Wishing Wish

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Chapter 16: Favour Returned

I didn’t leave my room all day, only opening the door when Aunt Marry brought me breakfast and Sora, lunch. Even then, I didn’t have much of an appetite and barely touched my food.

I was debating on whether to call Matt or not, since I was the one who started it anyway. I mean, Matt’s really has the right to get angry; he really had the right to act like that. Because whether we really have a relationship or not, he still is my boyfriend. But the thing is, he really made me sound like I’m cheating on him, and that I enjoyed it. And it really made me angry. I’m not like him! Even how much I hate Matt, and even if we’re in a fake relationship, I would never cheat on him.

Yes, I would have accepted Mico’s invitation, but only if we have the others with us. I don’t feel anything special with Mico, and I would never want to let him hope that we can have anything more than friendship.

Aug! What am I saying; he didn’t even say that he really feels that way about me. Assuming much, Wish? Barbie doll or not, you’re not in the level where you can think that everyone is in love with you. That’s just being self-centered. And you hate self-centered people.

So instead of calling Matt, I called Mico. And I was on my tenth dial when his phone couldn’t be reached anymore. Is he perhaps angry at me? I tried the others, especially the girls, but they won’t answer my calls and texts.

By three in the afternoon, I decided that it’s either they, all of them, were in the middle of something that their phones were indisposed of, or they all don’t want to talk to me; and probably angry for some reason. I bet it was the later. I have to talk to them, especially to Mico.

Sigh. Just when I thought I found some real friends, I go and screw it up. Wait. Technically it was Matt who screwed it up. Tsk. Whatever.

A knocking on my door brought me back from my musing. “Wish?”

I swallowed. What is Matt doing here? Isn’t he still angry about the things I said earlier? Wait. Of course he’s angry! Maybe he’s here because he wants to break up with me? Wait, we’re not really in a relationship so that– Tsk! I don’t know anymore!

“Yeah…” Was what I only managed to say. After what happened earlier, I don’t think I can do more.

“Uh, well…Dan’s mom is back in town and at the Patisserie, and I was wondering that maybe you’d want to meet her and ge–”

“I’ll go!” I said as I opened the door, my eyes glowing with excitement. I can meet Patricia Gomez! The best patisserie in the world! Oh my G!

“That’s what I though.” He said, giving me a genuine smile. “But maybe you should change first?” He raised a brow in amusement.

I looked down on my clothes and remembered how I’m only in my short-shorts and spaghetti strap blouse, and I wasn’t wearing any bra in that thin blouse might I add.

Without a moment to loose, I closed the door in his face so hard that I though the hinges would fall off. What was I thinking? No, I wasn’t thinking at all!

I heard him chuckle on the other side of the door. “We’ll wait for you downstairs, Wiwi.”

“Y-Yeah.” I said, covering my hot face with my hands. God! That was sooo embarrassing!

But somehow, just with that, the tension our spat earlier caused disappeared.

Well, if that’s his way of making peace, I’m not one to reject; that lifted a heavy weight off my chest.

I smiled to myself happily.

I’m in Cloud 9…

Patricia Gomez just went to our table earlier, personally serving the brownies and other pastries that she personally baked for us. She even chatted with us for a bit, and half of the time I caught myself just staring at her. Awestruck.

And when she left, I smiled at Matt widely. I almost hugged him. If he wasn’t with us, I knew I won’t ever have this privilege.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!” I said to Matt gratefully, who just smiled at me sheepishly. “Letting me eat the brownies here whenever I want is one thing; meeting Patricia Gomez in person, is just on a whole lot other level. I can’t thank you enough!”

“So the one who had a row with him a couple of hours ago said.” Haru said cheekily. “You’re such a girl, Wishing Well.”

“Newsflash, Haru Shibo, I’m actually a G-I-R-L.” I rolled my eyes, and he just laughed; even Sora had a shadow of smile in his face. “I’m just going to eat and ignore you.” I said with finality as I took pastry after pastry to my mouth, not forgetting to savor each bite I make.

“Sometimes I really wonder how you can eat so much and not get fat. Oh wait, I think you really are getting fat a bit.” Haru commented cheekily again.

I glared at him crossly, and kicked his shin under the table.


“Golden Rule #2 when you’re in a girl company: Never say, or as much as insinuate, that she’s fat.” I simply said, as I took in a forkful of cheesecake in my mouth. I almost moaned as it melted in my mouth.

“What Rule #1?” Sora said amusement in his voice.

“Golden Rule #1: Never says that she’s wrong…on anything.” I answered grinning at him smugly.

“Whoever made those up is such a self-centered feminist.”Haru scowled at me pointedly.

“Say what you want, but when I finish my book, you’d be begging on your knees for a copy you’ll never get. Ever.” I said indignantly.

“Only nerds and geeks would want to buy a book on how to survive being with obnoxious girls, anyway.” Was all he said as he boredly took a forkful of blueberry cake into his mouth.

I just stuck my tongue out to him.

“You’re writing a book?” Matt ask, genuinely interested.

“Yup. And I’m almost done with it.” I answered proudly.

“Can I have a copy?”

“I’ll give you one with an autograph.” I grinned at him.

The afternoon proceeded with me getting nicer and nicer towards Matt. After the argument we had earlier and this favor he did for me, I just can’t help it. I’m not that wretched. And wretched is a really strong word.

“I’m so full.” Groaned Haru. “I don’t think I can eat anything anymore.”

“Well, you have to.” I said. “Aunt Marry will think you don’t like the food she makes if you don’t.”

“Tsk. Pig.” He mumbled.

“I heard that!” I glared.

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Let’s just go.” He said dismissively as he stood up.

“Wait. I have to go to the comfort room first.” I said as I too stood.

“Can’t you do it at home?” He whined.

“No!” I firmly claimed and left the table.

But not before I heard Haru ask Matt. “Are you really sure that’s the kind of girl you want, Mathew? I feel bad for you.”

I just ignored Haru and head straight for the comfort room.

In all actuality, I needed to be in the comfort room to check my teeth. After all the pastries I ate earlier, it ought to leave some evidence; which I can never let my aunt see. She’ll have a fit if she finds out what I ate before dinner.

And I have to remind the boys not to give anything away to her.

“Not only did you gatecrash at Matt’s party, now I hear that you’re clinging to him like a bimbo.” I heard Jessica’s voice from behind me as I fixed myself in front of the mirror. “Oh, wait not ‘like’ a bimbo, cause you really are a slut.”

“FYI, Jessica, I’m not clinging to him.” I said, finally satisfied with my oral appearance and faced the bimbo behind me. “I’m not like you.”

“Did you just call me a slut?” She sucked in air indignantly.

“Oh, please! Don’t put words in my mouth.” I rolled my eyes. “Did you hear me say that?”

“No. But you clearly mean it.” Did she think she sounded sarcastic on that?

“If you say so.” I shook my head at her smugly. “If that’s the case though, then its really no wonder why he didn’t notice you at all. Even after all these years, he just had the decency to choose me over you, right?”

“Because you’re a slut! Dating three guys at the same time? Really?” She mock shock.

I almost laughed at her words. How immature. She’s like a middle school jealous brat!

“I can’t help it if guys dig my Barbie doll look.” I shrugged, flipping my hair for effect too. “And they just adore me so much that they don’t mind if I date them at the same time. Want me to give you some tips on how to do it? That is if you’re still not doing it. Oh, what am I saying, of course you must have been doing it for years! You must be really careful that John didn’t found out. Oh, wait. You were together, right? As in boyfriend-girlfriend together. You’re not just fantasizing?”

I was fast to block the hand that was about to slap me yet again.

“Not again.” I sighed. “Don’t you get tired of this, Jessica?”

“Don’t get on high horses, Anderson.” She scowled. “Don’t think that because Matt is giving you special attention, you’ve become a beauty queen.”

Really? Beauty queen? As much as flattering that had sounded, can’t she find better words to describe my hotness?

“Oh, but he does think I am!” I smiled pityingly.

“He doesn’t belong to you!” She growled, taking back her hand. “Never was, and never will! Girls!”

At her signal, five girls exited the five cubicles, all of them glaring at me heatedly.

I just whistled amusedly. “Well, Jessica, Mathew belongs to me. And neither you, nor your posse can do anything about it.” I taunted vainly. Really, Wish? You’re about to be beaten up and you’re still provoking them? And when did Matt belong to you? You’re not really his girlfriend and vice versa! Right.

“You’ll be so sorry you even stepped foot in this town again after we’re done with you.” Jessica said darkly as she and her posse advanced towards me.

“Bring it on.” Was all I said, and the cat fight begun.

Many years ago, Wishlyn Marry Anderson was often called to the school comfort room by her female bullies, who see her as their stress reliever; and often, she would immediately leave school after they were done with her, going straight home with her body aching and full of bruises and cuts, which she had to treat and hide as soon as she can so her Aunt won’t find out.

Sure her Aunt knew that she was bullied at school, but she never really knew the extent of it.

Anyway, that kind of bullying happened many years ago, when I was still Wishy-Whiney; but now that I’m changed and quote and unquote, Ms. Barbie doll, that will not happen again.

Although I’m still sure that this cat fight I got myself into will still leave cuts and bruises, at least now it’s not one-sided anymore, and I was able to inflict damage to the enemy too. Now I can finally use the nails I carefully took care of, as a weapon. I always wanted to try to ever since I found out that it’s possible.

My hair, arms and legs were pulled, kicked and clawed at all sides and angles. The pain they gave me, however, didn’t make me back down; instead, it made me want to return the favor even more. But considering its six against one, I am nowhere near winning.

The fight though ended all too soon, and I found myself being pulled away from all the hopeless pussies.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Shouted a very, very angry Matt.

As I panted for the much needed air, I could see through the bird-nest in my head that I had called my crowning glory until a few minutes ago, that Jessica and her posse, whose hair also stood at all angles and had a few cuts on some parts of their body, courtesy of yours truly, paled at the sight of the person who had pulled me away.

I felt de ja vu as Jessica stammered at Matt. “M-Matt…T-This…”

“Wish, are you okay?” Sora asked worriedly as he took me from Matt’s death grip hold.

“I think I broke a nail or two.” I grinned at him as he tried to remove the hair from my face.

“You’re unbelievable.” He shook his head at me, but was smiling still.

Only ‘the me’ would joke after being beaten by six hormonal jealous sluts.

“S-She started it!” Jessica accused, pointing her forefinger shamelessly at me. “Right, girls?”

A series of reluctant ‘yeahs’ followed her claim.

I just snorted. “Of course, because I would really think that I can take on six sluts by myself.”

“Really, Wishing Well, you started it?” Haru whistled amusedly beside me.

I just rolled my eyes at him.

“This is the second time, Crow.” Matt bellowed. It was so intense that it made me flinched. “Don’t expect that I will just let this go.”

And with that, he turned to me and assisted me, with Sora on my other side, out of the comfort room and the Café.

“What happened?” Dan asked in horror when he saw me.

“Just a little cat fight in the CR.” I grinned at him. The adrenaline from earlier still in my system.

“A what?” Was all he managed to say before we left the Café and straight to Matt’s black, as Haru informed me the first time he saw it with so much awe, Scion xD. This time though, I was at the back with Sora who was really careful not to touch my cuts and bruises.

The ride was in complete silence yet again, no one asked me what really happened and I am not one to complain. I welcomed the silence, until I remember what Matt said earlier.

“About what you said earlier to Jessica…you’re not serious about that, right?” I asked Matt, looking at the rearview mirror.

“I am.” He said seriously.

“Don’t be ridiculous! You can’t hit a girl!” I exclaimed. He really won’t hit girls, right? He’s not that low, right?

“Maybe I won’t, but TD has a lot of female members.” He smiled evilly.

I gaped at him. I can’t believe this guy!

“Stop the car.” I said quietly.


“I said, stop the fucking car!” I growled. “I am not getting on a car with an assh*le like you!”

“Now, you’re being ridiculous, Wish!” He said, getting riled up too, and still not stopping the car. “I’m doing this for you! You could’ve been hurt worse!”

“Did I ask you to do it for me? Did I ask you to threaten hurting them or plot something against them? Did I?”

“I’m just protecting my girlfriend! You!” He growled.

“Wishing Well, he’s right. Everybody can see that you were just protecting yourself.” Haru defended.

“If he’s just going to be an assh*le about it and hurt girls, then it’s not needed.” I growled. “And I take you taking his side meant that you agree on hurting girls too.” I glared at Haru. “I thought both of you better than that! Now, stop the fucking car or I really will jump off whatever speed you’re at.” I threatened, and in that instant Matt stepped on the brake pedal, hard.

Good thing Sora remembered putting my seatbelt on.

Without a moment to lose, I immediately freed myself and got out of the car; taking large strides away from it.

“Where are you going, Wiwi?” Matt called, as the three of them also left the car and tried to follow me.

“Somewhere without abusive male Homosapiens!” I turned and shouted at them. “And don’t you dare follow me, or I’ll really hurt you where it matters.”

And with that, I left their gaping selves and head straight for the nearest convenient store I could find.

I need to buy something to cool my head, and treat my wounds. As I am now, everyone will think I’m a madwoman who enjoys hurting herself.

I was about to open the door to the convenient store I found after about half an hour of walking, when someone opened it from the inside.


When I first meet Arimi, she never struck me for someone who I can talk and confide to. She was rude and irritating when we first meet, after all.

But just about an hour after she had convinced me to return with her to their house so she can treat my wounds and all, I had already spilled what happened at the Café to her; and even with what happened in the morning with Mico at the park.

“I’m sure everyone thinks that I’m an avenging bitch, only here to play and hurt him!” I said angrily, she was on the last plastic strip on my arm.

“Done.” She declared happily, and started putting away the first aid kit.

“I know it’s not his fault. That’s he’s just doing what he’s supposed to do.” I continued. “Still, the fact that everything started because of him, is as clear as day.”

When I looked like I have nothing to say anymore, she started. “Wish, there are actually three ideas that are probably running inside everyone’s heads right now. The first one, the one you mention earlier.” She finally put the unused materials back inside the kit, and the soiled ones in a small plastic bag. “The second one is the opposite, where Matt is the one who seduced you, to play and hurt your feelings. And the third one is that, the two of you realized that after all these years, you really are in love with each other.”

I snorted. There’s a fourth one, I tell you.

“Thing is, Wish, it’s not important what others think about what’s going on between you.” She said as she faced me, and looked at me straight in the eye. “What’s important is the two of you. You’re still at the beginning of your relationship; there are a lot of things that you don’t know about each other, but you have time to do so.”

“It’s not as easy as you think, Arimi.” I sighed.

“Of course it’s not.” She smiled at me knowingly. “Love is really complex. I’ve been there, Wish Anderson.”

I just shook my head.

“If you know in yourself what you really feel about Matt, everything else doesn’t matter…your past, your doubts, the people around you.” She took my hands into hers. “I know for one that Matt really cares a lot about you. So tell me Wish, what do you really feel about Mathew Roose?”

I just stared at her.

She asks me that, but I don’t know the answer myself.

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