Remembering Scars

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Chapter 18

“Good to see you again,” Caesar offered Gil a smile as he sat down with Bas right behind him, sitting next to him and keeping him close with an arm around his waist.

“Yea,” Gil looked back and forth around the club, which was already in full swing.

Noticing the unease, Caesar tipped his head to the side, “Still not used to it here, hm? Not surprised.”

“Huh? Oh, no, I’m fine,” Gil managed a crooked smile, “I guess... still can’t believe Seb would come somewhere like this. No offense to you, it’s a nice place!”

Caesar chuckled as he searched his pockets, “None taken. I know it’s not the most orthodox of places to be spending time, or to live here, but I do quite like it.”

“Live here?” Gil asked, and Bas nudged him before nodding at the ceiling.

“His loft is on the second floor.”

“Oh,” Gil seemed surprised, but didn’t say any more until Caesar gave a little noise of triumph.

“There it is,” he smiled, slipped out a sleek silver jewelry case from his front shirt pocket, setting it on the table before sliding it over to Sebastian, “Try those out, Vampire.”

Bas stared at the box before picking it up and opening it to reveal two stirling silver earings, studded gages with the smallest possible stem. Stamped on the stud itself was the outline of a black lotus flower. He lifted his eyes to Caesar, who smiled, arms folded across his chest.

“For you and your Lotus.”

Dark red dusted across Sebastian’s cheeks, and he looked down at the earings as Gil leaned closer to look, “Your what?”

“It’s his favorite flower,” Caesar explained, and Gil looked over at him, “I figure giving the name to you is only natural.”

Gil blushed, pointing at himself, “Huh?”

“I toooold you!” Gil looked over at where Avery had plopped down on the other side of Bas, who was still staring at the earings, “Caesar likes giving dancers and regulars nicknames! Bas is Vampire cuz he draws blood if he gets in a fight. Ghost is Ghost cuz despite his size you literally never see him coming, and he’s not really noticable. I’m Jewel cuz I’m like the crown jewel of the entertainment here.”

“That’s not actually why-.”

“Be quiet, Caesar, I’m talking,” Avery scolded, and Caesar rolled his eyes, “You’re Lotus cuz that’s Bas’ favorite flower, and you’re his lover now, so you’re like his flower!”

Both Gil and Bas were blushing horribly, Bas more so than Gil, one hand raised and covering his mouth and nose as he refused to look up from the earings, “L-like,” Gil scratched at the bandage on his cheek, “Like the tattoo on his back?”

“Oooh, you saw that?” Avery asked, and Gil nodded, “Yup, yup! He loves lotus flowers! You know, Caesar was there when we both got tattoos, so that’s why Caesar knows about the whole lotus thing! No wonder that’s the name he gave you! And the earings too!” Gil reached up to cover his ears, unease on his now pale face, and Avery laughed, waving a hand, “Heeey, no worries! I pierced all of mine, so I can handle this too! So quick you won’t even feel it!”

“I-if I need to get a piercing I want a proffesional to do it,” Gil countered, but Avery was ignoring him completely as he waved down Ghost.

“Hey bring a shot of vodka and a napkin!” Ghost nodded and started for the bar, and Avery reached into his styled hair, sliding a crystal pin from his hair to show the sharp needle at the end of it. Gil paled considerably more as he poked the end of it to test how sharp it was, “Yup, this should work.”

“He looks ready to pass out,” Caesar scolded, “How about we use a gun instead.”

“Now you’re gonna shoot me?!” Gil squeaked, and Bas turned his head to look at him with an eyebrow raised as Avery laughed and Caesar smiled.

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s what the proffesionals use to pierce ears. It’s much faster than a needle,” he glared at Avery, “Not to mention safer.”

Avery pouted, taking a thick piece of his hair and twisting it before sticking the crystal pin through it to keep it in place, “You’re no fun.”

Caesar grabbed Ghost’s arm when he got close and took the shot from him, “You should know better, Ghost,” he scolded, downing the alcohol before handing the glass back, “Ignore Jewel.”

“You’re so rude!” Avery whined, pouting with his arms folded and his bottom lip stuck out.

“Shouldn’t you ask me before shooting needles into my ear?!” Gil demanded, hands over his ears and eyes wide.

“It won’t hurt,” Caesar assured, and Averey added.


Gil looked over at Bas with wide eyes, and Bas smiled softly before looking at Caesar, “I’ll do it first,” he said, and Caesar stood up.

“I’ll grab the gun then.”

“Can I come?” Avery asked, and Caesar scoffed.

“Nice try.”

“Awwwe,” Avery set his chin on the table, “I wanna meet your wife/husband!”

“Just wait here,” Caesar said, rolling his eyes.

Gil watched him step down the three steps before making his way towards a hall that had a red rope in front of it, as well as a tall, well muscled black man. He must have been a bouncer or a body guard, and he stood with his arms folded across his thick chest. He wore a sleek black T-shirt that stretched over his big arms, and blue jeans held up with a black belt. From the distance Gil could see a holster at his right hip with a hand gun there.

He wasn’t surprised that every one of the guests was blatantly ignoring the intimidating man, but Caesar walked right up to him, patting his shoulder with a bright smile. Gil knew Caesar was a rather big man, a little over 6′, but he was just barely at the body guard’s chin. He reached out and unhooked the red rope, letting Caesar walk past before locking the rop back in place and standing protectively in front of it.

“Who’s that guy?” Gil asked, and Avery didn’t even look up when he replied.

“I have no idea,” he admitted, and Gil looked at him in disbelief.

“Are you kidding?”

Avery leaned his elbows on the table and spared the big man a glance before looking over at Gil, “Dead serious. All I know is he’s been here from the begining, he’s Caesar’s personal body guard, he’s the one who hires and fires the bouncers, he looks after the dancers when Caesar can’t, and I have a feeling he’s the only one who’s actually met or seen Caesar’s wife or husband, whatever gender he or she is.”

“But what’s his name?”

“Not a clue,” Avery said, “You know how Caesar gives everyone names? That guy doesn’t have one, nickname or real name, I don’t know it. He doesn’t wear a name tag, I’ve never heard Caesar address him at all in any way, and I’ve never heard him speak. He seems cool enough though,” he sat back and looked at Gil, “There was this group of girls messing with him and throwing out terrible racial slurs, and the guy just stared at them like they were the stupidest pieces of shit he’s ever seen. He just doesn’t care! I’ve called him chocolate man before and he stared at me like I was a five year old!”

“So...,” Gil started after a moment, “What do you call him?”

“Boss,” Ghost was the one to answer, and Gil jumped, as he never even saw him walk up. Or had he been there all along?

“Isn’t... Caesar the boss?”

“We just call him Caesar,” Avery said, “We like calling him Boss cuz he’s the head of security and all that.”

“So,” Gil folded his arms, “A man with a name suspiciously similar to a Roman emperor with a husband or wife that no one has ever seen and a strange nameless body guard who won’t let anyone down that hall unless it’s Caesar,” he lookedver at Avery, “No one finds that even remotely strange?”

“He’s our boss, and a really good man,” Avery shrugged, “If he wants to keep his secrets, we have no right to question him.”

Gil nodded, “Fair point.”

Caesar returned a few minutes later with a plug in earing gun in hand. Gil winced with each movement, holding in a squeak when Caesar stabbed the stupid needle through Bas’ left ear lobe. Surprisingly enough, Bas didn’t even flinch, and the silver stud looked pretty nice, and the idea of having something that connected them together seemed appealing, so Gil grin and bore it as Caesar placed the gun at his ear lobe.

He felt a sharp stab race up his ear to the side of his head and jumped, but it was over a lot faster than it would have been if Avery had been the one to do it. When Caesar backed away and sat down, Gil reached up to feel over the cold surface, a blush forming across his face when he lookedover at Sebastian, who was staring at him.


Bas just smiled, reaching under the table and taking Gil’s hand in his, threading their fingers together before looking over at Caesar, “Thank you.”

“It looks nice,” Avery said, “Let’s hope it keeps people from hitting on you!”

“Har har,” Bas rolled his eyes.

Gil’s lips twitched up into a small smile, and he leaned against Sebastian, head on his shoulder, their hands tightly entwined beneath the table. Being so close to Bas made him feel warm and protected, and he was starting to get used to Caesar and Avery. It was like Bas had said, a little time and he would warm up to the people there.

Caesar seemed nice enough, easy to talk to, and he seemed to genuinly care for the dancers there, enough to have half a dozen bouncers standing around the club. Acery was a bit harder to get along with, but he cared for Bas, protective despite his small stature and lack of ability, and he could be honestly sweet if he wanted to be.

While the group was talking, Gil’s eyes wandered around, stopping on a woman standing at the door. She looked familiar, with dark hair and pale skin, as well as light grey eyes. She was wearing skimpy clothes and blood red lipstick, and she was standing with a man. The same man that had tried to drug him.

They seemed to be deep in conversation, until the woman patted the man’s arm and slipped something into his front pocket before turning and leaving. The man patted his pocket with a sly grin before making his way over to the bar. Gil narrowed his eyes before sitting back, figuring it really wasn’t worth his concern.

A while later and he slipped from the booth to go to the bathroom, despite the unease in Sebastian’s eyes at the prospect of seperating, but Gil promised to be quick before heading across the club, down a hallway to where the men’s bathroom was. Down the hall to the left was the mens bathroom, to the right was the girl’s bathroom, and directly ahead was a door that had an EXIT sign above it, likely leading towards the back alley.

Gil just ignored that and entered the bathroom. It was empty, and unlike most club or bar bathrooms he’d heard off, the stalls there were pearly white and brilliantly clean. He was liking Pandora’s Pride more and more. He didn’t mind that Sebastian spent time there anymore. Sure there were some ass holes, a few people that really needed to take a few steps back, but all in all there were some nice people. Avery, Caesar, and Ghost seemed alright, the black body guard they called Boss, even a few regulars who would stop by and say hello to Caesar were all quite nice. Gil liked it there, he was considering coming back with Bass whenever he came.

Gil was washing his hands, looking down when footsteps came in, and a familiar voice spoke, “How about that drink?”

He lifted his head, but big hands grabbed the front of his hair, yanking his head violently to the side and stabbing a needle into the muscle of his neck. It hurt, and Gil gave a strangled gasp, eyes locking with blue in the reflection. It was the businessman who had tried to drug him. He was holding a needle, pushing the plunger, clear liquid entering Gil’s body through the silver needle.

When it was empty, the man slid the needle out, letting Gil fall to his knees and slap his hand over his neck as he gaped up at the man, who was tossing the needle into the trash, “Wh-who are you? What was that?! What did you do to me?! What do you want?!”

“Shut up,” the man snarled, “This is payback for what that bitch stripper did to me, drugging me with my own shit. Do you realize how embarassing that was for me?!”

Gil shook his head, pulling his hand away to look at it, the little spots of blood from where the needle entered, before covering it again. Had it been done by a proffesional medic, it wouldn’t have hurt, there wouldn’t be blood, but this guy wasn’t a proffesional, he didn’t care as long as the drug got into Gil’s system.

“What did you give me?” he asked again, voice quiet, and the man glared down at him.

“I have no idea,” he admitted, “Some bitch prostitute paid me to drug you. She said someone wanted you, so I took the needle and the money and decided to chance it. Half now, half if I drag you to the alley. So come on, let’s go.”

“No!” Gil fell back, kicking himself further away as the man walked towards him, “Don’t touch me!”

The man snickered as he reached out, grabbing the front of Gil’s shirt and yanking him up, holding him with an arm around his neck. He dragged him out of the bathroom, not looking as he forced Gil to walk down the hall, towards the EXIT door. Gil tried to scream, to call for Bas, but something was wrong with his throat.

Whatever drug he’d been given, it made him feel incredibly weak, his throat felt tight, making it nearly impossible to talk louder than a whisper, and his feet were starting to trip over each other. All he could do was whimper as the man pulled him out of the club, out into the cold alley, throwing him to the ground before closing the door.

“Brought him. I think it’s him. Can I get paid now?”

“That’s him,” Gil gave a strangled gasp as he pushed himself up on shaky arms, gaping up at Kaleb Vang, who stood above him, leering down with a lusty grin, “Thanks a lot. And the drug?”

“Needle to the neck. My money?”

“One way thought process. I like that,” Kaleb reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of money, tossing it to the man, “You never saw me, alright?”

“Have fun,” the man waved the money before tucking it in his back pocket, “Maybe tell me how it is after it’s done.”

Kaleb chuckled as the man re-entered Pandora’s Pride, then turned to Gil, who was trying to crawl away, whimpering before curling up, gritting his teeth, “What did you do to me?” he asked, his voice hardly above a whisper.

Kaleb stepped up to him and knelt down, slipping his hand beneath Gil’s chin and lifting up his head, “Shh, don’t try to talk, it seeps your energy, and I need that,” he pulled his hand away, letting Gil’s head drop down, “I told you, didn’t I? It’s hard to say no when your dead drunk? Well, it’s a bit hard to say no when you’re so drugged you can’t stand up.”

He started to stand, grabbing Gil by his upper arms and lifting him up before pressing him against the alley wall, situating one leg between Gil’s and pressing his hands on either side of his head against the wall, “You wanna know what I gave you? What the drug does?”

Gil instinctively shook his head, but Kaleb grinned as he lifted his knee, hardly brushing it against Gil’s jeans before he let out a high gasp, eyes wide and teary as pleasure spiked through him, “N-no... please... what i-is this?”

“It’s kind of like an afrodesiac,” Kaleb explained, putting a bit more pressure against Gil’s hidden sex, rubbing hard, “All I have to do is touch sensetive spots, and you’ll fall apart.”

Gil shook his head, lips sealing and eyes pinching closed to keep the noises from leaving his mouth. As it was, his body was jolting against the wall from the stimulation, and he hated it, he hated that it felt good, and his face was quickly stained with hot tears.

“It’s okay, let it happen,” Kaleb chuckled, “I’ll make you feel amazing.”

“No, I don’t want you to,” Gil whimpered, holding up his hands and trying to push Kaleb away, “Please leave me alone.”

“What’s this?” Kaleb hummed, pushing aside Gil’s shirt collar to reveal the bruised hickey Bas had left there the night, “You’ve never had marks like this before. Is it sensetive?” he bowed his head, biting down, hard enough to make it hurt, but Gil arched his back, letting out a strangled cry of pleasure that had Kaleb laughing, “Mmm, I like that,” he bit down harder, and Gil felt the skin tear.

Pain lanced down his neck, coupled with pleasure, but Gil just wanted to cry. The drug wasaffecting his strength, he couldn’t lift his arms anymore, and they just fell to his sides as his head fell back. The only movement his body gave were the little jolts from the pleasure that shot through him from Kaleb grinding his knee against his groin.

He had no strength, his voice was a whisper, he couldn’t scream or fight back, all he could do was cry and whimper while whispering to himself, “Bas... help... please...”

“He’s been gone a long time,” Avery said, poking Bas in the cheek, “You think maybe he got hot and bothered?”

Bas flushed and shot Avery a hard look, but Avery just beamed proudly, until Ghost bent down behind him and tapped his shoulder, “That guy from before is here again.”

Avery frowned, and Bas sat straighter, “Who?”

“The stupid prick who tried to get with Gil,” Avery leaned forward and looked over at where the businessman was at the bar, waving a twenty before slapping it against the bar, “Why is he back here? How’d he even get in?”

Caesar sat up, tapping the bluetooth in his ear, “Yea?” his face was turning white, and he gaped over at Boss, who had his arm up, and pushing the button on a wrist watch, talking into it like it was a mobile walky talky, “Son of a bitch, what did he look like?” he turned to Bas as he stood up, “Vampire, get to the back alley. Ghost, we need to take care of this ass hole.”

“What’s wrong?” Bas asked, slipping from the booth to follow Caesar down the stairs, Avery just at his heels.

“Your Lotus needs you,” Caesar said simply, waving for a bouncer standing against the wall, “Just go, and take into consideration, no one here knows anything, so if you need to revert into that all too familiar Vampire, there are no witnesses.”

Bas felt his heart sieze in his chest before he pushed past Caesar, sprinting for the back hall. He didn’t even notice Avery behind him, as he was blinded by fear, until he slammed the door open. Only then did the fear turn to rage, and his vision tinted red as he let out a strangled scream before lunging forward.

He did say if Kaleb Vang ever came around, he wouldn’t hold back, and he meant it. He wound his arms around his waist and shoved him from the wall, away from Gil, who gasped before collapsing onto the dirt, where Avery scrambled and knelt down at his head, cursing as Bas shoved Kaleb against the far wall, slamming his hand against his throat and curling his fingers around his neck.

Kaleb gaped at him and scratched at his hand and arm, but Sebastian barely felt it as he pushed up, forcing Kaleb’s body to slide up the wall, feet leaving the ground so he was dangling helplessly in the air, “Shi-it!” Kaleb choked, kicking his legs out.

Sebastian just snarled, pulling back an arm and curling his hand into a fist before throwing it forward into Kaleb’s stomach. At the same time, Kaleb raised his leg, somehow managing to land a hard kick directly into his chest, pushing Sebastian back.

Released from the strangling hold, Kaleb landed on the ground, crouching and rubbing his throat as he coughed, “Vampire... again... how do you know him?” Bas didn’t reply, so Kaleb sneered, “Whatever. You’re kind of familiar, but I can’t think straight with a hard on, so-.”

Bas shot forward, grabbing Kaleb’s shoulder and slamming his back up against the wall before thrusting his knee up between Kaleb’s legs, eliciting a high pitched scream before stepping back, letting Kaleb crumple down, both hands covering his privates as he wailed.

“Problem solved,” Sebastian snarled, and Kaleb whimpered as he curled into a tight ball. Bas knelt down in front of him and grabbed a tight handful of his hair, yanking his head up and pulling it back as he scowled, “If you ever, ever touch him again, then worse will be done. I will tear your dick off before shoving it down your throat, leaving you to bleed out from your crotch. And I’ll laugh.”

Kaleb made a little squeak of fear before nodding his head furiously, so Sebastian stood up, forcing him to stand by pulling at his hair, then threw him down the alley, kicking him in the back to give his fall momentum, “Now go, get the hell up and get the fuck out. If I see you again, you know what’ll happen. If anyone in this building sees you, they’ll tie you up and wait for my judgement. Either way, your fates been sealed, so go.”

Kaleb cursed as he scrambled around on his hands and knees, one hand still cupping his privates as he struggled to his feet and started running. When he was gone, Bas walked forward to where Avery was kneeling, Gil curled up in front of him. He got to his knees and reached out, but Gil cried when he touched him.

“I don’t know what they gave him, but look,” Avery pushed back Gil’s hair, motioning to the bruised area at his neck, “They gave it to him with a shot. It’s gotta be some kind of date rape drug, Bas. You can’t just sleep this off.”

Bas just reached out, pulling Gil into his arms so he was craddled against his chest, whimpering as his head fell back, dangling over Sebastian’s arm, just as his arms and legs simply hung, so Bas shifted him around so his head was against his shoulder, then stood up. Gil was trembling and panting, eyes half lidded and unfocused.

“I’ll ask Caesar for a room,” Bas said, and Avery hurried in front of him to open the door.

“No, just take one, I’ll tell him what happened. Make sure he’s okay, I’ll get someone to watch the door for you.”

Sebastian’s eyes grew misty and he nodded, walking through the door Avery held open, “Thank you.”

Down a completely seperate hallway, there were ten rooms, five on both sides of the hall, originally made for clients and their dancers. Each room had a bed with clean sheets, pillows,and comforters that were changed once a week, once a day if necesarry. Sebastian took the furthest room to the right, shutting the door and turning both locks before turning to the bed and carrying Gil to it, lying him down before pushing his hair away from his face.

“Gil, look at me,” he urged, hands framing Gil’s flushed face, “Open your eyes and look at me, please!”

Gil groaned, jolting on the bed before peeling his eyes open. They were glazed and unfocused, but they seemed to register who was hovering over him, because a hitched sob left his throat, and he lifted his hands to Sebastian.


“Gil, it’s me, it’s me, you’re safe, baby, I’m right here. Kaleb’s gone, he’s not coming back.”

“Bas...,” Gil whimpered and pulled his hands back, shivering, “I feel weird.”

“He gave you a drug,” Bas explained, petting Gil’s hair, “It made you ten times more sensetive than you would be normally. I found you before he could do anything else.”

“M-my neck,” Gil whispered, and Bas frowned as he slowly turned Gil’s head to the side to look at the hickey.

It was darker now, the skin was broken with teeth indents, not enough to bleed heavily, but enough to hurt, enough to let a few drops of blood out. Anger filled Sebastian. How dare he try to erase his mark. Had he known he did this, he would’ve done a lot more.

“Does it hurt?” he asked, and Gil shook his head, so Bas bowed his head and kissed the mark.

It made Gil shudder and whimper, one hand grabbing onto Sebastian’s shirt as he moaned, “B-Bas... f-fix it, please.”

Bas lifted up his head to look at Gil, who was panting, chest heaving, “Fix it...?”

“Please,” Gil covered his eyes with a hand, choking, “I don’t want to feel him anymore. I don’t want his hands on me. I don’t want to remember him at all,” he pulled his hand from his face and reached out to Sebastian, “Th-this drug is still in my blood. It makes my skin h-hot. You can fix it. Please, you can fix it!”

Bas shook his head, stroking Gil’s cheek, “Doing that while you’re under the influence of this drug would just make me feel guilty, like I’m taking advantage of you, and I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

Gil shook his head furiously, “Bas, please, just make the heat go away,” he panted as he reached up, winding his arms around Sebastian’s neck and pushing their lips together, moaning into it as his hips thrust up to grind against Sebastian’s leg.

When he pulled back, his bretahing was heavier, and Bas had to hold his head up with his hand, “Gil!”

“Please... I don’t want to feel anyone elses hands one me. I don’t want anyone else to touch me, but someone did. Please make me forget it. Make my skin hotter and make it go away, so many times that I can’t remember anything besides you. Please...”

Sebastian growled before tengling his fingers through the back of Gil’s hair, holding him up to a hungry kiss as his free hand slid down his chest, pinching his nipples through his shirt. When Gil’s lips parted, he thrust his tongue into his mouth, stroking his tongue up and down Gil’s and making him moan far louder than he would without the drug.

It made his body sensetive, hotter, and each touch was pleasurable, no matter where it was. The good thing about these rooms was the fact they were fully stocked with condoms and lube, not to mention each room was sound proof, so no one would be listening in on whatever it was they were doing.

Bas crawled onto the bed, stradling Gil and slowly pulling up hist shirt, slipping it from his lean body before throwing it aside, then crawled down his body and started to pull of his shoes, followed by his socks, lastly undoing the belt around his waist and peeling the jeans from his body. They joined Gil’s shirt and shoes on the floor, forgotten as Sebastian trevelled back up his body to his boxers, tight around the outline of his already hard erection.

The first thing Bas could think of todo was pleasure Gil with his mouth, so he esily peeled the boxers away and let them join the rest of Gil’s forgotten clothes before taking hold of if and lowering his head, wasting no time in taking Gil into his mouth.

With the heat added, Gil arched his back, a strangled cry of pleasure leaving his lips as Sebastian bodded his head, tongue tracing the creases of skin on Gil’s shaft, enjoying the deliciously needy noises that left him despite the circumstances.

After a few moments he sat back, licking his lips and reaching for the drawer in the bedside table, pulling out a condom and a small bottle of lube before sitting back and popping the bottle open, pouring some of the self heating oil onto his hand before reaching down, his slick fingers easing down to Gil’s entrance, where he started to thrust his index finger, taking Gil’s erection back into his mouth as he thrust his fingers in and out of him, twisting his wrist and curling his fingers before drawing them out, only to push them back in.

He bobbed his head faster as Gil’s pleasured cried became louder and more excited, pulling out his index before thrusting two fingers in at once. Gil’s body jolted off the bed from the sensation, his legs trembling on either side of Sebastian’s head. A few more thrusts of his fingers into Gil’s body and a few more bobs of his head had Gil screaming, hips thrusting up, sending his shaft deeper into Sebastian’s mouth as his heat spread over Bas’ tongue.

He pulled back, swallowing and wiping a hand over his mouth, fingers still twisting around inside of Gil. Bas leaned forward, Gil’s lower back hitched up to keep his fingers deep, and they molded their lips together in a deep, hot kiss that had Gil’s shaft swelling yet again.

When Bas pulled away, Gil grabbed his face, “Bas, please, inside, please. It’s still so hot, please.”

“Shhh,” Bas stroked his hair back as he pulled out his fingers and grabbed the condom, “Wait a minute more.”

“T-take your clothes off, all of it,” Gil panted, “You didn’t last time, I-I want to see you.”

Bas nodded and sat back, pulling his shirt off and throwing it aside before his shoes, socks, jeans and boxers followed the forgotten clothing. He sat back on his heels and tore open the condom, sliding it on before pouring more lube into his hand, stroking it up and down his shaft to give it more slide as he entered Gil’s body.

He leaned over him, kissing his lips as he grabbed Gil’s knees and lifting up his legs, spreading apart his ass so he could start thrusting his growing erection into his hole, easing in as carefully as he could so he wouldn’t hurt him, and all the while Gil was moaning into his mouth, nails clawing at his shoulders and back as his hips bucked.

Fully inside, Bas parted their kiss and sat back, bucking his hips to get more depth inside his lover, fully enjoying the way his pale body writhed beneath him. It wasn’t like their first time, as the drug made it hotter, more desperate, while their first time, Bas just wanted to enjoy the feeling of sinking into the man he’d grown to love so deeply, giving him pleasure and love.

The drug made the situation different. Bas wanted to pleasure Gil, heat his body in such a way that he wouldn’t feel anyone else ever again. The only way to erase the disgusting feel of Vang’s hands was to use his own to heat his body to the point of cutting with the searing burn, and with that cut he’d write his name into Gil’s very existence, so the only way he could be pleasured is if it was by Bas.

Bas bit his lip as he rolled his hips, and Gil moaned like whore as he dug his head into the pillows, his legs wrapping around Sebastian’s waist as he rolled is own, grinding himself against Bas and groaning as he reached above his head, grabbing onto the bars of the headboard as he opened his eyes to his lover.


Bas nodded, holding Gil’s hips up against his pelvic as he started to thrust, pulling out halfway before thrusting in so hard Gil’s body bounced on the mattress, his voice screaming out in ecstacy as his back arched up off the bed, so much so that only his shoulders were against the mattress. Bas kept up his hard, rythmic thrusting, each movement sending Gil through a whirlwind of pleasure that had him screaming at the top of his lungs.

With the way Bas moved, the way Gil screamed, he worried that not even the sound proof barrier around the room would be able to hide Gil’s pleasure. Then again, considering the time, the club’s crowd would be at its height, and the music would be blaring, so hopefully that, plus the barrier, would keep anyone from hearing.

Bas’ thrusting added with the intensity of the drug had Gil reaching his orgasm quickly, and the clenching of his heat around Sebastian had he himself growing closer. Gil came once more before Sebastian finally hit his limit.

He shuddered as he fell to his elbows, his forehead pressed against Gil’s as they both came down from their high. Gil tensed as Sebastian pulled out, tying off the condom and throwing it in the bin across the room before bowing down and kissing Gil, softly this time.

Reaching over, he shut off the light with the bedside lamp before slipping under the covers and sheets of the bed, pulling Gil close as he pulled up all the soft covers. He kissed the bruised hickey on Gil’s neck, keeping his lips against it as Gil eased himself deeper under the covers, tucking his head beneath Sebastian’s chin and sighing, reaching over until he found Bas’ right hand with his left, lacing their fingers together.

“Bas?” Gil slowly closed his eyes, finally feeling at ease, like the drug had started to disolve, and he could relax, “Thank you... I-I... I love you...”

Bas smiled and buried the bottom half of his face in Gil’s hair, “You’re safe now,” he reassured, lifting his left hand and raking back Gil’s hair with his fingers, kissing his hairline before closing his eyes, “No one else will touch you. Not while I’m here. Not while you’re safe in my arms.”

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