Wishing Wish

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Chapter 8: Friends

“Aunt Marry I’ll be hanging out with some friends tonight. Is it okay if I get back late?” I asked Aunt Marry over the counter as she prepared our lunch. I totally forgot about The Dark’s party tonight. If Matt didn’t remind me earlier, I would’ve just slept through it.

I still can’t believe it. Matt and I have been exchanging text messages since that afternoon at Patty’s. When he first asked for my number I was like, ‘Hell, no! Are you crazy? It’s not because you treated me to Patty’s Brownies and saved my ass, you can act all friendly with me!’ Which is really stupid since I did consider giving his friendship a chance, and all those things he did did earn him the right to act friendly with me; and then he said that he won’t show his face to me until before the party if I concede. That I considered and agreed.

After all, that’ll be a few Matt-free days. Plus, at least he considered to personally ask for my number and not just ask Aunt Marry and really be all-stalkerish on me. And he’s actually not that bad. He’s surprisingly sweet, which made me doubt at first if he’s really the one I’m exchanging with; his texts would always make me smile or laugh. Although there are also times when he just annoys the hell out of me, but bantering with him is actually fun too. In short I enjoyed them. Which is really bad.

I’m already being nice to him for crying out loud! What if one day I wake up and realize that I’m in love with him all-over again? I can’t afford to let that happen!

And considering my luck with parties, I’m actually still not sure if I should be going to that party tonight. I just have the feeling that something bad will happen, I bet I’ll make a fool myself; especially now that I have mixed emotions towards him. He’s messing me up again!

“You’re asking me that, but you looked like you don’t want to go.” Smiled Aunt Marry in amusement. I just made a face and she chuckled. “So, who are you hanging out with? Diane?”

“Um…actually, no. Not with Diane.”

“Oh? Then with who?” She asked curiously. “Some new friends? Do I know them?”

“Uh…you can say that...” Okay. This is really not good. Aunt Marry will really jump into conclusions when she finds out who I’m hanging out with tonight. Not to mention all the ones I know in it are guys!

“Dear, I can’t let you stay out late if I don’t know who you’re with.” She told me firmly.

“Aunt Marry, I’m twenty!” I whined. Seriously? I’m not a fucking teenager anymore! Not that I ask her to let me to go to parties when I was still one.

“You’re still living under my roof, young lady.” She added, although this time amusement is dancing in her eyes.

I pouted. Yeah, fine. Whatever. She’ll still know anyway when Matt gets here later. If that happens, it’ll be more awkward.

“I’m going to a party with Matt and his friends.” I sighed in defeat.

“I knew it!” She squealed.

“Maybe I should really just stay at home tonight.” I said, the second his car took off in front of our house.

“Too late. Just suck it up, you can’t do anything now.” He smirked. The hell! Where’d the sweet Mathew Roose I’ve been texting just a couple of hours ago go? Maybe he really is not the one I’m exchanging messages with.

I glared at him and tried to open the car door to get out. Crazy I know.

“I wouldn’t do that, if I were you,” he said, without even looking at me though he was smirking, “we’re currently in 80 kmph.” I stopped, crossed my arms and glared outside. Is he even allowed to drive that fast in this small town?

“Maybe you should slow down?” I frowned at him.

“So you can get out?” He shook his head. “Not a chance.”

“I wouldn’t really. I’m not crazy to get out of a moving car.” I rolled my eyes. Well, not really.

“Nope. I think you would.” He grinned at me boyishly. I turned away as I felt my face grew hot. This is really a bad idea!


Sometimes it really surprises me how much Matt seemed to know me or how fast he seemed to get to know the new me in the short time since I got here; which is sometimes even more than Aunt Marry does. And it gets me to thinking that his source can’t possibly be only Aunt Marry.

Aunt Marry doesn’t know how I used to always go to this small candy shop near our school after our classes ended. I’d never hear the end of it. She’s so particular with sugar intake.

And despite how badass I may act now, I don’t think Aunt Marry would even think that I really would try to get out of a running car. Well, actually I’m confident about it. It’s really not that bad. I did it a couple of times before, one of which were when I had to act like I was thrown out of a moving car so that I would be helped by the person we were asked to look for. I got a couple of scratches, but that’s it.

“Your aunt told me that you’re leaving the day after tomorrow.” He suddenly said out of nowhere.

“Yeah, I am.” I shrugged. Aunt Marry probably told him earlier when I was still getting ready. He was early.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He demanded.

“Uh, because I don’t think you need to know?” Okay, I shouldn’t really have made it sound like a question. But the way his face darkened is just disturbing. “What?”

“Were you planning to just leave without saying anything again?” He asked, seeming frustrated.

I frowned. What did he mean by ‘again’? “Maybe I would’ve told you tomorrow.” I answered nonchalantly instead.

“‘Maybe’?” He scowled.

“Okay, I would’ve told you tomorrow or maybe tonight. It just never came to me to tell you.” I stared at his reaction in surprise. “What is wrong with you?” I frowned.

“Nothing, I’m sorry.” He sighed. “It’s just that I don’t want to let what happened before happen again.”


“What are you talking about?”

Matt stiffened and didn’t say anything after that. I really need to have a talk with Joe.

“You know, there really are times when you act all mysterious and leave me hanging. It’s annoying.” I sighed.

“It’s because either you’re cold or you’re just slow.” He smirked.

“Excuse me?” I raised a brow. “Look, I suggest that you don’t push your luck with me, Mr. Roose. I don’t take lightly to insults like that. I can return to being hostile towards you anytime I want. Remember that.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Yes ma’am.” He mocked salute with one of his hands as I rolled my eyes at him.

“Anyway, where is this party really being held? We’ve been driving for a while now.”

“Just a couple of miles outside the town.”

“Are you really sure it’s okay for me to come?” I frowned, really becoming worried. “I’m an outsider.” What if they don’t really let outsiders on their parties? What if they decided to kill me because my presence annoyed them? Augh! What am I thinking? I can’t cower like this! I’m Wish Anderson for crying out loud! I deal with danger everyday! Okay, now I’m exaggerating.

Matt chuckled beside me. “You’ll be fine.” What if the people there will play a prank on me? That is Matt’s territory after all. What am I thinking? When I decided to give Matt a chance, it includes giving him my trust! I mentally shook my head. “Plus, I did say you’re special, right?” He briefly glanced at me to give me that smile again. I could ju– Stop! Stop, Wish! You have to control yourself. You can’t have those feelings! Friendship is one thing, but more than that is on a whole new level you can’t even think of touching! Don’t let his actions and words affect you!

“Fine. But if I get even a single insult…never show your face in front of me again.” I said seriously.

“Are you really serious?” He looked at me incredulously. His reaction was just so funny that I wasn’t able to keep my serious face up and started cracked.

Now I’m fucking kidding around Matt! How the mighty have fallen. As much as I despise myself for it though, I think it’s worth it.

“You can really pull a serious face.” Matt groaned.

“You should have seen YOUR face.” I said when I sobered a little.

“Whatever. I’ll make sure that never happens though.” He said confidently as I shook my head and smiled at him.

“Just don’t let them kill me. I’ll be forever grateful.” I grinned.

I really can’t believe I’m actually being this friendly with Matt now, when just a couple of days ago I hotly declared to never be friends with him ever; and was all mean and rude and everything to him. I sure ate my words. Not that I really minded. It didn’t taste that bad.

I still have a bad feeling about this party though, but oh well. It can’t be that bad. I survived Jessica after all. What could possibly go worst?

If only I knew.

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