Falling for Red

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Chapter 15: A Tastier Juice

I watch him in a trance, his scent invading my senses and taking complete control of my mind. I can’t back away from him or run and escape, he has me caged... Trailing my gaze from his challenging eyes to his lips, I feel lust slam through my system, his parted breath whispers erotically over my mouth. The lingering scent of mint from the drink we’d shared has me biting back a moan.

I lose reality and can’t stop my breath from halting as Red reaches down to claim a loose strand of hair, he wraps it around his fist. He highlights his strength and control over me. Red tugs the piece lightly, my heart pounds against my chest and our gazes meet knowingly. “Quit.” Red mumbles, his hot lips brush over my own, God…

“No.” I shake my head.

With a groan, Red drops his forehead to mine, “last chance, sweetheart. I gave you an out, just remember that.” His glare snaps to mine, fuck… “you put up such a tempting challenge, so fucking tempting.” His mouth covers mine, completely.

It feels nothing like the previous times. Red is on a mission to unravel me and he’s succeeding. Burning electricity shoots through me, addictive and blistering. I knew it would be good, but the intensity he houses has my mind collapsing. Lowering his body flush against mine, I can feel his need to trap me. He already had, since week one. All I can do is clutch onto his shoulders, he steals my sanity along with my breath without any mercy, as if they were already his to take. Groaning he kisses down my jaw, “give into me, babe.” I take a deep breath at his words, my lungs strain pleasurably.

Returning to my mouth, Red’s tongue delves in deeper seeking my submission. In a synchronised manner, he thrusts his pelvis against mine, seducing me. His domination is blatant; I close my eyes as the oral motions mimic the sensations of sex. The calloused hand that had held my hair, now clasps my skull desperately, keeping us plastered together.

The man inundates me, entirely.

Disorientated and unable to think straight, all my thoughts are jumbled. I give him all my trust, he takes it greedily, selfishly sipping at my lips.

Reds right-hand grips at my waist, most probably bruising the skin there, he rolls our bodies until we are unable to control our moans. It becomes glaringly obvious, he is striving to showcase his hold over me, lowering his clasp on the side of my head Red wraps his hand around my neck. The grip isn’t tight, simply present, he wants me aware of him. Waiting a moment, he catches his breath. Stretching his fingers, he squeezes once before trailing it down to meet the other at my waist.

Keeping me locked in an uncompromising hold, he flips us. Within one quick move, his back rests against the headboard while I find myself situated conveniently atop his lengthening member. An unfamiliar groan escapes my lips as he twitches against my thigh; I look up at him nervously. “Say it. Say I give in, Red.” His voice imitates gravel, the need lacing each word heavily.

Excitement gives my nerves a run for their money, his need becomes a drug. I already had, I’d given into him the day I first stepped into his office. I wonder if being with him is worth it, even if it’s temporary. His fingers taut under my shirt and along my spine, definitely worth it… I arch against his chest, binding my arms around his shoulders I use him to lift up. “I give in…” I whisper, grasping his body to mine, forcefully.

“Red. Say Red.” He leans into my touch.

I lower my eyes and look up through my eyelashes, stroking the back of his neck I reply, “I give in, Red.” He releases a breath, closing his eyes for a fraction of a second. I bite my lip, I’d said the words, there’s no going back now… even if I wanted to.

I shudder slightly, as he slides his hands from the dimples in my lower back up to my jaw, he holds me in his strong hands. “Last chance to leave, Julia.” His tone is deep. I know for a fact that he wouldn’t let me leave, maybe his moral consciousness demanded he gives me an option, demanded he be rational.

I shake my head, no. “I’m not quitting,” I mumble. His thumb rounds up to caress my lower lip. I watch him in silence, unsure of his next move. His lips take over from his thumb, his hands grip my wrists and fasten them behind my back. Sucking my bottom lip, he takes in my scent, breathing deeply through his nose. His resolve breaks, clamping my wrists in one large, strong hand he uses the other to mould against my breast. Lightly tweaking the aroused nipple.

My mind splits, fighting his seduction kills me. Like clay in his hands, my body moves against his will. Red plays my body like an instrument, his own little toy...

Infatuation doesn’t even begin to cover my feelings for my boss, I was attracted to him the day our eyes met in the elevator. The question was never will it happen, it was when. And he knew it, he knew that day it’d happen. The bastard is simply biding his time, waiting until I stop fighting him and give in. Waiting until I am obsessed.

Red watches every emotion that crosses my features, he takes pleasure in seeing me tremble. Hardening his hold on my hands he smirks as my eyes flare. “So soft.” He mutters, enjoying the scale in which his strength outweighs mine. “I need to get it in you…” The carnal words have my core dampening instantly. I lick my lips in anticipation. Slashes of red coat his cheeks. The vixen in my head purrs, she likes it when he loses all control.

Moving his hand from my breast to the bottom of my skirt, he pushes the material up high on my thighs. “Red…” I shift uncomfortably.

He slips his hand under my skirt and cups my heat. Holding me possessively he groans, “you’re unmanning me, Julia.” Feeling out of my league and highly embarrassed I drop my forehead to his shoulder. “Don’t hide from me,” his palm begins to rub against my leaking core. “Look at me, sweetheart.”

Biting the side of my cheek I meet his gaze, “I-“

“I know, baby.” He continues to tease me. “I’ll make it good for you.” He nods. Shifting my panties to the side, one blunt finger traces along my slit. The two of us groan. “Fuck, you’re so wet.” Red hastily pushes his middle finger in, “it’s mine, right Julia.” The question is more of a statement.

I nod, lost under his spell. His thumb stimulates my clit as another finger joins the first in thrusting. I close my eyes and moan, allowing his hand to rock me into a bliss. “Please,” I beg.

“Say it’s mine.” He grunts bringing me back down from my high.

I throw my head back, feeling frustrated and insanely in need of a release. “It’s yours.”

Releasing my wrists, Red tugs at my blouse, shakily unbuttoning the first three constraints. He continues to work my opening while removing the material keeping him from his prize. Grabbing the middle of my bra, he tugs down hard, my breasts spring free. “So pretty,” he hums in appreciation, lightly running the pad of his thumb over the areola. “These are also mine, si.” His accent is thick.

I nod, I can’t deny him when it’s the absolute truth. “Please, Red…”

Leaning down he takes one of my nipples in his mouth, the other is stimulated by his hand. Red takes his time, his lips and hands bait me. Without warning my lower regions clench around his scissoring fingers, he fastens his actions. “Scream my name when you cum, baby.” He releases my breast to speak before nipping it, lightly. Suckling the soft skin along my chest, he leaves behind his marks.

Several jerky, short thrusts of his fingers later, I fly over the edge, “Red!” He captures the yelp between his mouth. My cunt milks his fingers as my hips roll into him.

“Good?” He breathes into our kiss. I nod, resting against him as he rides out my climax. Pulling his fingers free, he raises his hand to his lips. I watch shocked has he licks off my release. “This juice tastes better, Julia.” The corner of his mouth raises.

A loud knock coming from the front room has me waking from my intoxicated state, I struggle against him. Red binds his arm around my waist. “Don’t move one fucking inch. We’re not done here, sweetheart.” He threatens quietly, gently resting me on the bed and moving to his feet. He gives me one last daring look before disappearing around the wall.

The reality of the situation hits me. I push my skirt down and hold my shirt together while standing, awkwardly I head for the bathroom. Grabbing a towel, I turn on the shower and quickly step under the spray of water. Praying to the Holy one above, I lather up and begin to wash my body, in hopes to finish before Red returns. Closing my eyes after washing my body, I start to rinse off.

Palming the valve, I look down. My eyes widen as red tinges the water at my feet. No way did he break my hymen, mentally I begin to count the days in my head. Fuck.

Drying my body, I quickly layer a pad and slip on my panties. Tugging on a t-shirt and sweats, I drop my dirty clothes in the hamper by the entrance. Heading towards the living space, I pick up a pair of socks and slip them on along the way.

I find Red leaning, tense against the doorframe. Walking up behind him, I peak beside round and find a mid-aged man with a camera hanging from his neck. Subconsciously, my boss reaches back and wraps his arm around my waist, “Julia, go back to the room.”

“Come on Red, invite me in for some tea.” The bloke mocks, his eyes flicker over to mine.

Red stands to his full, intimidating height. He covers me completely, “we’re working.”

“so serious... I’ll see you around, Red. You too, Ms. Williams.” I imagine the man to be smirking. Red is quick in closing the door. He keeps his back to me.

I step around him and lean against the panel behind me, “who was that?” I question.

“No one.” He grumbles before scanning my body. “You showered.”

I nod, “yes.” Stepping around him, I continue into the living room. He follows behind me, hot on my heels. Wrapping his brawny form around me, he crushes my back against his front. Reaching down he cups my heat once more, his other hand instinctively rests against my breast. “Red, we can’t.”

“I gave you an out, Julia. Don’t start with this shit again.” He leans down and nips my earlobe.

I groan quietly, “no, I mean we can’t. I’m bleeding.”

“We didn’t get that far…” He continues trailing down my neck and along the base of my throat, humour in his words.

Fuck, he makes it so hard to concentrate. “No, Red. I have my period.”

“I don’t care.” He rolls my nipple between his fingers. I still. “How long?” His lips remain against my body as he hisses his reply. I tell him. “You’re killing me, babe.” Red keeps me in his arms and I relax back into him.


The next couple of days pass quickly and before I know it, we’re on our way back home. Red seems to be staying clear of me, despite this he does find opportunities to tease my hormones, not a wise thing to do to a girl on her period. It’s almost as if he’s punishing me, I watch as he leads us through customs, my thoughts drift back to a certain evening… clearing his throat, Red gives me a knowing look.

Blushing, I allow him to lead us to his security detail. Who in turn takes us to waiting cars. I slip in beside Red and close my eyes, sleep takes over as his hand takes hold of my jean clad knee. Before passing out completely, I hear Red begin a hushed conversation with his personal bodyguard...

I wake to a sway, cracking my eyes open I look up to see a strong defined jaw. Red lowers me on his couch and rises. Heading for the kitchen, he checks his landline messages along the way. Grabbing a beer, the brute returns to my side. Bringing me to rest against his warm body, he trails his free hand down the side of my face, from my temple to my jaw. I groan into his touch.

All of a sudden Nikheeta’s voice breaks the sexual tension, ‘Red darling, make sure to bring that lovely secretary of yours to dinner Friday evening.’ My eyes snap to the phone and I swallow uncomfortably, the line cuts short. I can’t face his mother, not after he fingered me into heaven three days ago! I clench my legs together as images of that night once again invade my mind…

Red ignores the message, he narrows his eyes on me. “Mamma’s on the phone and you’re licking your lips like a seductress,” leaning down he presses our mouths together in a chaste kiss, “two more days, Julia.” He mutters a reminder, playing with the zip on my jeans.


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