Wishing Wish

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Chapter 10: The Truth

When I turned back to my brownies, I noticed that two girls to my left were giving me looks; looks that I get to be so familiar with after living with the twins for over two years.

I sighed to myself and shook my head. And here I wonder why girls my age hate me. Anyway, as long as they don’t approach me and get on my nerves, we’re good. After all, I wouldn’t want to cause trouble here. This isn’t my territory.

A couple of minutes later, the music died down, probably to let Black Forest have few adjustments on their instruments.

“Hey!” Greeted a guy to my right, smiling at me.

“Uh, hey…” I returned awkwardly.

“You’re new?” He asked, looking really curious. “I don’t think I’ve seen you on any TD gatherings before.”

“She’s Matt’s friend.” Answered Rocky before I could say anything. I glared at the emphases he put on ‘friend’. What the hell does he mean by that?

“Ohhh…No wonder you came with him.” He grinned. “We all thought that you were new and Matt’s just looking out for you. Can I have a Tequila, Rocky?”


“‘We’?” I raised a brow.

“Yeah. A lot of us were wondering who you are. It’s the first time we’ve seen Matt arrive with a girl on a TD party.” He smiled at me as he looked around. “Matt doesn’t date, he only hangs out.” I followed him and noticed that indeed a couple of people around were looking at me, some with contempt from girls and others simply curious mostly from guys. “You must be really special to be invited here by Matt.”

“You got it all wrong, we’re just friends. Nothing more.”

“Oh, but they’re getting there.” Grinned Rocky, as he handed the guy his drink.

“Shut up, Rocky! No one’s asking you!” I scowled.

The guy just chuckled and offered me his hand. “I’m Billy.”

“Wish.” I smiled, returning the gesture.

“Nice meeting you, Wish.” He grinned, of which I found so cute. He looked so adorable, really. “Are you planning to join TD?”

I gave him a tight smile. Being a gangster is never a plan of mine. “I have no plans or whatsoever, actually. I just came tonight as a favor.” Actually, it’s just not to make myself indebted too much to him.

“Not that I think you can get into TD easily, if ever you do.” Someone said to my left, when I turned I saw that it was one of girls earlier. I returned to my Brownies, trying to tune out the girl. That’s what I usually do when the twin’s fan-girls try to get into my nerves. And Billy and Rocky knew better than to get in the way of jealous bitches. “So, did you like, studied in Japan with Matt?”

I stopped my chewing as soon as I heard the word ‘Japan’. “Matt came from Japan?” I asked Billy with widened eyes. Just the thought gave me goose bumps.

“Y-Yeah. He studied at Matoi University. You didn’t know?” He asked in return, taken aback.

Matoi University.

“Hey! I’m talking to you, bitch. Don’t ignore me!” Shrieked the girl, of which I still ignored. Still too occupied with the information she had graciously provided.

“I’m pretty sure it meant that she doesn’t want to talk to you, Elizabeth.” Rocky sweetly told her.

“Augh!” Was all she said as she stomped away.

“Yo, TD!!!” I heard Matt shouted from the stage, which was followed by loud cheers from the audience.

Matoi University is where he studied.

“They’re finally starting!” Billy said excitedly. “I’ve been waiting for a Black Forest live for years!”

“Everyone is.” Chuckled Rocky.

He probably sent Matt to get me. All of this is in his plan, just like before.

“It’s so nice to be back! I know you’ve been waiting for this, just as we were.” More cheering. “We’re going to start with My Wish, a song especially dedicated to someone special to me.”

I finally looked at Matt and saw him looking at me too, as if letting me know that he meant me. Which was probably as he planned too.

I looked at Matt hardly, feeling myself tear up. I can’t believe I feel for it! I’m so fucking stupid! Even after all those years, I still let him get to me. I laughed to myself miserably. It’s my fault for falling for it anyway, for being so soft just because it was Matt. I should have known he never meant anything he said about changing and being friends. They’re just all lies concocted to get me; to get WiCom.

My star you had become the moment I first laid eyes on you

My star you had become the moment you made my heart beat for only you

You were nothing special, you were nothing great

You were not a beauty, you were not a brain

And yet you had become someone I could only love and never hate

You had become my one and only Wish…

You never call attention, but all the boys make retention

I had always hated myself for being the very reason

I say I’m falling for you but could never do anything but hurt you

I say you’re my everything yet all I did was take your everything

I can do anything but protect you when you need it

I can do anything but let you know how I feel…

My star you had become the moment I first laid eyes on you

My star you had become the moment you made my heart beat for only you

You were nothing special, you were nothing great

You were not a beauty, you were not a brain

And yet you had become someone I could only love and never hate

You had become my one and only Wish…

I made you suffer, I made you cry

I made you curse for the umpteenth time

I made you wish we never ever met

I made you wish to never ever see me again

Now all I hope is for you to let me bare my soul…

To show my hidden feelings I’m too afraid to be known…

Let me show you how much I fell for you…

To let you know that you are my one and only Wish…

My one and only Wish…

My Wish…

The song was as beautiful as it was the first time I heard it three years ago, and it still brought me to tears; although this time for a different reason altogether.

“W-Wish, are you okay?” Billy asked from beside me, looking panicked. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” He handed me his handkerchief that I reluctantly took.

“I-I guess the song is just so good...” I said, trying to smile and stop my tears.

He shook his head and just grinned at me, as if saying that I’m being silly or something.

Then I felt the urge to be alone, I had to be alone.

I stood up and started walking towards to door we had entered earlier. I have to get away from here.

“Where are you going?” He asked after me.

“Bathroom.” I answered.

And then I heard him called back something like, “…but the bathroom’s not that way!” of which I ignored and just went towards the door, of which I managed to reach after bumping to not so few people along the way.

I didn’t stop after getting back to the hallway though, and still continued walking as far away from Matt as I can.

When I was almost at Gene’s office’s door, someone grabbed my shoulder and tried to make me turn.

“Anderson, are yo–” I slapped him across his face as much force as I can. Interrupting him and instead sending him into a daze.

“Don’t touch!” I glared at him as my eyes blurred with tears.

“What are yo–”

He sent you, didn’t?” I shouted angrily. “That bastard Kenichi sent you to me, didn’t he?”

He stiffened. And that’s enough for me. I turned to leave but he stopped me again.

“Anderson it’s not wha–”

“Shut the fuck up, Roose! Stop making shit already!” I shouted again as I pushed his hand away. “It’s my fault for believing you anyway.” I gave a forced laugh, shaking my head to my stupidity. “I should have known that you would never change. You would always want to hurt me; to humiliate me; to make me suffer! I should have known! I’m so stupid for believing you even for a second!”

“It’s not what you think!” He reasoned in exasperation. “If you would just lis–”

“It’s not what I think? Really?” I scowled. “You came from Japan! You studied at the same university he is at! Your fucking reaction earlier is enough proof that he fucking sent you! It’s the only possible reason why you would ever be nice to me! I’m not stupid, Mathew Roose! And never was!”

“What’s going on here?” Gene asked as he exited his office.

“I never thought that you were!” Matt’s voice increased at this. What, he’s getting angry now? He has the nerve to fucking get angry?

“Fucking liar!” I yelled at him. “I knew you always thought that I was! That’s why it always amused you to see everyone make fun of me; make four years of my life hell!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” He yelled at me with the same intensity. “You have no idea what I felt all tho–”

“Why the fuck would I care what you feel when you don’t even care with mine?”

“I do care!”

“Don’t give me that crap! We both know that you don’t!” I screamed. “You’re the one who doesn’t know anything! You’re just a fucking rich heartless bastard who thinks that he can do whatever he wants just because he can! I don’t even know what I ever did in my life to deserve all those things! And yet I let you! I fucking let you, and I’m so fucking stupid for fucking letting you!

“And now that everything is going right in my life for once, you go mess everything up again! I didn’t even learn my lesson and still let you into my life after all the things you did to me! I’m so stupid for ever giving a chance to a bastard like you! You and Kenichi are both the same! You both fucking live off my misery!” All the memories of what Kenichi had done for the past 2 years returned to me, and though they weren’t as bad as what I had in high school, they’re still fuel to my emotions.

“What do you mean? What did he do–”

“Stop acting like you don’t know!” I shouted, my voice growing hoarser. “I bet you were there laughing with him all those times! Of course you were. It’s just like you.” I laughed humorlessly.

“I don’t have any idea what he did to you, Anderson, but I can assure you, I have nothing to do–”

“So what did he promise this time?” I demanded, like he never said anything. “Money? Fame? Or maybe connections?” His jaw tightened. “Oh, so it’s the connections. That’s understandable; Ceil Mist is one of the most influential gangs abroad. ”

“Mathew Roose, what is she talking about?” Asked Gene, sounding so angry. “What do you have to do with Ceil Mist?”

“What’s this, even your boss doesn’t know?” I raised a brow. “All the way here, you were convincing me that I have the wrong impressions of The Dark, and yet you were the worst of them all? Really, Roose?”

“I’m telling you! It’s not what you think!” He sighed, exasperated.

I shook my head. “Whatever it is, you’re not going to get what you want, Roose.”

“I don’t want anything! Dammit! Listen to me!”

“No, you listen to me!” I wiped my eyes dry and glared at him. “I’m going to put a stop to this once and for all. I’m going to show you and Kenichi that you can’t mess with me anymore! Go out with me.” I said seriously, not an ounce of doubt in me.

“I don’t want to– Wait, what?” He asked, looking at me with wide eyes.

“Go. Out. With. Me. Is what I said.” I looked at him unwaveringly. I know this is reckless, but right now nothing matters. They’re the ones who started this game, and I just choose to play with them instead of being played. And I’m not going to let them win. I won’t let Kenichi get me again, nor will I let Matt. I won’t let them ruin WiCom that the twins and I worked so hard to build. They’re not worth all the sacrifices we did for WiCom. They’re just spoiled brats who can get whatever they want.

“Are you serious?” He looked like he really can’t believe what I just said.

“Isn’t this what you were aiming for from the start? To get close to me, enough to get in WiCom’s way? Well, I’m giving you a short cut, so you won’t have to pretend to be nice and want to be friends with me. Convenient, yeah?”

“This is…just…so wrong!” He said in defeat.

“It was wrong the moment you made a deal with that bastard! You’re not the first one he sent Roose, but I’m going to make sure that you will be the last.”

I turned to leave again, and this time no one stopped me as I walked briskly away from them. Gene though hastily followed me, but not before telling Matt that they’re going to have a ‘long’ talk when he gets back.

“Wish, I’ll get you home, okay?” Gene offered worriedly; and just one look at his face made me slow down. I just nodded and let him guide me outside the building, and towards his car not too far from the back door.

“Whatever Matt did, I’m sure he has a good reason for it.” Gene suddenly said, breaking the long silence we had after we had left. “He’s not really that bad.”


“I mean, yeah, he has terrible temper sometimes, and maybe he had really done terrible things to you before; but I’m sure he never really meant to hurt you the way he had. I’m sure he regretted it every single day.”


When I looked like I really am not going to say anything, he just sighed and focused on the road. The next time the silence was broken was about twenty minutes later, when his phone turned off.

“Hey, sweetheart.” Answered Gene on the phone sweetly. “I am not, sweetheart. Why would you even think that?” He frowned. “I am not, sweetheart. And I never cheated in our relationship…” He sighed heavily. “No, I’m not, sweetheart. I would never even think of that……Aww, sweetheart, baby…don’t cry…I never thought that…I swear I-”

Gene sighed heavily again. “Look sweetheart, the lady Bert told you about is Matt’s girlfriend…” He looked at me uneasily, but I didn’t say anything or made any sort of reaction. I was serious with what I said earlier, and I’m going to stand my ground. “She and Matt had a terrible fight earlier and I-” Whoever was on the phone cut him again, making Gene let out another heavy sigh. “Well, it’s because it was just tonight that she had become his girlfriend………How about I ask her to come and visit you tomorrow so you can personally meet her……Sweetheart?......What? Swee-…Arimi!” I sighed in frustration and closed his phone.

“I’m sorry about that…My wife is just being so difficult these days.” He heaved another sigh.

“Is your wife pregnant?” I croaked. My voice starting to sound horrible after all those shouting and crying earlier.

“Yes, she is actually. It’s our first.” He smiled at me. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s proud that he’s going to be a father soon or because I finally talked to him again.

I tried to return the smile nonetheless. “I don’t mind visiting her tomorrow, if you want.” I croaked again.

“Really? You’ll really do that for me?” He asked, taken aback.

“Yeah. You did promise that I’ll visit her tomorrow, right? I don’t mind.”

“Bless you, Wish!” He sighed in relief this time. “I thought I had to just make someone pretend to be you, which I know will really make someone we know angry.”

I smiled tightly.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 11? You can have lunch with us then.”

“Alright. As long as your wife don’t try to poison me.”

He laughed at that. “No, she won’t. I’ll make sure she won’t.”

“Then 11 it is.”

If I’m going to make this work, I have to start living with the title I deliberately gave myself.

From now on, I’m Mathew Roose’s girlfriend.

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