Falling for Red

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Chapter 13: Give into Me

Nothing could have prepared me for the smouldering expression on Red face. I’ve never met a man that makes me feel the way he does. The air zaps at my skin, heating me from top to bottom as attraction fizzles around us. His smoky eyes persuade my body to submit to his strength, while my mind screams for me to push away. I open my mouth but nothing seems to come out, he’s rendered me completely speechless and insanely aroused.

Resting on one forearm, Red uses the other to reach down and shift rebellious hair behind my ear. “You’re testing my patience.” He scolds, although the words seem amused.

I was testing his! The man couldn’t be that oblivious now could he. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. It’s only a matter of time before I lose control and end up doing something that will lead to being fired. Shit, if I lifted my head a couple of centimetres our mouths would clash, the thought does little in cooling my hormones. Then a part of me realises that Red is not a committed man, and that part of me is dangerous. It lusts after him like a starved animal.

This is wrong. The voice in my head brings me back down from cloud nine. I deny my body and turn my face away from him. “Sir, we have a meeting early tomorrow morning.”

Like a coil, Red breaks. His long fingers clamp my chin and turn until our eyes meet. “Just remember, you seduced me first.” I’m not given the time to analyse his words, in fact before I can do anything, Red’s lips collide with my own. My mind stutters and all lucid thought is kicked to the curb. All I can concentrate on is the feeling of his rough demanding lips. He trails along my jaw, groaning in frustration when I don’t give in. “Julia…” His voice is every bit seductive.

“W-“ I open my mouth, he uses this as an opportunity to entwine our tongues.

This is a test of will power… turns out I have none. My arms bind around his neck and tug him closer, our mouths battle against one another. I tense as Red fingers my shirt, he strokes my exposed hip. Lifting the shirt up higher, he begins to kiss down my jaw.

Groaning, I allow myself a moment to indulge in his challenging caresses. “The pursuer is meant to make the first move.” Red stops at my pulse, his breath hot like an iron. Who is he trying to convince? Since when did I become the pursuer… He takes my pulse, sucking the skin until I’m sure it bruises. Closing my eyes, I allow him to pull the damn shirt over my head.

Pulling back, I watch silently as he gazes down at my bra clad upper half. Flushing, I quickly cover my breasts. I must be insane, out of my bloody mind for sure. Red clenches his jaw, a nerve-straining down his neck. Unable to face him any longer, I slide out from under him and move to get up. Red stops my movements, grabbing the back of my neck he keeps my back to his front. I feel his free hand slide down my spine.

His shadow falls over me and I hold my breath. “Don’t run from me.” He mumbles before moving his hand around to grab the front of my neck.

“Sir,” I hold back a groan as he bends to nip my exposed shoulder. Humming leisurely he continues marking my skin. “Red,” I speak more forcefully.

He groans, tipping his forehead until it rests on the hollow of my neck, “say it again, Julia.”

“Red, stop.” I attempt to break his grip.

One second I’m seated; the next Red has lifted me up into his arms. “Say it again.” He demands, making his way to the bedroom. Confused, I continue to glare up at him. Sure losing an employee will mean nothing to him, he can get a replacement with the snap of his fingers. But I can’t lose this job, not for something as stupid as a fling with the boss.

“Stop. You’re tired.” I scramble up the bed and away from him the second he drops me at the foot of it. “I’m serious, Mr. Alfonsi.” For him, this means nothing. I care for him, more than an employee should and that’s risky enough without his advances.

Several emotions flicker across his face, Red runs a hand through his hair before turning his back on me and taking a seat. “Shit, Julia!” The hiss is spoken through his teeth, “you make me out to be some kind of fucking monster.” Clutching his head in his hands, he rests his elbows on the tops of his thighs. I just need to forget about all this and get back to working as his secretary. Moving off the bed, I grab a pillow and hesitantly walk around him. “We’re not done here.“He doesn’t move from his position, but those dark words follow me through to the next room.

I step into the living space and drop the pillow on the sofa. Pulling on my discarded shirt, I take a seat and flop back. Groaning, I scream up at the ceiling silently. Squeezing my eyes shut, I hold the pillow close to my chest and allow darkness to lift over me.


Turning, I grab onto the warmth next to me. Wrapping my leg around the large object and pulling it into the circle of my arms. God it smells so fucking good. Taking a drawn out breath, I open my eyes. Muted light comes in from the darkened windows. A head of dark hair greets me. Two bands tighten around my waist, as the head snuggles into my chest.

For a moment I wonder if I’m still asleep, but my bladder sees to demolishing that thought within seconds. Pulling my limbs back from the body, I squirm around and look for a weak spot in the guy’s armour like grip. “Stop moving…” Red’s voice is muffled and drowsy. I’m not given the chance to flip out, instead my body moves feverishly, I manage to struggle out of his arms and race to the bathroom. Slamming the toilet door shut, I finally sigh in release. Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Pulling my pants up, I flush and exit the oversized cubicle. Feeling much better, I wash my hands and splash my face before heading back to the bedroom. Red remains dead to the world, sleeping on his stomach. I make quick work of locating my toothbrush and slipping back into the bathroom. This is the perfect opening, I strip down and take a quick shower before doing my teeth. Glancing back at Red, I wrap my towel around my body and tip-toe to my bag.

Opening the suitcase, I pull out a slitted pencil skirt and long tight-fitted maroon blouse. Tugging on my undergarments, I step into the knee-length skirt and tuck in the blouse. Applying light make up, I finally gain the courage to wake up my beast of a boss. Leaning over his sleeping form, I decide it’s my responsibility to overlook the whole situation, it was clearly a slip up; he’s most likely feeling agitated. Not to mention the environment we’re currently in. Secluded in a suite, in a different country… shit like this was bound to happen sometime soon!

Keep telling yourself that. Ignoring the snarky little voice up in my head, I bend down and softly place my palm on his bare shoulder blade. “Wake up, sir.” I shake him a little. Grumbling his annoyance, he turns his back to me. I can’t help but smile at his childish behaviour, just imagine if anyone else saw him in such a state. “Sir!” This time my touch is more forceful.

“Go back to sleep, Julia.” He mutters.

Holding back a laugh, I continue to act like a pest until he eventually throws a pillow at me. Moving up, he sits on his hunches. “What’s the time?” Red questions.

“You’ve half an hour to get ready.” I leave him in the room, effortlessly slipping back into my professional character. I just pray Red also disregards last night as a simple mistake. Within no time I’ve whipped him up a simple breakfast, using the leftover ingredients from last nights’ meal. Red graces me with his presence within ten minutes of waking him, he struggles with his tie but this time I turn a blind eye.

Slipping onto one of the bar stool, I feel his eyes watching me as I avoid contact. Placing the plate in front of him I mumble out a sentence, “quick, Mrs. Lee will be downstairs soon.”

Red wisely doesn’t question my evasion and he silently eats, sure he glares me down but I can handle a little anger on his part. Cleaning up the kitchen, I look around for more jobs to do while he finishes off his food. Coming up empty, I repack my bag and double check all the necessary items are indeed in there.

I sense his presence before he speaks or announces it. “Julia. Look at me.” Straightening from my bent position at the coffee table, I do just that. I turn to face him, but I gaze a little past him just for good measures. I can’t trust myself to stay sane around him, let alone while looking into his persuasive dark orbs. “I mean look at me.”

Biting my tongue, I hesitantly look up. “What’s wrong, sir.”

“You tell me?” Is his charming response. Shrugging I lift my bag and gesture towards the front door. He frowns down at my behaviour; but this is how a proper secretary conducts herself. I’ve crossed the line with Red, blurred those fuckers until almost nothing is left. “Ms. Williams.” He enunciates my last name, addressing me with restrained irritation.

A rush travels through my body as I look up into his rage filled eyes, “yes?” The same tension from the prior night teases the air around us. I can’t help but find his angered expression just as appealing and enticing as his smouldering one.

“Do my tie.” He orders, holding out the black piece of material to me.

Swallowing hard, I reply, “we’re late.”

“And, we’re going to be even later if you don’t hurry up.” He snaps.

I can do this! Restraint. I can do restraint. Fucking liar. I glare down my unsupportive subconscious and move to stand in front of Red. Taking the tie from him, I lift up onto my toes and he ducks so I can snake it around his neck. He clamps his hands on my waist, while I fumble to tie the damn thing. “Done.” I mutter. His hands don’t move. “Sir, let go.”

Blatantly ignoring me, he wraps an arm around my waist and grabs our bags in the other. “Stop trying to run from me, Julia.” He leads us to the front door. I step into my shoes, noticing he’d already put on his.

“What are you doing, sir?” I question as he moves us out of the room, swiping up the keycard on the way. When he doesn’t answer, I glare up at him. He steps us into an elevator. “Sir?” I hiss out just as another couple decide to join us. It doesn’t take much for the small metal carriage to fill, Red and I find ourselves pressed against one corner, my back to his front.

His arm remains banded around my body, leaning down I feel him use his nose to shift my hair away from the place he’d marked yesterday. “What do you think I’m doing.” He kisses the bruise, possessively.

“We can’t do this. Last night was a mistake.” I turn my neck from him.

Groaning in frustration he growls, “I’m not going to hold back, Julia.”

The doors open and people file out. I step forward. “What do you mean? Sir, we made a mistake.” I break from his grip and take my bag from him. Scanning the lobby, I find Mrs. Lee. Speed walking to her, I just miss Red’s arms behind me. Shaking hands with our guide and driver, I curse as Red once again chains me to himself.

Something hard pokes against the middle of my back, it takes me a moment to recognise what it is. My eyes widen and it takes everything in me not to fall on my wobbly knees. “Keep walking, Julia.” Red speaks above me.

How can I resist him, when he’s hell bent on making me aware of him! I allow him to stay pressed against my back until we make it into the car. “Sir, I’m going to make this very clear.” I turn in my seat to face him more fully. Moving my hand in between us, I continue, “what happened last night, will never happen again. There will be no more touching, kissing or anything. You’re my boss and I’m your secretary.”

“Then be a good little secretary and come over here.” He unclips my belt and in under a second flat, he has me flush against him. Leaning down he whispers in my ear, “oh it’s going to happen again… over and over, until you give into me.” I release a shaky gasp as his hand moves under my skirt…

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