead, jolted to a stop, Casey ramming against his back, the other four slamming up against the couple and stumbling to stay standing as their eyes lifted to what Lex was looking at.

A few yards in front of them, collapsed onto his knees, was Sam, his hands covering his face as he leaned forward, screaming horribly, so loud that he was sure to ruin his vocal cords. Nearby was Brad, who was sitting on the ground, an odd look on his pale face, something red sprayed across the left side of his face. That wasn’t what the group had zeroed in on, however. What they saw was much worse.

Cal instinctually grabbed both Jaimie and Annabelle, pulling them so their eyes were hidden in his chest, his arms around them so tight that they couldn’t move, and had no choice but to stay put in his arms. Seth staggered from where he was standing, falling so his knees hit the concrete floor hard, eyes wide in horror and mouth agape as his lips quivered.

Casey opened and closed his mouth before releasing Lex’s hand and stepping past him, hypnotized as he stepped closer to the horrifying scene in front of him. Before he could get too close, Lex grabbed him, pulling him back and turning him so he wasn’t looking. His face was white, and his entire body was trembling. Seeing him look so afraid was what set Casey off, bursting out into ugly sobs and wrapping his arms tightly around Lex’s neck and shoulders.

“Don’t, Lex!” he cried, “Don’t look!”

Lex’s knees wobbled and gave way, he and Casey crashing to the ground. Lex was slumped over, and Casey had his arms wrapped around him, keeping him against his chest as he rocked back and forth, vision blurred from his tears. Jaimie was whimpering and shaking, and Annabelle was crying. Cal, too, was crying, his lips pressed into a tight line and shiny tears streaming down his face as he continued to stare towards the awful scene.

Seth struggled to his feet, staggering closer before falling again, his hands slapping into the hot pool that was slowly growing out over the tile. He somehow pulled himself closer, his hand reaching out, trembling as he brushed back the red bangs, his fingers sliding down the far too still face and to the artery at the neck, trying his best not to look too intensely at the bullet wound in his head. He pressed two fingers against Chris’ neck, tears pooling in his eyes as they travelled over his brother by marriage.

He was lying awkwardly on the ground, his right arm stretched out away from his body, loosely holding onto the black gun that laid in his hand, the finger still curled around the trigger. His legs were sprawled out, and his left arm lay closer to his body. He was on his back, but his head was turned to the side, to the left, showing the bloody hole in his head far too well. Blood matted into his red hair, practically blending with the color as it soaked down his head and to the floor, over his forehead and pale face in streaks. His blue eyes were closed, his face was white, and he wasn’t moving.

Seth’s breathing became erattic as he lifted his gaze to Brad, who slowly met his eye, his own expression empty as Seth whispered, “What have you done?”

Sam choked on his sobs and got to his hands and knees, crawling closer to Chris so he was on his left side, the opposite of Seth. His trembling hands took Chris’ face gently, turning it so he was facing Sam, who choked, tears and snot streaming, “Chris,” his voice was a whisper as he shook his lover lightly, “Please....Chris don’t do this to me......,” his sobs increased, and he grabbed Chris’ shoulders, shaking him harder, his voice getting higher and more desperate, until he was screaming, “Chris please! Open your eyes! Talk to me! Chris!”

Seth reached out to Sam, but the football player slapped him away and fell across Chris’ body, crying against him, “DAMN YOU!” he screamed, “DON’T LEAVE ME! COME BACK! I NEED YOU, PLEASE!”

“Sam, stop,” Seth cried, shaking as he tried to touch his friend again, earning another slap as Sam tightened his grip, his screaming getting louder and higher.

Not long after and a group of people turned the corner, eyes going wide as they froze. A group consisting of police, teachers, and the principal stopped dead, and the principal covered her mouth with both hands as Mr. Creed walked forward slowly, eyes wide in horror. The policemen lowered their guns and stepped forward, one of them taking Mr. Creed by the arm and pulling him back as the others walked forward to check the situation.

They couldn’t get close to Chris due to Sam, though, the hysterical boy refusing to move or release his lover. When they started asking questions to the people there, the crying only got louder, and they turned to resort to getting the teens to move by force. That didn’t go well. One grabbed Cal’s shoulder, only for the tall blonde to turn and punch the officer square in the nose. He struggled violently as two others grabbed his arms to hold him still, and Annabelle curled herself around Jaimie while sobbing and calling out to her furious boyfriend.

Casey cringed away from the officers who approached him, close to hyperventilating as he curled over Lex, snapping at them with wide, horified eyes, “Go away! Don’t touch me! Don’t come near him!”

Seth was no better, shrieking when one of the officers tried to pull him away from Chris’ body, his tears falling faster as he grabbed onto Chris’ wrist, refusing to move as he buried his face in his shoulder. Brad was the only one they were able to get to move, as they simply had to haul him to his feet and drag the catatonic boy away from the horrifying scene. Needless to say the officers were getting frustrated.

Stubborn heartbreak kept the detectives from doing their jobs, and it wasn’t until the EMT’s showed up that things started to calm down a bit. Seth willingly released his brother and scooted off to the side, sitting against the lockers as he watched the two men surround Chris and Sam. They were kind enough to allow Sam to hug Chris as they looked over the redhead, tight frowns on their faces.

One of them gasped sharply as their hand moved over Chris’ neck, and pulled back with his eyes extremely wide. His partner jumped from the sudden movement and turned sharply to face the other man with equally wide eyes, “What is it?”

“H-he....,” the EMT moved closer again, grabbing his partner’s hand and pressing it against Chris’ neck before meeting his eye in awe, “He’s......alive.....”

Everything seemed to slow after those words had been said. Sam slid off of Chris and allowed the EMT’s to haul the limp boy onto a stretcher, picking him up carefully with Sam scrambling to follow before hurrying down the hall, a few police trailing after in order to make sure the crowd outside the school would stay back.

Casey lifted his head from where he had hidden his face against Lex’s neck, looking over at Seth and reaching an arm out towards him, shaking as he called to his friend, his voice trembling. Seth’s gaze flashed to Casey from the pool of blood, and he slowly got to his hands and knees, crawling over to Casey and curling up against him, arms wrapping around his neck and shoulders while Lex hugged his waist.

Cal was panting from where the two policemen were holding him, but they released him after a moment so he could run to Annabelle and Jaimie and collect them into his arms, pulling them over to Lex, Casey, and Seth, and collapsing beside them. Cal wrapped a protective arm around his three freinds, keeping his other around Annabelle as she held Jaimie, who was pressed between her and Cal. Sam didn’t join them, though. He stayed in place, staring down at the blood on the tiled hallway floor, staining his hands, his shirt, his jeans and his face. Tears continued to trail down his face as he sat there, unable to move.

They couldn’t just sit there forever though, and the policeman were getting agitated, prepared to take drastic measures to get the group to move away from their crime scene, until four familiar faces appeared to relieve them of their watch. Rowan was the first to react, screaming and hurrying forwad, falling to her knees beside the blood as she covered her mouth with a hand, shaking her head. Anthony held both hands against his mouth as Emmet pressed his lips together and Kieran walked quickly over to the group, sitting down and pulling Seth onto his lap before scooting closer to Casey and wrapping him and Lex into a hug, Cal, Annabelle, and Jaimie leaning heavily against him as well.

It was quiet accept for the crying and weak whimpers, until Rowan took a shuddering breath, “I....I have to call Dylan,” she said quietly, standing up and turning slowly away from the pool of blood, walking past Emmet and Anthony.

Anthony pulled his hands away from his mouth and hesitated before nodding, “I’m gonna talk to the principal and the teachers, and get the police to quarantine this area so it can be cleaned,” his voice was much stronger than the other’s in the room, who were simply fighting to stay sane enough to cry.

Kieran nodded to Anthony as he turned to follow Rowan, then turned back to his boyfriend and little brother, holding them tighter in his arms as Casey looked up with shiny eyes, “H-how did you get here so fast?”

Kieran managed a weak smile before he bit his lips, “We heard the call,” he whispered in reply, “The chief said there was an armed student at the school, so a few groups left to help. The four of us left without permission because you were all here, but....but we didn’t know the details until we arrived,” he took a deep breath and looked over at Emmet, who had a twisted expression on his face, “When we got here, the officers already here told us that someone had been shot. We didn’t see any of you outside with the crowd, so....we panicked. None of us expected this, though....Casey, I am so sorry.”

Casey shook his head and leaned more against Kieran, “The EMT’s....they said....Chris, he was still breathing.”

Kieran and Emmet both seemed interested in this, and the marine stepped closer as Kieran spoke, “I see. We’ll have to look into that,” he murmured, “Listen, all of you, you need to be prepared. Because this happened, the PD will want to launch a full investigation to see why this happened. If they don’t, then the parents will start getting upset. You were closest to Chris, so the detectives will most likely come to question you.”

Seth looked fearfully at Kieran, “Will it be you and Rowan?”

Kieran pressed his lips together and shook his head, “The chief knows we’re too close to the case and the people involved. Hell, we’ll probably be questioned too. I’m sorry.”

Anthony appeared immediately after Kieran finished, a tight lipped frown on his face, “The quaratiners are gonna be here soon, and they need the area cleared out. I really don’t want to make you all move right now, but it isn’t the best place for mourning. Come on. We’ll take you to the hospital so you can wait for your friend. That’s where Rowan told Dylan and the other’s to go. You probably want to be there, right?”

Everyone abandoned their positions and scrambled to their feet, nodding furiously with wide eyes. Kieran stood behind Seth, keeping a hand on his shoulder as he looked back at the pool of blood that had settled on the tiles, swallowing thickly. As Emmet and Anthony led the group down the hallway, Seth didn’t move, and Kieran slid his arm down to wrap across his chest, hugging him.


Seth shook his head, “Kieran....five years ago, my sister shot herself. I heard the gunshot from down the hall, and heard Collin screaming. I didn’t see it happen, but I saw her after,” his voice trembled, but he managed to keep himself calm as he continued, “Just now, the same thing happened. I didn’t see what happened, but I saw Chris....lying there,” he pointed at the blood on the ground, “Seeing Chris....like that....,” he shook his head, and Kieran turned him so they were looking at each other, his hands on either side of Seth’s face.

“You don’t have to say anymore. I understand,” he whispered, his fingers tangling into the back of Seth’s hair, biting his lip, “I know this is hard for you, Seth, believe me, but....and please don’t be angry at me....I-I’m happy,” Seth’s eyes went wide when he realized the tears pooling in Kieran’s eyes, “When I first heard what happened, what really happened, I was so scared. I thought Casey had....o-or you....I didn’t know Chris well, but knowing it was him and not you or Casey, or even Lex,” he sighed and dropped his head, “I’m so sorry.”

Seth shook his head and wrapped his arms around Kieran’s waist, “I understand. I’m not mad at you for worrying about me. There’s no way I’d be mad at you for being a good big brother to Casey and Lex. I understand.”

Kieran nodded and turned Seth towards the hallway, keeping him close as they walked, “Come on. We should hurry to the hospital. I’m sure Collin will be there with Dylan and Rita.”

Seth bit his lip as more tears fell, “Kitty....,” he shook his head, “She’ll be heartbroken.”

“Everything will be fine, Seth,” Kieran assured, kissing the top of his head, “Trust me.”

The two detectives that stood in front of the group of friends as they sat in the waiting room of the hospital gave off an uncomfortable aura that said all business and no care. At least, that’s what they got from one of the men. The other looked uncomfortable as he listened to his partner list off the rules of the interogation, finally getting fed up as he held up a hand to silence the taller man.

“Stop it. They’ve just witnessed something terrible, have some empathy,” the scolding tone he used made his partner fold his arms in frustration, but he stopped nontheless as the shorter of the two turned to the teens, “Forgive him. He’s a bit of a hard ass when it comes to his job.”

“Excuse me-?!”

“Can you tell me what your relationship with Christopher Mitchelle was like?” the shorter detective interupted his partner as he looked at each of the young people carefully, “You were friends?”

Annabelle nodded, speaking first, “Not at first,” she said gently, and Cal continued for her.

“For a long time Chris was a complete asshole. He was a bully, a jerk who would physically and vocally abuse others at the school.”

Casey jumped in with his own words before the detectives could get the wrong idea, “But it wasn’t his fault! He harassed me for a long time because I was gay, but it was only because he was being manipulated by someone worse! Chris is a good person!”

“He’s gentle, loving, and he’s an amazing brother,” Seth whispered, “He has a baby sister, she’s only twelve,” he looked down, “She....she’s going to be devastated...and his poor mother.”

“Yes, I can understand that. He was a family oriented boy then?” the detective smiled, “That is a good quality to retain. Nowadays, family is easily broken apart. What do you mean when you say he was manipulated into bullying people?”

“There was someone else involved,” Lex said, finally recovered from his weak state, “Brad Richardson, a friend of his at one point, tricked him and threatened him into hurting others.”

“I see,” the detective nodded, “Is Mr. Richardson the reason Mr. Mitchelle did what he did?”

“I have no doubt he played a big part in it,” Lex replied, “Don’t get the wrong idea, though. Christopher Mitchelle is not suicidal.”

“Then why’d he put a bullet in his brain?” the taller detective asked crudely, making Jaimie wince as Lex narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“The world today is filled with unclean, tainted, poisoned hearts and minds. Many of those weakened people went to our school. Bullies. They aren’t just phases that teen’s go through. Self harm, suicide, it isn’t just a phase. But nobody cares. The reason Chris attempted something this drastic was because no one would have donw anything to try and change the school if he hadn’t.”

“The way the world works isn’t fair,” Cal growled out darkly, “No one cares that people like us are suffering, being abused or neglected or raped or bullied. It’s all just a damn fucking phase to you people! No one gives two shits until someone loses their life! Chris understood that! He obviously planned this! He was happy, but that didn’t matter! He knew nothing was going to change unless something awful happened, so despite getting better, being happy, making friends and falling in love, he sacrificed himself....for us.”

Annabelle wrapped her arms around Cal to calm him down, tears streaming down her face as she looked at the detectives, “He sacrified himself for us, his friends, and for everyone at that school who has ever been harassed and hurt by other people. He was one of the people to hurt other’s, make them feel lower than they really were, and he wanted to atone for that.”

“He hurt a lot of people,” Seth whispered, “But he was getting better. He was doing his best to apologize and make up for being so cruel. He didn’t do what he did because he wanted to die, or because he was suicidal, he did it because he knew nothing was going to change, and he didn’t want to see us suffer any more than we had. He didn’t want to see anyone else suffer.”

“So he tried to kill himself to prove a point?” the detective scoffed, “Did he really expect things to change? He’s just one person. He can’t make a difference.”

He tensed up a bit when Casey stood up, glaring at him, “You’re right,” he said, startling everyone, “No one person can make a big difference, especially in just one lifetime,” his hands curled into tight fists as his gaze burned, “but that doesn’t mean nothing will change, because even if one person can’t change the world, it only takes one to start it on the right path! It only takes one person to change someone’s mind, and if those minds keep multiplying, if everyone who’s ever been hurt stands up for what they believe in and what they think is right, then they really can make a difference! Chris isn’t just one person, because he has us backing him! No one is ever just one person! No one is ever completely alone!”

Lex reached out to take Casey’s hand, pulling him back and sitting him on his lap, arms winding securely around his waist as he whispered into his ear to calm him down. The detective had a guilty expression on his face, and he turned his gaze away as his partner scribbled notes into his booklet, his dark eyes glowing as he looked at Casey.

“You really are Kieran’s brother, huh? He gets just as passionate as you do when it comes to certain subjects. Man, if you get him going, it’s impossible to shut him up.”

“Shut up, Simard,” Kieran said from behind the two detectives, his hands on his hips, “I show up and hear you gossiping about me. Jeeze, get a new hobby.”

Detective Simard giggled and turned back to his notes, “But picking on you is so fun.”

Kieran snorted as he folded his arms, eyes narrowed as he walked around his fellow law enforcers, sitting in the seat Casey had been occupying beside Seth, “Did you ask enough questions, or are you still harassing them right after seeing something traumatic.”

Simard frowned at Kieran, “We’re not monsters, Kieran. We just want to know why this happened so we can prevent it from happening again.”

“Good luck with that,” Cal scoffed, and Simard frowned more.

“Asking these questions is standard precedure, Ryan,” the taller detective spoke up, staring at Kieran, “If you don’t like it, take it up with the chief. Unless, of course, you’re still on suspension.”

Kieran tensed up and Seth reached out to take one of his hands, shooting the man a cold look, “You’re obviously jealous of Kieran for standing up for what he believes in instead of preaching like a telemarketer. He’s actually done something to help people. What have you done?”

The detective got a sour look on his face, “Not nearly enough.”

His reply shocked even Kieran, who blinked his eyes a few times before sighing, “Despite me not really liking you all that much, I’m glad you were the one’s set to this case and not someone else. At least this way I know something will get done.”

Casey looked over at Kieran, “So you do know them?”

Kieran nodded, “Detective Xavier Simond and Detective Jacob Levesque.”

The group took the time to look over the two detectives that Kieran had named, observing them closely with judgmental stares. Xavier Simond was shorter than Jacob Levesque by a few inches, and his hair was a jet black that was brushed back out of his face. Silver rimmed glasses perched on his nose, magnifying his brown eyes. His skin was light, and he wore a white dress shirt that he had tucked into his black jeans, the belt hooked neatly, and boots on his feet, the holstered gun on his hip in plain view beside his badge that hooked onto his belt.

While Xavier was neatly dressed, Jacob Levesque seemed a bit more casual, with a royal purple button down that had the top three buttons undone to show the begining of his well toned chest and perfect tan. The shirt fell down his body perfectly, stopping at faded blue jeans that were belted up much like Xavier’s. The right side of his shirt was tucked in for easy access to the gun holstered there at his hip, and a leather jacket was settled on his shoulders, as well as black boots. His blonde hair was cut messily, the sides shaved military style and the rest of his hair layered messily over his head, his piercing gold eyes quite beautiful despite the coldness that shone there.

Being familiar with that kind of internal, hidden pain, the entire group immediately could see that Jacob was hiding something. Whatever it was must be bad to make him act so cruel and hard.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Casey said with a smile, although weak, “If Kieran is happy you’re here, then I guess we should be too.”

Kieran nodded slowly, “There are worse cops.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Jacob grumbled, arms folded.

“Why did you become cops?” Seth asked curiously, and Jacob scowled at him.

“We ask the questions, Ackley.”

“Don’t be rude,” Xavier scolded with narrowed eyes before smiling at Seth, “My father was a cop a long time ago. He’s retired now, but seeing him helping so many people and telling me stories while growing up made me want to follow in his footsteps.”

Jacob just continued to scowl as he turned away, “Why I chose this career is irrelevant. Can we please get back to the important task at hand?” he looked seriously at Casey, but his expression was a bit softer than it had been at first, “You all mentioned Brad Richardson manipulating Christopher Mitchelle into doing the things he did. Do you know how he managed to force Mr. Mitchelle’s hand, or why he did it in the first place?”

“He did it because of Casey,” Kieran answered the question, looking nervously at his brother, who gave a short nod, “He had, at one point, been friends with Brad, but after coming out, Brad turned on him for some reason,” he looked back at Jacob and Xavier, “He himself has had a bad life, and I guess that was one reason he is the way he is. He was obsessed with Casey, with controlling him and...,” he paused and pressed his lips together, anger seething.

“And possessing him,” Lex answered for Kieran, who was glaring at the floor, “In every sense of the word. Because of the fact he couldn’t get to Casey, Brad decided to take his anger out on others. He used Chris to do that, threatening and manipulating him, because he could control Chris when he couldn’t control Casey. He was Brad’s outlet.”

An unfamiliar emotion flickered in Jacob’s eyes as he looked down at his notes, his jaw locking, “Anything else?”

Kieran shook his head, “You’ll have to ask Chris’ family,” he looked over at Casey, then at Seth, “Do you guys know anything else?”

The group didn’t reply. Which is why the detectives became suspicious. They could have said no, anything to convince the detectives they knew nothing more, but their uncomfortable silence gave them away. There was something else, and it wasn’t good.

“Tell us.”

Casey shook his head and looked at Xavier, “We don’t have a right to,” he whispered, “Chris......h-he would hate us.”

“If there’s something else that might help with this, we need to know it,” Jacob said, and Casey bit his lip.

“It isn’t ours to tell,” he said shakily, and Seth nodded.

“We’re sorry. Chris never wanted anyone to know. It might help you with your investigation, but we won’t risk mass discovery. If other people found out, he’d be crushed. He’d spiral, and we don’t want that.”

“May I remind you that he’s currently in the midst of a dangerous surgery that has a 70% chance of failing?” Jacob asked coldly, “It won’t even matter in the next few hours wether people know or not.”

“Yes it will!” Casey snapped, “You don’t understand how much this information could hurt him!”

“If you want to know that badly, go ask Brad Richardson!” Cal demanded, and the detectives grew quiet before Xavier rubbed his head.


Silence reigned for a moment before Lex spoke up, “What do you mean?”

“After witnessing Mr. Mitchelle...pull the trigger, Mr. Richardson sank into a ctatonic state, and hasn’t responded once since the police brought him to the hospital,” Xavier explained with a heavy sigh, “We can’t talk to him or question him at all until he comes out of the state he’s in. If he ever does.”

“Well that’s just great,” Cal groaned, leaning back, “This is such bullshit.”


Everyone jumped in their seats and sat forward as the doors burst open and Dylan stormed through, face pale and eyes wide as he screamed walked up to the receptionist.

“Where is my brother?!”


“Christopher Derek Mitchelle!”

“Dylan, please,” Rita whispered her sons name from the doorway, trembling and holding a tissue between her hands, her eyes and nose red as Kitty clung to her side, “You’re making a scene.”

“H-he’s currently in surgery, sir,” the nurse said, looking extremely startled as she tapped at her keyboard.

Dylan didn’t seem to notice or care about her shock, though, “Where? Which room?” he demanded, and the nurse’s eyes got wider.

“Y-you can’t be in the room, I’m sorry.”

“Bull shit! That is my brother!” Dylan screamed, just as Rowan hurried past Rita, taking his hand and pulling him away from the desk.

“Getting worked up won’t help anything,” she said gently as she turned Dylan to face her, “Please calm down.”

Dylan snapped his lips closed and inhaled deeply through his nose, nodding as Rita and Kitty joined them, Kitty sniffing and shivering, “Is he gonna be okay?” she asked weakly, and the nurse’s facial expression twisted into a look of pitty.

She stood up with a smile and walked around the desk, crouching in front of Kitty, “I’m sure he will be. We have our best man on it. Doctor Marin is very good at what he does.”

Kitty’s eyes got wide and she nodded, “So I can see him soon?”

The nurse bit her lip before smiling again, “I have no doubt.”

“Do not give my daughter false hope,” Rita hissed out, arms wrapping around Kitty’s shoulders and pulling her farther from the nurse, who looked away with a nod before returning to the desk.

“But he will be okay!” Kitty insisted, staring at her mother, “Chris is strong! He’ll wake up in no time!” she looked over at Dylan with a determined glint in her eyes, “No time at all!”

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Saloni Acharya: The whole series is so good. It’s like you can’t keep it down without reading it the whole way and then start the next one. Time flies and you don’t realise it’s late night and you have to go to sleep 😂. The characters are awesome with strong plots and love every couple. 😍🥰

marilyn: It's awesome to hear about all these shifters finding their fated mates. I can't wait to hear more about them. I also want to hear about the cubs. And for Daryl to find his mate.

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