Remembering Scars

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Chapter 16

“Jaimie?” Wolf reached out to take Jaimie’s hand when they entered their shared bedroom, tugging at his arm to pull him closer so he could set both hands on his face, “Hey, look at me.”

Jaimie slowly raised his eyes to Wolf, “I don’t understand,” he said finally, voice quiet, “Do you think... do you think maybe he really has changed?”

Wolf frowned at the question, thinking back to earlier that day, finding Brad comforting Andy, something he always should have done with Jaimie, “I don’t know,” he admitted finally, and Jaimie pulled away, dropping his bag from his shoulders and setting it on the couch that was sitting in their bedroom.

“What was with his hair earlier, anyway?” he asked, “It looked like he just got back from a play date with about eighteen four year old girls.”

“Maybe it’s a new fashion statement?” Wolf suggested, and Jaimie gave him a smile.

“Not a good one.”

Wolf shrugged, tossing his bag onto the couch beside Jaimie’s before wrapping his arms around him and pulling him backwards until they could fall onto their bed. Jaimie wiggled around so he was on his stomach, arms folded over Wolf’s chest and chin settled on his forearms so he could watch Wolfgang’s face.

“It’s been a day since Gil ran off,” he said, and a huge smile broke out over Wolf’s face, “Has Peter heard anything?”

“Nah, but he’s not worried. Neither am I. He went to find Seb, we’ve been waiting for this for like two years. If they don’t come back married I’m shooting them with Jake’s gun.”

Jaimie giggled, burying his face against Wolf’s chest, “Your family will never cease to amaze me, Wolf,” he admitted with a sigh, “The fact you all can be so understanding... it astounds me.”

Wolfgang shrugged, lifting one arm to tuck beneath his head as the other stayed around Jaimie’s waist, “We see nothing wrong. It’s like being gay, love is love, and if it makes them happy and content then so be it. Besides, as long as they stay close with each other, and with us, I couldn’t care less. Although if I am to be completely honest, they do make a cute couple.”

“What are you two talking about?”

Jaimie pushed himself up so he was kneeling on the bed and smiled over at Peter, who had stepped into the room, “Seb and Gil,” he answered, and Peter’s face lit up.

“Planning their wedding again?”

“It needs to be a summer wedding!” Wolfgang stated loudly, and Jaimie sighed with a roll of his eyes as Peter scratched his cheek.

“My bad.”

“And it has to be night time with a full moon! And it’s gotta take place outside beside a lake! And there’s gotta be fireflies!”

“Shouldn’t you be planning our wedding instead?” Jaimie pouted, and Wolfgang sat up, eyes wide.

“I thought we were eloping!”

Peter bent over laughing, hand over his mouth as Jaimie giggled. He coughed a few times before standing straighter, just in time to hear the door downstairs close, and a voice call out.

“Hey, Pete?!”

Peter beamed, “Upstairs!”

Two sets of shoes thudded up the stairs, and Wolfgang sniggered when Gil stepped into the room with Sebastian beside him, bent at the waist because Gil was pinching his ear.

“What’s up?” Wolf asked, and Gil shot him a look before turning to Peter.

“Did you know about this?” he asked, and Peter’s smile faded quickly.

“About what?”

“About the fact Seb got a damn tattoo?!”

Wolfgang busted up laughing, and Peter seemed to relax, a soft smile on his lips, “Hm? What tattoo?”

Bas hissed from behind Gil, eyes pleading as one hand was wrapped around Gil’s wrist. Peter coughed against his hand again, and the gaze Bs gave him was strict, “Shouldn’t you be resting?” he asked, and Peter gave him that same simple smile.

“Lower back.”

Gil’s eyes flashed, and Bas squeaked as Gil turned, dragging Sebastian with him out of the room as Bas reached out for the doorframe, “You monster!” he called to Peter, who giggled into his raised hand.

Wolfgang was still laughing, rubbing his eyes as a door slammed down the hall, “You realie Gil is gonna basically beat him and lecture him till he passes out, right? And you really should be resting.”

Jaimie nodded his agreement, “If Jacob finds you he’ll just be upset. Didn’t you promise him you wouldn’t do this?”

“I feel fine,” Peter said, but both Jaimie and Wolf just stared at him, so he sighed and leaned back against the wall, “I... really hate just lying there. I know I should, I know I always promise I will, but when Jacob is gone it get’s cold, and lonely.”

“When he leaves he thinks you’re resting,” Wolfgang said, and Peter blushed, looking down.

“I can only sleep for so long.”

“Oh,” Jaimie sat straighter, and both brothers looked at him, “I think I get it. It’s because he’s a police officer, and because of what happened with his last partner,” Peter hesitated before looking down, and Jaimie continued, “You don’t rest when he’s not here cuz you’re constantly on edge thinking the same thing will happen.”

“He nearly died,” Peter argued in a whisper, and Jaimie scooted to the edge of the bed.

“But his partner now is Kieran,” he said, and Peter played with the hem of his shirt, “Kieran is a good man, a really good cop, and he’s the one who moved first when Jake fell. I was there, Pete, I saw it. When everyone else just stood there, Kieran was the only one who moved to get Jake to a hospital. Kieran won’t let anything happen to Jake, not when he saved his life.”

Peter shook his head, arms foldedand rubbing up and down his shoulders, “I just... don’t ever want to see him like that again, and it scares me. How am I supposed to rest like that?”

“Just remember. Jacob loves you. He wouldn’t just let himself die when he knows you’re waiting at home for him,” Wolfgang said, and Peter nodded, coughing a few times as the door opened and closed again.

Footsteps led up the stairs, stopping dead at the doorway, “Peter, for gods sake!” Jacob scolded, hurrying into the room as Peter turned to meet him, winding his arms around Jacob’s waist as tears started falling quickly down his face.

“Welcome home,” he whispered, and Jacob held his hands up in shock before winding them around Peter’s shoulders, sighing.

“Damn it Peter, you need to stop doing this all the time. Your body can’t handle this much stress,” he brushed his hand against Peter’s neck, his frown etching deeper, “Your pulse is racing, what the hell happened?”

“He’s scared,” Jaimie said, and Jacob looked at him in shock.

“Why? What happened?”

“You got shot,” Peter whispered, and Jacob looked down at him.

“What? Pete that was forever ago!”

“That doesn’t mean it can’t happen again!” Peter said, pulling back so he could glare at Jacob, who started chewing on his bottom lip as Peter continued, “Whenever you leave I get this awful feeling like you’re never coming back!”

Jacob gave a heavy sigh, reaching out to wind his arms around Peter’s waist and pull him into a protective hug, setting his chin on top of his head and rubbing his back, “I promise you I’ll come back. If I can’t I’ll call you, but it probably just means I’ll be late. Paperwork is the devil.”

“Quit making jokes, this is serious,” Peter whimpered, and Jacob sighed.

“Come on, I want you resting.”

Silence answered before Peter replied, “I-I don’t think I can walk,” he admitted, and a deep frown pulled at Jacob’s lips when he noticed how much Peter was shaking.

He bent down and hooked an arm behind Peter’s knees, keeping his other around his shoulders as he stood up, cradling Peter carefully in his arms as he stepped back, looking over at Wolf and Jaimie, “I’ll make sure he rests,” he said, and Wolfgang nodded in understanding as Jacob backed out of the room and shut the door.

Peter wrapped his arms around Jacob’s neck, sighing and burrying his face in his shoulder as Jacob carried him down the hall, “Gil and Seb are back,” he said softly, and Jacob glanced down at him before looking back up.

“Are they okay?”

“I think so,” Peter murmured sleepily, and Jacob nodded.

“Are you okay?”

Silence answered, until Peter sighed, “I-I’m tired,” he admitted finally, “My chest kind of hurts.”

“Ben’s at the hospital,” Jacob said, carrying Peter into his room and shutting the door with his foot, “We’ll have to wait till he gets back to check over you, but he left a little medicine in case he wasn’t here.”

“I-I just need to sleep,” Peter muttered as Jacob laid him down on the bed, “I’ll be fine if I sleep a little.”

Jacob rolled his eyes, pulling of Peter’s shoes before pulling the sheets and the comforter up, bowing down to kiss Peter’s cheek, “It’s not a pill, it won’t hurt.”

Peter’s face twisted up, “I hate that stupid syrup medicine, I’d rather be in pain.”

“I wouldn’t,” Jacob countered with a raised eyebrow, pinching Peter’s chin so he couldn’t turn his head away, “The taste will go away, so will the pain.”

“But it tastes like fermented cherries and rat poison.”

“Why would you even know that?” Jacob asked before shaking his head, “Please? If it’ll make you feel better, please take it.”

Peter glared at him for a moment before speaking, “You have to kiss me if I do,” he said, “It’ll taste super gross but you have to kiss me.”

Jacob smiled, “I can do that,” he held the back of Peter’s neck, lifting the filled dose of cherry flavored syrup to Peter’s lips, holding his chin to keep him from spitting it out, so he swallowed, shuddering and caughing before sticking out his tongue.


“It’ll make you feel better,” Jacob assured, bowing down and kissing Peter’s lips, pulling away so his face could twist in disgust, “Ewe,” Peter giggled and closed his eyes, and Jacob laid down next to him, arms wrapping around Peter’s shoulders and pulling him closer to kiss his cheek again, “Go to sleep.”

Peter nodded and tucked his head beneath Jacob’s chin, “Promise you’ll stay?”

“I promise.”

“Strip,” Gil demanded, and Bas winced, rubbing his ear as the door shut.

“I-it’s not even that bad, it’s just a tattoo.”

“Now,” Gil snapped, and Bas muttered unhappily as he tore his shirt off and turned around so Gil had a full view of the tattoo on his lower right side.

Gil was surprised he didn’t notice it the previous night, or even earlier that morning when they took their shower. Then again, Gil wasn’t really looking, so... maybe it wasn’t that surprising. Still, Bas was only eighteen, he was way too young to have a tattoo!

Bas had sat down on the edge of the bed, elbows on his knees and chin in his hands, his lips in a heavy pout. Gil pushed away from the door and walked over, kneeling on the bed and looking down at the tattoo, eyes growing wide when he saw it.

It was actually quite beautiful, a detailed flower colored like a watercolor painting with pink, green, blue and purple. Initials were etched on a few of the delicate petals, GE, WE, PE, BE, JL, JR, AG, RM, KM, and CS. Curled around the base was a ribbon that had the word “warrior” printed over it in bold lettering. It wasn’t what Gil had expected, that was for sure, but it really was beautiful, and he trailed his fingers over it, eyebrows screwed together.

“I... what is it?”

“A lotus,” Bas explained, hand over his mouth and cheeks red, “I got it mainly cuz Avrey got one and he was being a baby about it, saying he didn’t want to be alone. I figured if I was going to get a tattoo, I’d make it have meaning.”

“Okay,” Gil nodded, “So... what does it mean?”

Bas continued to stare down, “In a lot of cultures, lotus flowers represent purity and rebirth. The colors represent us... you, me, Wolf and Pete, our hair colors, or what they used to be, you know? And the word warrior is because... well, considering how we all managed to survive and fight... then the initials are my family. Gilbert Everet, Wolfgang Everet, Peter Everet, Benjamin Everet, Jacob Levesque, Jaimie Richardson, Avery Gray, Rita Mitchelle, Katherine Mitchelle, and Cameron Shea. That... that’s what it means. The strength I get from my family, the fact that despite all of the pain and trauma we’ve all experienced, I still see my family as pure.”

Gil stared down at the tattoo with a blank expression as he listened to Bas talk and explain himself, his fingers tracing along the outlines as he considered the words.

“I’m really sorry,” Bas said, and Gil looked up, “I know I was pretty young when I got it, but it has meaning for me, and I don’t regret getting it.”

Gil nodded, “It’s okay,” he said, “At least it’s not something stupid like a dragon, or a tiger or something. What did Avery get?”

“Tramp stamp,” Bas replied, looking bored, “His stage name.”

Gil didn’t really know how to reply to that as he sat back, knees pulled to his chest, “I really don’t understand him,” he admitted, “He’s just a kid, but he’s a stripper?”

“Dancer,” Bas corrected, “Don’t call him a stripper, especially to his face, he’ll lose his mind.”

“Sorry,” Gil shrugged, “Why is he a dancer then?”

“He likes it,” Bas explained, “Dancing, I mean, he isn’t a stripper. He doesn’t take his clothes off in front of a crowd, he just... dances.”

“What about his family? School?”

Sebastian’s expression grew haunted as he stared ahead, “I don’t know everything,” he started, “I know he quit school a while ago, a few years, because of some family issues, and I know he doesn’t get along with his family, but I don’t know any more than that. He always gets this... scared look on his face when his family is mentioned.”

“He seems so happy though,” Gil said, and Bas nodded.

“He tries, but everyone has a breaking point. I’ve only seen him lose it once, and it was bad,” he sat back and turned to Gil, “He’s a good friend, and good person, once you get to know him I think you’ll like him. That’s mainly the basics of what I’ve been doing, so,” he reached out and touched Gil’s cheek, and Gil leaned a bit into it until Bas grabbed the edge of the skin colored bandage there, tearing it off and leaving Gil speechless and confused, “your turn,” Bas said, “What the hell were you doing with those people the other day?”

Gil lifted a hand and brushed his fingers over the four scratches on his face from Camilla clawing him. He’d forgotten all about it, and the bandages he used blended so well into his skin it was like they weren’t even there, so no one had asked about them. Being as close to each other as he and Bas had been the previous night, Bas probably saw the edges of the bandaid, not to mantion he’s been there when it happened, so...

“I... don’t really know,” Gil admitted, staring down, “I just wanted to take a walk, but... I guess I unconsciously found them.”

“They acted like they knew you,” Bas said, his touch gentle as his fingers traced the four cuts, “They looked familiar, but I don’t know why.”

“Y-yea, um... Kaleb Vang was one of Wolfy’s old delinquent buddies. A-and the other two guys were Frank and Brett.”

“And Alvarez?”

Gil looked up, “How did you...?” he paused, remembering how Camilla knew Avery’s stage name and pressing his lips together, “Oh.”

“They hurt you,” Bas said softly, “Have they done that before?”

Gil tried to look down, but Bas kept his hand on his face and tipped his chin up so their eyes could lock, though Gil tried to look away, “Once or twice,” he replied finally, his voice soft, and Bas narrowed his eyes.

“Gil, what have they done to you?”

“Just little things,” Gil said, playing nervously with the creases in his shirt as Bas eyed him suspiciously.

“Like what?”

“Like... c-cigarette burns,” he said softly, hand rubbing at his upper arm as his eyes turned away, “They would hit me a little, or try to make me drink alcohol. Kaleb Vang... um... harasses me and tries to... do what mom would do.”

Bas’ eyes grew wide, glinting a darker shade to show he was incredibly angry. His eyes got like that before he turned into his Vampire namesake, but as there was really no one to attack, he simply pulled away and stood up, pacing as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

Gil watched him with wide eyes, a slight tremble travelling through his body, “I-I didn’t... he never did anything, I swear. H-he wanted to, and he’d try, but I never let him! L-last night was my f-first time doing anything like that!”

Bas didn’t stop his pacing, and kept his arms folded across his bare chest as he glared at the ground, “If I ever see him, I’m killing him,” he snarled, and Gil winced, looking down.

In any other circumstance he wouldn’t take Sebastian seriously, but Gil had seen him during one of his Vampire rages, he knew that if no one was there to stop him, then he probably would end up killing Kaleb.

Gil reached out and grabbed Sebastian by his wrist, tugging him closer to the bed and kneeling up on the bed so he could wrap his arms around Bas, kissing his lips softly before hiding his face against his neck, “Please don’t do something stupid,” he begged, “I promise Vang never actually touched me or anything. Sure he’d punch me and take advantage of me, but he never tried to... never tried to r-ra...,” he sealed his lips together before pinching his eyes closed, “Just you... only you.”

A growl rose in Bas’s throat, and he lifted his hands to grab Gil’s shoulders, pushing him down so his back hit the mattress and Bas hovered over him, “Good,” he said, and Gil bit his lip, “but he still tried to touch you, so he needs to be taught a lesson.”

Gil tried to argue, but Sebastian silenced him with his lips, closing them over Gil’s in a passionate kiss. Gil curled his hands into fists, clutching the fabric of the comforter on the bed as he parted his lips in a moan. Bas took the chance given and pushed his tongue between Gil’s lips to clash against his. The hot sensation had Gil trembling beneath him, twisting a little and lifting up his hips to rub against Sebastian.

Bas reached up to hold Gil’s chin and pulled back, away from the kiss, leaving his brother panting against the bed, mouth open slightly and eyes half lidded, “You accepted me,” Bas said quietly so only Gil would be able to hear him, “You let me love you, and instead of rejecting me, you loved me back. You’re mine now, and I won’t ever let someone else take you from me.”

He bowed his head, teeth locking over the skin of Gil’s neck, biting and sucking on it while his right hand reached down to ease between Gil’s legs, stroking him firmly through his jeans as he licked at the bruise he was making on Gil’s neck.

Gil made a supressed noise of pleasure, bucking his hips for more friction as he pulled one of his fisted hands closer, biting the knuckles as he screwed his eyes closed, “But h-h-he never did an-anything,” he whimpered, and Sebastian lifted his lips from Gil’s neck, licking his lips.

“And as long as I’m here, he never will,” he lifted up a bit more to meet Gil’s eyes, his hand stroking a bit harder as he whispered, “If he comes around, he’ll regret it. He tried to mark somone who belonged to me,” he bowed his head again and nibbled at Gil’s neck, “You’re mine, you’ve always been mine, you’ll always be mine, I won’t let anyone touch you like this. I won’t let them pleasure you, I definitely won’t let them hurt you,” he pressed his face against Gil’s neck, “I love you too much, now that you’re mine, there’s no way I’m letting you go.”

Gil murmured, wrapping his arms around Sebastian’s shoulders and nodding his head, eyes glazed over from pleasure, “Y-yes... I... Seb, t-touch me more,” Bas’ eyes grew wider, and he bit his lip as he stroked a bit more, his hand easing beneath his jeans and boxers for the skin on skin contact. Gil immediately started to whimper and dig his head into the pillows, “Bas... I don’t want anyone else to touch me. Ever. Just you, please.”

Bas hummed, closing his lips over Gil’s neck again and nodding. The door wasn’t locked, but he wasn’t concerned. The entire house knew that Sebastian had these feelings, they were the ones who had wanted Bas to act on them. Now he was. No one was going to bother them.

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