Wishing Wish

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Chapter 18: Accepting

After Haru left me alone, I spent the rest of the day staring at my ceiling…the million dollar question echoing in my head. What’s more, when I try to think of an answer, all the awkward moments we had, and the kiss we shared kept on popping up. That’s why most of the time I was blushing.

It’s been so long since I had considered myself to be in love to someone. How do you know that you’re in love with someone again?

I stood up from my bed and took my laptop from the desk.

When you don’t know the answer…search.

I was just about to finish my 5th short story about falling in love, when my door burst open, revealing a very frantic and panting Mathew Roose.

I stared at him in shock, abruptly closing my laptop that I think the screen might have been broken, and hugged it protectively. “W-What are you doing here?” Just remembering the articles and short stories I was reading earlier, with Mathew Roose in the flesh in front of me, is just too much for my heart to handle.

“Where is he?” He demanded.

“W-Where is who?” I stammered.

“That bastard Haru! Where is he?”

“Wha– I-I don’t know!” I stepped back, away from him, when he tried to approach me. “I-Isn’t he downstairs? O-Or in their room?” I can’t even get myself to look at him in the eyes. It’s like he’s going to see thru me.

He looked at me intensely. If I wasn’t feeling so uncomfortable with his look, I’d think that this was the kind of look that Haru meant. But to me, it looked like it meant that I betrayed him or something.

“Wha-What is it?” The closer he comes towards me, the more I felt my face burning.

“What’s the meaning of this photo, Wiwi?” He demanded, pushing his phone in front of me to see… “Were you that angry with me that you’d betray me with your best friend?”

“What are you talking about?” I took his phone from his hand, careful not to touch any part of it, and carefully examined the photo.

It was a picture of Haru with me in his arms, my face buried in his chest. It really looked like we were a couple, and was just being all cozy with each other.

“This–! Haru!” That idiot! What was he thinking?

Haru appeared by the doorway, laughing his head off.

“I can’t…believe he…really fell for it!” The said idiot said between his laughs.

“W-What?” Matt looked at him and then at me, confusedly.

“Haru was just messing with you…” I sighed. “Sora and I had an argument earlier, and he was consoling me.”

“I thought…”

I glared at Haru, who then tried to stop acting like an idiot. And then at Matt, who looked at me guiltily.

“Looks like we really have to stop this ‘relationship’ after all,” I said disappointedly. “since you can’t seem to trust me.”

“Wai– What?” He looked panicked. I smiled to myself. “What do you mean, Wiwi?”

“Here.” I said as I gave him his phone back when I walked past him, and carefully tucking in my laptop under the blankets of my bed. “Have you eaten yet? I think Aunt Marry had just finished cooking dinner.”

“H-Huh?” Was all what Matt managed to say.

The next morning, I woke up feeling so refreshed.

I did a lot of thinking last night, and I realized how foolish I really had been for the past weeks. I mean, if what Haru and Sora told me about Matt is true, and I do believe it is if it’s from them, then there’s no reason in Matt lying to me that he likes me. Because after all that happened for the past weeks, I can really tell that Matt isn’t really the type to do it just to play with my feelings. And if I analyze carefully what the people around us were saying and acting, plus Matt’s actions, even then it’s really obvious. I can even guess what Joe and Dan wanted to tell me that day.

I was so shallow and stupid.

That’s why I decided that I have to take some drastic measures to save what’s left of my pride before it’s too late! Plus, I still have to explain things up to Diane and the others. Sighed. It’s probably the hardest thing to do.

I entered my bathroom and did my usual morning routine before Aunt Marry could come and call me for breakfast.

I was humming cheerfully as I opened my bedroom door when I felt that I stepped on something soft and fleshy. I was so surprised when I looked down and saw that it was Matt’s hand I was stepping on.

“Kyaaahhh!!!” What the heck!

Haru then suddenly appeared squatting by Matt’s head and snickered.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing sleeping here, you pervert!” I screamed at the still sleeping Matt as Haru started laughing like crazy.

“H-Huh? What?” Matt suddenly woke up as if in panic.

“Mathew Roose! You big pervert! Get out of here!” I screamed again, feeling my face heat up, not sure if it’s because of anger or embarrassment or both. What does he think he was doing? I thought he went home last night after dinner? Did he really slept by my door last night?

“W-Wiwi…I– ”

“Now!” I screamed at the top of my lungs that I think I might have woken up our neighbors.

“Y-Yes!” Matt stood up and run down the stairs hurriedly, fully awake.

“Hey, give him some slack…” Haru grinned at me as he too stood up.

I just glared at him heatedly.

“He was on the edge after that photo I sent last night, and you even said you’d break up with him.” He continued.

“That means you too!” I growled.


“NOW!” I pointed my index finger towards the stairs, shaking in anger.

“Okay! Okay!” He raised his hands in defeat as he walked past me. “I’m hungry anyway. Hurry up for breakfast, Wishing Well!” He called before he was out of sight.

I was panting in anger for a couple of minutes before I managed to calm myself. Why am I surrounded with these…these primitive, brainless sorry excuse of Homo sapiens!!!

Sometimes I give myself the creeps…♪♫ Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me…♪♫

I looked down to find where the sound was coming from and saw that it was from Matt’s phone that he probably left in his hurry. I raised my brow at the ringtone and slowly picked it up to see who was calling.


Aunt Lissa? Hmm…He probably didn’t call last night, and his mom is just checking on him.

I frowned at the phone. What should I do? I can’t just suddenly go down and give Matt his phone after what happened earlier; nor with Haru; and especially not with Sora, if he’s down already. At least not yet.

Sighed. I guess there’s no other choice.

I took a deep breath and slowly pressed the answer button.

“He– ”

“Mathew Melvin Roose!” Yelled Aunt Lissa’s very, very angry voice. “You spoiled, inconsiderate hoodlum! You really are a son of your bastard of a father! Where were you last night? Why on earth didn’t you call after suddenly running out on that important dinner? I know you didn’t really liked Tiffany…but that doesn’t mean that you can just leave like that! I didn’t raise you to be rude! Of all the traits that you could get from your dad, you just have to get that? Huh? What can you say for yourself, huh? Answer me!!!”

“Um…” I started, really surprised that someone like Aunt Lissa can say all those, and in just one breathe too. “Aunt Lissa?”

“O-Oh my God! Wish i-is that you? Oh my God! I-I…I’m so sorry! I didn’t– ”

“Aunt Lissa, it’s okay…” I chuckled nervously. “I understand…I…um…I just want to apologize for Matt. It wasn’t his fault, really! One of my friends played a prank on him last night and things happened…and yeah…Matt decided to stay over at our place…I’m really sorry! I’ll make sure he gets home as soon as possible. I’m really so sorry…”

“Oh!” It was her turn to chuckle nervously. “No, dear! I should be the one apologizing! If I knew he was heading to your house, I would even have sent him…no questions ask!”


There was a long silence after that before she said, “Wish, dear. Forget everything you heard, okay? Okay, Wish?”

“Y-Yeah…” I answered, while biting my lower lip tos top myself from laughing.

She sighed in relief. “Okay. Thank you. Tell my son to take his time. Bye, Wish. Hope to see you soon.” She said sounding cheerful; too cheerful if I say so myself.

“Yes. Me too. Bye Aunt Lissa.”

Well, that was an interesting conversation. Somehow it really lift my mood. Specially the first few words that she said.

I grinned as I shook my head at Matt’s phone. “I can’t believe you’re hiding something like that Mathew Roose.”

More than anything else, though…WHO THE HECK’S TIFFANY?? And why on earth is she having an important dinner with Matt and his mom?

I plastered a wide smile on my face when I finally went down for breakfast. Although I sooo wanted to choke Matt for being unfaithful! And to think he reacted like that last night!

Everyone was already seated in their respected seats in Aunt Marry’s round dining table; and that means Matt is too, beside mine of course.

Everyone’s eyes were on me as I got to my seat.

“Milk or Juice, dear?” Asked Aunt Marry from my right side.

“Juice, Auntie.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Haru raised a brow at me.

“Nothing. Why?” I returned his gesture, before I started on my breakfast. Chocolate pancakes! Yum!

Haru shook his head, and then mumbled, “Girls…”

“I heard that.”

“So?” He raised a brow at me again.

“Your juice, dear.” Aunt Marry chuckled as she gave me the glass.


“Um..Wiwi…about earlier…”

“Your mom called, said you have to get home as soon as possible.” I put his phone beside his plate. “Don’t just leave your phone anywhere…Melvin.” I added as I grinned at him.

“W-Where’d you heard that?” He asked, looking at me with wide eyes.

Wait! I’m supposed to forget everything from my conversation earlier!

Tsk. It’s just so rare to have something to tease with him…

“Well, Aunt Lissa is just like my Aunt when angry…starts calling you with your complete name and all.” I shrugged, still grinning at him. I wonder if his mom will get angry at me. “Why are you hiding such a cool name, Melvin?”

Matt slumped at his seat and covered his face, mumbling about moms who can’t keep secrets.

“What?” I asked the rest when I felt that they were staring at me.

“Did you…really just found out about his second name?” Haru asked unbelievingly.

“What do you mean?” I raised a brow. Of course I just found out, it’s the first time I heard of it! And judging from Matt’s reaction, it’s a name he’s not fond of. I bet nobody at school knew about it, except perhaps the principal and the registrar?

“We thought you knew about it long ago,” Aunt Marry explained. “considering you– ”

“Ahem!” I interrupted, glaring at my aunt who just chuckled in response.

“You guys knew about it?” It was Matt’s turn to ask my aunt and the twins.

“Dude, we ran a background check on you, of course we know. Don’t underestimate WiCom intelligence. We even know where you were conceived.”

Matt assumed his position earlier. “This is so uncool.”

“Don’t worry, dude, WiCom also gives high regards to privacy.” He grinned at him. “Right, Wishing Well?”

“Hmph! Of course. I’ve got no reason to stalk him, after all!” Was what I said to save face. But deep inside I was thinking, ‘What the heck! Somehow this doesn’t sound right at all!’

“Guys, just let this piece of fact with yourselves, okay? Please?” Matt looked at us, pleadingly.

“Of course, dear.” Said Aunt Marry, smiling at him warmly.

“Scout honor!” Haru gave a scout salute.

While Sora just shrugged. But I guess it was enough for Matt, because he then turned to me.

“Wiwi?” He said, looking at me with puppy dog eyes.

“No!” I glared at him, struggling to give in, “From now on, I’m going to call you ‘Melvin’, Melvin.” and continued with my pancakes.

I expected Matt to protest or something, but he just kept silent and stared at me. So I raised a brow in return.

“Does that mean you’re not breaking up with me?” He said happily, like a dog that was given a bone. Aww…he looked so adorable!


“Well, you said ‘from now on’. So it means that you’ll still let me be around you.”

He looked so happy! I just sooo want to pinch his cheeks and tell him that of course we can! That I would love to him to stay with me forever! But of course I can only do that in my head…

“Yeah, maybe. But only until the day after tomorrow.” I shrugged carelessly. “I’m going back to the university the day after tomorrow. I already told Aunt Marry.”

“You did now, didn’t you?” She grinned at me, and I pouted.

Okay, maybe I didn’t. But I was already supposed to weeks ago! It was just delayed because of what happened at the The Dark party and the twin’s unexpected visit.

“B-But– !” Matt looked so devastated. He’s sooo cute!

“Wishing Well, it’s still too early to go back…” Haru said, frowning.

“Nah. I don’t think so. I’m going back…with or without you.” I smiled at them. Yeah, even at Sora. The twins just stared at me.

This is just the beginning.

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