Wishing Wish

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Chapter 7: Convincing

Surprisingly, I really liked Matt’s friends. Yeah, even the anti-social Ray Hades who seemed to be annoyed at everything. They weren’t that bad. It was easier to be around them even though they’re Matt’s closest friends. It seems that all four of them went to different high schools. I really wonder how they got to form a band back in high school.

Anyway, they make it so easy being around them. They’re always pleasant – even Ray actually, in his own ways – is being helpful and fun. Before I know it, it’s already 4 in the afternoon and we’re already closing.

“We actually finished earlier than I thought.” Joe grinned as he pulled down the temporary roof. “It’s all thanks to you, Wish.”

“All I did is take orders.” I shook my head, grinning as I helped him roll the cloth.

“…and taught us the right way to grill the chicken and mix the spaghetti sauce and f–”

“Are you really sure you didn’t work as a waiter or something?” Joe interrupted Nick’s rant and asked me again.

I chuckled, “No, I didn’t.” Hmm, wait. I did work as a waiter once, but that was just to spy someone for a client. As for cooking, when the twins are being lazy I have no choice but to cook. So yeah, I know basic stuff.

“We should hang out sometime, Wish. Then maybe you can rub some of your social skills to Ray.” Nick snickered as Ray glared at his direction.

“I’m fine as I am.” Ray scowled at Nick, but the latter just laughed.

“Nick’s right, though, we should hang out more.” Smiled Joe. “You’re so fun to be around, and don’t lust over us every few seconds.”

“Full of yourself much?” I snickered.

“I’m serious! It’s entertaining at first, but girls who would always throw themselves to you are not fun in the long run.” He made a face and I continued snickering. “Plus, you’re totally different from what Matt told us.”

I stopped amusing myself and just stared at him. Matt talked about me? Seriously? “What’d he say? I bet he was saying what a loser I am and how I’m so gullible.” I meant it as a joke, even though I know that’s probably it. I don’t mind though, I accepted what I was before and am not ashamed of it.

“What? No!” He looked at me like I’ve gone crazy. “Matt would never do that, he’s actually so i–”

“AND we have to go.” Matt suddenly exclaimed behind me, making me jump in surprise. He glared at Joe as I glared at him. “Come on, Anderson. Let’s go to Patty’s.”

“We can’t.” I frowned at him disapprovingly, suddenly realizing he just did it to interrupt Joe. “We have to help clean up.”

“It’s okay Wish. We got this covered.” Nick smiled at me as he threw Matt a knowing smile.

“But– ”

“Just go. You’ve helped enough.” Ray scowled rudely. But I was used to it by now; I know he’s not mean. Not really. “Go have your date.”

“We’re not going on a date!” I glared at him.

“Aww. Come on, babe. Don’t say that.” Matt touched his chest in mocked hurt. Joe and Nick just snickered, as Ray rolled his eyes.

“And you shut up!” I snapped.

The jerk just grinned. “Come on, they said they got it covered, and Patty’s will close soon. Dan might not wait for us.”

“That– ” I bit my lower lip in frustration.

“Go on, Wish. We’re almost done anyway. We’ll follow later.” Encouraged Joe, smiling genuinely.

“Fine.” I sighed. “I’ll save some for you.”

Joe ruffled my hair and grinned. “You’re such a sweetie pie.”

“What are you doing? Stop that!” I slapped his hand away and tried to smoothen my hair. “And don’t give me weird nicknames.” I frowned.

“We’ll definitely see you later.”

“Actually, don’t.” Matt said seriously.

“Don’t be mean! It’s the least you can do for showing up late.” I rolled my eyes at him.

“It’s okay, Wish. We’re really used to him.” Nick grinned.

I shook my head. “Yeah, whatever. See you later.”

It was a silent ride to Patty’s. I was so caught up in my excitement to finally get my hands on my precious Brownies that I didn’t even realize Matt was talking to me.

“Did you say something?”

“I said, my friends seemed to like you a lot. Even Ray is okay being around you.” He looked amused at my lack of attention. “They never liked any girl I introduce to them.”

“Maybe because you usually hang out with sluts?” I snorted, rolling my eyes; not bothering if I sounded rude. Just thinking him with other girls ticks me off. Which I shouldn’t. Why should I care who he goes out with? It’s not like I still like him. I hate the dude! “And it’s not like there’s something going on between us; which is not the case with your girlfriends.”

“I’ve never had a girlfriend ever since I got into high school.” He said calmly.

“Huh?” That seemed unlikely. He was always making out with different girls in the open before and probably slept around a lot too. Girls just can’t leave him alone. I wonder why. Not. “You’re a player.” I said a matter-of-factly. He just chuckled.

“Hey, I only hang out with them. I never really dated anyone. Believe it or not, I’ve been single for 6 years.”

“Right.” I drawled sarcastically. “Well, that’s not what I saw.”

He shook his head. “I wouldn’t want to date someone I don’t really like. At least, that’s how I felt after I me– I mean, after I got into high school.”

“Yeah, well, whatever. I don’t really care.” I shrugged at his answer. I don’t really care. Not really. Okay, maybe a little. No, actually I don’t. I have no reason to do so.

“So…” He started, seemingly to ask something. But when he didn’t continue, I pulled my gaze away from the view outside the window and stared at him expectantly.


“Uh…” He hesitated as he looked straight ahead, and then gripped the steering wheel. “Are you going out with that Sora guy?”

Sora? How’d he know about Sora? Oh, right. He probably heard me earlier. I frowned at him. “Why are you asking?”

He stiffened at my question. “No reason. Just curious.”

I shrugged. “Then, I’m not going to answer.”

“But I wanna know.” His grip on the steering wheel tightened, his knuckles going paler. What is wrong with him?

“Why would you want to know?” I frowned again.

“Just because!” He exclaimed in frustration. Not really giving me the answer I want.

An uncomfortable silence once again fell in his car after his outburst. And despite myself, I felt compelled to give him an answer. What’s wrong with me?

“I’m not going out with Sora.” I said calmly. “He’s just a very close friend; nothing’s going on between us.” Now I’m explaining myself to him? Seriously, Wish?

“I see.” He sighed in relief, like he was actually holding his breath for a long time and relaxed his grip on the wheel. I frowned at him. Why does he want to know anyway? “That’s great.” He mumbled not meaning for me to hear, I think; though I know I heard it right.

“You know, I really don’t get why you would care, unless one of your friends is interested.” I smirked. He did say they liked me, right?

“They won’t even dare.” He growled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Nothing.” He answered curtly.

I continued to narrow my eyes on him but he didn’t say anything anymore. Well, damn! And here I thought I should be nice to him. Which is as close as it could get to being friends!

“Look. It’s not what you think, okay? I don’t really mind them liking you.” He tried to explain. Maybe after growing uncomfortable with my stares.


“Just not that way.” He mumbled again. But I still heard. Seriously! This guy is confusing me so much. What does he mean by that?

“What are you talking about?” I frowned at him. “What way?”

“Nothing.” He answered curtly again. He’s getting on my nerves with his cryptic answers and actions! “Anyway, the guys did tell you to hang with us more, right?” He glanced at me, smiling a little.

“If I do, I’m only going to hang out with them. You’re not included.” I rolled my eyes and looked away from him. If he doesn’t want to talk about it, then fine. I’ll find out in one way or another. Joe seemed to be a nice lad for interrogation. Oh, not to mention the thing he was going to say earlier before he was rudely interrupted. I really wonder what it was about.

He shook his head but was smiling. “There’s this party a few days from now, the guys and I will be playing at. Maybe you’d like to come?”

“It’s a The Dark party, right?” I asked in return, still looking away. I’ve heard about it from one of Diane’s friends. There’s going to be a party for The Dark members a couple of days from now, in honor of Matt’s return. After all, he is one of the most respected members of the gang; and was even rumored to be the next in line for the leadership.

Which gets me to think of the case with Cicatrices. If I ask him nicely, maybe Matt can do something about it. I heard he’d made quite the reputation in his early days in the gang, even among the other gangs.

Then again, asking Matt is out of the question. I will never ask favors from him. That will never ever happen. Who asks for favors from their enemies? Plus, I bet he’d ask something in return for it. So, yeah. That will never happen. The twins and I just have to look for some other way to save that idiot Jackson’s ass. Of which I really don’t have any idea about, if Haru can’t negotiate with them.

“You’re not really listening…” Matt’s dejected voice brought me back from my musing. Why am I so out of it today?

“Huh? You said something?”

“You know, if you ask questions, you should listen to the answers too.” He chuckled.

“I wasn’t as–” Oh wait. I did ask him. I sighed. I really am being too comfortable around him. This is bad. “I’m sorry. I was just thinking about some things.”

After I said those, he looked at me like I’ve grew some wings. What now?

“What?” I frowned at him. What’d I say now?

“N-No. Uh. It’s because you said you’re sorry.” He answered hesitantly looking back to the road.

“So?” My frown deepened. What’s wrong with apologizing?

“Nothing. Just forget about it.”

Weird dude. He’s acting really strange. Well, it’s really been three years. And it’s not like we were closely acquainted before. Yeah, well, whatever. I’m not really interested with his business.

“Anyway, like I said earlier, it is a party by The Dark.”

“Uh-huh.” Was all I said, facing back to my window.

“You’re welcome to come, if you want.”

“Not interested.” I said briefly.

“Huh?” He sounded taken aback.

Maybe if someone else is in the car, they’ll have the same reaction as him. I’m practically being invited to a party that most kids around our age could only dream to get into, and all I’m saying is ‘Not interested’? The Dark gang is really popular in this town after all; because even though they’re infamous with some underground dealings, no one can deny the fact that they’re some sort of protectors to this town and are greatly respected. So, yeah. Anyone would have the same reaction as him.

“Not everyone wants to worship The Dark.” I said casually. I really am pushing my luck with his patience today; playing pranks and being rude all day. But, so what? I think there’s more chance to get rid of him this way, though I’m also risking my life. No one messes with gangs. Especially The Dark. I’m acting like Jackson right now. But I can’t just get myself to care.

“You really have changed.” He suddenly laughed. What the hell? He should get angry that I practically insulted his gang!

I just stared at him until he stopped laughing, and instead was grinning at me. Looking very amused.

“I really can’t help admire how much you’ve changed, Anderson.” He shook his head at me, as he parked his car on the nearest empty parking space of Patty’s Patisserie. “Just so you know, the more you act hostile towards me, the more I’d like to be around you.” He smirked as he got out of the car.

What’s that supposed to mean?

I hurriedly followed him as he headed towards the shop’s entrance. I was still distracted with his words that I didn’t notice I was about to bump into someone until I did. I yelped in surprise and pain as I was pushed down to the pavement. Before I had time to recover though, I was pulled to my feet by my collar, and was meet with the nastiest breath I’ve ever smelt.

“The fuck is wrong with you, huh?” Growled the perpetrator at my face. I winced in disgust. Seriously? Does he not know what toothbrush is? Not even a mouthwash or something?

I attempted to push myself from him, which is actually quite impossible since he had held me so close; not to mention he looked like a hoodlum. I started panicking when suddenly I was pulled away from him, and was held close by someone. When I looked up I saw it was Matt and he was glaring murderously to the guy who assaulted me.

“Leave or I’ll kill you.” Matt ordered. He looked so angry, like he would really kill the guy. I winced as his hold to me tightened.

“Y-You’re Mat–”

“Now!” He growled and the guy scrambled away. Wow! Matt really is something; and to think, he’s much leaner and shorter than the guy.

Right after the guy left, Matt took hold of my wrist and briskly yanked me towards Patty’s. His grip was nowhere near gentle; and he didn’t say a word until we got inside and had occupied a table for two in the back area. He pushed me down to the chair opposite to him and was still looking bloody murder.

I was actually scared he might go into a rampage or something; he glared at the table decor like he’d want to throw it, and maybe punch the table in half? Which would really be terrible! Not only would we get into trouble, as it looked like a really expensive custom-made decor, but also because it would be such a shame to destroy something so pretty. It was a cute pastry bowl full of different pastries, all of which looked like ceramic-made.

The silence in our table was really getting awkward each passing second. I struggled on what to say or do. I mean, come on! How are you supposed to act around someone who just saved your ass from a hoodlum? Given that that someone used to be your bully and would’ve probably done the same! Okay, not really.

Matt never laid a hand on me. The physical bullying I had before all came from the other kids who probably seek his attention and approval. The only pain he had inflicted on me was emotionally. Of which now I’m struggling to keep as a fuel for my hatred towards him. Not once had he been mean to me ever since we meet again; and he kept getting back even though I was hostile to him.

I mentally sighed heavily. Maybe he really changed. Maybe he had really regretted all the things he had done before. Maybe he’s really serious with that friendship. And maybe…maybe I should give him a chance. Everyone deserves a second chance…even Matt. But still– !

Aw, screw it!

I took a deep breath and said, “I’ll go.”

It took him a moment to realize I just said something. “W-What?” He said in confusion. Yeah, that was too random, but whatever. At least it got that murderous look off his face.

“I’ll go…to that party you mentioned earlier.” I bite my lip, looking anywhere but him.

“Really?” He suddenly beamed at me like nothing happened, which made me glance at his way.

“Y-Yeah.” I took my eyes away from him as soon as I did. The smile he gave me at the park earlier made my heart skip a beat, but now there’s this ‘butterfly in my stomach’ feeling that I haven’t had in years just because he smiled at me happily? What is wrong with me? I can’t be feeling the way I did before, not to him!

“That’s great!” He exclaimed happily, still beaming at me. “I’ll pick you up at 6.”

“Y-Yeah.” I mumbled. Why is he being so happy with this? And why am I fucking blushing??? Well at least I think I’m blushing. No, I’m definitely blushing! I can feel my face growing hot! What the hell!!!!!!!

Maybe because he made it sound like he’s picking you up for a date?


And the storm is over!” A guy in patisserie uniform suddenly said as he stood beside our table. He was about the same height as Matt and very good looking. Not as good looking as Matt though. No, wait. What am I saying?? I blinked at him as I realized who he is.

“Daniel Gomez…”

“The one and only.” He grinned at me as he served a plate full of Brownies, Patty’s Brownies, in our table. “Sorry I didn’t get here earlier. I didn’t want to deal with a murdering Mathew Roose. You’re really amazing. It usually takes beating a couple of guys for him to calm down. Especially when it has something to do with y–”

What about drinks Dan?” Matt suddenly interrupted. Looking at Daniel like he really will beat him. Why does this guy keep interrupting people when they’re talking to me?

“Right. Drinks.” He smirked at Matt as the latter glared at him. “What would you like to have, Wish? Is it okay to call you by your first name?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Not again.” Matt whined.

“Can I have a Latte?” I said as calmly as I can, ignoring Matt’s reaction. Latte always calms me down, and right now I really need to calm down; especially since I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon with Matt. He’s freaking making me nervous dammit!!!!!!

“Okay. One Latte for Wish. What about you, Mr. Roose?” Daniel turned to Matt, only to be glared at. “I’ll take that as another Latte. I’ll be back with your drinks.” Daniel grinned as he turned back.

Our table was silent again until Matt broke it.

“Can I call you by your first name now?” He asked again. Looking so hopeful.

“No.” I managed to say it with composure, though deep inside I was giggling at the way he looked. He just looked so adorable. No, wait. I didn’t just say that!

“But why?” He whined again.

“Because you’re special.” The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. My eyes widened as I realized what I just said. “I-I mean…that was…I…”

“You’re special too.” He said with yet another genuine smile on his face. And just with that, I felt my heart beat go wild.

You’re in for a long afternoon Wish Anderson.

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