No Life Without Thee

By Ugo Nwoke All Rights Reserved ©



Life, therarest and most precious gift from God to man is not all timesequal. Some wear maimed and some full-figured. Some were born with silverspoons in their mouths, while some were bedeviled with vicious pedigree of poverty. These two dimensions of humanity can only associate through the agency of love. Princess Angelica found poor Ndamdi who has no story of groovy background, and was dragged to him by irresistible power of love. Though the parents in the process stood as eternal impediments but love and determination created an epoch making of misalliance that ever be.


Ah…! But if beauty as they say is reallyan accident of nature, without exaggeration the nature has met more of it inthis singular feat by doing an exceptional artistic work of beauty on thiscradle. The mother earnestly protested, but however, wrapped the protest with ajoyful pretense. Welcome cherub, heraunt pronounced while keenly admiring the rare beauty in the bosom of theattendant nurse.” May your advent and appearance in our Royal family increaseand consolidate our Royal-hood, keeping us from known height to unknownheight”, she wished.

“This was a safe delivery, I hope,” AuntyLezie suggested. “Yes”, the mother confirmed with some air of pride in herface. “I have passed through the pains of child delivery four times now butamong all, only this kept me rejoicing most like the Hebrew women. And anotherspecial thing in it is that she is a girl. The only daughter I should say fornow. For to me, unless the living Monarch, her father and my loving husbandwill not agree with me. She is to be my only daughter and the last child for myfamily. For most of these oversexed and super-power men in the exercise, nomatter their placement in society count it the worst offense when theirbetter-halves teach them self control”. She teased and sniggered.

“She is exceptionally beautiful, I mustconfess.” “Yes she is” “I am proud I have born a queen to the world who forsure, will from a royal family where she will be pampered like a Princess go into a royal family like hers where she will be married a queen”.

“I could remember, that there has been astanding Royal proclamation which states that upon the waist of the woman whowill give birth to a most beautiful girl, that will be wooed by the Prince ofthe King of Panera, would a golden belt and rings that bears the king`s seal beweared. “True. Though we are noble and a royal Monarch, yet it will be noblerand honorable when the song in my heart is sang to the world for a more historyin addition, for a song like this comes once and only in the banquette of highclass in the society”.

Thou blessed womb, ohlucky woman

Meritoriously aname at last had made

Yea bringing toour world to be wooed by

The Prince of theKing of Panera

A glorious cherubworld ever had

Her heart andbody greatly should rejoice

Jubilate forpatiently waited to be

On the king`sgolden veil crowned

For havingbrought to wooed by the Prince

A glorious cherubthe world ever had.

Let the Western Zephyrs whistle thenews

Let the eastern sunrub it with its oily—

Morning rays andthe mother earth—

Protect the wombthat made it to witness

The D`day of the glorious cherub world ever had

This hopeful dream may not after allhappen the very way it was hoped for, but may definitely happen now through abitter road of experience to the sweetest end, that can firmly ensure forperfect and lasting possession. It will even at last unveil to the Monarch theuntapped glories so abounding beyond the Monarchical reach. For fate does nottake permission from man to twist the course of man when it desires to changeman`s planned selfish end to a better thing. It is however, a painful and disheartening thing most a times when one`sdreams shatters, especially when it was fixed or directed to suit his egos.

The parents and relations ofthe young cherub have all the days of her life dreaming of the D`day ahead notminding of the foretelling of the gentle messenger bird early years of weaningthe child. The Bird flew and perched happily on one of the domestic treesthere, hopped from branch to branch and whistled a clear message:

“Woman! Woman ohhopeful woman

That beautifulthing on your laps is Love

She will defeatyour Monarchical egos

Her definitemission must conflict yours

She must be wooedby poorest man ever known”

The woman understood the message,immediately sprang to her feet, disengaged herself from every other domesticentanglement and went chase away the messenger bird. A short while after, themessenger reappeared and whistled again.

“Woman! Woman! Ohhopeful woman

That little cherubin-between your laps is Love

She has come to showand teach love

Prevent it not whenthe time mature

For she must lovepoorest man ever known.

Themessenger was the second time chased away. But when the woman could no longersqueeze to death the repeating appealing messages of the bird in her heart, shehid it in her heart though not without agony. She concluded that the hands of nature were in this unusuality.

Really, this girl, one will not be said tohave mistaken when he or she said that she is of a Jumimaic race, theextra-ordinary beautiful daughter of the suffering late patriarch Job accordingto the Holy writ of the Hebrews. And one surprising thing is that she has notcome to help to show up her father`s wealth, but to teach a didactive lessonson love.

Angelica Nma as she was rightly and wiselynamed, like other kids in the society started of her life journey on a groundstyle. From her cradle days, people who have always admired her crystalfeatures and the developing positive traits – gentleness, humbleness, respectand a captivating and charming personal dispositions, have always described heras unique.

Though in spite of the fact that theparents were highly well-to-do, at eight she had even found it loving andfriendly mingling with the children of the less-privileged. This simple andcaring life the mother had many times tried to persuade her to desist from,trying to enthrall her attentions from the low status level. She maintainedthat she was been prepared for a Prince of the highest order. But this adviceshe had very often defied especially when her mother`s eyes were not on her andall the waitresses were off from her.

Her school life from kindergarten was purelyadmirable one, for she had been given many baby-sitters and nurses to attend toher needs in addition to various other royal cares. This ensured her ofimmeasurable achievements and even up to her formal education career. How thenature had combined in one beauty and brain and fenced with the parents’ wealthand monarchial background was a puzzle to many.

From home to school, she was conveyed bythe father`s private helicopter most times and some other times with the Royal flashy cars. She was attended at theschool by highly paid nurses besides her selected teachers. On her school equipment, she used a computerized pen that almost tells you the answers toany problem and academic questions. A well formulated, designed and built deskand swivel chair with dangers and sickness carrying atmosphere detectinginstruments in-built. All these royal cares around, not minding, she stillmakes friends with the children from lowly economic placed families around.Although her school, the elitists` children school, but in school like that,there use to be some lesser ones than others. Also adding to this, herexceptional beauty has added more glamour and respect to her and in additionwith spreading notion that she had been customarily wooed and destined to thePrince of the King of Panera.

For the recurring news in town was that atthe instance of the birth of the exceptionally beautiful baby then that theKing had gone to pay homage to the fellow Monarch for this purpose. And after seeing the Monarch made someinvestments according to customs and traditions. This signified automaticallythat the Princess becomes the Prince would-be bride. Marvelous souvenirs wererendered to the new baby and a cocktail party was held heralding the futuregreat ceremony.

The girls of the land had often said thatif you want to know how ugly you are, march with Angelica along the street oreven on her private amusement parks where many other boys and girls come forrelaxations, for the father had a standard amusement park. On the amusementpark were built all that life required for relaxation which made her not to goout in search of joy and relaxation elsewhere.

At eighteen, she has already grown to afull fledged lady, and now attend at the best national University of the land,where she was to graduate as a medical doctor.

Mirror, as she was fondlycalled by contemporary there, was very tall only three inches less than asix-footer. Fair in complexion, not robust, neither skinny. Her black sleekshiny hair covered from her head to her waist. On her face the nature spentsome extra time and made expert artistic work. For there you behold to your joyand amazement an open teeth even within the two lips were slightly partedapart, light dark lips, well cut jaw, chins, pointed or aquiline nose, smalldark eye-bulbs ringed with shiny red-like fire, In short, golden eyes. Itflamed as sunlight at dusk and well built round forehead.

The chest, a little broad to convenientlyhouse the ripe pawpaw-like pointed breast that stood like morning mushroom. Thebelly well tapered in to hide under the pointing range of her breasts. Lookingat her buttocks, sensational ripples, even at a cursory glance by a starkimpotent man can rivertalise him to resounding wholesomeness. For all theproperties therein ripple the waves and eyes around as she plods and tweet likea budding chamois.

Her gentle stepping while gadding aroundher amusement parks portrays some reminiscence of purity, pretty, andsatisfaction, the stampede of her gentle step on the ground can hardly kill aweak ant, but its sweet styles of bending them can hypnotize a hungry lion,yes, I mean, her approaches with her innate cheerful disposition can disarm aheartless militant or a warrior.

No opposite sex has everpassed without unguarded finding himself in the fantasy of possessing her even if at the shortestduration. Even the parents in spite of the monarchial influence in the land,have always wondered how this elegant flamingo could come through them.

Though many that dreamt of wooing her tomarriage were caught with either oedipal and or inferiority complex, but at theend of her studies at the University of Panera, a classmate was able to summonup courage and brevity to hand a letter of fair observations and decision toher before they part for ever to their different nationality. The monotonicletter reads:

Dear Exceptional Angel.

Your Rosy face to meis more than feather bed

I`ve always wished ifI were an earth surface

Who your triangularlegs peeps each time you pee

And gaping in joy asmiling treasure hidden in your thighs

Oh, what a food youare, prepared by nature

To feed ogling eyesand hot libido calmly quenched

Your dazzlingromantic eyes sorrows away can chase

To a lap yourbuttocks rests vows to quench furnace with spittle

From the veil ofwinters to time when cricket straddle

Will I labour tillyour love to me alone I, I, wooed

To lose nuggets ofgold is nothing

To win you near mylonely pillows

Angelica went avidly through the letterand humbly and respectfully smiled, but hastily before the closing anddeparting time replied the writer of the letter with an equal stanza wellwrapped with humility and wisdom thus:

Dear Seeker,

All that the eyes see to hand may not come

Allthat the heart thought of to sight may never come

Allthat the hands touched may never come to stay

Thisis the characteristics of the world wherein we dwell

Theheart should long for however, what the eyes had seen

Andthe eye should search for the dreams of the heart

Butdestiny never misses her way and aims

Thisis the characteristics of the world wherein we dwell

Thepurest rain that fall from blissful heavens

Maynot always drenched only on the royal land

Apoor Millipede may instead of butterfly smell a rose

Thisis the characteristics of the world wherein we dwell

She folded the letter and gave it to herattendant to deliver to the boy at the Faculty of Music and Library studies.

Before now a special jetthat will convey her back home after the convocation has already landed. Whileshe was giving a finishing touch, preparing for the occasion, a question ofbecoming womanhood for the first time in more serious note flashed in her mind.She however, wanted to suppress it but the urge became irresistible that shenot minding her waitresses` presence slumped down on her bed with a heavy sigh.They made haste to attend to her for whatever might be the matter that broughtabout the unusual action, but she waved them off and sat still.

As if to say the mother had an intuitionof what had happened, quizzically reminded her “Your fiancé the Prince will beflown in shortly for your convocation and in a few weeks you will be wedded toher”

Angelica opened her eyes andlooked her mother with little contempt and regard and sat thinking.

She started soliloquizing thoughinaudibly. “If I go from Royal family aPrincess to a Royal family and made a queen and a wife, I may not know thefullness and intricacies of life. I know it is a very hard step to take now.That is descending from my highly celebrated pinnacle to begin from the lowestrung of the society ladder a fresh journey of life. But I must go the way nomatter the cost. I mean, simply, misalliance is the answer.

“Ireally have found out that the gap between the rich and the poor equals that ofthe said Davis` gulf at the Hades. The poor cannot span it for the wings ofpoverty weighs him down and incurs sorrows, sadness and devastating worries.But only the wings of riches that can bridge it for it flies high aboveanything and can contain perfectly any challenge of the poverty”.

“Now if I am in wings of riches clothedwith love, the battle to liberate the poor once and for ever I think I am equalto. Just as the Saviour left His Holy throne and came to our defile and darkpoor place and suffered to make us rich in every good things, one should do so.For His footsteps, I think, is worthy of tracing and emulating. I`ll rather goto the domain of poverty and fight for victory than fighting from somewhereelse”

“The urging instinct in me must be obeyedsoonest. For no woman, no matter how beautiful, eats her beauty. The beauty ina woman is naturally meant to be eaten by a man no matter how poor. The beautyin a woman so untapped is like a wasted talent, and or like a beautifulMushroom in a fallowed bush. A woman should be eaten in her prime by a lovingman, and that is the time she can boldly say, I love, and I belong to you. Solet the nature help and guide me now before I make a life mistake. Let my lovecome. I will accept him and I`m sure joy and happiness will return to menaturally”.

Just like in a trance, as she still thereon the bed she clearly heard a voice which spoke to her thus: “Seven days from now is the day set aside foryou before you were born. Be wise and watchful all through this time. If youget the business done well, then you must have answered completely the bids ofdestiny for life. Only be watchful, be courageous and absolute in resolution”

She came to herself and looked round onlyto find her mother, her attendants all in a beehive activity preparing for theouting. She wisely controlled herself and wondered what can enthrall her not toknow when the rare opportunity will come

She got herself ready for the ceremonywithin the shortest time possible. The convocation was a colourful one. Wellattended by people of all walks-of-life, a galaxy of intellectuals, andauthorities in various fields of disciplines. Some however, just came for thesake of watching the brain cum beauty lady at procession. These set of people really found what theycame for by seeing the Princes as she painted her face beautifully more withhappiness for the sake of the crown from academic achievements.

Home they finally left for, with the Princesaying bye to her.

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