The Wolf & Lion

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The stories of human-animal hybrids trying to co-exist with the ups and downs of the laws of nature. Main story is of a snow wolf and lion, with other species mixed in on their own paths to happiness. In the human world lives the secret world of the animal hybrids. Every animal has an almost human form that they can shift into, all creatures try to co-exist peacefully with one another and try to follow the laws of nature. However, there are those who go against the natural laws as well as their own kind. Vemitri is a snow colored wolf and is part of the Wolf Clan that have claim over the mountain regions, and his life is anything but easy. Along while protecting his mother from his overbearing step-father and living with siblings that don't even share his blood, he has to put up with an obsessed step-brother who's bent on making Vemitri his! When a new foreign predator begins trespassing on the Wolves' territory, tension between the two species makes the chip on Vemitri's shoulder even greater when he starts to fall for the enemy! Will Vemitri betray his own kind in order to be with his first ever love? Can two different species find peace or will a full out war begin? Can Vemitri defend his mother and siblings from the wrath of his step-father and brother, his harasser, the future Beta? With so many problems, can Vemitri find the happiness he's always wanted?

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It’s common for every creature to live and interact among their own species, especially in regards to mating. The birds frolicked among themselves, the deer leaped with one another, the dogs remained beside their humans on the other side of our mountains, and the wolves remained together in their territories. Throughout our history, no one has ever broken the natural order or ever attempted to try. My clan intended to keep it that way too.

What they didn’t expect was one of their own to defy it.

Unfortunately, that someone was me.

And it all happened because of a dominant, egotistic, alpha-male predator that should’ve been captured and locked up in a cage a long time ago.

He was the predator I hated but he lead me to a very different I never imagined meeting. One I never imagined falling for.

If I had never met that pure animal...I probably would’ve never felt so alive.

Every animal race stuck to their own areas, we lived in peace so long as we respected the natural ways of life. Exactly like the circle of life, we all relied on one another in some way and always had to keep the balance.

The birds stayed in the skies and trees, which no one really cared if the trees they nested in were in our land or not.

The fish in the waters, which we relied on for nourishment but promised to not eat any of their young until they matured. A contract we broke often might I add.

Snakes roamed in both grasslands and lakes, they referred to themselves as mutual parties most of the time.

There were us wolves, who stayed mostly in the dense forests or snowy mountains.

The deer population was a source of food for us until we had seen that humans hunted them as well, a reason we had to resort to fish in the first place. Every now and then we did kill a few to eat but always had to be cautious of the humans.

The humans lived in small villages on the other side of the mountains; they were not capable of crossing them because they were very hazardous if you didn’t know your way. When in our hybrid forms, we did resemble the humans a little. Our only giveaways were the animal features that remained when he shifted.

We usually never crossed to their side, in either forms, but stayed weary of them nonetheless.

Despite some territorial disputes between other animal tribes, we lived our daily lives in mutual peace.

Our wolf clan had ruled the mountain lands for generations and our families lived there their entire lives.

Besides humans, our common enemy had always been the Bear Clan, at least until a new predator began roaming our lands.

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