Wishing Wish

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Chapter 15: Branding

“We still want to bite you to death…” Huh? Was that Haru’s voice? “…but we trust you.”

Who is he talking to?

“Wish is a different story, however…”


“I know…”

I slowly opened my eyes and peered around me. Where am I?

“Oh, good! She’s awake.” Said the person whose lap had served as my pillow. “Good morning, sleepy head.”

“It’s not morning, Haru. I can’t smell Aunt Marry’s breakfast from the kitchen.” I said as I slowly sat up, trying to get more awake. I remember, I fell asleep after watching TV; the guys pissed me off when they star–

My eyes widened in realization and immediately inspected Haru beside me for a bruise or any injury; when I didn’t see any I turned to Sora. That was when Haru pulled me back to the couch.

“Nothing happened, Wishing Well. Calm down, okay?” Haru sighed, shaking his head.

“I can never be too sure.” I frowned at him. “And why are you sitting here, as far as I can remember Sora was the one beside me.”

“Yeah, well…when you fell asleep on Sora’s shoulder earlier, Mathew here looked like he wants to eat him whole. It annoyed Sora, and they started bantering. I’m surprised they never woke you up.” He shook his head at me again.

“And?” I just glared at him.

“I promised we won’t get into another fight; so before these two could, I exchanged seat with Sora to get them to shut up.” He grinned smugly. “Am I trustworthy or what?”

“No, you’re an idiot.” I muttered, looking at Matt and Sora who looked anywhere but me. Well, I didn’t see any evidence, so I guess he’s telling the truth. Then I remembered something. “Were you three talking about me earlier?”

There was a moment of silence before Haru answered. “Self-centered much, Wishing Well?” He snickered. But I saw Matt and Sora stiffened for a moment.

“Really?” I raised a brow at him unbelievingly, ready to start a speech about hypocrisy when Aunt Marry suddenly opened the front door.

“I’m home!” She greeted happily, as she hanged her coat by the door; a paper grocery bag in front of her. “We’ll be having lasagna tonight, by the way. Stay for dinner, Mathew?”

“Uh, sure. Thanks.” He smiled sheepishly.

“Great! So, how was your afternoon, kids? Any exciting happenings after I left?” She wiggled her brows at us.

I just rolled my eyes and headed for the stairs. “I’m outta here.” I muttered. Finally, I can have a proper rest.

“Be sure to get down in an hour, darling.” She reminded in a sing-song voice.

“Fine.” I sighed.

This is going to be a looooong night.

For the next couple of days that I was detained at home, courtesy of my lovely Aunt, a routine developed.

Matt would arrive early in the morning just in time for breakfast; Aunt Marry would wake me up just to find Matt and the twins already in the dining table. After breakfast, the guys head straight to the living room, either watching sports channel and shout at the screen, or play Xbox that Matt had brought over; which would last until dinner time when Aunt Marry gets back home, of which Matt also attended, since he doesn’t leave until I get ready for bed.

Aunt Marry being not home all day, is soooo frustrating because I have no choice but to stay with the guys and listen to them banter and shout at each other and what not, still not trusting them on their own, especially Matt and Sora, because even though they play together, and support the same soccer team, they still glare daggers at each other whenever they can.

Which confuses me to no end. How can they hate each other so much, and can still stand to be next to each other, talking about sports and other guy-things that one would only talk with someone close to him? I could never understand boys!

What’s more? Almost all of my waking hours, I see Matt, and I get reminded of what happened to us that night; which was never again brought up but still keep popping up in my head. And then at night, when I’m alone in my room and ready for bed, I would again think about the kiss until I fall asleep. The worst part is, even though the memory is something that I should be really angry about, it would still always stir up unwanted feelings and desires I don’t even want to think of. I blame it all to my hormones. Or maybe I really am a masochist! Tsk!

The only good thing about this routine, however, is the fact that every afternoon when I demand snacks. Matt would head straight to Patty’s and get me a box of Patty’s Brownies; which I never share with them, by the way. I can never get enough of it.

Anyway, I wanted to have a break with the said routine, and if I’m lucky – I might not see Matt for a couple more hours longer, that I decided to do my morning jog, after almost a week. I know Aunt Marry would have a fit when she finds out, her being too worried about me and all. But the break was needed, else I’d go crazy!

Also, I’m missing girl company. After all, I have been jogging every morning with Diane and the others for the past weeks. And those times were ones of the best in my entire vacation so far. This may sound pathetic but, it was the first time in my life that I felt I have real girl friends. Because even at the university, girls just either befriend me to get close to the twins or get intimidated and thus stay away. Sigh. It’s probably my fault too anyway. Not that I regret living with the twins.

I silently left the house at exactly 5 in the morning so eager for a jog, maybe a few meters of run, and a girl talk. I’m sooo tired listening about what weapon best suited Cloud Strife or what’s the best play that Lionel Messi ever had!

“And here comes Barbie doll! Finally!” Exclaimed Mico, Diane’s boyfriend’s younger brother, who used to be my bully as well.

After the party at Matt’s a couple of weeks ago, me and everyone who had approached me with Diane have been kinda close; we would always joke around and talk about anything nonsensical, whenever we see each other in our morning jogs. They would always refer to me as ‘Barbie doll’, as Jessica did, but I would just laugh it off.

“And who do we owe the honor of your presence?” Railey asked sarcastically.

I just chuckled and shook my head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was sick so I wasn’t able to jog. I texted you, right?”

“Right.” Lovey drawled. “Your presence at TD’s party the other day was all-over the town, you know. As far as our generation is concerned, that is. Well that was to be expected, you and Matt are getting there,after all. With all the texting and whatnots you’ve been doing last week.”

There, huh? I raised a brow at her words.

“Exactly! So, the question is, was Matt arriving with you at the party really meant that you two are together?” Railey’s eyes were glowing in anticipation. “And to think, all of us thought that you’d hate him for the rest of your life!”

“This is probably what they call the Miracle of Love.” Lovey sighed dreamily.

I looked at the rest of the guys and they just shook their head, as if telling me that the two are a hopeless case.

“They’ve been like that, the moment they heard about it, Wish.” Shrugged Marvic.

“They almost dragged us to visit your at home in the pretense to visit you, but we would always see Matt’s car in your driveway so we never really did.”

“Hey! What’s with ‘the pretense’?” Exclaimed Lovey, glaring at Marvic intensely. “We really wanted to visit her!”

“Of course.” Was the sarcastic reply.


“Don’t listen to him, Wish. He’s just being an assh*le.” Railey commented. “So, what’s really the deal with you and Matt? Did he really make you fall for him with his oh-so-God-given charms, and made you forget all the past? ” She asked again. Excitement so obvious in her voice.

Well, what do I say? We’re not exactlygoing out like how they think. We’re not really in love with each other, despite what Matt says, right?

“Leave her alone guys.” Diane shook her head at the girls, but grinning still.

“As if you weren’t dying to know too.” Teased Lovey.

“Well, yeah. A little, maybe.” She grinned further.

Then we heard the four guys behind us said ‘Girls’ in an exasperated tone.

I shook my head again. “I don’t know what’s going on exactly but, I can assure you…my feelings for him haven’t changed even after all these years.” I said, just to be on the safe side. Because, I myself am still in turmoil.

“Aww. You mean you hate him still and want to get your revenge?” Asked Railey sadly.

Why does everybody think that the only feelings I had for Matt is ‘hate’? It was the same with John! I don’t know if I should feel sorry for myself or for Matt.

I don’t exactly know what to reply to her, so I smiled mysteriously.“Maybe?”

The girls groaned in frustration.

“Can we stop this and start our rounds?” Mico said, annoyed. “It’s getting tiring.”

“You’re just jealous.” Derek grinned at him while the later just glared.

I giggled. “You should find a girlfriend, so they can tease you too, Mico.”

“That’s right, Mico. A girlfriend.” Drawled Lovey. “You should make your move now before it’s too late, you know.”

“What? What? Mico had his eyes for someone?” I asked, suddenly very interested. Mico never mentioned anyone he likes.

“Oh, he does.” Smiled Railey mischievously. “Do you wanna know who, Wish?”

“I’m going to go ahead.” Declared Mico as he started to leave, but not before glaring at Railey warningly.

“Let’s go guys. It’s getting late.” Diane shook her head and followed Mico. The rest of the guys followed suit, grinning all the while.

“Why do I have the feeling that I’m the only one who doesn’t know?” I frowned at them.

“Because you really are the only one.” Smiled Railey at me cheekily as she went past me. A giggling Lovey at her heels.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” I followed them, whining playfully.

And thus, we started in our usual morning course.

It wasn’t until quarter past 7 when we decided that we had enough for the day, and just sat by the fountain in the park, talking and letting the sun give us the much needed vitamin I was deprived for the last couple of days. I closed my eyes and just welcomed the warmth of the sun in my skin, sighing satisfactorily. Even the sun here is much, much better than in the city.

“Hey, Wish?” I heard Mico said as he approached me.

“Yeah?” I responded without opening my eyes.

“You…uh…Weren’t you supposed to get back a couple of days ago?” He asked.

Oh, yeah. I was supposed to. But things with Matt happened, and the twins decided to have a vacation to. I forgot all about going back.

“I was supposed to…” I sighed, finally looking at him. “…but things happened, and yeah, I’m not sure when I’ll leave.” It all depends on the twins, ’cause I definitely won’t go back to the University without the twins. I wouldn’t have anything fun to do.

“Oh, so…uh…you’ll still be here this weekend?” He asked somewhat nervously.

“Yeah, I think so. Why?”

“Well, you see…two days from now, there’s this opening of a Café owned by one of my friends…and I was thinking that…uh…maybe you’d like to…uh…that is, with me…you know…”

“Mico Hendrickson! Are you asking me out on a date?” I asked unbelievingly, both of my brows raised in surprise. Don’t tell me I’m the one they were talking about earlier?

He flinched a bit at my words. “Yeah, well…uh…”

I was debating whether to tease him a bit and laugh at him, when somebody suddenly grab me so I was standing in front of him, with his strong arm wrapped around my shoulders possessively.

“Back off before I bite your head off.” Matt threatened darkly in a tone that made me shiver. He then pushed Mico so hard that it made the poor guy stagger backwards, and almost fell down. I looked so shocked at Mico. That was just mean! I wanted to face Matt to tell him off, but I can’t move. Not just because he was holding me firmly, but because my body just won’t let me.

What is Mathew doing here? This is bad.

Then I heard someone whistled. “You just had your vacation and now you’re making girlfriends too?” Haru commented amusedly. “I knew this vacation was a good idea, right Sora?” The later just grunted.

Why are the twins here too?

“I-I didn’t…” Mico stammered.

“She’s mine.” He growled loudly for everybody to hear. The heck!

I heard Haru whistle amusedly again. I don’t find amusement in this situation at all.

And Matt really didn’t need to be mean to Mico. We’re not even in a real relationship!

I looked at Railey and the others, not really knowing what to do. The looks they gave me, however, just killed something inside me. The look of disappointment, disgust, anger and a bunch other hostile emotions is just too much. I can’t imagine all the other ideas probably floating in their heads right now.

Without saying anything and to prevent further embarrassment, I willed my body to move and grab Matt towards the exit of the park, Haru and Sora in tow.

When we were finally seated in his car, me at the passenger’s seat and the twins on the back seat, I glared daggers at him.

“What’d you do that for?” I asked angrily.

“He was having a pass on my girlfriend! I’m just showing him his place!” Matt responded hardly, eyes in front as he started the car. “He should be thankful I didn’t beat him up!”

“You didn’t have to be mean!” I growled at his words. “He’s my friend, and he was just asking me out!”

“And you would have said yes? You have a boyfriend, Wish!” He said, somewhat angrily. “I’m your fucking boyfriend for crying out loud!”

“What’s wrong with going out with a friend?” I replied, anger also evident in my tone.

“So, you really would have?” He asked, unbelievingly, glancing at me for a bit then back to the road. “That just sounded like you’re a playgirl!”

“So now you know how the girls you played with felt.” I said sarcastically. He is being ridiculous! I can’t see anything wrong going out with a friend!

“Where are you getting at this, Wish?” He gritted his teeth.

“I am not getting at anything!” I shouted, really, really angry this time. “I’m just saying that you were such a fucking ass back there!”

“I have the right to be a fucking ass, when my girlfriend is being hit at and she seemed to enjoy it!” He shouted in the same intensity as mine.

“Wha–!” Did he just insult me? “You’re not even my real boyfriend!”

That shut him up. Which made me regret it the moment it left my lips.

Okay, that was a low blow, Wishlyn Marry Anderson. You were the one who brought up this fake relationship in the first place! You have no right to question it! And he was right, you really sounded like a real playgirl in there.

I just looked outside the window without another sound. It was only then that I realized we were not alone. Which made me regret my words even more. Sometimes, I really just hate myself.

And thus, the rest of the ride home was of total silence.

Matt left the moment he dropped me and the twins off. And even then, my pride would not let me apologize or at least talk to him. I know I really shouldn’t have said those words. Still!

Aunt Marry was in full scolding mode the moment I entered the house, but when she saw my foul mood and that Matt was nowhere to be found. She just accepted my apology and let me go upstairs to my room, when I told her I was not hungry.

Before I totally leave hearing range, I heard her ask Haru what happened. I didn’t hear what he responded, and I didn’t really care.

I felt too bad on what I said to Matt, to care about anything else.

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