Wishing Wish

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Chapter 14: The Twins

“Wish, are you still not talking to me?” Matt asked me sadly, glancing at me from time to time as he drove to my house.

Matt’s mom did not let us go until we had breakfast, so we headed home later than I anticipated. Aunt Lissa talked like we’re not going to see each other again. After what she did for me, and the dress that she really gave, I would never not want to see her again. Really.

During the whole breakfast though, I did my best to ignore Matt. Even how much he tried to talk to me or get my attention. I just can’t get myself to.

I mean, I know it’s not his fault what happened last night. It’s mine. I’m the one who got all so not me and ‘attacked’ him. Just thinking about it makes me so ashamed of myself. This is Matt. The Matt. The guy I’ve been ogling for– Wait, what am I talking about. I’m not–! If it were Haru or Sora, I wouldn’t feel as worse.

“No!” I answered to the window of the passenger’s seat dully, refusing to even glance at him.

He sighed. “You’re so moody, Wiwi. This morning you kept on ignoring me; not even a ‘Hi’ or a glance. And just as we left, you declared that you won’t ever talk to me again…makes me wonder if last ni–”

I whipped my head towards him so fast I thought I’m gonna break my neck, and glared at him fiercely. “Nothing happened last night!” I growled.

“But last nig–”


“R-Right. Nothing…” He agreed as he reluctantly gave me a glance. I rolled my eyes at him and looked back outside the window again, angrily.

How dare he even mention about what happened last night when he chickened out himself! He should just forget that it ever happened, to save his face for chickening out…and to me for even starting it. Aaahhh!!! I’m the one who just wants to forget it the most already…

Next time I get sick, I’ll make sure I’m at home with Aunt Marry…Haru and Sora are okay since they’re already used to me; but definitely not Matt. I can’t be with Matt when I’ve got no control of myself. That’s just like throwing all of my pride through the window. It’s suicide!


When I didn’t give any sign of responding, as if I’d ever, he groaned and just kept quiet until we finally arrived.

I felt so relieved when I finally got out of the car. Although at the same time feeling nervous about something.

I shook my head. What could possibly go wrong today? I mean, worst case scenario, Matt decides to hang around. But I could easily avoid him by saying that I want to get more rest.

Speaking of rest, maybe I’ve dragged this vacation too long? I felt somehow guilty being the only one to get a proper summer vacation when Haru and Sora are dealing with Jackson’s case. I should call them when I get back to my room and ask how things are. There must be something I could do to help.

When I turned to get the paper bag where the dress was, Matt already got it.

I frowned at him and wanted to snap at him and take it back, but decided against it. Let him carry it if he wants, I’m still going to ignore him.

I led the way to the house, and was about to open the door, when someone already did from the inside. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who it was. I was rooted in the spot and just stared at him in panic. “S-Sora?...”

“We’ve been waiting for you.” He said hardly as he took my wrist and tried to pull me inside, but not before glaring at Matt.

“W-Wait Sora…I can explain…” I said desperately, trying to pull my wrist free.

“Let her go.” Matt growled, as he too took my other wrist and pulled me towards him.

They glared at each other heatly, and as seconds pass not only does the atmosphere became more intense but their hold to me became tighter too. Making me more nervous and scared of what’s going to happen. Having broken wrists’ the least of my worries.


“Oh, good. Wish and Matt are back.” Piped Aunt Marry’s happy voice. “Great timing. The cookies I baked are done. You three should get in before Haru gulp them all down. Hmm? What’s wrong?” Aunt Marry took in the position I am in and arched her brow in amusement. God, I can’t believe she’d be amused at a time like this! This is serious! Plus, Aunt Marry should have called to let me know the twins are here.

Not only will I get into trouble by lying to them; I’m sure Haru and Sora will be furious if they find out what’s really been happening here. Not to mention the fact that they’ve hated Matt for as long as they’ve known about him.

“Now, now…boys, how about we take this inside?” Aunt Marry smiled as she gently freed my wrists from their tight grips. “You’re going to break my niece’s wrists if you continue doing this.”

They both looked flustered and backed away.

“How are you feeling, dear?” Smiled Aunt Marry, as she led me inside.

“B-Better…” I mumbled, checking my wrists if I broke anything. When I looked back over my shoulder, I saw Matt and Sora still glaring at each other but was already on our heels. “Aunt Marry, why didn’t you tell me they were here?” I whispered to her.

“Haru asked me.” She smiled sheepishly. “And…I wanted to see how Sora will react when he sees Matt, and vice versa.” She giggled.

“Auntie, this isn’t as simple as you think.” I whispered again.

“It’s okay. Haru will be there to pull them apart.” She whispered back, but was grinning.

Right. If he didn’t join in.


Is what the situation we have right now is. It was better earlier when Aunt Marry was still here, cause she talked nonstop and the guys were all polite around her. But she left a couple of minutes ago for a meeting on one of her volunteer organizations. I can’t believe she really left me in this situation.

I really wanted to cry; and Haru not saying anything made the feeling worst. Matt and Sora can glare at each other all day I can live with, even though I was literally in the middle of it, but Haru not saying anything when I know he had a lot to…it’s just so scary. And no one even opened the television, to at least lighten the heavy air.

I slowly turned to look at Haru who was sitting on the armchair on Soar’s left. “Haru–”

“If you’re just going to lie again…don’t say anything.” He interrupted calmly, taking another cookie from the bowl, and stopping Matt and Sora’s glaring contest.

I bit my lower lip in guilt. I don’t want to lie anymore, not that I can anyway. They know me enough to know when I’m lying. Another reason why I don’t want them here. I really am in trouble, and if I don’t tell them the truth this time…I’ll be in much deeper.

I sighed heavily and looked at the three of them before starting. “Everything about the party I told you about that Aunt Marry made me go is true, except that it happened a couple of weeks ago and not last week.”

I recounted everything, everything that happened from the time I saw Matt again, and they just listened as I did. I told them everything except the conversation I had with Matt at Gene’s house and last night, and also a couple of other awkward situations. I tried my best to not be obvious, but I know that they saw past through me. And I’m just thankful that they didn’t ask anything, although I doubt that they’ll leave it at that for long.

“I’m really sorry I lied.” I said regretfully. “I just don’t want you to know that he’s up to something again. I–”

“…wanted to deal with this on your own?” Sora interrupted.

I just bit my lower lip in guilt.

Haru sighed. “Wish, if anything…we’re the ones who don’t want you get caught in anything again.”


“No more buts.” He shook his head. “And no more lying…or hiding anything, okay?” He smiled meaningfully.

“O-Okay…” I gave in. Too much for keeping my private life to myself.

“And since we’re talking about being honest, we also have something to confess…” Haru looked at Matt, who had kept quite all this time, at the armchair to my right; and didn’t give out anything while I talked. “Kyo already informed us about him a few months ago.”

“W-What?” I stuttered unbelievingly.

Matt raised a brow.

“He’s a childhood friend who’s been spying Kenichi for us.” Haru explained to him.

“W-Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Same reasons as yours.” Sora said simply.

“And about this scheme you’re at…we’ll let you be. It’s not like we can do anything to stop you, anyway.” Haru smiled.

I sighed and returned the smile. I really don’t know what I’d do without these idiots.

“Quits?” Haru grinned.

“Quits.” I grinned back. “Come on, Sora, smile a little.” I giggled as I moved closer to Sora in the couch we were both occupying and pinched his cheeks, trying to make his face smile.

I’m so glad the twins took everything way, way better than I had imagined, it’s seemed surreal; and the thing with Matt, I really thought they’d immediately launch an attack the moment they see him. That would really be ugly ’cause Matt won’t just stand there and let them. It’s great that they’re being nice to him, or at least try to. They were not exactly being friendly with each other; especially, Matt and Sora. Sigh.

“By the way, Wishing Well…you caught the flu yesterday, right? Who had the privilege to be your pillow last night?”

I stopped pinching Sora and slowly returned to my position earlier. “I…don’t know what you’re talking about.” I answered slowly, willing Matt in my mind not to say or do anything that might get Haru suspicious.

Haru raised a brow as a smirk made its way to his face. “I’m assuming it was Mathew. So Mathew, did she attack you too?”

“Why are you making me sound like a pervert?” I glared at him, although I could feel my face heat up. “And I didn’t do anything!”

“‘too’?” Matt asked, narrowing his eyes on Haru.

“Yeah. She lets her guard down, and gets all clingy and touchy when she’s having a fever, demanding the ones taking care of her to be her pillow and such.” He snickered. “The first few times, it was always awkward for us after she recovers.”

“Oh my God! I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.” I covered my face in embarrassment.

“So, I’m assuming that you really attacked him?” He chuckled.

“I–I didn–!”

“What if I said I was the one who attacked her?”

It was so sudden. Right after Matt said that, Sora’s fist and Haru’s leg were thrown to his direction; only, he blocked them both effortlessly. Leaving them hanging.

“Guys!” I exclaimed in horror.

“We’ll kill you.” Sora said threateningly.

“Watch your back, pal.” Added Haru, and although he was smiling, it didn’t reach his eyes at all. “Whoever you are, you won’t like us as your enemies.”

“What’s this?” Matt smirked. “Are you being over-protective? Or just being jealous?”

At the last word, the two attempted to attack again...

“Guys, stop it! What are you doing?” I cried, as I tried, and struggled, to break them apart.

“Don’t get cocky.” Haru said menacingly when I finally pulled him away from Matt. “We’re only being civil for Wish’s sake; we don’t like having you around.”

“I thought as much.” Matt shrugged, still smirking. “But you don’t have to go that far; after all, it’s not like I enjoy being around you either. You can come at me anytime, I’ll gladly welcome you.”

“Glad to know.” Sora said, before he finally let me push his hand away.

“You hate each other, I get it!” I exclaimed. “Just please don’t be at each other’s neck!”

I should’ve known this would’ve happened. Of course the twins are not okay having Matt around. I’m such an idiot for believing, or even hoping, otherwise.

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