Wishing Wish

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Chapter 3: Humiliation

I was innocently picking finger food in the refreshments table, and humming to myself happily. About half an hour ago, John Walter excused himself and I never saw him again. I wonder if I had been too hard on him? Oh well, he deserved it. I think.

I was thinking whether I should look for him and apologize. After all, it’s not like he was one of my bullies; he’s just one of those who laughed at my misery to be in Matt’s good side. Doesn’t that make him an accomplice though? Anyway, it had been years. I only meant to show everyone of what I am now; to just see the surprised expressions they’ll have.

I mean, if there was someone at fault it would just be Matt, right? My other bullies just did those to go with the flow and have an impression on the most popular guy. Although, there really are certain people other than Matt I want to have a go with.

As I was musing on this, someone suddenly grabbed my hair from behind; making me throw the plate I was holding.

“What the– ” Was all I managed to say before I saw the perpetrator. Speaking of the devil.

Jessica Crow. The meanest, nastiest girl I ever knew. And the very reason I’m in this party. Of all the girl bullies I had, she’s the worst. It was like, she made it her duty to be on my case whenever Matt doesn’t. Maybe so she can get Matt’s attention. Funny how she never managed to do so. I mean, it was obvious that she was into Matt but, he never went out with her. Maybe because she’s such a bitch? On everything?

“What do you want?” I said calmly. I can’t snap at her now, I have to show her that I’m better than her. So I resorted to eying her from head to foot as I tried to fix my hair. Looks like she didn’t change much, both inside and outside; still the slutty blonde who thinks that being the school Queen Bee gives her the right to boss around everyone.

“John is mine!” She growled. “Don’t think that because you came here looking like Barbie doll, you can be one of us. You slutty Anderson!!!”

Whoah! Well, at least someone recognized me, or maybe John told her? Does this reaction mean that they’re going out? He could do better than taking in Matt’s rejects. Or maybe it’s just her thinking that he’s hers? I wouldn’t put it past her. She once did that with Matt before.

“He’s all yours, Jessica. We were just talking.” I rolled my eyes at her. “And yeah, a bit of dancing. He’s the one who asked me to, by the way.” I added, grinning smugly. Technically, I did but she doesn’t need to know that.

“As if he’d ever do that, loser!” She growled again. We were gaining a bit of an audience, and I bet by the end of this scene, these people will finally recognize who I really am. I wonder what their reactions will be.

“I’m sure you just seduced him.” She accused. Seduced? Really? If I’m going to seduce someone, it wouldn’t be in John Walter’s level. Please. “A loser will always be a loser, even if dressed up.”

I just shrugged at that. That maybe true to others but, not to me. “He didn’t recognize me, you see. I am, after all, changed. You did say I look like ‘Barbie doll’ now.” I smirked as Jessica’s face turned sour. I guess I really made her angry, because the next thing I knew, her hand was already halfway to my face. Fortunately, I caught her wrist. Which surprised her, by the way. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not the bully magnet loser I used to be. I’m not someone who would just let you have your way with her anymore, Jessica.” I said nonchalantly. It feels nice being a bitch sometimes.

She hissed as she pulled her wrist from my hold and backed away; it’s been three years and she’s still the same. Give them a little scare and they’ll be running back with their tails between their legs. I sighed heavily. At least she left; and for good, I hope.

I was about to get my plate back when suddenly it was taken by somebody else. When I looked up, said somebody handed the plate to me.

“Um…thanks?” I said, taking a good look at her. She looked familiar, again. I must have frowned a bit, because suddenly she was introducing herself.

“You probably don’t remember me anymore,” She begun, taking a pair of glasses from her hand bag and wore it for a bit, just enough for me to recognize her.

“You– ”

“Diane Micheals.” She smiled pleasantly, putting her glasses back to her bag.

Diane was one of the true-blue nerds in our class. Everyone knew her because of the scandal she had with one of our school’s jocks that, by the way, was a year older than us. Their love story was like one of those cliché ones where Mr. Jock fell for Ms. Nerd, but Ms. Nerd hated Mr. Jock’s guts and so on. I wonder if they’re still together.

“I didn’t recognize you. If Jessica hadn’t–”

“Ah, no. I was the same.” I interrupted, returning her smile. “You look really…different.” More like the opposite of how she looked the last time I saw her. Instead of over-sized blouse and old-maid kind of skirts, she’s now wearing a pink tank top that formed her figure well and a white frilly skirt that ended just above her knees. And she’s wearing contacts. Obviously.

“Look who’s talking.” She chuckled.

“Hey, Di. Who’s your friend?” A couple of guys and gals, I recognized as some of my bullies, suddenly appeared, grinning at me.

“Oh, please.” Diane rolled her eyes. “Like you hadn’t heard.”

“You were really cool earlier, Anderson.” Said one of the girls.

“Yeah. Yeah. I never dreamed that a day would come when someone would stand up to that bitch.” Mused another girl.

“Yeah…thanks, I guess?” I smiled wryly. What’s with this attention? This isn’t what I had in mind when I decided to attend the party. Are they up for another prank? I frowned at the thought.

“Hey, uh…before anything else, we know it’s been years but, we’d like to apologize.” Said the guy who first approached Diane. “We were really awful to you back then.” He gave me a sheepish smile. And everyone looked at me hopefully. What the hell!

“Actually,” I said seriously, after a few moments of being silent. “I came here to have my revenge on you guys.” They looked at me incredulously. I snickered. “But since you apologized, I’ll accept it.”

There was silence, and then we all laughed. I don’t know why but somehow it felt nice to have someone apologize to you, and you accepting it wholeheartedly. I bet it was easier too since I wasn’t feeling any strong hatred towards them. It had been three years, after all.

They were really nice and friendly, and made me feel like I really belonged; though I was still on my guard. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus I haven’t seen even a shadow of Matt’s. What if he’s back there planning something for me again? Paranoid much? Tell me about it.

Diane’s group and I were starting to really have fun when suddenly a group of girls pushed the people away from me and then surrounded me, each holding a bucket in their hands and without a warning, threw the contents to me. And just with that, I was covered with green gooey stuff. Gross, really. But, I’ve had worst.

My new friends gasped and immediately tried to help me get rid of the green stuff with tissue and handkerchief. Just as the said group of girls made way for Jessica. She smirked at me mightily, showing how satisfied she is with how I’ve become.

“Looks like ‘Barbie doll’ is now a ‘Rag doll’.” She sneered meanly.

What did I expect her to do?

“Listen up guys! I just discovered a gate crusher in our party. And guess who it is?” She yelled for everyone to hear. What a party, Wish. What a party. “The one and only LOSER Wishie Whiney!” She finished with a sneer.

I sighed heavily as people around us started murmuring.

“Wish, are you okay?” Diane asked worriedly. “Let’s get you cleaned up in the bathroom.”

I just smiled at her and shook my head. I really appreciate the thought, though.

If this had happened three years ago, I would have immediately started crying and run home – and then be absent for another couple of days; but, I’m not that loser anymore.

“You’re such a bitch, Jessica.” Said one of the girls who approached me earlier. Ready to have a go with the said bitch.

“It’s okay, Railey.” I gave her a reassuring smile and pulled her away from Jessica’s view.

I stood in front of Jessica and sighed dramatically. “And here I thought three years is more than enough to change people, even just a bit. I guess a bitch will always be a bitch, huh?”

She attempted to slap me again, but her hand was caught yet again. Not by me, though.

“Enough of this childishness! She’s not a gate crusher!” Said a very angry voice.

When I looked up, I saw the very last person I would ever expect to come to my rescue.

The source of all my miseries.

Mathew Roose.

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