Not Another Cinderella Story

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Whatever happened to . . .

Peyton Charming

Peyton eventually did stand up to his father, stating on how he thought his career should be run. Soon afterwards, Peyton’s new album was released, with every song written by Peyton and people he collaborated with.

It ended up breaking the record for the most bought album within its first week of being sold. Critics say that the personal sense of the album has made it his best one yet.

Peyton is now on a world tour for said album, with his girlfriend, Cindy Woods, as the opening act.

Cindy Woods

Cindy went on to become a major star, releasing her first single within a month of signing her contract with Charming records after winning the festival. Within a year, she became one of the biggest names in music, second only to her boyfriend, Peyton Charming.

She went on tour with Peyton, and even won Star Breakout Artist at an award show. She never went to college, seeing as her music career was actually going somewhere.

She and Peyton ended up being the most envied celebrity couple around, especially when he proposed to her on their three year anniversary at her concert in their home town.

Ana and Drew

Ana and Drew realized what they did was wrong the moment Cindy returned form Peyton’s house that weekend. And when Evelyn reached out to them, they refused to help. They were done being her puppets.

Ana and Drew went on to fully support Cindy’s career, even if they were a bit jealous. They both inherited Tracy’s Coffee Shop, renaming it Ana and Drew’s whilst also using it as a way to feature rising stars in the music industry instead of their mother’s horrible band.


When Tracy’s part in Evelyn’s deception of Peyton and the public came out, no one, not even her daughters, stood by her. Tracy never forgave Cindy or her daughters for abandoning her.

She lost the coffee shop when her employees boycotted. And she was infuriated when her stepdaughter stepped in and bought it back, giving it to her own daughters.

Tracy never mended things with Cindy, remaining bitter well into her old age.

Duncan Grand

Duncan and Peyton stayed friends well throughout his career. He was even the best man at Peyton’s wedding.

He and Fanny would end up being in a relationship by the end of the year. Duncan always credited that to the fact that they would be left alone when their best friends went on tour, leaving only each other to hang out with.

Fanny Goode

Fanny would always be there for Cindy, even if she was sometimes thousands of miles away. She became a famous fashion designer and even designed most of Cindy’s outfits while she was on tour or at award events.

She and Duncan would eventually get married as well, but not after many bumps in the road that came with being the best friends to the hottest celebrity couple around.


Brian became a little bit of a national star himself when it was released that he was the one who had taken the video that proved Evelyn’s scandal. He and Peyton even became good friends.

He would forever remain a lady’s man and class clown.

Kinsley Charming

Peyton’s father soon realized that Peyton’s new choice of music was selling even more rapidly now that he was writing it all. He quickly switched to letting his son manage his own career, giving his record company even more money than they would’ve gotten had they stayed on their old path

He ended up refusing the merger between his company and Evelyn’s parents’ company. It would bring bad press given that their daughter was now the most hated person in America.

Evelyn Queen

Evelyn Queen did everything she could to rid herself of her tarnished image. She even made a public apology to Peyton and Cindy, but nothing seemed to work. The world had seen what she was planning to do and wasn’t happy.

Evelyn even tried to release her own album too, but no one wanted to buy it after the nonsense with Peyton Charming.

She would go on to become a miserable jealous woman, trying to destroy both of their images whilst boosting her own. She never would be able to though. Well, not until a mysterious opportunity presented itself years later.

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