Remembering Scars

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Chapter 28

“I still don’t want you going back to that house,” Brad argued, eyes on the ceiling as he laid on his back in bed, the lights off, the clock on his dresser ticking past midnight.

Andy was lying next to him, curled against his side, head on his bare chest and a little frown on his lips, “If I don’t then he’ll get suspicious. He’ll call the school, than I’ll get in trouble.”

“You’re eighteen though,” Brad said, his thumb rubbing small circles over Andy’s shoulder, “You have a right to leave that place,” he turned his head, his lips brushing over Andy’s hairline, “I know you still care about him, but he hurt you, and I don’t want to see that happen again.”

He combed back Andy’s hair to see the bandage on his temple, frowning at it as Andy sighed, “I know, but... he’s the only family I have.”

“You have me, you have Chrystal.”

“I meant blood family,” Andy clarified, “Besides, he... he’s not a bad person. He’s just sad and lonely. His parents died...”

“Your parents died also, and your little sister,” Andy winced, and Brad tightened his grip around his shoulders, “I’m sorry, but you need to understand that what he did was wrong.”

“I know that,” Andy muttered, “I also know that people do stupid shit when they’re in pain.”

“You can’t heal everyone, Andy,” Brad said softly, “It took me a long time to come to terms with what I’d done so I could start atoning. You can’t force him to realize what he did was wrong, he has to figure it out on his own. Until then... please just stay away from him. You’re eighteen, you’re legally allowed to live on your own, or with me if you want. If you need to pick some things up, that’s fine, just go when you know he’ll be gone and leave a note telling him you moved out. I just don’t want you hurt.”

Andy thought through Brad’s words before sighing out and nodding, wrapping an arm around his stomach and nuzzling his cheek against his chest, closing his eyes, “I understand. I’ll go tomorrow. He’s usually out of the house part of the day for work and to hang around his stupid friends.”

Brad hummed to show he’d heard, pulling the sheets and blankets higher up so they were comfortably settled around Andy, “Good,” he said, opening his eyes to stare across the room, “Andy?”


“I was curious... you said you dated before?”

Andy opened one eye to peer up at Brad, “Yea, once or twice.”

“Who were you with?”

Both green eyes opened, and Andy wiggled around so he could fold his arms over Brad’s chest, chin on his arms as he smiled at him, “Why? Are you jealous?”

Brad scoffed, “Don’t be ridiculous, I was just curious.”

“M-hm,” Andy smirked, “I dated three times before now. Three guys I mean, but there were one or two girl crushes before I accepted I was gay.”

“How many did you sleep with?”

“Two,” Andy looked thoughtful as he talked, “The first was long distance, we broke it off mutually because he found someone closer and I didn’t like not being near the one I was dating. My first real boyfriend was when I was sixteen, we dated for a few months and he took my virginity, but he was... he had some issues,” his expression twisted to a look of annoyance, “He was too clingy and whiny, it didn’t work out so we broke up. The last guy I dated was at seventeen, that lasted for a year, but he was even worse. Controlling, possessive, he would yell a lot, and he was into some kinky stuff that I found just... gross. I put up with a lot of it, but it got tiring, so I dumped him like a sack of dirty laundry about five months ago.”

Brad hummed, running his fingers through Andy’s hair, “What was his name?”

Andy laughed and laid his head down, “Nice try.”

“You’re not gonna tell me?”

“Obviously not,” Andy scoffed, “You’ll find out eventually, but right now it would just interfere in your life and mine if I told you who he is, so just enjoy the fact I’m with you now.”

Brad pouted, massaging Andy’s scalp with the pads of his fingers, “Did anything he do hurt you?”

“Sure,” Andy shrugged, “Like I said, he was into some kinky bullshit and tried it out on me like I was a test subject. He tried to get me into a threesome, but I wanted no part of that, so I guess he cheated on me a few times, but I knew about it,” he opened his eyes again, “Which is another reason I’m not telling you who he is. Since you now are aware of that stuff, you’re gonna want to protect me and get revenge for me, and that would be troublesome.”

Brad frowned and grumbled in irritation, but he didn’t argue. Andy was right after all, now that he knew about the last boyfriend, he felt the itching desire to break his teeth in and make him swallow. As long as he didn’t know his name or who he was, he’d probably be able to concentrate on other things, but the second he found out...

“Does he go to the school?”

“Not telling,” Andy yawned, “Stop talking, I’m sleepy.”

Brad scoffed, “You’ve been keeping me up till one in the morning for the past three nights, now you’re tired?”

Andy blushed and hid his face against Brad’s chest, “Why don’t you shut up?”

Brad chuckled and closed his eyes, sighing, “I got it, I’ll stop,” he kissed Andy’s forehead, “Goodnight.”

He actually fell asleep quickly, peacfully unconscious, but Andy slept restlessly, wiggling around and waking up from light patches of rest every hour. He woke up at six and sighed, settling down a bit and tapping his fingers as he frowned, staring at the window. He knew Brad wanted him safe, and he understood why he didn’t want him going back to that house, heck he didn’t really even want to, but he knew he had to.

Whether he liked it or not, Rick was his cousin, there was no getting around it, and he cared about him, even if he would constantly beat on Andy and hurt him physically, as well as letting his friends harass him. They were still family, Andy still cared, so he inched out of Brad’s hold and left the bed, quietly dressing and leaving the room without waking him up.

It was still a little dark out, and rather cold, but Andy snatched Brad’s hoodie before leaving, keeping the hood on his head as he stuffed his hands into the pockets and hurried down the sidewalk. All he would do was tell Rick he was leaving, grab the bare minimum of what he’d need, like clothes and a few momentos, a picture of his mother and father, maybe some books, his backpack of course, but then he’d leave, no harm done.

The key was under the matt in front of the door, so he quietly unlocked it and slipped inside. It was quiet, it reeked of marijuana, liquor, and cologne, and Andy found Rick passed out draped over the couch, Kaleb Vang asleep on the armchair, one of his lackeys passed out curled up on the floor with Camilla cuddled against his chest, wrapped in a blanket. Andy swallowed thickly and hugged the hoodie sides closer together before tip toeing down the hall and into his room, shutting the door with a hollow click and turning, only to wince and slap a hand over his mouth.

When Rick realized he was gone, he must have gone on a rampage. The mirror was shattered, the bed was torn of its sheets and pillows so the mattress was bare and lopsided. The dresser drawers had all been torn out, clothes were scattered around everywhere, the closet door was hanging from one hinge, and most of the clothes had fallen to the floor there. His desk was upturned, laptop broken in half with the screen cracked, backpack torn and school textbooks shredded and thrown around the room. His personal books had been thrown from the bookshelf, which was down on its side, the pages shredded and cut up. The lamp was broken, there was glass everywhere, posters ripped from the walls, knick-knacks lying everywhere.

Andy’s chest was tight, a painful burn in his nose as tears filled his eyes and he carefully walked around, stopping beside his bed and kneeling down, picking up a little framed photo that was facedown on the carpet. When he picked it up, he herad broken glass and saw the shards fall out of the frame, turning it around and sniffing as he opened the back and carefully slipped out the one family photo he had left of his parents, his sister, and himself, all happy and smiling, crowded together to fill the poloroid.

He sniffed again and wiped at his eyes with the long sleeve of Brad’s sweater, looking around the room at what his cousin had done to his things. Most of it was replaceable, but some things, like his books, a few momentos, had been personal belongings that his parents once owned. The old copy of Crim and Punishment that had been his father’s was ripped to shreds, the little green forest fairy statuette that his mother had loved was broken in half, the wings in shards.

If Rick had just upturned his mattress and ruined his clothes and laptop, that would have been fine, but some of this stuff had been his parents! That showed a level of resentment that Andy had never expected. Rick wasn’t in pain from the tragic death of his family, he was just a monster, and he’d always been like this. Andy alway knew that, but his father always talked about second chances, about how people aren’t born bad. He forgot to mention that some people actually are really horrible.

Andy hurried to his feet, his shoes crunching the broken glass as he walked over to his closet, reaching up and standing on his tip toes as he felt over the shelf, sighing in relief when his fingers hit the little box and pulling it down, backing up and sitting on his mattress as he pushed open the top. It was a music box made of oak, once belonging to his mother. Inside were his parents wedding rings and a fairy dust necklace his sister had been wearing during the crash, the most important things he had from his family.

He closed the lid to stop the music and walked over to his backpack, luckily only the front pocket was torn, slipping it into the bigger opening before he started collecting his clothes. A lot of it was shredded and ruined, but he managed to find four pairs of jeans and six shirts that weren’t ripped up, so he rolled them up and stuffed them into his backpack as well.

All of his books were shredded, so he had to leave them, zipping his backpack up and swinging it onto his back before standing up, wiping his eyes again and walking towards his door, pulling it open and stepping out into the hallway, but freezing in his steps when his eyes raised, locking with Kaleb’s. At first he looked startled, but soon a grin spread over his face, and Andy felt his breath hitch in his throat as he took a few steps back.

“You came back, huh?” Kaleb asked, and Andy tightened his grip on the door knob, “Lucky me.”

“Don’t come any closer,” Andy snapped, and Kaleb stopped, smiling.

“What will you do, scream? That would just wake up Rick, and then you’d be in real trouble.”

Andy ground his teeth together, looking down, “Just leave me alone and let me go.”

“And miss out on a golden opportunity?” Kaleb took a few steps closer, reaching out when Andy was looking away and grabbing his chin, “I’ve been waiting a while to have some fun. Did you know? The guy I liked hasn’t been coming around lately. I tried to have a chat and his faggot brother interrupted me,” he pouted, but Andy wasn’t in an empathetic mood.

“You probably tried to rape him,” he spat out, and Kaleb grinned, “You’re disgusting!”

“It’s not rape if he ends up enjoying it,” Kaleb hummed, reaching his free arm forward and winding it behind Andy’s back, pulling him closer, “Or if... you like it.”

“Don’t touch me!” Andy screamed, punching Kaleb’s chest only for the taller man to shove him up against the wall, pinning his wrists up above his head.

“Shhh, don’t wake Ricky. He’s pissed you ran away, imagine your punishment if he realizes you’re home. It would hurt a lot I’m betting. But, if you stand here silently and let me have some fun, I may decide to protect you.”

Andy spit in Kaleb’s face, and the cocky smile faded to a look of fury, “Go to hell!”

Kaleb sneered and held Andy’s wrists against the wall with one hand while the other fell down to his jeans, working on the button and zipper, not wasting any time at all, but Andy twisted around and fought hard, finally letting himself scream out bloody murder. Getting a beating from Rick was far better a choice than letting this sick bastard toy with him. He’d rather go back to Brad with blood on his face rather than having to tell him he was raped.

He made his decision when he screamed, and Rick stumbled into the hall, pain on his face from a hangover, and when he saw Andy, his eyes filled with anger that made Andy tremble and whimper as Kaleb released him and stepped back. This was gonna hurt...

“Dadda?” Brad groaned as he rolled onto his stomach, burrying his face in the pillow as he stretched his arm out across the otehr side of the bed, searching for Andy, but the sheets were cold. Little hands pulled at his arm again, “Dadda, Andy left. Where did he go?”

“Hu?” Brad pushed himself onto his elbows, rubbing his eyes with a hand, “What?”

“Andy is gone,” Chrystal repeated, and Brad dropped his hand away from his face to look around the room.

“Gone?” his eyes fell on the empty side of his bed, and suddenly fear shot through him when he remembered Andy saying he would go home that day, “Ah, shit,” he shoved his covers back, “Did you see when he left?”

“No,” Chrystal pouted, “He didn’t wake me up for breakfast.”

“I’m sorry sweetie,” Brad leaned down and kissed the top of her head, “Go wait for me in the living room, I’m gonna get dressed.”


When she was gone, Brad tore off the pajama bottoms he was wearing and grabbed clean clothes, yanking them on and stumbling around the room, grabbing his cellphone and dialing Andy’s, but he didn’t answer, which had him panicking even more. Thankfully he remembered where Rick’s house was, so when he was dressed he ran out into the front, dialing Jaimie’s cellphone and sliding into the kitchen.

The line rang four times before it picked up to his baby brother’s sleepy voice, “Bro it’s early on a Saturday what could you possibly want?”

“I’m sorry, but something came up. I was wondering if you could stop by and watch Chrystal for a little.”

There was shuffling fabric from the other line, like Jaimie was pushing back the covers, “What for? Where’s Andy?”

“I need to go get him. He left for something when I was asleep and I told him to wait for me, so I need to go pick him up.”

“Oh, is he okay?”

Brad considered the question as he pulled out the milk and poured it into a sippy cup, “I don’t know,” he said finally, screwing on the top and carrying it out to Chrystal, who was sitting on the couch, “Would you mind?”

“No, I’ll be right there, just give me ten minutes.”

“Right, thank you,” Brad hung up, stuffing his phone into his pocket and pacing.

Ten minutes, just ten more minutes. He checked the time, eight thirty, before begining to pace again. What time did Andy wake up? What time did he leave? Why wasn’t he home yet? For all his worrying, Andy could be fine, but Brad was panicking, he had to know for sure, so when Jaimie got there and knocked on the door, Brad pulled it open and kissed his cheek before rushing out of the apartment.

“Thank you! I shouldn’t be gone long! Chrysta, be good!”

“Bye dadda!” Chrystal waved, and Jaimie watched his brother disappear down the hall before shrugging and walking into the apartment, closing the door.

Brad ran at full speed, thanking his few years as a soccer jock for his stamina and ability to run long distances without getting tired, but by the time he reached Rick’s home, he did feel a little exauhsted, pounding on the door, seething as he tapped his foot against the ground. He could hear shuffling inside, muffled voices that sounded irritated, and suddenly the door was pulled open.

All breath left when Brad’s gaze fell on Andy, and he enveloped him in a hug that had him crumpling with a cry of pain. Brad gasped, loosening his hold just enough, but keeping Andy standing as he raked his gaze over him. His shirt was on backwards, torn on the bottom, and something was seeping through the side that could only be blood. Brad wanted to break something, and when he heard Rick’s voice, he decided exactly what that something would be.

“Brad?” the voice was disbelieving and excited, and Rick’s lips pulled into a massive grin as he held his arms out, “Holy shit, I haven’t seen you since school!”

Brad’s eyes grew hard and dark as he carefully pushed Andy to the side and stepped through the door, his gaze making Rick’s smile waver as he slowly walked towards him.

“Hey man, I know that look... you mad at me or something? I know we never kept touch after school, but-,” his words ended in a choke as Brad reached out, wrapping his hand around his throat, backing him up so his back slammed against the wall, then lifting him up by his throat so his body slid up the wall, his legs kicking as he scratched at Brad’s hands, “Sto-op! What ar-re you do-ing?!”

“Ricky babe?” Camilla’s voice piped up as she popped out of the living room with Kaleb and one other male, “Something up? Can we get back to our fun punishment? You know you could’ve answered the door yourself, right? No need to make us wait...,” she trailed off and her eyes went wide when she saw Brad, who slowly turned his head to glare at him, making her squeak in fear and duck behind Kaleb.

“Who’s this guy? Why’s he holding you off the floor?” Kaleb asked, and Rick cursed as he struggled to talk.

“Fu-ck, Richardson! Lemme go! What’s wrong with you?!”

Brad turned his gaze back to Rick, his hold tightening around his throat, his gaze burning in anger and hatred, “I’ll kill you,” he snarled, and Rick made a pathetic noise as Brad pulled him off the wall and threw him down the hall, where he hit the floor hard and started coughing, holding his throat.

Brad stalked towards him, and Andy ran over to him, grabbing one of his arms to try and hold him back, “Stop it, please!” he begged, but Brad ignored him as he got closer to Rick, lifting a foot and slamming it down into his stomach, making him lurch and choke.

Andy held him tighter and pinched his eyes closed, “Brad stop!”

“You kn-know him?!” Rick asked, sitting up, and Andy winced as Brad kicked his face, making him fall back with a yelp, holding his face.

Brad’s eyes snapped to the other three standing in the doorway to the living room, “Who else was part of it?” he demanded, winding an arm around Andy and tugging him against his side protectively, “Which one of you assaulted him?”

Camilla pushed at Kaleb so he stumbled into the hall, then ducked behind the other male, “He did! The other night! He, Rick and my sister all held him down and beat on him, and Kaleb wanted to fuck him! He was gonna today, Rick said he could, then you knocked on the door!”

“You stupid bitch!” Kaleb spun on Camilla, who squeaked and hid more behind the other male.

“I already got glass stabbed through my hand! You take a hit too, you asian prick!”

“I’ll show you a hit you mexican whore!” Kaleb walked towards Camilla, but Brad grabbed the back of his shirt and threw him against Rick, who was struggling to his feet, knocking them both to the ground.

His eyes then snapped to Camilla, “Your bitch sister isn’t the only one involved, Alvarez,” she squeaked in fear, “I know you were involved, same with your stupid boyfriend.”

The stranger flushed and Camilla peered out from around him, “He’s not my boyfriend!”

“Be quiet, slut!” Kaleb demanded as he got to his feet, “Stupid asshole, who do you think you are?!”

Brad slowly pushed Andy behind him before stalking towards Kaleb, grabbing the front of his shirt, “I’m the one who taught Rick everything he knows,” he lifted Kaleb off the ground and threw him into the floor before turning to Rick, reaching out when he tried to scramble away and grabbing him by his wife beater, lifting him onto his feet before rearing a fist back and throwing it into his face, once, twice, three times, steadying him before punching him again, until he’d stumbled and slammed back against the wall.

That’s when Brad grabbed his shirt, pulling him away, then shoved him hard up against the wall so the whole house shook, sending a fist into his stomach more than once until Rick shrieked from pain. Right hook, two left hooks, then Brad stepped back and threw up a leg, kicking him in the crotch. Rick crumpled against the ground, hands cupping the tember area, and Brad fell to one knee and elbows him in the back of the neck, dropping him to the carpet, where he slammed a hand against his head to smash his face down against the floor.

Blood sprayed out of his mouth, and he screamed as Brad stood up, panting, blood on his shirt and hands. He slowly turned back around to see Kaleb was struggling to his feet, wheezing, and Camilla was being shielded by her boy toy. Brad didn’t care about those two though. He was zeroed in on Kaleb Vang. This piece of shit was the one who forced Andy to get him off, sick bastard, and he was planning on doing more. How dare he even think about touching Andy!

Brad stormed towards him, grabbing him by his hair and throwing him like he was a dodgeball against the wall before grabbing onto his shirt and getting in his face, “He’s off limits,” he spat, kicking at Kaleb’s feet so they slid apart before getting closer and ramming his knee up between his knees with as much force as a twenty-three year old former soccer playing coach could.

Kaleb gave a high pitched scream, his head slamming against the wall as he bit his lip, cursing as Brad stepped away, letting him slump to the ground, “Second... time...,” he wheezed, but Brad ignored him as he turned, wiping the blood on his hands onto his shirt and zipping his hoodie to hide it before shooting a glare to Camilla and her toy.

“Don’t ever touch Andy again.”

There were furious nods, and Brad walked towards Andy, who was staring at him with wide, awed eyes. He grabbed the backpack Andy had dropped and threw it onto his shoulder before scooping him up into his arms. Andy squeaked out from pain and clung onto his neck, sniffing as tears cascaded down his pale face, and Brad slammed the door closed as he left.

“Brad,” he whispered out, his arms wrapping around Brad’s neck, his face buried against his shoulder, “I’m sorry. You were right, there’s something wrong with Rick. He destroyed everything in my room, everything. He hates me so much, I don’t understand.”

“Shh, it’s okay,” Brad cooed gently, kissing his forehead, “How badly did they hurt you?”

Andy sniffed, “He did it again,” he whispered, “Kaleb... he... made me... with my mouth... again,” he tightened his grip on Brad, “But nothing more than that. He would have, but Rick woke up before he could. He would have... but instead Rick and the others just kicked me and hit me a lot, and Kaleb made me... it was gross.”

“It won’t happen again,” Brad assured in a strong voice, “I promise. I’ll protect you.”

Andy laughed, wincing, “Owe,” he rubbed at his eyes and sighed, his body growing limp as he relaxed completely in Brad’s arms.

He was a little shocked to see Jaimie at their apartment, but he understood when he started freaking out and demanding what happened. Andy made Brad put him down when Chrystal started crying and pulled her into his arms, kissing her cheek as he shed his own tears, promising he was alright and rocking the little girl back and forth, stroking his fingers through her hair. Brad quietly explained the situation to Jaimie, who was absolutely livid and muttering angrily as he plucked Chrystal off the ground and commanded Brad to take care of his lover, which had Andy blushing like mad.

Bad just nodded his understanding and picked Andy up so he wouldn’t hurt himself, walking into the bathroom and setting him on his feet before retrieving some loose sweats and one of his shirts before locking the door of the bathroom and starting the hot water to fill the tub. He pulled Andy close and started to strip him, carefully easing the shirt from his body and wincing.

There was bad bruising all over his chest and stomach, and there was a deep cut in his side that Andy explained was probably from falling on glass when Rick pushed him onto the floor in his room. Brad helped him into the warm water, easing him down so he could lie in the water while Brad washed his wounds and stroked back his hair.

“Gym clothes,” Andy said suddenly, and Brad looked at him curiously.


“I forgot my gym clothes,” Andy turned his head to meet Brad’s gaze, and they both started laughing.

“Not like you dress down anyway,” Brad chuckled, and Andy giggled.

“That’s true, but you said I didn’t have to.”

“No, you don’t,” Brad reached out and pushed back Andy’s bangs, “You’re looking after Chrystal for me when I’m busy, and you’re putting up with me. I think that’s good enough for credit.”

Andy hummed, frowning and taking one of Brad’s hands to see the scraped knuckles, pulling it down closer to the water so he could wash the blood away, “I’m sorry you had to do that because of me.”

“Why?” Brad asked, letting Andy dote on him, “I’m fine. As long as you’re safe and out of harms way, I don’t mind a few bruised knuckles. It’s nothing I’ve never had before.”

Andy shrugged, raising his hand to kiss the red skin, “Still... I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Brad pulled his hand away and reached out to cup Andy’s face, kissing his lips, “I’d do it again if I had to.”

Andy just stared at Brad with adoration in his green eyes, and Brad smiled warmly as he leaned forward to kiss Brad, then whispered to him, “Can I ask you something?”

Brad nodded, “Yea.”

So Andy cupped his hands around his face, “Would it be okay if I was falling for you?”

Brad just smiled and laughed softly, “Yes,” he pulled Andy back into the kiss, his hand trailing down his face, his neck and shoulder, stopping to play with his nipples before sliding his hand lower, dipping into the hot water and between Andy’s thighs.

He moaned into Brad’s mouth as his hand curled around his shaft, stroking skillfully up and down, twisting back and forth to stimulate him, and the hot water helped out in that department as Andy’s blood rushed to the south. His head tilted back, and Brad closed his lips over his throat, biting at the skin and licking hard over the area before sucking it into his mouth.

Andy jumped a little and covered his mouth with a hand to hold in his moans, and Brad kissed up to his ear, “Better stay quiet. Everything echoes in a bathroom.”

“Ass,” Andy hissed out before clamping his hand back over his mouth, muffled moans lifting from his lips as he bucked his hips, his head throwing back with a muffled cry of pleasure as Brad ground his thumb into the slit on his prick, urging out his climax.

He lurched a few times as Brad continued to stroke him a few times before pulling his hand away, prying Andy’s hand away from his mouth and kissing him before whispering into his ear.

“Can I tell you something?” Andy nodded furiously, and Brad took his chin in his hand, “I’ve already fallen for you.”

Andy’s breath hitched in his throat, and he smiled as tears dripped down his cheek. He grabbed Brad’s face in his hands, whispering out, “I’m glad,” before pulling him into a kiss.

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