Stop Wishing

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His eyes full of curiosity "You never talked to me about your ex-boyfriend" he replies as I let out a lose laugh then say "Why would I wanna talk about someone who is dead?".

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I shiver as I feel nervousness coming inside me like some kind of wave hitting me in my face but instead of hitting me there, it hits me in the pit of my stomach mixing up with the anxiousness I once felt.

Coming back wouldn’t be easy and I knew it, his presence wouldn’t be there and I knew it but it still felt like it. I imagine him holding my hand as the landing began like he used to the first time we went to the United states for the first time together, my hand finds the armrest to hold it and squeeze it.

I let out a deep breath that quickly dissolves into the plane’s air conditioner. My lashes find their way to my cheeks making me go blind for a moment and the only thing I would see is darkness. I feel someone tapping my arm and my hazel eyes find the ones of the assistant lady ones “We are about to land, can you please put your seatbelt on?” she asks me politely, without any hesitation I nod and put it on.

She walks away and I close my eyes then I feel one hand holding mine missing. My grip tightens around the armrest as the plane begins to shake slightly. I feel my stomach flip over with fear making me want to puke.

I’ve hated landing since I was a little kid, I can’t help but feel scared of a plane crashing while I am on it, with my mom we have always loved Final Destination movies but since the first one nothing has been the same. I watched it for the first time when I was eight and let me tell you that was enough.

“Welcome to Tobermory, please take care of your luggage correctly if you any issues please contact us.” I hear the female voice saying through the plane and I take off my seatbelt, standing up I decide to get off the plane and grab my belongings but then “Lady, can you move please?” I look up into the angry eyes of a bustling airport worker, so I move out her way.

I keep walking hoping to find my smiling and weird dad there but instead, I find an empty spot, shaking m,y head but smiling I see my little brother rushing towards me just to receive me with a welcoming hug, he takes me off my feet and I let out a laugh of happiness “Okay, now can you please let me hug my daughter?” John lets me go placing me again on the floor.

I get out of his embrace just to step into my dad’s, I hear my sixteen-year-old brother sigh “I missed you so much” my dad tells me, I laugh at him but nod anyways “I will tell your mom to not take you away from me anymore in summer” he says letting me go and grabbing my suitcases along with John, I tell them to go ahead and call a cab while I just would go and buy some drink at Subway.

My mom and my dad have been divorced since I turned thirteen which it wasn’t something as dramatic as cheating or having a secret child or any kind of drama. Their spark just went away, my mom deciding that it’d be the best if we stayed with my father as she would move to Washington to take care of her own business. We grew up like that, my dad would send us off to my mom’s house without any doubt or argument between them for the summer. Sadly this summer was different, nor my brother or I went to my mom’s. I went o Washington but not exactly to visit her.

Walking away from my family, I head towards Subway, I ask the lady with green apron wrapped around her waist and a warm smile covering her features when she welcomes me “How can I help you?” asking her for a drink politely, I take my phone out and start checking some messages and a smile make its way to my lips as I read all Sarah ones.

“There you are” I receive it with thanks, I pay her. Have you ever just been too caught up in something that the world can just fall apart but there you are concentrated in your own world, just you without any distractions.

In that moment I was too caught up in reading all messages that one moment I am laughing and the next my white T-shirt and black leather jacket it’s covered by the drink that my hands were holding not many seconds ago, like that, the powerful and hot feeling comes into me, making the smile vanish and snap.

“You just ruined my shirt,” I said snapping my head up to meet black Rayban’s instead of eyes “No shit, keep stating the obvious smiling girl” I roll my eyes at his comeback then say “At least have some manners” ignoring me, he walks past me.

“You won’t apologize?” I call out, he shakes his head and tells me “You have mistaken me for someone else, clearly. I won’t apologize” the nasty smirk is still in his mouth when he walks towards the exit brushing past my brother and my dad.

“Well, that was unexpected,” I ask for some napkins to try to take off the wetness from my shirt, making it impossible to see my lace bra. Thanking the girl from the register, I go back where they are waiting for me , this time with half of my drink “What happened?” they ask me their voices matching in sync making them sound horribly alike “Just a little accident” shrugging it off, we get into the cab to finally see my home after three months of being held in darkness.

Welcome. One word, two syllables, and seven letters. Just one word for so many actions. When I used to be a kid my mom used to tell me that they way I greeted someone new was the way to show my personality and how much our manners are worth. The way someone welcomes the other one shows how much important they are or how not worth they are. That word just has two sides. The good and the bad one.

The way my family gave a welcome was good, arriving late to the airport yet showing me all their love and how much they missed me but the way my best friend managed to welcome me, well. Let’s begin that when I touch my porch the sweet smell of cinnamon and chocolate fills my nostrils as a beautiful greeting.

The smell would come into them like some kind of soft clouds taking care of them, then the door burst open with Sarah throwing herself over me to hug with a big smile on her face but instead of sharing it, a small sad one takes over my mouth.

She doesn’t question it, so moving on, no words are exchanged and we go upstairs to sit on my to talk about every experience we had with every detail not letting anything out. Sharing time with her it’s so enjoyable and it’s impossible to even get bored just cause Sarah is Sarh, she always has something to talk about while I am the quiet one.

“Three months without you, how could I even survive?” I listen as my best friend does her dramatic voice and puts her hand on her forehead “Don’t be too exaggerated” I tell her letting out a long laugh then crossing my legs.

“I missed your mom too,” she says and I roll my eyes at the fact that sometimes she spends more time with my mom that I do “She is my mother,” I tell her, I might have let out the fact that when John and I go there, Sarah sometimes might go with us but not for the whole summer because of her annual family trip.

“Okay, so I was going to tell you that there is a new place where they sell milkshakes so I thought that as happy welcoming you could come with me and stop at the bakery for some delicious cinnamon rolls” she suggests as I stand up from my seat “I will take a shower, I’ll meet you down stairs” I tell her, nodding she gets out from my bedroom and I take that as advantage to finally let the cold water go through my body, a wave of tiredness hitting me hard.

I have never thought I would be so glad I was finally here, in this small town where everything could happen, at first I thought it’d be difficult for me and everyone who knew but they accepted me like the old me, but there was a difference. I wasn’t the old Leah anymore.

We reach the famous Ice cream shop that Sarah was talking about all the way here, the shop looks a little bit, pinky. Something that I really hate is pink, something that I just can’t like after my big change of personality because I used to wear every kind of color, every day, you know how they say that each day of the week has a specific color? Well, I applied that rule.

Anyways, the shop looks pink on the outside with some kind of style of the 50′s the shop is called “Milky Shaky” the name is in a blue and light green poster, the doors are in the middle of it as I see through the glass doors the waitresses skate along the restaurant, I guess is something typical “Let’s go” Sarah says grabbing my arm making me go out of my car then locking it, I reach the knob when someone runs into me, what is it with people running into me today?

“I am sorry, are you okay?” I meet with dark blue eyes and a very familiar face “Yeah, it was nothing big” I tell him rubbing my forehead “You sure, Leah?” he asks me with worry all over his eyes “Yeah...” I say trying to remember his name, I know he is one of those gold boys “Logan, Logan Mitchell” he says extending his hand for me to shake it, I take it as Sarah taps my shoulder.

“Sorry to interrupt this happy couple moment but we have to go inside, Leah” she says as he scratches the back of his neck of the awkwardness between us, I smile at him as soon as I was going to get inside I hear my best friend’s voice again “Unless you want to come” she says winking at him “I already-” he is cut off by Sarah letting out a pitched scream saying great, then pulling him with us.

“Bitch” I mutter under my breath as she smiles evilly at me and goes for the drink for the three of us, I sit down and Logan sits opposite me, he looks at me with such a nervousness that makes me want to laugh, but somehow his tall frame, his light brown hair, and his smile makes him attractive, he is the kind of boy that everyone would like to date, I mean, I think even boys would become gay because of him. Maybe I am exaggerating.

“Here are the drinks, one of Kit Kat and I didn’t what you like so I brought you one of vanilla” Logan nods at her and she places his white drink in front of him then hands me mine of chocolate “To me, one of Oreo” she’s always been kind of obsessed with Oreo, everything made of Oreo she would eat it, Sarah that moment of her life where she was... fat? No, she wasn’t but she didn’t take care of her diet. She now works out with me, every day or sometimes goes out for a run, depends on the mood she is in.

“So, Logan tell us, what were you doing here?” she asks him, I take a sip and takes my phone out to text her, I know it’s stupid but sometimes you need to tell some things to your best friends, as soon as possible, because then you will forget it.

Me: He is hot

Sarah gets the message as Logan is explaining that he came here to meet with some friends but apparently the changed plans and went somewhere else, so he was heading there, to the pizzeria, I glance over at Sarah and she takes out her phone to read the text, she chuckles as I look over at Instagram, I get a notification from my messages.

Best ever: I know! I’m not blind ;)

I laugh at her text as I see Logan looking at me weirdly “Sorry, I just saw a funny meme” I place my phone back into my jacket “Logan, Tell us about you” I say leaning over the table with my arms crossed to keep balance “Well, I am the quarterback of the football team at our school-” typical “I have one elder brother and he is studying at Stanford right now” my face lights up at the statement “Interesting” I mutter nodding “Yeah and well I am single right now” did he just tell me that? This boy is trying to flirt with me when I clearly know his relationship with Zoe yet he is flirting with me, here.

“Yeah? Then how come I have seen you kissing with Zoe?” I ask him and he blushes at my statement as he sees that I caught him flirting with me “You know, huh Logan?” I ask him and he nods then I say “If you want to get laid tonight it’ll definitely not be us” I say standing up and giving Sarah a look “You may be hot Logan but don’t think that because you are, everything will be at your feet” Sarah stands up and we get out of the ice cream shop.

When we get out I see a very familiar tanned skin standing in all her glory with her friends, Zoe, you know I will never forget the day that she literally treated me like shit just because she wanted to have sex, with who in the future would be the love of my life.

I just returned from my mother’s house, I still haven’t got used to it, it’s still weird how she divorced my dad, but I get it, I didn’t actually had any rancor towards her or told her that she was selfish because she was always at work, because she wasn’t, she every time she could she would be with us, and I am really grateful about that but sometimes people just fall out of love, you know?

As soon as I came back, I left all my luggage at my house and asked my dad to bring me to my best friend’s house, Zoe, last time we took on the phone she was acting kinda weird, but I told her that as soon as I was back we would talk about everything that happened and go shopping along with Sarah. Soon we reach Zoe’s house “Call me when you wanna go back, okay Le?” my dad asks me and I nod giving him a kiss on the cheek, getting out of the car, I walk towards the big doors of her mansion, Zoe’s always been the richest of the three of us and we don’t know why tho.

I press the doorbell button, minutes later a smiling Michelle opens the door “Oh Leah, darling, how are you?” she asks me and I answer with an okay, she smiles wider at me “I bet you are looking for Zoe?” she asks again and pitched voice marks even more, I give her a small nod and she lets me in, I look at the big white stairs, walls and gold chandeliers, every time I come over this house is capable of taking my breath away “I think she has a guess, I have been away from her bedroom cause she said she wanted privacy” she bends down to grab her puppy not wanting to look me in the eye.

I guess that the way that she said to her mom that, was yelling at her, I bet Zoe is fingering herself right now “Okay, I will go alone” I say running upstairs, as step closer to her room the moans get louder and louder, I open her door saying “Girl, you are really working on that pussy today, did you buy a vibrator?” when I see what’s in front of me makes me gasp, Zoe is fucking someone, not just someone but Jordan.

As soon as he sees me he crawls off her and blushes “Really, Zoe? Fingering? I thought you were less pathetic” he starts dressing up and when he is done putting on the last shoe he looks at me with embarrassment and I give him a look making him look away.

“You fucking bitch, caused him to leave!” she yells at me as she holds the white blankets over her breasts “I didn’t do anything, you asked me to come” I say raising my arms in defense “You ruined everything, you knew I have liked him for a long time and you just made him leave” she says with tears streaming down her face “You made him leave with your desperation and need of sex” I say and then it hurts with her next words “You are a useless bitch”

Tears begin to swim at the corner of my eyes “You and Sarah were always fake bitches that just envy me” she exclaims and I walk over her and slap her across her left cheek followed by a red mark of my fingertips “We never betrayed you, Zoe Reed, so if someone was the fake it was you, slut” that word hurt her like a bitch.

Since that day I wouldn’t touch her house, ever.

Honestly, I never thought my friendship with her would end there, I used to think that both of us (Sarah and I) were important to her, that maybe she actually had a fucking heart, but I guess people who don’t suffer act like that, like the words would hurt them.

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