Falling for Red

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Chapter 14: Kiss Me, in Tokyo

“Stop.” I force myself to maintain the moan sneaking up my throat.

Like a man on a mission, Red continues his torture. Mrs. Lee and the driver seem to be having an in-depth conversation, they are oblivious to the brute currently caressing my burning skin. Clearing my throat, I quickly grab his hand as his fingers walk dangerously close to my aroused core. Squeezing my thighs together, I look up and give him the deadliest glare I can.

It’s one thing to behave like this in private, another thing completely when in the back of a strangers car. He narrows his eyes into slits, keeping a tight grip of my thigh. “Let go,” His voice is deep, passion coming through in husky whispers.

I shake my head, “don’t do this here.” Threat inches into the tense atmosphere. Slowly I release my hold on him, knowing the kind of alpha male he is and remembering past occasions. In a relaxed manner, he slides his hand down to cup my knee. I push my skirt down along the burning skin he’d stroked.

“We’re here!” Mrs. Lee turns with a smile, her eyes flicker down to Red’s hand. She doesn’t comment but I can see the confusion in her expression.

Red doesn’t move. The driver parks and my boss remains stationary. “Sir, your meeting is in fifteen.” I look back at our guide who seems just as worried about missing the appointment. I nod to her, “we’ll meet you inside.” I enunciate the words to the best of my ability. She returns the nod and speaks to the driver, they both exit shortly after. I watch them walk to the entrance of a mega, glass company.

Turning to face Red head on, I soften my tone. “Sir, please can we just get through this meeting?”

His hand begins it strong torture once again and kisses up my thigh, moving under the material of my skirt. “We have time.” He comments. He’s got a point, I ignore the sex deprived woman up in my head and frown.

“Red, please.” I groan out in annoyance.

His gaze snaps to mine, “give me a taste first.” He bargains.

“Okay.” I agree instantly before continuing, “of what?” Caution runs through my nerves and hits me hard. He smirks a wicked core dampening smirk. Leaning down, he uses his free hand to cup my jaw. Lifting his hand, he brings our mouths within inches of touching. “No.” I attempt to push back from him, he slips his hand from my thigh and takes my wrists. Clamping them together, against the middle of his chest.

Tugging me closer, his lips press against mine lightly, “you already agreed.” I open my mouth to refuse, but he simply doesn’t care. Tilting my jaw, he pushes down more firmly. Sipping at my lips, the man sends my mind into a whirlwind. Shots of electricity zap my skin, need sizzling down right to my aching core. His tongue does as it pleases, literally tasting each and every corner of my mouth. I remain stunned against him; my interior contradicts my exterior. He groans, leaning away, “kiss me back, Julia.”

My heart hammers against my chest and I realise I’m in far too deep. Too deep to escape his dangerous hold. And being with Red is exactly that, dangerous. Shifting uncomfortably, I hope my arousal doesn’t stain the plush seat beneath me. Fantasies of being with my boss, invade my mind. His hold on my wrists harden, I feel his jaw clench as he tries to contain his need. He pleads once more and I give in, unable to withstand his passion.

Opening my lips wider, I offer him my tongue. He moans out, taking pleasure in my compliance. “Good girl.” He hums, nipping my bottom lip.

He releases me, and I gawk in shock. He was waiting for me to give in. Shaking my head, I grab my bag as Red opens the door. He holds it open after exiting, and I move out. Almost immediately, his brawny arm wraps around my waist, tugging me close. I decide to surrender to his hold, we need to get to this meeting one way or another and fighting the brute wouldn’t work in my favour.

Red’s long strides slow to match mine. He keeps me locked to his side as we enter the large sliding doors. I see Mrs. Lee pacing around the lobby and smiled at her weakly. She’s quick to approach us, “Mr. Shin is waiting.” She directs us past reception and straight to the elevators.

Stepping into the large metal rectangle, she presses the second top floor and together the three of us are taken to the fifty-sixth floor. “Stay beside me, Julia.” Red speaks in my ear, “at all times.” His voice is quiet. I scoff. He strengthens his grip, “don’t test me.”

The doors open and I bite my tongue. Don’t confront him. I listen to my subconscious. Our guide leads us down to two large frosted doors, she pulls them open and steps aside for us to walk in. Red is confident, despite the stone-faced business men and women glaring at us. He moves around unhurried to his seat and pulls me down onto the one next to it.

The meeting moves slowly, and I find myself distracted while I take notes. What had gotten into Red, what had changed from when we were back home? Maybe he just needs someone to warm his bed for a couple of nights. I push the thought aside, I refused to be a booty call. Tapping the keys firmly, I seethe silently as the notion continues to roll around in my mind.

Red eyes me warily, he questions me with that dark glare and I simply look up at the screen, ignoring the man completely. Everything else pushed aside, the proposal Mr. Shin is showcasing is much better than expected. I make sure to note down all their figures and clauses. Two hours pass, and the four party’s move to their feet holding their hands out they shake.

“Pleasure doing business.” Red grunts, his eyes narrowing in on me.

Fuck. I can see the scorned beast surfacing, in a hurried manner I smile politely at the men and quickly pack up. Hastily moving to the exit, my feet carry me out of the room. Knowing full and well that Red is hot on my heels I find myself speed walking past the elevators and to the stairwell. What happened to all that bravado in the conference room, the snide remark is accompanied by the woman in my head folding her arms.

Pushing a heavy door, I enter the stairwell and instantly begin to descend. Seconds later the door slams again, informing me of Red’s arrival. His voice is laced with anger, “Julia, keep running from me and I’ll do a lot more than catch you.” The sexual innuendo has my pulse racing and breath running out.

Screw stopping now, I’d already provoked him. I’d rather be in the company of Mrs. Lee and the rest of the lobby, knowing that Red hates causing scenes. My best bet now is to get my ass down to the entrance of the company, a task that’d be a lot easier without my bloody heels! Turning I gasp, Red in steps away from me.

He seems anything but pleased. In the rush to flee, my heel catches. The strangled scream of panic is lost in my throat. Red’s curse is all I hear as I close my eyes and prepare for the impact, “fuck.”

All of a sudden I feel my waist being clamped around and my back slamming into a wall, snapping my eyes open I look up into Red’s dark fuming orbs. “Are you out of your fucking mind!” He shouts, the sentence echoes around us. He keeps me pressed against the concrete wall, “you never do that again. Do you fucking understand me, Julia!” I nod without thinking. Releasing a breath, he presses his forehead to mine, “crazy woman.” He mumbles.

“I’m sorry,” I mutter, embarrassed and also warmed by his reaction. I may just be a temporary distraction, but a temporary distraction he cares about.

He closes his eyes, “you better be.” Our chests move flush against one another. Automatically, I reach up and stroke his hair, offering him comfort. Several minutes’ pass before he gives me space to breath, “come.” Red commands leading me down the last three steps before we hit the entrance to the forty-seventh level.

Directing me out, he scans the area for elevators. This time we step into the cage alone, he presses the ground level and leans against the wall, watching me with a heated frown. “Do we have anything after this?” He speaks through his teeth.

All I can do is watch his lips move, god he is everything I want but can’t have. Red continues speaking, but I can’t comprehend the words. Without warning, his mouth slams down on mine. I gasp and he leans back, I follow him. He holds me away, “answer the question, Julia.”

“What question?” I reply numbly as the doors open.

Red turns us and takes my hand, leading us out. “What’s next?”

“Nothing. Just dinner with Mrs. Bak.” How’d I miss something so basic. This man is really fucking with my head. It’s only a matter of time before I do something even more stupid, the possibility alone has me feeling sick.

He nods, “good.”

We head for the car. The driver does his best to explain that Mrs. Lee will be with us shortly. I smile and give the guy a break, forcing Red into the backseat I follow him in. My boss continues to hold my hand, he rests it on his thigh, stroking my pulse.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Lee and the driver enter the car. She turns to face us, “free until dinner,” she states. “Where you go?” She questions.

“Hotel,” Red beats me and answers in a curt tone.

I lean back and we begin heading back to the hotel. I feel my nerves run wild in my body, I no longer trust myself to be alone with the man. My thoughts occupy themselves with worry and anticipation. “We’re here!” Mrs. Lee’s announcement shocks me back into reality.

Red helps me out, looking concerned, “you okay?” He presses his large hand to my forehead.

“I’m fine.”

Staring me down for a moment, he finally drops the subject and moves out of the car. Keeping me close he heads for the hotel, it doesn’t take us long to return to our room. “I’m hungry.” He comments as we enter the room and flops down on the sofa, finally giving me the freedom to move around without being chained to him.

I slip out of my shoes, flexing my toes as I step into the kitchen. “We’re running on empty,” I hum back to him. “I’ll go grab something,” Straightening, I head for the door before remembering he’s got my wallet and phone. “I need my card and phone, sir.”

Shaking his head, Red yawns while moving to his feet. “We’ll use mine.” I roll my eyes and pull on my shoes. Red wraps his arm around my waist and I lean into his hold, deciding there’s no point in arguing the matter when I know he won’t listen.

For the next two hours we explore the town around us, ultimately we end up trying all sorts of foods. I beam up at Red as he takes me to try the strangest of dishes. Laughing at his annoyance, I repeat that we should head back. He’s tired and could do with some sleep before the dinner later this evening. Grudgingly, we do indeed return to the hotel.

Red and I release our groceries on the counter before I help him to the room. “I’ll wake you an hour to,” I push him to the bed when he complains. Taking a seat on the soft mattress, he tugs at his tie. I help him remove it and gesture for him to lay down. Drawing the curtains, I move back to him. “You good?” I question, planning to work while he takes a nap.

“No,” He shakes his head. Worried I ask him what he needs. “You.” His breathless reply is followed by a hard tug on my wrist. He pulls me down and wraps his limbs around me tightly, I struggle against him, “stop, Julia. Just stay still.” His words are strained.

Red rolls, looming over my body his hand works on lifting my shirt…

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