Remembering Scars

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Chapter 14

“Good morning!” Avery’s voice sang through the house, and Bas’ eyes snapped open, arms winding tighter around the body in his arms and looking down, realizing with a start what had happened the previous night.

Gil was curled up against his chest, wearing nothing but boxers and Sebastian’s shirt, while Sebastian was wearing nothing but unbuttoned jeans. The rest of their clothes were scattered on the ground, long forgotten. Bas rolled his head back to see Avery was leaning against the back of the couch, arms folded over each other and chin on his forearms as he batted his eye lashes.

“Did you have fuuuun?”

Bas growled and grabbed a pillow before throwing it into Avery’s face, “Shut up.”

“Did you use protection?”

“Shut up!”

“Am I gonna be an uncle?”

“Ave!” Sebastian covered his face with a hand, and Avery leaned over the back of the couch, grinning before the smile turned prideful.

“Are you happy?”

Bas pushed his hand up, his fingers raking through the front of his hair, “I... yea, but he hasn’t woken up yet.”

“The morning after is always important,” Avery tapped the side of Sebastian’s head, “I’m gonna take a nap so I’m ready for work tonight. While I’m gone, you do your best to shower him with love so he’ll have no choice but to top you next time.”


“I taught you well.”

“I swear to god!”

Avery giggled and pushed himself back before running to his bedroom, shutting the door with a click. Sebastian sighed heavily, rewinding his arms around Gil’s smaller shoulders and pressing a kiss to his forehead, considering what Avery had said. The morning after is important, so he had to make the best of it, and make it so Gil wouldn’t regret the previous night.

He sat up, rolling Gil so he was curled up on the couch, then grabbed the knit blanket hanging on the back of the couch and draped it over him, making sure he was asleep and comfortable before standing up and collected the clothes thrown across the ground. He folded them all up and set them on one of the chairs before walking around the couch and into the kitchen that was just a few paces from the living room.

He knew enough about food and cooking from his brothers, and Avery had taught him a lot as well, so he got to work cooking the best breakfast he could come up with. By the time he was done, Gil was waking up, raising a hand to rub at his eyes and rolling onto his stomach mumbling, lying his cheek against the couch cushions and staring out across the living room, sleepily wondering where he was.

When his eyes fell on the folded clothes on the chair to the left, they grew wide, and heat spread across his face as he suddenly became aware of the sharp pain near his lower back. He hissed and pulled his arms up, burying his face in them and grinding his teeth. Did that really happen? He couldn’t believe it, and he couldn’t believe how much he’d enjoyed it! The fact he was moaning and pining for more when he should’ve been rejecting it!

Even so, he didn’t feel... disgusting or guilty, and he didn’t regret it at all. Just incredibly embarassed. He didn’t think he’d be able to face Sebastian without blushing and stuttering, because damn, all he would be able to think about was how hot he was shirtless.

“Are you awake?”

Gil lifted his head a bit from where he was hiding his face, his eyes landing a bit lower than Sebastian’s face, gawking at his bare chest. Brilliant, just what he needed early in the morning, a boner. He grumbled and buried his face back in his arms so Sebastian couldn’t see how much he was blushing.

“Put a shirt on.”

“I can’t, you’re wearing it.”

Gil lifted his head and reached down, tugging at the neck of the shirt he was wearing and blushing harder, “Oh... sorry.”

Bas smiled, sitting down on the ground beside Gil and holding out the plate of scrambled eggs, susage patties, and cubed fruit with powdered sugar dusted over them, “Here, you should eat.”

Several emotions crossed Gil’s face, from embarassed to disgusted, and he buried his face back into his arms, “Not hungry,” he muttered, and Bas sighed in irritation, like he was expecting the answer.

He stood up and sat down, nudging Gil so he would scoot away a little before lying back down, his head on Bas’ thigh, “You always do this,” he said softly, combing back Gil’s hair, “Refusing to eat. Why?”

Gil sealed his lips together before covering his eyes with an arm, “I dunno,” he admitted, “I just... don’t wanna eat.”

“It’s because your body is used to not eating,” Bas explained, “Because you went so long without eating, your body accomodated for the lack of nutrition and made it so you wouldn’t have to eat much to maintain your body weight.”

Gil grumbled, “How would you know?”

“Mary-Louise,” Bas smiled, “The nurse that helps pops sometimes. I...,” he looked away, “asked her when I realized you weren’t eating as much as you used to. I asked what would happen if someone just stopped eating,” he looked back at Gil, “Eat a little at least, two bites of each thing, please?”

Gil sighed and nodded, pushing himself up and wincing, one hand holding his lower back as he glared at Bas, who blushed, “You’ll have to carry me everywhere till it stops hurting.”

“I-I’m sorry,” Bas said weakly, and Gil’s lips twitched up a little, leaning heavily against Bas and humming.

“It’s fine. I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it,” Sebastian brightened up as Gil reached out for the plate, pulling it closer and taking tiny bites, his face twisted up like he was getting sick. He managed to eat most of the fruit, but the eggs he barely put a dent in, and he only took a small bite of the sausage before putting the fork down and curling his legs up, looking pale, “I can’t eat anymore.”

Sebastian took the plate and set it on the coffee table before turning back to Gil, holding him and rubbing his shoulders and down his back to somehow comfort him and help sooth his stomach so he wouldn’t throw up.

They sat like that for a long time before Gil sat forward, tugging at the shirt he wore before looking at Bas, “Um... so...”

“You should take a shower,” Sebastian stood up, and Gil stared at him silently, “Avery is sleeping so we should be quiet. The bathroom connects to his room and out here so hopefully we won’t wake him up.”

“Kay,” Gil pushed the blankets back and stood up, and Sebastian grabbed his clothes for him before taking his hand and leading him around the couch.

There was a second door against the same wall as Avery’s bedroom, and stepping inside lead to a rather fair sized bathroom with a glass shower. The floor was pebbled, but there was no bathtub, just the shower with smoky glass around it. There was a second door in the bathroom that lead to Avery’s bedroom, and Bas shut it before shutting the one that lead out to the living room and kitchen entry way, pausing and looking at Gil.

“Sorry, I should probably ask if you want me here.”

Gil hesitated before shrugging, “You shut the door already.”

Bas smiled and chuckled, walking over to the shower and pulling open the door, leaning in and turning it on, one hand held out under the water as it heated up before stripping his jeans and pulling Gil closer, slipping the shirt off of him before doing the same with his boxers.

The entire time, Gil was staring at Sebastian’s chest, not because he didn’t want to meet his eye, but because he was still so surprised at how well he’d filled out. Stepping beneath the water, Gil’s face dusted red, watching the streams of of water slide down his broad chest and muscled stomach. The steam that rose up had Gil blushing even more, because for a moment he was wondering what was causing it, the hot water, or Sebastian himself.

“You keep staring at me,” Gil looked up when Bas spoke.

“I do?”

“Yea. Why?”

“Uh...,” Gil looked down again, shrugging, “I just... y-you used to be so wimpy, and now...,” he was gawking again, and Bas chuckled, taking Gil’s hands and positioning him beneath the water, taking a bottle of body wash and scrubbing it over his skin.

“Work outs were my way of relieving stress,” he explained, “If I woke up from a nightmare, or a dream that confused me, instead of lying awake I’d start doing push up, sit up, just so I could tire myself out and go back to sleep. It became habit, so then whenever I felt upset or stressed I’d work out, go running, push up, sit ups, anything to make my muscles and my body burn so I would get tired out.”

“I’m sorry about why you did it...,” Gil muttered, “Not really sorry for the results.”

Sebastian laughed again, “Glad you like it.”

Gil nodded, rubbing his arm as he stared at the pebbled floor of the shower, “Um... listen, I don’t... really know what to say... about this...”

Bas frowned, hands sliding down Gil’s arms as the water washed off the soap, “Last night... if you need to, you can pretend it never happened,” Gil looked up, eyes wide, “I mean it, Gil. I know you don’t hate me despite how I feel, and that’s all I needed. If it’ll make it less awkward-.”

Gil stepped closer and grabbed Sebastian’s face in his hands, lifting himself up on his toes and kissing him hard, intent on shutting him up. It worked, so Gil pulled back, “Shut up,” he said before kissing him again, softer this time, pulling back after a moment so he could talk, “I enjoyed it too much to just go back to normal, Seb, and frankly I don’t want to. I don’t know what this is, what it can be, but I’m willing to find out.”

The smile Sebastian gave him reminded Gil so much of when he was still a kid, and it had him smiling softly, reaching up to push back Sebastian’s hair, lying his head against his chest and closing his eyes as the hot water rained over them.

“Caesar!” Avery waved at the man sitting in the red velvet lined booth that Gil assumed was like the VIP spot, and apparently was where the owner sat.

At his name, Caesar lifted his head from his phone, revealing dark emerald eyes and a smoothly aged face with sharp features, dark shadow trimmed neatly to trace down his jaw line from the buzz cut mutton chops down the sides of his head, and his hair was dark with gray frosted evenly out, showing his age. Gil guessed he was in his late thorties or early forties.

He was wearing a silky dark saphire blue button up shirt with the sleeves folded above his elbows, black jeans, a knife attached to his belt and a phone pouch just beside it. There was a bluetooth in his left ear, a black banded watch on his right wrist, a single gold ring in his right ear, and a thick gold band on his left hand, as well as a leather bracelett on his left wrist and a necklace with a dog tag and a dragon pendant hanging against his chest.

Tattoos curled around both arms. Tribal designs traveled the length of his right arm, and a dragon wound around his left, with a name just beneath his hand, fire from the dragons mouth curling around it beautifully, written in such elaborate cursive calligraphy that it was near impossible to read from a distance.

“Jewel,” he greeted with a smile, curious gaze on Gil, “Who’s this?”

“Well,” Avery plopped down in the booth, scooting closer to Caesar as Sebastian urged Gil to follow, “You remember that guy Bas always gawks about?”

Gil blushed and Sebastian glared, but Avery didn’t have to say anything else, because Caesar was grinning, “I see. So the Vampire brought a friend,” he held his hand out for Gil, who took his hand timidly, “It’s nice to finally meet you. You’re brother’s talked a lot about you.”

Gil looked over at Sebastian, who completely avoided his eye, “Okay?”

“Caesar is the owner of this place,” Avery said, leaning his elbows against the table top, “He’s really cool!”

“I’m flattered,” Caesar chuckled, leaning back, but glaring as Avery continued to talk.

“He’s like, reaaaally old, like forty-nine!”

“Watch it, kid,” Caesar warned, “I’m thirty-five, I’m not that old.”

“He’s also the one who gave all of the dancers their stage names! He gave me the name Jewel, and Ghost, and Cherry Bomb, and Rikki, and Vampire, and he’ll probably give you a name too!”

Gil winced and looked at Bas for some kind of help, but he just shrugged, “If you come with me whenever I come here, it’s bound to happen.”

Gil pouted and folded his arms, sitting back, “I won’t follow you all the time. I just... wanted to see what you did here,” he narrowed his eyes, staring down and muttering under his breath so Bas didn’t hear him, “and make sure no one gets too comfy with you.”

Avery giggled and nudged him before winking at Caesar, who chuckled, “You’ll get used to it here,” Avery assured, “And don’t worry, Caesar is really a nice guy, and he won’t hit on you,” he pointed at Caesar’s hand, “See? He’s married!” he propped his elbows on the table and dropped his chin in his hands, “But no one knows who he married.”

Caesar just smirked with a scoff, looking away like the coming conversation was all too comman. By Sebastian’s similar reaction, Gil was convinced of it.

“He never even gives hints!” Avery complained, “We don’t know if it’s a guy, or a girl! What hair color, what eye color! No ones met his partner either! I’m thinking he or she doesn’t exist!”

“Oh, no, I am married,” Caesar assured, “She’s got blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, big breasts, and she’s tall, as tall as me. A little chunky, but in a nice way.”

Avery pointed at Caesar, looking at Gil, “See? He’s totally lying! She’s probably super short and pale and no boobs and pretty eyes or something! Or it’s an asian dude! Or a black guy who’s taller than him!”

“Keep guessing,” Caesar suggested, eyes glittering, “You may be right some day,” Avery pouted, and Caesar chuckled, “Don’t you have dancing to do?”

“You’re the worst,” Avery whined, crawling over Caesar’s lap and jumping onto the floor before sticking his tongue out and running towards the backstage door.

Gil was staring at Caesar, “You really are actually married?”

Caesar looked over at him, “Yes. I wouldn’t lie about that. I don’t flaunt it, but there’s been more than one instance where members or newcomers have tried to get my attention, so naturally I’ve had to explain more than once that I’m off limits,” he sat forward, folding his arms against the table, “Which is why I wear this,” he pointed to the golden ring in his ear, “Wedding rings are one thing, this is another. Dancers, bouncers, waiters or waitresses who don’t wish to be hit on because they are in a relationship wear this, or something similar.”

“Avery has lots of earings,” Gil said, and Caesar laughed.

“None like this though,” he flicked the earing, “Regulars understand this sign, and if newcomers don’t, they learn quickly.”

“Cool,” was Gil’s reply, and Caesar lifted a curled hand, setting his chin on it.

“If you plan to be here often, I suggest you get one. Since you’re taken, being prayed upon by horny men and women would be exauhsting.”

Gil blushed, then slapped his hands over his ears, “B-but wouldn’t that hurt?!”

Caesar through his head back, and Sebastian wound an arm around Gil’s waist, pulling him close to his side and kissing the top of his head, “Ignore him, he’s just a crazy old man.”

Caesar’s laughing stopped, and he glared at Sebastian, who gave him an innocent look. Gil rubbed at his ear lobe, chewing on his lip before speaking, “Well... if it would keep people from trying to give me drugged alcohol...”

Sebastian tensed up, his hold growing a bit tighter as he looked down at Gil, “What?”

“When I first came here some guy walked up and tried to give me roofied champagne.”

Gil wasn’t looking, so he didn’t notice the way Sebastian’s eyes flashed to a piercing pale that had Caesar getting nervous, “Jewel took care of it,” he assured, “It won’t happen again. I can get you both matching studs if you like,” he smiled, and Gil looked up at him.

“Really? That’s pretty nice of you.”

Caesar shrugged, “Well I’m a nice guy, and finding someone who can control the Vampire? I think everyone will be happy to have you here.”

Sebastian snorted, setting his head on top of Gil’s as Gil stared at Caesar in confusion, “Control him?”

“He can be pretty violent, and not even Jewel can calm him down when he gets like that, which is usually why blood ends up on my floor,” he glared at Sebastian in annoyance, but Bas just continued to stare out onto the dance floor, completely ignoring him.

Gil reached under the table and set a hand on Sebastian’s knee, squeazing it before looking back at Caesar, “That’s like... stabbing your ear with a needle though. Will it hurt?”

“Probably,” Caesar shrugged, and Gil frowned, so he laughed, “For like a few days, calm down, it’s not like it’s constant pain. At least I’m not asking you to get a tattoo. That would be worse, huh Vampire?”

Sebastian tensed up, gaping at Caesar in horror as Gil slowly turned to look up at him, “You got a tattoo?”

Sebastian shook his head quickly, waving his hands, “What? No!”

“Sebastian, you’re barely eighteen!”

“I-I don’t have a tattoo!”

“Really?” Gil narrowed his eyes, scowling, “I’ll have to strip you and search for myself later,” he propped his elbows against the table and set his chin in his hands, leaving Sebastian alone to stutter with mixed emotions, both turned on and horrified at the same time from the oncoming lecture.

Damn it Avery...

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