Forging Forever

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Chapter 41

Nissequogue, New York

October 14, 2015

The Johnson’s car drove down the long driveway to the road. Katelyn had an unencumbered view of the house from her hiding spot in the woods. Once the headlights disappeared down the road, she stepped out of her hiding spot and made her way to the back door. She found the spare key and unlocked the house.

She had been watching the house for the last week. She knew that on Wednesday they went out to eat and would be gone for at least two hours. That gave her plenty of time to search the house and find the information she needed.

She started her search upstairs. She figured she would start at the top and make her way down. That way if the family came home earlier than she anticipated, she would have an easy escape route. She began in Annie’s room. The room felt abandoned. Her book bag was gone, along with her phone and tablet. The bed looked like it had not been slept in for quite some time. She pulled open Annie’s drawers and was surprised to see that most of her clothes were in there. Wherever she had gone, she had left in a hurry. As far as she could see, there was nothing of value here.

She made her way to the upstairs study next. She looked through the desk drawers and was surprised to find the gun and jewelry box missing. Had the house been robbed and Annie kidnapped in the process? If that were the case though, why wouldn’t Annie’s parents confide in her? She checked the time, only thirty minutes had passed. She had plenty of time to search. She booted up the old desktop and searched the history. The history revealed that someone had read the same articles Annie had read a month after her disappearance. She wondered who that could have been. Quickly she turned off the computer and continued her search.

The next room she looked through was Catherine’s room. She had a gut feeling that she had something to do with Annie’s disappearance. She looked through every piece of the room. The final place she searched was the closet. Nothing was out of place. She was about to leave when she saw an odd set of clothing hiding in the corner of the closet. She bent down and inspected it. It appeared to be a pair of 18th century men’s breeches and a matching shirt. They appeared to be authentic. Something was definitely going on here. She stuffed the clothes back in their hiding spot, left the room, and made her way downstairs.

Her first stop was the library. The moment she walked in she noticed a leather journal sitting on an end table. She quickly walked over and picked it up. She used the flashlight from her phone to read it. She was wary to turn on any lights. She didn’t want anyone to discover that she was here.

She shone the light onto the journal and read. She was immediately assailed by a mixture of fear and curiosity. The handwriting belonged to Annie, but the dates were all wrong. The journal began on August 24, 1780. Katelyn scanned the first few pages. As she read the words she felt a combination of amazement and anger. She had suspected Catherine had something to do with Annie’s disappearance. Now she had proof.

She continued reading the journal. Some of the experiences Annie had detailed brought tears to her eyes and anger in her heart. She had just finished the entry detailing Catherine’s return to the present when she saw headlights coming up the drive. She quickly closed the journal and turned off her flashlight. She was about to leave the room when she heard the front door open. She rapidly dove behind a sofa and hid, praying that no one would find her. She was relieved to hear footsteps moving away from her in several different directions. She stayed in her hiding spot for quite some time. Finally the house fell silent. Comfortable that she wouldn’t be discovered, she snuck out of the library, went down the hall, and left through the back door.

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