A World Without Words

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Chapter 6

Chloe started to walk back upstairs not looking behind her to make sure Ethan was following her, she knew he was. She also knew that he was right, Will would have wanted her to be happy, but Ethan didn’t know everything and he couldn’t understand. He couldn’t understand her situation because Ethan didn’t know that Will was dead because of her.

But she couldn’t deny that it had felt good to laugh genuinely, to play and have fun with Ethan. It had felt good to forget for a few minutes, forget her misery and just be happy. But it wasn’t something she could forget. Every time she would forget about it, it would come back crashing on her like it just had minutes ago.

Ethan followed behind Chloe not saying a word. They arrived upstairs and walked into Chloe’s room. As usual he made himself comfortable and like the first time he had entered her room he started to take a look around her room. He noticed a picture of a brown haired man with brown eyes and he recognized Will. He had only seen him dead on the pictures in Chloe’s file before and he was happy Chloe kept a picture where he was smiling, because he could only imagine how torturous it must be for her to see her brother dead in her mind.

He walked toward Chloe’s wardrobe and opened the drawer to find her underwear in it. He opened his eyes widely in surprise at what he found. Her underwear didn’t match her usual attire at all. Who would have thought that under the ugly clothes she wore all the time were those kind of things? He took a thong and brought it up in front of his face to have a better look, he could tell that it must barely cover anything. He put it back into the drawer and took some panties in his hands to have a better look as well. She must be so sexy with those things. All he could think about was how much he would like to take off those ugly clothes of hers to see what was under it right now.

His thoughts were cut when the panties were ripped out of his hands forcefully and put back into the drawer before it was slammed closed. Chloe looked up at him angrily before pushing him away from her wardrobe. Ethan started to chuckle which angered Chloe even more. Who had said he could put his nose in her underwear? Certainly not her.

“Who would have thought you wore those kind of things under that ugly attire,” Ethan stated still chuckling. A blush appeared on Chloe’s cheeks at his words. “Maybe you would prefer to show me what you have under this instead of watching a movie,” he continued as he playfully pulled on her large sweater. Chloe became as red as a tomato and slapped his hands away which earned a laugh from Ethan.

“You are dressed like a potato and as red as a tomato. That’s poetic,” Ethan said wanting nothing more than to kiss that blush away. She was so cute, so beautiful. Chloe tried to stay mad but after a few seconds a small smile appeared on her lips.

“Oh, there it is, that smile I love so much,” Ethan teased her smiling as well, his dimples in display.

Chloe looked at him and felt her walls crumble once more. Why was he doing this to her? Destroying the walls that were protecting her heart, her fickle heart might she add. Chloe fell in love really easily and it always happened quickly. She had met him a week ago and she was already starting to feel something for him, but she couldn’t let that happen because then it would be like with Steven. He would just end up leaving her because of her current state.

She took a deep breath into her lungs and turned away from him and toward the movies she had been preparing before she noticed what he had been doing. That way she was looking at something else than him and she didn’t need to think about her feelings for him. She wouldn’t let this happen. She felt him getting closer to her to see what movies she had selected and she heard him huff which made her smile. What had he been expecting?

“Please sweetheart, tell me we’re not watching one of these movies?” Ethan practically begged and Chloe turned her head toward him with a shy smile and that smile was enough to make him change his mind. “All right, but I’m the one who gets to choose between the ones you already selected.” Chloe nodded and Ethan looked at the covers since the names weren’t helping him at all. He sighed when he recognized a few, of course, he should have guessed. ’Titanic’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘10 things I hate about you’, ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, ‘The fault is in our stars’. Ethan took Titanic in his hand before putting it aside dismissively.

“I’ve already seen it, I don’t like it at all,” he declared and Chloe looked at him surprised. “Lana forced me once when I was staying at Ian’s place,” he defended himself before looking back down at the movies. He picked up Dirty Dancing and grimaced. “As if romance wasn’t already enough they had to add dance, awful movie.” Chloe huffed silently at his comment, it was not awful. Then he picked up ‘The fault is in our stars’ and grimaced. “Too sad.” Chloe smiled, he was definitely scared of crying in front of her, she was sure now.

He looked at the last two movies and had no idea what they were. He took the one called ‘10 things I hate about you’ thinking it could be nice since there was the word ‘hate’ in the title but as he turned it around and read the summary he quickly changed his mind.

“I’m not watching a stupid romance in high school,” he explained. And he was left with ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’, he turned it around as well to see the summary on the back cover of the DVD and was relieved when he saw it wasn’t in high school, it was still romance but well, it would have to do. “All right, this one.” He showed it to Chloe and she clapped her hands happily before ripping it out of his hands and going to the big TV that was in her room to put the DVD before turning back toward her bed to see that Ethan was already comfortably on it completely lying on his back.

She walked toward the bed and jumped on it hurriedly when she heard that the movie was already starting.

“Ouch!” Ethan cried out. “My leg, you crushed my leg.” Chloe smiled amused before making herself comfortable as well, of course being careful not to touch him, let’s not make this more uncomfortable than it already is, she thought.

The movie started and they both watched in silence, but it only lasted ten minutes before Ethan had to make a comment at Chloe’s misfortune.

“Are you sure I can’t choose the movie? This one seems boring,” Ethan complained and Chloe looked at him with an annoyed look. “Oh I see I’m annoying you, you are giving me your ‘you’re annoying’ face.” Chloe raised her eyebrows. “Oh, and here is your ‘seriously?’ face. And yes I’m being serious.” Chloe looked at him angrily and he sighed. “And that’s your ‘shut up I’m watching the movie’ face I presume?” Ethan asked smiling as Chloe kicked him in the leg. “All right, I’ll stop talking and let you watch the movie, there is no need to be violent.” Chloe rolled her eyes and Ethan wanted to say something about her face once more but decided against it.

He turned back toward the screen and watched the movie. He chuckled and laughed a few times, he had to admit it was funny sometimes. And every time he was doing so he would turn toward Chloe to see that she had a big smile on her lips, if he had known that he just had to watch a movie with her to see her smile so brightly he would have done it earlier.

At her surprise, what made her smile the most was hearing Ethan chuckling and laughing, she loved his laughter, it was rare but genuine. She wanted to turn toward him so badly every time he was laughing to see his smile. Ethan was handsome when he was smiling, not that he wasn’t always handsome, but his smile...

At some point during the movie Ethan fell asleep and Chloe slightly jumped when she felt his arm coming around her waist. She looked at him not moving, she didn’t know what to do. Was she supposed to try to get away or not to move? She didn’t really know if he was a light sleeper or not and she didn’t really want to wake him. She did know that Ethan wasn’t the best person to be with when he was woken up. After living for more than a week with him she did know that at least.

She had never seen him asleep before though. He looked peaceful and calm. His full lips were slightly parted and Chloe had to keep herself from touching them or worse, kissing them. Even asleep he was such a tease this one. She decided to let him be and turned her attention back toward the movie, after a few more minutes she felt his arm tighten around her and she smiled, she wasn’t going to complain, he did smell good.

Emma was in the couch watching some TV reality show when she heard the front door being opened and closed. Which meant Jason was back home from work. She smiled to herself. She had no idea what they were doing but what she was sure of was that Chloe and Ethan weren’t downstairs and it was all that mattered right now.

She heard Jason enter the room but kept her eyes on the screen acting as if she was concentrated on what was happening in the reality TV show.

“How was your day?” Emma asked keeping her eyes on the screen.

“Boring, how was yours?” Jason replied coming to kiss his wife as a greeting.

“I thought about you all day,” Emma said wrapping her arms around his neck.

Jason smiled and kissed her lips one more time before trying to stand up but Emma kept her arms around his neck, “Emma...” He trailed off.

“Oh, you know how it turns me on when you call me like that, Jason,” Emma whispered seductively.

“I always call you like that,” Jason stated. “It’s your name.”

“Don’t you know by now that I’m always turned on when you are there?” Emma continued and Jason chuckled but he was soon silenced by Emma’s lips capturing his. “You seem tensed and you need to relax,” Emma said standing up and pushing Jason on the couch before straddling him.

She loosened his tie and started to kiss his neck passionately before sucking on his pulse point, she would probably leave a mark but she didn’t care. She brought her hands directly to his belt and unbuckled it before unbuttoning his pants. Emma was the kind of woman to go right to the point.

“I’m going to help you relax,” she announced before climbing off of him and kneeling in front of Jason.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Ethan or Chloe could come in at any second.” Jason tried to stop her.

“Even more exciting, don’t you think?” Emma exclaimed bringing her hands to his almost full erected manhood.

“No, I don’t think it’s exciting, Emma,” Jason disagreed. She was always the one to challenge him though and he knew she wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

“I think your cock disagrees with you,” Emma said starting to stroke him.

“So many dirty words coming out of this beautiful mouth,” Jason sighed in pleasure.

“Don’t worry Jason; I plan to do a lot of other dirty things with my beautiful mouth,” Emma announced and Jason shivered at the thought. And that was at that moment the bell rang at the front door.

“Just ignore it,” Emma suggested as Jason looked behind him as if he could see who it was through the door and the walls. He turned back toward her and once more the doorbell rang. This time Emma was the one looking up and letting go of Jason’s manhood. Jason looked at her confused.

“What about ‘just ignore it’?” He asked disappointed.

“What day is it?” Emma asked standing up.

“Thursday?” Jason said questioningly.

“Oh my God, Chloe’s mom,” Emma exclaimed horrified before running to the door. Jason quickly stood up trying to regain composure which would take a few minutes of course; he couldn’t just snap his fingers, so he decided to go in another room where Chloe’s mother wouldn’t go until his manhood was calmed down.

Emma ran toward the door and opened it abruptly to see that Chloe’s mother, Elizabeth, was just starting to walk away from the door.

“Elizabeth, hello,” she exclaimed and Elizabeth turned back toward the door.

“Emma,” Elizabeth greeted her coming back toward the house.

“It’s nice to see you, come in.” Emma smiled her brightest smile, she had always been a little scared of Chloe’s mother.

“I thought you forgot I was coming and no one was home,” Elizabeth stated entering and passing by Emma.

“No, of course I didn’t forget you were coming,” Emma said as if it was impossible before mouthing just a little bit.

“So, where is Chloe?” Elizabeth asked looking around. “And Jason?”

“Jason will be here in a few minutes and if you don’t mind I’m gonna go upstairs and get Chloe,” Emma smiled. “But maybe before doing so I can offer you a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, that would be nice of you, thank you, Emma,” Elizabeth answered smiling.

Emma gave her a cup of coffee and left the kitchen where she left Elizabeth alone before walking toward the stairs. She climbed them hurriedly and arrived in front of Chloe’s room. She heard the TV and guessed that Chloe was watching a movie so she opened the door quietly just in case she had fallen asleep. Well, she would still have to wake her up anyway but still.

She stopped abruptly surprised by what she was greeted with when she looked inside the room. She rubbed her eyes, just to be sure, and looked back toward the bed but nothing had changed. Chloe was asleep in her bed but she wasn’t alone. Emma took her phone out of her pocket and quickly took a picture before putting it back in its place, priceless, this was just priceless.

She could barely see Chloe who was buried in Ethan’s arms. Her face was in the crook of his neck on the pillow and Emma couldn’t even see her face, she was holding her hands together and her arms were folded so her hands were near her chin and her forearms against Ethan’s chest, Emma wasn’t sure but she suspected that Chloe was holding onto his shirt. Ethan had his arm around Chloe keeping her close to him and their legs were tangled up together.

Chloe was feeling so good. She hadn’t slept that well in a long, long, long time. There was an aroma that smelled incredibly good and she felt safe, as if she was protected in a small bubble. She hadn’t felt safe while asleep in a long time as well. She felt something lightly tapping on her arm and she tried to ignore it but then it started to be stronger so she opened her eyes slowly the light hitting her eyes forcefully. She looked around her and noticed that she couldn’t see much as she currently was buried in someone’s arms, it was quite comfortable. She looked up to see that the person was a man and not any man, it was Ethan. She opened her eyes wider but tried not to jump away from him because she didn’t want to wake him and have to live the awkward moment that would follow.

She looked up at his face and decided that it wasn’t that bad to be in his arms. And once more she felt her walls crumble, the ones that were supposed to be strong enough to protect her little heart. The more time she spent with Ethan, the more she had this weird feeling in her stomach, as if butterflies were flying everywhere in her belly. Her thoughts were broken when someone tapped on her arm once more and she turned her head to find Emma looking at her with a smile, an odd smile, one that didn’t announce anything good.

Emma brought a finger to her lips indicating Chloe to keep quiet so Chloe did keep quiet, of course, it wasn’t like she would have talked in the first place anyway. Chloe frowned in confusion as Emma waved her hand at her trying to explain something to her. This was confusing, Chloe was surprised Emma wasn’t waking Ethan up brutally instead of trying not to make a noise to keep him sleeping; it didn’t look like Emma at all.

Seeing as Chloe didn’t understand any of her movements Emma decided to whisper hoping Ethan wouldn’t wake up. “Get out of the bed but don’t wake him up.” Chloe rolled her eyes not understanding Emma’s need to keep Ethan asleep and she slowly turned in his arms.

Ethan must have felt her moving because he tightened his grip around her and she stopped for a few seconds until he relaxed once more. She grabbed his wrist before taking his arm off of her slowly putting it at his side. Once it was done she delicately climbed out of the bed and turned around to see that he was still asleep and she smiled. She started to walk toward the door thinking Emma would follow her but this one stopped her.

“Wait, you don’t think I’m gonna let him sleep like that, do you?” She whispered before turning back toward the bed.

A devious smile appeared on Emma’s lips as she slid into Chloe’s bed next to Ethan and put herself really close to him, so close that Chloe felt anger rising in her, she didn’t want to see any woman that close to Ethan even if it was Emma and she knew nothing would happen between the two. She had nothing to say anyway, she wasn’t his girlfriend or anything, thanks God she wasn’t. And she didn’t want to be anyway, she had no interest in Ethan. Tell yourself what helps you to sleep better at night, Chloe thought rolling her eyes at herself before looking back at Emma.

Emma moved noisily in the bed purposefully wanting Ethan to wake up. She touched his cheek but the gesture was in no way romantic, it was a small slap actually and Chloe widened her eyes. Did Emma have a death wish by any means? Ethan jumped when she did it. For a moment, Chloe was scared he was going to hit Emma, because it really looked like he was going to do it. Not because he wanted to hit her but because he had been harshly woken up, and as a soldier she guessed he was trained to react violently in those situations. Still he restrained himself and looked down to see Emma, and once more, he jumped. She wasn’t the person he had been expecting to find next to him, obviously. He nearly had a heart attack by the look of it.

“What the hell, Emma?” He shouted. “Are you crazy? You can’t wake me like this, I’ve been trained to neutralize anyone the second I’m woken up brutally. You are lucky I thought Chloe was the one next to me.” Chloe blushed at his comment, he had stopped himself because he had thought it had been her. Of course she didn’t miss the part where he said he was trained to neutralize anyone, not something attractive in Chloe’s point of view.

“Oh, stop being such a pussy.” Emma rolled her eyes before pushing him forcefully taking him aback once more as he fell off of the bed. She started to laugh and jumped out of the bed before running toward Chloe.

“Emma,” Ethan growled looking up at her and it was only then that he realized Chloe was still in the room. Chloe smiled at him before walking out of the room and Emma followed her.

“Chloe, we can’t talk about it right now ’cause your mom is here but don’t expect me to not talk to you about what I just found in your room,” Emma warned as they descended the stairs. Chloe was happy to hear that her mom was here so she just ignored Emma’s comment about her and Ethan.

They both arrived downstairs and entered the kitchen to find Elizabeth talking with Jason who seemed to be fine now, not that he hadn’t been fine before but well, he had been indecent.

When Chloe saw her mom she smiled brightly and Elizabeth couldn’t help but smile as well when she saw how Chloe was smiling. It was the first time she saw Chloe smile like this since the incident. Maybe it was because she was in a house where there were no memories of Will and it was easier for her, or maybe she was just starting to get better because she was starting to accept whatever had happened while she was taken with Will. It honestly didn’t matter, the most important thing was that Chloe was smiling and that was all Elizabeth wanted. She approached Chloe and took her in her arms before kissing her cheek and going back to her earlier spot to take a sip of her coffee.

“You look great, sweetie,” Elizabeth observed, as great as she could at least. She was still not dressed well and with no makeup and messy hair, that was something that hadn’t changed, yet, hopefully. Chloe answered by a simple nod and as always Elizabeth missed the cheery sound of her daughter’s voice; she would love to hear it, even if it was with Chloe yelling at her, she just wanted to hear it.

“I can’t stay long I still have a lot of work to do but I wanted to come by to see you,” Elizabeth continued and then turned toward Emma and Jason. “How has it been?”

“Perfect, we are trying to make her go out a little more but we only got to get her out of the house once with Jason’s brother and it was just to go grocery shopping but it’s better than nothing,” Emma explained proud of herself for forcing Chloe out.

“Jason? Emma?” Ethan entered the room and stopped realizing there was someone he didn’t know in the kitchen with everyone else. “Hello, Ethan King, Jason’s brother,” he introduced himself.

“Hello, I am Chloe’s mother, Elizabeth Pierce,” Elizabeth introduced herself as well. Ethan looked at the woman, Chloe’s mother and then turned toward Chloe, except from the color of the hair Chloe didn’t look much like her mother but he could remember from a picture in Chloe’s room and the videos he had seen with Emma that Will looked a lot like his mother.

Ethan could tell at Chloe’s stance that she was happy to see her but she also was uncomfortable around her, as if she was scared her mother wouldn’t accept her, as if she felt guilty about something toward her mother, but of course she was trying to hide it as best as she could. And once more there was this feeling, guilt, Ethan frowned, she had to stop feeling guilty for something that wasn’t her fault, he wasn’t a doctor or anything of that sort but he could tell that all of her emotions and her voice were stuck inside of her because of that feeling, guilt.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Pierce,” Ethan replied politely.

“I’m sorry but I already have to go, Emma, don’t forget that Chloe has an appointment to the doctor this week,” Elizabeth said walking toward Chloe and kissing her cheek before walking toward the front door followed by Emma.

“Yes, of course, Mrs. Pierce,” Emma acquiesced.

Chloe looked at her mom walking away. It had been short and awkward as usual. Chloe and her mother had never been really close; Will had always been the one close to Elizabeth. And now, with Chloe not talking it wasn’t really helping their relationship even though Elizabeth was obviously trying to make it better. Chloe felt guilty for not trying harder to get better, for her mother, she knew that she should but she couldn’t, she felt guilty for so many things.

“I will be working and so will Emma so we’ll have to find someone else to accompany you to your appointment, Chloe,” Jason announced after a few minutes. Emma came back at that moment and she nodded to confirm what he had said. Chloe nodded as well in understanding.

“Ethan will go with her,” Emma snapped after a few seconds of silence.

“No.” Ethan turned abruptly toward her. Spending time with Chloe was nice and he quite enjoyed her but not to the point to accompany her to the doctor.

“Ethan, don’t be rude,” Jason warned sighing.

“I’m not being rude. I don’t want to accompany Chloe to her appointment to the doctor. What am I now? A babysitter?” Ethan snapped and Emma was about to answer something but they all turned toward Chloe when she clapped her hands to bring their attention on her.

She brought a paper up showing it to them and they all read what was written on it silently.

I can go on my own, thank you.

And with that she turned around and left them behind going back upstairs. She was a little hurt by Ethan’s comment to be honest but she understood him. Emma and Jason asked him to take her grocery shopping and now they wanted him to take her to her appointment. And to be honest, spending time with her must be boring, she was bored spending time alone with herself so she couldn’t imagine how it was for others.

Once Chloe was out of the room Jason and Emma both turned toward Ethan. Jason was about to try to convince Ethan to accompany Chloe but Emma spoke before he did and she completely changed the subject. She knew Ethan would go anyway, she would have her way, she would manipulate him into going and she knew her plan would work because she knew Ethan cared about Chloe. You didn’t hold someone you didn’t care about the way he had been holding Chloe earlier while asleep.

“I already warned you, Ethan. Don’t act the way you are acting with Chloe if you just want to sleep with her,” Emma warned with a mean glare.

“What are you talking about, Emma?” Jason asked confused next to her. Emma took her phone out of her pocket and showed the picture she had taken of him before showing it to Ethan.

“We were just watching a movie,” Ethan defended himself.

“I see the way she looks at you, so if you don’t care about her just tell her already before it’s too late and you break her heart,” Emma ordered.

“No, I don’t care about her and I never did anything to make her feel otherwise,” Ethan snapped before turning around, this conversation was becoming too personal and he hated it. He didn’t talk about how he felt, never, and yes he cared for Chloe but he wouldn’t admit it in front of his brother or Emma.

“Ethan, Chloe doesn’t deserve to have her heart broken after what she went through,” Jason called after him.

“Then she should learn not to fall for the wrong person and if she falls for me then she falls for the wrong person because I don’t give a damn about her,” Ethan shouted as he continued to walk away.

“He is in denial,” Emma commented before turning toward Jason with a seductive glare. “So, where were we?”

Ethan heard Emma’s last comment, and he wasn’t in denial at all. He cared for Chloe it was true but not in the way Emma wanted him to care for her. She was intriguing, challenging, beautiful, but he wouldn’t fall for her. Ethan had never loved a woman and he wouldn’t start to today. Love wasn’t even real.

He went upstairs and walked past Chloe’s room forcing himself not to check on her, why would he? He didn’t care how she felt right now. He entered his room and sat on the edge of his bed listening intently, of course he wasn’t trying to figure out what Chloe was doing in her room at all, he didn’t care.

Two days later, Chloe woke up early in the morning. She had to go to her appointment and she would leave the house at the same time Emma would. She climbed off of her bed and stood up before directly going into the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she heard some music playing in Ethan’s room, he was already awake which was odd since it was really early and she had noticed he was a late sleeper.

He hadn’t talked much to her since her mom visited and she didn’t really know why. They had started to get closer and just like that he became a little distant. Of course he still snapped comments to annoy her every time he had a chance to, but it wasn’t like it had been before her mom came by and she had no idea why.

She took her pajamas off and entered the shower deciding not to think about it any longer. She shouldn’t have thought he liked her anyway; it was her fault if she was disappointed now. She had even thought he had wanted to kiss her once when he had taken her chocolate and she had snatched it back from him. She liked spending time with him, so of course it was weird when he was being distant. What was she doing? She had just told herself she wouldn’t think about it anymore and here she was thinking about it.

Once she was finished she dried herself and put her clothes on, opting for a green tank top with her black cardigan and tight dark blue jeans. She was going to the doctor and there was no way she would show him that she wasn’t really doing better and that it was taking longer than what he was expecting. She would dress like her old self used to and she would smile to show the doctor that she was doing better even though it was all a façade. Well, she really was doing better, it was a fact, but not as good as the doctor wished. And to be honest she hadn’t smiled once in two days, of course it wasn’t because Ethan was clearly avoiding her.

She started to curl her hair like the perfectionist that she used to be, that she still was, deep inside, before applying some mascara and eyeliner on her eyes. She decided not to put lipstick on, it would be too much. Once she was done she smiled at herself in the mirror but it looked wrong, the smile didn’t reach her eyes at all, but hopefully the doctor wouldn’t notice it was all an act. She walked back into her room and put her black Louboutin shoes on. It was weird to walk in high heels after so long but it would have to do for today.

She went downstairs and arrived at the kitchen to greet Emma. Emma looked up frowning when she heard high heels hitting the floor and she smiled when she saw Chloe. It was like looking at the old Chloe, she looked perfect, almost. Her clothes were perfect, her hair and makeup as well but the expression on her face was far from being the one she used to have. She was just emotionless, and the clothes wouldn’t fool Emma even though she clearly wanted to fool the doctor. Damn, she had forgotten how sexy her friend truly was, it was hard to see it under her large clothes.

“You look great, Chloe,” Emma said smiling and Chloe didn’t even bother to smile back. “Are you ready to go?”

Chloe nodded and started to walk out of the kitchen and toward the front door but stopped when Emma walked toward the sitting-room telling her to wait for her a minute.

Emma entered the sitting-room and was happy to see that Ethan was there eating on the couch, on her couch. Okay, just calm down Emma, it’s not the moment to yell at him or it will never work.

“Chloe and I are going,” she announced. Ethan turned his head toward her and nodded nonchalantly. “I hope it will be all right, I mean, Chloe can’t communicate and I went once with her to an appointment and the doctor wasn’t going easy on her, putting a lot of pressure on her.”

Ethan nodded once more trying to show Emma that he didn’t care about what she was saying, even though he did care and he didn’t like the idea of anyone pressuring Chloe.

“It’s also the first time she is going out alone, hopefully she won’t have a panic attack while alone,” Emma said knowing Ethan wouldn’t be able to let her go alone. “You know, she was alone when she was taken three months ago and it would bring back those memories.”

Ethan tried to stay seated in the couch and ignore what Emma was saying; he tried really hard, really. But he stood up.

“I’m gonna go with her just in case, we wouldn’t want her to get lost or something like that now, would we?” He asked rhetorically.

How was he supposed to stay here when Emma was telling him the last time she went somewhere alone she was taken and abused? He had seen the pictures and he wasn’t going to let that happen again, no way. Emma smiled proud of herself and as Ethan walked past her she grabbed his arm to stop him.

“Keep your mouth closed and don’t drool,” she said before leaving the room.

Ethan frowned; he had no idea what she was talking about, why would he drool? He wasn’t a dog. He walked toward the front door and was greeted by a sight coming from heaven; he hadn’t been prepared for this view. He didn’t even notice when his mouth opened automatically. The brown haired creature in front of him was mesmerizing. He had seen her in a dress the first time he had met her at the dinner but at the time it wasn’t shocking to see a beautiful woman in a dress but right now, knowing Chloe and after seeing her for two weeks dressed like a potato...

He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He looked up and down her body, saying she was sexy was an understatement. He looked up at her face to see her blush at his insistent glare and he smiled at how cute she looked when she was blushing. She was beautiful, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he would rip apart anyone who had ever hurt her until she had reached her breaking point.

And not just because she was beautiful and Ethan couldn’t let a beautiful thing be spoiled, but also because he couldn’t ignore the way his heartbeats fastened every time he saw her.

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