Remembering Scars

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Chapter 30

“Here,” Caesar was holding out a sleek black plastic card that looked like a credit card, similar to the one Sebastian had, “Honorary member.”

Gil slowly took it from him, looking at it and looking at the name in the corner. Where it said Vampire on Sebastian’s, for him it said Lotus, “Thank you,” he said, looking at Caesar before sliding the card into his pocket and looking out over the dance floor, his eyes slowly searching for either Sebastian or the man who’d drugged him the last time he was there.

Sensing his unease and vulnerability, Caesar reached over to squeeze his shoulder, “If it makes you feel any better, I kicked that man out,” Gil turned to look at him curiously, “After Ghost and a few others took a little time beating his face in and getting my floor dirty again, I confiscated his members card and banned him.”

Gil looked down slowly, nodding, “Sorry... I’ve caused you trouble haven’t I? I never meant to... I don’t know why those people have such a strange obsession with me.”

“Well, you’re not bad looking,” Caesar offered, “You probably don’t realize it, but you’re very cute,” his lips twitched into a grin, and he laughed, “Sorry, that felt weird, saying that to someone otehr than-,” he stopped himself and cleared his throat, looking away.

Gil tipped his head to the side, eyeing Caesar as he stared over towards the hall guarded by Boss, “Can I ask you a question? Why exactly do you keep your partner’s identity a secret?”

Caesar frowned as he slowly looked back at Gil, “There is a reason,” he admitted, “One I don’t feel comfortable sharing. Sorry.”

“It’s fine, I was just curious,” Gil shrugged, “You seem to really care about them.”

This brought a smile to Caesar’s lips, “Yes, very much. I wouldn’t have married them otherwise,” he sighed and looked down at the ring on his hand, twisting it, “You’re a good person... I’ll tell you that in the past... my partner was badly hurt by someone, more than one person, treated as an object rather than a human,” he waved a hand towards the club, “That’s why I created this place, to protect them. The demons of our past, they would never look for us in a place like this, a gay club, they’d never even consider it. For the patrons, this is just a place to have fun, but for me and my partner, it’s our safe haven,” he laughed and set his hand on the table, “That probably sounds weird.”

“Not really,” Gil shrugged, “I think it’s nice, a little romantic even. You made this strip club as a cover to protect them. Right?”

Caesar propped his elbow against the table, setting his chin on his fist as he watched the patrons dance, “Yea. Would you mind keeping that little bit of information from people? I know it’s not much in terms of revelations, but... I’d rather not have Jewel egging me for names. It gets a little tiresome.”

Gil laughed, “Sure, secrets safe with me no problem,” he looked up when he heard footsteps, smiling a bit more and relaxing when he saw Sebastian walking up with two drinks in his hands and Avery prancing after him with two others.

He slid one to Caesar as Sebastian slipped into the booth to sit with Gil, setting one of the glasses in front of him, “It’s just soda, don’t worry,” he said, and Gil eyed the one Sebastian had, so he held it up, “This is soda too. I haven’t had alcohol in a while.”

“Good,” Gil reached for his glass as Avery sat down, humming.

“You stopped drinking when you and Lotus got together, right?” he asked, and Gil paused with his lips on the glass, eyes moving to Sebastian, who was mixing the ice around in his cup, shrugging.

“There was no reason to anymore.”

“Good job then, Lotus!” Avery beamed at Gil, “You kept him from turning into a sex crazed alcoholic.”

“Rude,” Sebastian flicked Avery’s forehead before sitting back, slipping an arm around Gil and pulling him against his side, his eyes flickering suspiciously around the room like he was searching for danger, just waiting for Kaleb Vang to show up so he could make good on his previous threats.

Gil reached under the table and squeezed his knee to somehow assure him everything was alright, even though he was personally still a little afraid of that boy coming back, and appreciated how protective Sebastian was being, even if he was acting a little clingy.

He held his glass with both hands as he eyed the dance floor and leaned against Sebastian, Avery on the end of the booth and holding what looked like a Bloody Mary, but he couldn’t be sure, he wasn’t familiar with alcoholic drinks like that. Curiosity had him sitting straighter.

“Hey, Avery?”

“Gotta call me Jewel here,” Avery scolded, and Gil rolled his eyes.

“Jewel, have you ever been in a relationship?”

Avery tipped his head to the side in thought, “A couple, they never lasted long, and the thing with Vampire was more of an arangement. I have a ton of clients though.”

“Clients?” Gil repeated, “Ghost said something about that when I first came here, asking if I was a new client.”

Avery laughed and choked on his drink, wiping his mouth, “Clients are people who come here, men usually, who pay for sex.”

Gil’s face burned like an ember, “You’re a prostitute?” he squeaked, and Avery glared at him.

“Watch your pretty mouth, flower boy, I am a host, I cost way more than a prostitute like that Alvarez slut,” Avery snapped, lifting his head and folding his arms, “You wouldn’t be able to afford me if you sold your house. Bas here was lucky I let him in my bed.”

“Can you not?” Sebastian muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose, “I don’t think he’d want to afford you.”

“That is just insulting!” Avery scoffed, flipping his head to the side, “Half the men in here have begged for a night with yours truly!”

“Caesar this is your fault,” Sebastian pointed, “You’ve given him a big head because of this.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Caesar countered, “Dancers choose wether or not to host clients, I had nothing to do with this.”

“Why are you a host?” Gil asked, and Avery winked at him.

“Cuz sex is awesome, why else?”

“Please,” Sebastian scoffed, “You complain about everyone you sleep with saying they’re pussies.”

“Well they usually are,” Avery shrugged, “They suck at sex and I don’t mean that in a good way. They’re always flapping around the bed like walrusses, very not sexy, soooo annoying, and if I’m requested by a bottom, oh my actual god kill me.”

Gil just gaped at Avery like he was insane, which seemed to be the case. He never thought he’d meet someone who talked so openly about sex and their sex life. Even Ben got a little flusted explaining the birds and the bees, and he’s a veteran military medic and, of the best surgeons at the hospital and he doesn’t even work there. Avery though was talking about it like he was talking about an irritating school test.

“I try everyone at least once,” Avery was saying, looking far too casual as he kept his cheek against his fist, elbow propped against the table, his other hand holding his drink, “Usually they suck, and if they do I drop them as clients, so I have a short list, kinda like their dicks, I mean ugh, take some viagra, would you?”

Sebastian had his hand fully across his eyes, not from embarassment, but more like the fact he was so done with Avery talking about people’s dicks. Caesar too looked rather washed out with the whole conversation, but Avery just kept talking.

“And not one client,” he was saying, looking fully frustrated, “Not one has been good enough to make me climax! It’s usually dark in the room so I can fake orgasm, I’m good at that, but they’ve never actually made me cum before, not once, and Bas has only had that priviledge when I was doing it myself.”

Sebastian slammed his head against the table as Caesar rubbed his temples, and Gil just continued staring at Avery in horror and embarassment.

“So I’ve never had any realy boyfriends, no solid relationships, just a bunch of prissy men who think they’re good for me, and clients I baby because they don’t know how to have sex, it’s sp frustrating, I deserve every penny I get teaching them the basics of gay fucking,” he took a casual sip of his drink, eyes looming around the club in a bored look, “Anyway, I prefer dancing, it’s feels way better than sex with clients.”

“That’s great,” Sebastian said, voice muffled against the table top, “Can you shut up now?”

Avery looked at him and smirked, “What, are you embarassed remembering all our nights together?”

“Not particularly,” Sebastian sighed, sitting up and lifting his head up to hold his hand against it, “but if you keep talking Gil is gonna kill me.”

Avery and Sebastian both looked warily over at Gil, who was glaring at Sebastian looking absolutely livid, face red and eyes narrowed, which made Sebastian sink down a bit, “Bas,” he snarled, “How many times exactly have you slept with Avery?”

Sebastian swallowed thickly, and Avery slipped skillfully from the booth, “That’s my cue to get out, see you around babe.”

Sebastian whipped his head to the side to glare at him, “You’re just leaving me here?!”

“What? I have work? Buh-bye!” Avery waved and danced further into the crowd, and Sebastian growled after him before wincing and looking over at Caesar, whose eyes were lifted to the ceiling as he took little sips of his beer.

“The lights are rather bright tonight, hm?”

“You bastard!”

“Bas,” he cringed and looked wearily over at his brother, “How many?”

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, “I don’t know... a few I guess. He was my first time, you know that. It didn’t have any meaning, just mindless sex to try and distract me from the fact I’m a disgusting freak.”

Gil’s eyes popped open wider, and Sebastian winced, looking away as Gil slid closer and wound one arm around him, reaching up to grab his chin and turning his head so he could kiss him, “Is this disgusting?” he asked, and Sebastian shook his head, so Gil laid his head against his shoulder, “Sorry for getting so angry,” he muttered, and Sebastian slipped an arm around his shoulder, kissing the top of his head.

“It’s fine.”

“It’s good that you’re jealous,” Caesar assured, and Gil looked over at him, “It means you really care about who he’s with.”

Gil shrugged, nuzzling against Sebastian’s shoulder, “Well, he’s mine isn’t he? The earing says so, and I say so.”

Sebastian’s cheeks burned badly, and Caesar smiled thoughtfully, tapping his empty beer against the table, “True,” his eyes moved to Sebastian, “Mind picking me up another beer?”

“Why do I have to?” Bas asked, and Caesar smiled.

“Because I let you sit with me, that’s a priviledge. Go on now, I’ll keep your Lotus company.”

Sebastian sighed with a roll of his eyes and kissed Gil’s cheek before releasing him and slipping from the seat, glaring at Caesar before stalking towards the bar. Caesar smiled as he watched him, chuckling before looking at Gil.

“Didn’t wanna leave you. Considering what happened to you, I’m not surprised.”

Gil winced, rubbing his neck and nodding, “Yea, that was... scary.”

“You alright now?”

“Well, as alright as I could be for someone who almost got raped I guess,” Gil sighed, and Caesar frowned, tapping his fingers against the table.

“I truly am sorry that happened to you here. It isn’t common for people like that to be here, but unfortunately it does still happen,” he glared out at his club, “One of the reasons I don’t want him down here,” he muttered, and Gil frowned.


Caesar jumped and smiled over at him, waving a hand, “No one, ignore me,” he perked up, “What’s this now?” he seemed to be deliberatly avoiding something, looking very enthusiastic about this new thing that was happening, but Gil pushed the suspicion aside to turn around and look over towards the bar, his eyes widening before narrowing dangerously.

That dancer he’d seen before with the long black hair was standing in front of Sebastian, who was holding a fresh beer, holding it out to avoid dropping it as the dancer rubbed up against him, eyes lusty and smile sultry. Sebastian didn’t look too interested, in fact he seemed kind of bored, but Gil’s nails bit into the cushions of the seat as he glared over at him.

“That’s Rikki, one of our dancers. He’s always had his eye out on Vampire, I didn’t think he’d be so open though. He’s never done this before,” Caesar looked off to the side, lifting his beer to his lips and taking a drink.

Wasn’t that empty just a second ago? Why did he look so damn happy?!

“Does he not see the damn earring?” Gil snarled, and Caesar smiled against the bottle, eyes moving to the side with a hum.

“Rikki is one of the people here who doesn’t really pay attention to that. You should’ve seen how much he tried hitting on me before Vampire joined us,” he eyed Gil as he tried to hide his smile behind his beer bottle, “Huh, seems like it’s getting physical. Poor Vampire.”

Gil huffed and stood up, shooting a glance to Caesar, “Please excuse me a moment,” he said as kindly as he could, and Caesar held a hand up and watched with a grin as Gil spun around and stomped down the two steps down to the dance floor.

With the look on his face, people parted for him, and his eyes were locked on Sebastian, who was leaning away from the stupid stripper pulling at his shirt collar. When he reached them, he reached out and grabbed the collar of Sebastian’s shirt, yanking him away from the dumb slut and pulling him close enough so he could push himself onto his toes and kiss him hard on the mouth.

Sebastian’s eyes popped open, so shocked he dropped the beer, and Rikki was red faced in anger as Gil made a show of shoving his tongue into Sebastian’s mouth, winding his arms around his neck and licking his lips as he kissed him over to his ear, his eyes flashing to Rikki as he bit down on the ear lobe where the silver lotus stud was. Sebastian shivered and grabbed onto Gil’s arms, eyes wide, but Gil just smiled sweetly at Rikki.

“Can we help you with something?” Rikki stuttered over his words, unable to form anything coherent, so Gil just tilted his head sweetly, “If you’re horny I hear Jewel takes clients. If you can afford him that is, because Vampire,” he leaned back just enough to grab Sebastian’s chin, his eyes narrowing dangerously, “He’s mine.”

Rikki just stared with bugging eyes before scoffing and spinning around, storming towards the stage door. Gil watched him go and took a step back, but Sebastian was still holding onto him, so he turned his eyes to look up, startled when he noticed how red Sebastian’s face was, eyes wide.

“Wh... why did you do that?” he asked, and Gil folded his arms.

“Because he was getting to cozy with you, grinding on you and pulling at your clothes,” he explained, reaching out to tug at the front of Sebastian’s shirt, pulling him closer, “Only I can do that. You’re taken, he was getting too close, so I decided to put him in his place and claim you before he could get any more dumb ideas.”

A smile broke over Sebastian’s lips, and he pulled Gil closer, hands on his waist, bowing his head to kiss him softly, “He’s always like that you know.”

“Don’t care, you’re mine,” Gil mumbled, and Sebastian laughed lightly, tangling his fingers through Gil’s hair.

“Last time I checked, I was the one who owned you.”

“Yea?” Gil reached up to tug on Sebastian’s ear, “Is there a vampire on this, or a lotus?” he arched an eyebrow, and Sebastian beamed, “My mark, not yours, so you’re mine.”

Bas just threw his arms around Gil, hugging him tight against his chest and kissing his neck as he held him close, “I love you.”

Gil smiled and wound his arms around his brother, clutching the fabric of his shirt and lying his head against his shoulder, “I love you.”

Sebastian apologized to the barkeep before taking another beer and walking back to the VIP booth where Caesar was waiting, setting the bottle down as he slipped into the booth with Gil close to his side, “Sorry, I dropped one.”

“Hm?” Caesar stared at the ice cold bottle before laughing a little, “Oh yea, I forgot I asked for one,” he held up the bottle he already had, “False alarm, this one’s still a quarter full.”

Bas stared at him with a blank expression, “How do you mistake a half full bottle for empty?”

“Ah, maybe I’m drunk?” Caesar offered, shrugging, but Sebastian just narrowed his eyes.

“You fuck, you planned that whole thing. What, did you talk with Rikki before opening?”

“What?” Gil gaped, and Caesar just smiled, head tilted to the side.

“Now why would I do that?” he asked innocently, “It’s not like I wanted to know what Lotus would do if someone was hitting on you or anything, don’t be ridiculous.”

Sebastian growled as Gil continued to gape at Caesar, “Are you some kind of evil genius?”

Caesar clicked his tongue, “Such an imagination.”

“Bastard,” Sebastian muttered, and Gil smiled with a laugh.

“Did you think I wouldn’t do or say anything?” he asked, and Caesar smiled at him slyly.

“No, I was expecting it. It was interesting to watch however, and considering you did what you did in front of so many people,” his eyes moved around the club, noting the few who were staring in their direction, “I think the whole place knows now not to mess with either of you.”

“Good,” Gil leaned back against Sebastian, who smiled down at him like he was the cutest thing in the world, “I don’t want anyone else trying to hit on him.”

“Imagine how he feels,” Caesar said, holding a hand out, “Like I said, you’re actually kind of cute. People are bound to be interested.”

“Too bad, cuz I’m not,” Gil muttered, holding one of Sebastian’s hands with his own two, lacing their fingers together, “Bas will probably try to stab anyone who gets close anyway.”

“True,” Caesar agreed with a nod.

“I don’t even own a knife,” Bas argued, and Gil patted his leg.

“You don’t have a tattoo either,” he said, and Bas pouted, sinking down in his seat a little, winding his arm tighter around Gil’s waist and holding him close, lying his head against Gil’s.

“Maybe I should get a knife,” he muttered, and Gil sighed, rolling his eyes, but Caesar looked a little sick.

“Please don’t stab anyone in my club, Vampire.”

“No promises.”

Avery looked over his shoulder when the door opened and Rikki strutted in, beaming, “What are you all smiley for?”

“Just a well thought out plan,” Rikki answered, falling into a rolling chair with his stage name stitched into it and sliding back to his vanity beside Avery, spinning around and leaning on his knees, “Caesar asked me to play a trick on the new Lotus by hitting on Vampire to see his reaction.”

Avery frowned and sat back, “How’d that go?”

“It was so cute!” Rikki giggled, running the fingers of both hands through his blue black hair, “Lotus really cares about him, huh?”

“Seems like it,” Avery shrugged one shoulder and turned back to the mirror, twisting a piece of his hair into a pretty braid before tying it off with a clear elastic, “Word of warning, even if it was Caesar’s idea of a joke, it’s probably not a good idea to mess with them.”

“Awe, you’re no fun,” Rikki waved a hand and picked up a black rose clip, pinning it in his hair so it was half up and half down, “Caesar just wanted to test Lotus and see how strong his affections were. We all love Vampire and his rather hostile nature, so we were worried.”

“You didn’t tell me about this plan,” Avery said, feeling uneasy, and Rikki pouted at him.

“Caesar says you talk too much and would have given it away.”

“No I wouldn’t have!” Avery shrilled, and Rikki laughed as Cherry Bomb popped up behind his seat, winding her arms around his neck and smiling to the side at Avery.

“Sweetie you can be kind of a big mouth,” she chided, and Avery blushed.

“That’s not fair at all!”

“Well not always,” Rikki assured, “Just with Vampire, since you’re such close friends, you tell him, like, everything!” he threw his hands up, and Avery’s lips pulled into a frown as he hummed, head tilting.

“You think so, huh?” he asked thoughtfully, and Cherry cringed.

“I hate that expression you get,” she whined, and Avery shrugged as he turned back to the vanity mirror, “It means you’re thinking too much about something.”

“Hm,” Avery just played with the ends of his hair, “I don’t think so.”

“You shouldn’t think too hard,” Avery leaned back and tilted his head back to see Ghost standing behind his chair, arms folded, “It could be bad. If Caesar thinks you’re upset he’ll stage an intervention.”

“Ugh, I hate it when he does that,” Cherry shuddered, standing straight behind Rikki and stretching her arms up before readjusting the crop top covering her chest, “I end up with running mascara and I’m just a mess.”

“I know what you mean, it ruins my make up crying so much,” Rikki nodded, looking at his nails and rubbing at a spot on the blood red polish, “Needs a touch up,” he murmured, and Cherry skipped over to her vanity, plucking a nail polish bottle from the table and walking back to Rikki.

“You two are the only ones who’ve had interventions,” Avery said, and both Cherry and Rikki pouted at him.

“You’re past due then, Jewel.”

“I don’t need one,” Avery flipped his hair and stood up, stretching his arms out in front of him and winking, “I’m an angel after all. Nothing bothers me.”

“That is a lie,” Cherry drawled, and Ghost nodded his head, but Avery just stuck his tongue out at them and walked around his chair, bumping hips playfully with Ghost before strutting towards the stage steps.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter, does it now loves?” he held up two fingers and set his other hand on his hip, “When I’m the best dancer here.”

“Rude,” Rikki pouted, but no one argued, and Avery held his hands up as he walked up the steps, standing behind the curtain and winking at the DJ, who gave a thumbs up before starting one of Avery’s songs.

He closed his eyes and held his hands up to cover his eyes, waiting as the beat picked up and the curtains drew up. It really didn’t matter how he felt, bad, good, depressed, because when he was up on that stage, everything was perfectly fine. Emotions had no place in his life. This club was his life. Not that he could complain, and he had no desire to. He just danced.

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