Wishing Wish

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Chapter 17: Questioning

I have not slept a wink last night.

It’s no wonder my head throbbed like hell when the sun rose up.

I can’t help it, the words Arimi said kept on echoing in my head. Even how much I tossed min my bed last night, sleep won’t come.

“Wish are you up?” Called Aunt Marry outside my room.

“Yeah…” I replied weakly and tried to sit, but my head just felt so heavy.

A moment later, Aunt Marry opened my bedroom door with a tray of breakfast in her hands, and a warm smile on her face. Aww.

“Good morning, dear…”

“’Morning Aunt Marry…” I weakly returned the smile, trying to sit again and failing. So I just tried to soothe my headache by massaging my temples.


“I don’t drink, Auntie.” Not gonna happen. Ever.

“Just checking.” She chuckled. “You got home late last night.” She put the tray on my bedside table, and went straight to my bathroom.

“It’s because I don’t want to see Matt and the twins when I got back.” I mumbled. I wouldn’t know how to act around then. I realized that I was over acting yesterday, getting mad over that thing with Jessica and all. I mean, even though he looked so serious when he said that he’d do something to Jessica and her posse, he really wouldn’t right?

“With all the things that happened yesterday…I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.” She smiled cheekily, as she entered my room again, two tablets in her hand.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really?” She raised a brow and was still smiling; and when she looked at the band-aids and scratches in my arms and face, I had no choice but to smile too.

“Okay, fine. I did participate in a little catfight…but it doesn’t mean that I’d get drunk. Not worth it.” I rolled my eyes. “I don’t even want to think about Jessica now, Auntie.”

“Alright, but I also heard that you argued with Matt, twice, yesterday. Still not worth it?”

“Aunt Marry!” Can’t she just leave me not drinking alone? Most adults would be happy to have a kid like me.

“Still not worth it.”

“If you say so.” Was her cheeky reply. “Here, eat something and then drink these tablets.”

Sigh. Whatever.

“So, tell me all about the catfight.”

“Aunt Marry!”

She just giggled.


“Anyway, the twins…are they awake?” I didn’t want to talk to them last night, but I can’t not talk to them forever. They’re the only real friends I had for the past three years.

“Yes. They’re actually already out with Matt so early in the morning.”

“W-What…Where did…”

“They didn’t mention where they were going.”

I can’t believe it! How can that happen? How can they go anywhere with Matt? Without letting me know? I thought they hated Matt! I’d understand if I were with them! But doing that without me? What the hell!

The last two people, who I had thought are my allies that will never leave me, betrayed me to my worst enemy in just the span of less than a week! I really can’t believe it! Because I snap at them yesterday, they would just drop me the next day? Even Sora! Sora of all people!

The betrayal they did was worse than Aunt Marry’s! For one, I know that Aunt Marry would be on Matt’s side even before when I was still living in this town. But the two of them went all ‘We’ll kill you’ and ‘We’re only being civil for Wish’s sake’, and yada-yada. And then now they just went on conspiring with that prick without even letting me know? Really? They had all thrown our years of friendship in the drain for the guy who ruined my LIFE!!!

Okay, that was an exaggeration, Matt didn’t really ruin my life; if anything, Matt is the reason why I had a life. Still! That doesn’t mean that he can take away the two best friends I made from the time I didn’t see him!

“Wish, are you okay?” Aunt Marry asked worriedly. “You look like you want to cry…”

“I just can’t believe that my so-called ‘friends’ left me for him.” I sobbed on my hot chocolate.

“Oh, honey…What do you mean by that? They just went somewhere…probably doing some guy-thing. I’m sure they have a good reason, Wish.” She said soothingly.

“Really? I can’t think of anything but him working on his ways to take all of my friends and make me into the miserable Wishy-whiney again!”

“Aww, Wish, don’t say that darling.” Aunt Marry hugged me, of which I welcomed whole-heartedly.

“I have no one left.” I sobbed as I hugged her back. “I’m sure Diane and the others hate me too.”

“You have me, Wish.”

“No, I don’t. You’re on the enemy’s side.” I said against her chest.

“Am I now?” She chuckled.

“Yeah. Since the moment I told you I like him, you’ve always been on his side.”

“Well, since he’s your first, I would really be nice to him.” She giggled. “And you two looked so good together.”

I didn’t answer that and just continued hugging her. She may not be on my side, but she’s still my Aunt Marry.

Later that day, I decided to have a walk to the park. Just to cool my head off a bit; at the same time, hoping to see Diane and the others. Ever since what happened yesterday, all their phones can’t be reached. I need to explain myself. I’m sure there’s just a misunderstanding somewhere. Or maybe not…

I don’t know anymore.

“Look…that’s Wish Anderson…” I heard someone whisper near me.

“The one who caused those injuries on Crow and her friends?” Whispered another one.

“And Matt’s rumored girlfriend..”

“What? No way! How can that happen? She’s not that pretty.”

“I know, right?”

Tsk. What the– I turned to see who they were, only to see that most of the people in the park, around my age, were looking at me. I see contempt, envy and disgust in their faces. There are those who look at me with warm smiles, but generally they’re radiating negative energies that gave me goose bumps. Coming here was a very bad idea.

I just sighed and turned to leave. This town is really small, it just happened yesterday, and yet it seemed like everyone knew about it already.

What Arimi told me yesterday came to mind again; of what the people in this town might be thinking about me and Matt; of what I might be really be feeling about Matt.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t immediately saw the people that were coming towards me.

“Look who had the nerve to show herself here.” Said a familiar voice. I looked up and saw Diane, Lovey and Railey in front of me. It was a good idea going to the park after all. “What’s up, slut!” Or not.

“Guys, let me explain…” I said sincerely, I really was so happy that they became my friends. I don’t want to lose them.

“There’s no need.” Railey said, glaring at me. “We already know your true colors. You’re just like Jessica, or maybe worse.”

“You don’t understand. It’s not what you think it is.”

“Oh, yeah. Then what is it really?” Railey demanded, looking really angry. “You told us you still want to get revenge! Is this your revenge, Wish? Making him fall for you and then break him when you’re satisfied?”

“I didn’t exactly say that! You were the ones who assumed that I wanted revenge.” I said in exasperation. Although, that’s not exactly true. At one point, I did thought of getting revenge on Matt.

Railey and Lovey looked at me incredulously.

“I can’t believe I ever thought that we could be friends!” Lover said angrily as she stomped away.

“No wonder you never had friends!” Railey glared, before she followed Lovey. “You’re a slut, and a bitch! I don’t want to ever see you gain!”

“Guys, please.” Those words hurt, only because they were the ones who said it.

Then I realized that Diane stayed, I really thought and hoped that it meant she’s with me, that she understood me, or at least would try to understand. But I guess it was just so good to be true.

“Diane, I– ”

“You really should have been honest with us, Wish.” She said sadly. “We felt that you never really opened to us; that you didn’t trust us.”

“I’m sorry…”

She shook her head. “Don’t apologize. Just do something about it. We offered you our friendship whole-heartedly, all we ask is you return our feelings genuinely.”

I watched Diane’s back as she turned to follow Lovey and Railey, leaving me feeling so guilty and hurt.

When I realized that our conversation have actually gained us an audience, and were now giving me looks, I hurriedly left the park and run, not really knowing where to go. I just want to get away from everyone; from their judgmental whispers and looks.

How come I’m the one being condemned, when I should be the one who everyone should be sorry for! But then again, what other people say or think doesn’t really matter; those who are close to me do, though.

I stopped on an alley beside an ice cream parlor, hoping that no one saw me, and just sat on the ground with my back leaning on the shop’s wall. I hid my head on my arms and let the tears flow.

Are those things she said really true? Is that what I really did to them? If it is, then I really was the one who screwed up our friendship. I’m so pathetic.

I didn’t know how long I sat there, just crying my heart out, when I felt somebody stood in front of me. When I looked up I saw Mico, who then smiled and squatted beside me, a handkerchief in his hand which he offered to me.

“I saw what happened earlier.” He said, as I took the handkerchief and wiped my tear-stricken face. “I know they really don’t mean what they said, trust me.”

“They were right…” I sobbed. “Everything they said were true. I hadn’t been honest; had hurt them; hurt you. I’m sorry…”

“I should be the one apologizing.” He grimaced. “I didn’t know about you and Matt; or at least didn’t want to believe it. I caused you trouble.”

“No. He’s just being ridiculously possessive; and a dick.” I rolled my eyes. Now I’m talking like his real girlfriend.

“You’re the only one I know who can openly insult him like that, and probably the only one who can.” He chuckled.

“It’s true, though.”

“He’s not really that bad.”

“Why does everyone say that? Even YOU are on his side? Can’t you guys see his true colors? Am I the only one who can?” This is really unbelievable!

“Because he really isn’t.” He chuckled again.

“Whatever.” I sighed in defeat.

“Feeling better now?” He asked, grinning at me boyishly.

“Yeah, thanks.” I smiled genuinely.

“Great! Come on. I’ll take you home.” Mico stood up and pulled me with him. “On the second thought, maybe I’ll just drop you a couple of houses from yours. Your boyfriend could be expecting you there by now.”


“Hey! I’m just being careful.” He grinned. “We’re talking about THE Mathew Roose, you know.”

“If you say so…” I giggled.

He lead me to his car, and even opened the passenger’s door for me, before getting on his side.

“Hey, Wish…” He said, when we were already on the road.


“My brother told me that his girlfriend is having a sleep-over on her house the day after tomorrow with her friends.”


“But I didn’t tell you that.” Mico winked at me mischievously.

“I do– Oh!” I chuckled when I realized what he meant. “Yeah, you didn’t.”

Haru and Sora were watching TV at the living room when I got home. I’m still so upset with their escapade this morning added with my conversation with the girls, that even my guilt for my actions yesterday can’t make me just say ‘Hi’ to them.

But I guess Haru is just too much of an idiot to realize this.

“Not even gonna say ‘Tadaima’, Wishing Well?” Haru said, as he turned away from the TV and to me. “Whoah, Wishing Well! What happened to your eyes? Pissed off some bees?” He asked as he walked towards me, and was about to touch me.

“Don’t you dare.” I said hostilely, glaring at him; so ready to smack at his face if he came in arm’s distance.

“Is it that bad?” He winced at me.

I looked at him hardly. “I didn’t think you’d care if I’m back or not, seeing as you left with Roose this morning without telling me.”

“Are you jealous?” Haru asked amusement so clear in his face.

I snorted. “Why would I be?”

“Are you jealous with Matt or with us?” He continued, wiggling his brows up and down.

“You know, forget it!” I growled in frustration. “I don’t really care!”

I was just about to head straight to my room when Sora’s words stop me.

“Is that really what you feel?” Actually it wasn’t really his words that stopped me, it was the tone of his voice; the tone that always warns Haru and I that we should stop fooling around, because he’s getting annoyed and if we don’t behave we’ll pay big time.

I swallowed. So, Sora is angry because I got angry that they didn’t tell me they went somewhere with Matt? Or is it because I said I don’t really care? But…Sora isn’t that shallow!

“I– ”

“Do you want to know what we feel right now, Wish?” He continued, and I can’t help but just stare at him. I think Haru was also doing the same; only, he was also looking at me every noe and then.

“We feel like shit!” He said harshly and somehow angrily.

What’s this? Why is Sora being like this? Why is he so angry? What did I do?

“I-I don’t understand…” I stammered, felling myself wanting to cry my heart out again.

“That’s enough, dude. You’re scarring her.” Haru tried to intervene, but Sora just ignored him.

“You lied to us about him! Made a stupid decision about him! And now you’re acting like a brat?” I wanted to just lock myself in my room, away from them, away from Sora. But I’m so shaken that I can’t even take a step back.

“The world doesn’t revolve around you, Wish. You’re not always on the right. Stop being so self-centered and think of the people around you for once.”

“I-I thought you understood that I only did what I did because I don’t want you guys to get involved with Kenichi again. Why are you saying all these now?”

“Really? Then what if I tell you that Matt wasn’t really conspiring with our brother? Will you still stay in that fake relationship of yours?”

“W-What?” What is he talking about?

“Sora, enough!” Boomed Haru’s voice angrily. Both Sora and I flinched. “Wish, go to your room. Now.”

Without being told twice, I finally managed to get my feet to move and run to my room.

I threw myself on my bed, face down.

Sora was so scary. I’ve never seen him act like this before. For once, I’m so glad that Haru can control me and Sora whenever he wants.

Still! What Sora said about Matt and Kenichi…was that really true?

Not long after I’ve calmed my nerves, Haru knocked on my door. When I didn’t make any response, he just opened my door and let himself in.

“I thought you might want some water…” He said, as he sat beside me in my bed.

“You said no more secrets… What was that, that Sora said earlier?” I asked without turning to look at him, and my voice being muffles by the sheets that covered my face.

Haru sighed. “Before I answer that, will you tell me why you even thought of being Matt’s girlfriend?”

“I told you, to get back at him and Ken– ”

“And if he’s really not conspiring with Kenichi, will you stop it?”

“O-Of course!” Will I really?



“You know, Wish…I heard the talk of town. And I know you better than to believe them…you’re not the kind of girl who would really seduce him just to hurt him in the end...even how much you hated him all these years. That’s why I know that, that’s not really what all these are about…”


“Kyo told us that Matt almost punched Kenichi when he told Matt to play with your feelings, just to gain Ceil Mist’s favor.”

“But tha– ”

“Wish, he confessed to you, right?”


“It’s either you don’t want to believe it, or you just can’t accept the fact that your bully could possibly fall in love with you. And you know what I think?” He lay on the bed beside me and pulled me into his chest. Just like how he used to when I feel so down. “I think that you feel the same as he does.”

“Haru!” I attempted to get away from him but he locked me in place with his arms.

“I’m serious, Wishing Well. You know I can read you like an open book. It’s because of that, that we didn’t tell you everything that Kyo told us. We don’t like Matt, after all that he did to you, but we’d also want you to be happy.”

“Haru, I’m not– ”

“He gives you that look, you know…”


“The look that says he wants to eat you alive…”

“Wha– You!”

“It’s the same look that you’re giving him actually…”

“I-I am not! Don’t be ridiculous!” I denied indignantly, and tried to get up again but to no avail.

“You’re kidding yourself, Wishing Well. Deep inside, you know that right? Just admit it…that’s the reason why Sora got all Super Saiyan earlier, anyway.”

Do I…really feel the same way that Matt does towards me? Will really accepting Matt’s feelings give me peace? Am I really just kidding myself with all my denials?

Haru is right about me not being able to accept Matt’s feelings though. It’s just too good to be true. Really impossible!

“By the way, Wishing Well…if we didn’t decide to come here, we really won’t know that Matt could help us with Jackson’s case, huh? Way to go on wanting to help with WiCom even though you’re in vacation. And man, I still can’t believe that I personally meet Gene of Oni-Shounen he’s a legend…” Haru ranted, although I was only half-listening.

Because all I could think about is answering this question: Am I really still in love with Mathew Roose?

“Are you listening to me, young lady? Don’t ignore me!”

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