Wishing Wish

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Chapter 13: Sick Wish

I slowly opened my eyes and sat up on the bed; as I looked around, the towel that was in my forehead feel to my lap. I’m probably still at the Roose Mansion, this room is far too fancy to be my room.

Suddenly fainting after spilling my guts out is really pathetic. I hope Matt’s mom doesn’t hate me after that. If it were me, I really would hate myself.

I felt my temperature with the back of my hand. Good. I think my temperature is back to normal; I still feel so weak though, and my vision is still a bit blurry. I’ll probably be all better tomorrow after a night’s rest.

Looking outside the window, it turned out that it was already dark. I wonder what time it is. Aunt Marry is probably worried sick about me now, but I don’t want to get up yet. I laid back down after I put the towel on the basin on the bedside table, and pulled the comforter closer to me; it’s so warm and comfy.

I was about to close my eyes to sleep again, when the door opened to reveal Matt with a tray. And as if on que, my tummy grumbled. I hope he brings food. I slowly sat up again and watched him as a walked towards me with the tray.

“You’re awake.” Matt sighed in relief as he put the tray on the bedside table on the other side, and sat on the bed beside me. “How are you feeling?” He felt my forehead with his hand. “You’re still a little hot.”

“I’m okay.” I said weakly. His hand is so cool on my skin; I don’t want it to leave.

“You still need rest.” He smiled. “Mom made a soup for you. Eat it first before you go back to sleep.”

Matt propped me to sit comfortably in the bed and helped me eat the soup; it was so good and really warmed me. Plus every time his hand brushed against my skin, unconsciously or not, it made me want to just hold it.

“Mom was really worried about you when you suddenly blacked out. She almost called for an ambulance. I shouldn’t have left you with her. I’m so sorry.” He said apologetically.

I shook my head. “It wasn’t really her fault. I wasn’t already feeling good since this morning.”

“That was what your Aunt said too when I called to let her know about your condition, and asked to let you stay for the night.” He looked at me disapprovingly. “You should’ve told me you’re sick; I could’ve just told mom to meet you some other day. You didn’t need to push yourself.”

“Your mom seemed to be so excited, so I didn’t really mind.” I smiled.

“You should think of yourself more, you know.” He shook his head.

“Does that mean you were worried about me?”

“O-Of course I was worried.” He blushed as he looked away. “What kind of question is that?”

“That makes me so happy.” I giggled.

“U-Un.” He blushed further. It was so cute. “D-Do you want to finish your soup?”

I shook my head. “Can I have some water?”

“Sure.” He put the bowl of soup back to the tray and then handed me a glass of water.

“Thanks.” I said as I returned the empty glass to him. That was refreshing.

“Do you need anything else?” He asked as he helped me lay back to the bed.

“Can you be my pillow tonight?” I asked as I held his hand when he stood up from the bed.

“Y-Your what?” He stuttered and looked at me unbelievingly.

“My pillow.” I repeated and look at him with puppy dog eyes. “Please?”

“B-But…t-that…um…” He was avoiding me eyes, but still didn’t let go of my hand. Aaahhh~ I really want him to be my pillow. He seemed to be warmer and comfier than the bed and comforter.

“Just until I fell asleep?” I pleaded again.

After awhile, he sighed and laid beside me, with me still holding his hand. I knew there really are still guys affected by my charm. Haru and Sora seemed to be unaffected these past few months, especially Haru; that’s why I thought I can’t do it anymore.

“Get inside the comforter.” I whined.

“W-What? Are you serious?” He gulped.

I just pouted.

“Fine. Fine.”

And so he laid beside me under the comforter; and I immediately hugged him, burying my face in his chest which seemed to have made him stiff.

“You really are warmer and more comfortable than the bed and comforter.” I sighed in satisfaction.

After a while, he relaxed and slowly wrapped his arms around me too as he rested his head on mine. “I’m sure you’d regret this when you wake up tomorrow.”

“Why?” I asked confusedly. Why would I regret hugging him? “Couples hug, right?”


“And they go on dates, and hold hands while walking side by side.” I smiled at the thought. “Let’s do those when I get better, okay?”

“Yes.” I felt him smile.

I hugged him tighter; his warmth really comfortable against my skin. I hugged Sora and Haru all the time, but Matt is just different. I feel so secure and complete being this close to him, even smelling so nice. Like sandalwood. I just want to stay like this forever.

“I wish you’d always stay like this.”

I giggled. “You mean you want me to be always si–” I tilted my head a bit to look at Matt, only to find my face so close to his; that I could feel his breath on my cheeks. Our eyes locked at each other, and all I wanted to do is kiss him. I really, really want to kiss Mathew Roose.

“Wish, can I–”

Without letting him finish or guessing what he might want, I planted my lips on his and kissed him. Matt didn’t react at first, but after he recovered he returned my kiss and deeper than I initially did. All I can do is close my eyes and let him led the kiss, as I seemed to just melt in his arms. Matt’s kiss is so unlike any other that I’ve had before. There was so much feeling in it, that it sent goose bumps throughout my body.

I was on fire as Matt started touching all-over my body. When his lips left my lips and started trailing kisses on my neck, and his hand found its way under my shirt, I was sure we really will do something. Only, we didn’t.

Matt suddenly pushed himself away from me, stood up and hurriedly left the room without uttering a word; leaving me breathless, and in wonder if what just happened really happened.

Oh. My. God. OhMyGod. OhMyGod. OhMyGod.

What did I do? Did I really do that? Why the hell did I do that? Gaaahhhh!!! If I just listened to Aunt Marry and didn’t go to that lunch, I wouldn’t have seen Matt and we wouldn’t have talked and his mom wouldn’t have learned about us and I wouldn’t have fainted!

I can’t believe I really did that! This is why I hate getting sick! At the end I really made a fool of myself! Why did I have to do that? And to Matt, of all people!

It’s the end of my life! I can’t possibly show myself in front of him again! He must think I’m an easy, shameless chick; brazenly attacking him after all the hostility I showed. I’m such a–

Wait. What he must think?

I washed my face again and watched my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

After I kissed him and let him touch me all-over, he just had to suddenly leave without saying anything? What the hell! Did he hate kissing me that much? Was he that disgusted with me? It’s a fucking privilege to be able to kiss me! He really makes me so angry! When I see him I’m going to– Gaahhh! That fucking bastard!

“Wish?” Aunt Lissa’s voice called, followed by a knocking in the bathroom door.

I dried my face with the face towel beside the mirror and took a deep breath before opening the bathroom door.

“Good morning, Aunt Lissa.” I greeted with a smile. It’s not because I’m angry at his son that I should be grumpy to her.

“Good morning, Wish!” She suddenly hugged me. “I was so worried. How are you feeling? All better? Still feeling chills?”

“I’m okay. All better.” I returned the hug and take in her scent. She smelt nice, like how my mom smelt. Being with her must be the only good thing I love in this fake relationship.

“Were you planning to take a bath?” She asked as she led me to the bed.

“Yeah. I’m kinda sticky and–”

“No. Don’t take a bath yet. You’re still a bit hot.” She reprimanded and pushed me to sit on the bed. “Maybe tomorrow, but not today. Just in case. I’ll help you have a dry bath instead.”

“That…uh…I can do it on my own, Aunt Lissa.”

“Shhh. Just let me. Matt was the only one who took care of you last night. He won’t even let me in your room.” She shook her head. “At least let me do this for you.”

The only one?

“Uh…but you made the soup for me last night, right?”

“Soup? What soup?” She frowned.

“Matt brought a soup for me last night…” I said slowly. “He said you made it.”

“But I didn’t…” She looked at me confusedly, and then giggled, like she just suddenly realized something.

Aunt Lissa wet the hand towel with the water from the basin she brought, and started wiping my back after I took off my blouse. “Speaking of Matt. He suddenly left your room last night, all flustered. Did you know what happened to him?”



What am I supposed to say to that? He was flustered? Well I’m flustered too! Last night after he left without a word, and now that his mom is asking about it!

“Oh~ Did you two do something naughty last night?” She teased as she turned me around and looked at me maliciously.

I blushed furiously. Why on earth is she acting like this? Is this really how moms should act when talking about their child’s love life? “I-It’s not–”

“That idiot didn’t attack you when you’re helpless, didn’t he?” She asked sounding so horrified. If she only knew, it’s the opposite. Although I don’t think he was helpless at that time. But still thinking about what happened made my face so hot. “We can talk about it some other time if you’re not ready to tell me yet.” She grinned at me.

Maybe we shouldn’t talk about it ever.

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