Falling for Red

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Chapter 16: Between Her Thighs

Frowning at my reflection in the large glass window, I mutter several curses. “You sure this is appropriate, sir?” I question. Red leans against the back of an armchair, his arms folded tightly across his suited chest. For the sixteenth time, he nods. “Too much?” I question. The navy dress clings to my body. Long-sleeves that tighten against my forearms accentuate its semi-plunging neckline. Straightening my hands down the smooth material, I finger the clinging bottom as it kisses the upper quarters of my shins.

After returning home from the office, Marisa and Robin had been on me like white on rice. Demanding I wear something more appealing than the dull pencil skirt and white blouse I’d had on prior. The two were convinced I was going home to meet his parents, as his girlfriend. But that isn’t the case, I don’t know what Red and I are. We just are. Regardless, Nikheeta’s invitation has led to me being clad in a form-fitting dress and matching heels, they’d paired the ensemble with a simple silver necklace and matching earrings.

As my mind races, I become unaware of my surroundings, so when Red bands his arms around my waist, I gasp. “Perfect…” He trails his heated mouth down the column of my neck and places a kiss at my pulse. Moving back, my boss keeps one brawny arm around my waist. He turns me and slowly directs me across the living space and to the front door, picking up his jacket and keys along the way.

“You sur-“

He squeezes my hip, “shut up, Julia.”

Snapping my mouth shut, I allow him to help me inside his sleek black vehicle. Plugging myself in, I watch him step around the car and slide down onto the plush cream, leather seat. Keying the engine, he gives me a firm glare as I shift uncomfortably. I purse my lips and he reverses out and onto the main road. Placing a steady hand on my knee, Red drives us to his family home.

Never in my life have I felt this nervous. Pulling up to the Alfonsi home is enough to cause shivers down my spine, the large, smooth stone home is intimidating. Almost as intimidating as Red himself. Red parks off to the side of the house where several other vehicles are stationed. I grab the seat belt tightly between my fingers and shake my head at Red, “I’d rather just wait here for you.”

Breaking my grip, Red unbuckles the seatbelt. He moves out of the car and comes around to my side, opening my door he doesn’t wait for my hand, instead, he tugs me out in one swift movement. I bite my tongue and attempt to move out of his grip, unsuccessfully. Rolling my eyes, I wait for him to close my door and lock up, he does so quickly. Taking my hand in his, Red directs me across the yard and up to several grand stairs. Two men dressed in midnight, black suits greet us. Nodding at Red, they silently open the doors.

My mouth drops open in shock. Marble floors coat the entrance and most probably the rest of the house, I scan the room… it feels as big as my apartment. Despite Reds close proximity, I can’t help but feel a wide road begin to form between us. There’s no way I can compete with this. Lowering my head, I nibble my lower lip and follow Red, quietly allowing him to direct us through the house.

We move through the rooms until Red pauses in the kitchen. A kitchen any chef would die for, may I add. He turns to face me, clamping my shoulders with his strong grip. “You look like you’re in pain.” He mutters. I am, I want to reply. But nothing escapes my lips so instead, I look back down at my feet. “Kiss me,” He attempts to catch my gaze. I refuse to meet his.

Groaning, Red swoops down and claims my lips. I grab onto his large biceps and instinctively return the pleasure. “It’s just dinner, babe.” His lips continue to rest against mine.

Opening my eyes, I nod hesitantly.

Giving me another chaste kiss, Red wraps his arm around my back, before lowering his hold to tighten around my elbow. I lean against his side, taking his strength. We move through separated, glass panels that lead out onto a massive deck. The sound of loud laughter floats through my closed off mind track, I look up to find several people seated around a large fire.

Without warning, Nikheeta is in front of Red and I. “Julia!” She pulls me into a hug, taking me from the comfort of Red’s embrace. I return her gesture. “Thank you for coming, sweetheart.” She then continues with a whisper in my ear, “Red has been warning us, telling us to not scare you off.” She chuckles, placing a light kiss on my temple. “Silly boy.” She turns to said boy and draws him into an embrace.

“Mamma, don’t start,” Red’s tone has warning in it.

She shrugs, “oh, chiudi la bocca!” Humour laces her words. Red’s eyes widen.

“Yes son, shut your trap!” An older man comes to a stop next to his wife. “Ronaldo Alfonsi.” He pulls me into a quick hug, before taking his wife into his hold, “it’s a pleasure finally meeting you, Julia. Nikki hasn’t gone a day without speaking of you.” Nikheeta elbows her husband. He simply chuckles in response.

Red glares at his parents, bringing me back to his side. We step up to the large stone bowl, where the fire flames and the remainder of his family converse. Red takes a seat on the large semi-circle lounge, pulling me down beside him. Three incredibly attractive men turn their attention on to us. Red leans back, “That’s Swayer, Rhett, and Dante”

The introductions pass and I find myself leaning back into the safety Red provides. I see a side of Red that I’d on glimpsed at before, a childish more laid-back kind. Smiling softly at Nikheeta I reply, “haven’t seen my parents in years.” A look flashes across her eyes and I quickly interject, “they live hours away, just haven’t gotten around to a gathering.” The rush of words triggers the start of another conversation, thankfully.

“These two never come to see me, unlike my little Red.” Nikheeta glares at Dante and Rhett.

I look to my left; my gaze clashes with Reds. “Mamma’s boy,” I tease.

Red’s eyebrow raised and his lips quirk, his arm around my waist tightens, “are you mocking me, sweetheart.” His voice is low and deep in my ear. Wisely I shake my head, no. “Ma, I think Julia needs a tour…” Red doesn’t wait for a reply, he simply moves to his feet with me.

“Dinner in twenty, Red,” Ronaldo mutters out.

Red pulls me from the circle, “plenty of time.” He hums.

Nervously, I chew my bottom lip and swallow hard. “I don’t really need a tour.” I pipe up. Releasing a small scoff, my boss pulls me to his side. We step through the back doors and walk around the kitchen.

Absently he leads me around, muttering out the rooms as we make our way through the lower level and up to the top. We pause outside two large doors; I look up at him in question. Red opens the panels and pushes me through the doorframe. “The study.” He locks us in with one soft click. Spinning on my heels I turn to face him and begin to back up.

“Red.” I put my hands up in warning.

He advances on me. “What did you say… Mamma’s boy,” he mocks back. My eyes widen. My thighs hit the edge of an oversized, wooden desk, his lengthened strides cage me in within seconds. Currents run down my back and I breathe in his musky scent, intoxicated I allow him to wrap his arm around my waist and pull me flush against his body. He ducks down until his lips are inches from mine.

“Wait.” My eyes shutter. He hums incoherently for me to continue, “dinner?”

Pressing our lips together he replies, “great idea. I’m starving.” Before I can respond, Red lowers the constricting zip down my back. Cool air washed over my back, I instantly shiver and lean forward into his wide chest. Red’s eyes slip down to my exposed shoulder; he fingers the tops of each sleeve. Without warning he spins us, taking a seat on the surface he holds me in front of his splayed legs.

Clamping my waist within his bruising grip, he draws me in close. Slipping one hand up the curve of my waist, he rounds my ribcage and strokes the area just below my right breast. All sane thought exits the building alone with any lingering resistance. “So. Fucking. Good.” He grunts out, speaking in an animalistic tone. Reds free hand trails down to my hip, moving until it catches the hem of my dress. Pulling up he exposes my thighs and leans up to claim my mouth in the process.

Red sips at my lips, clenching my skin tightly. “Kiss me back, Julia.” He pleads.

“We shouldn’t do this here,” I mutter, my lips, however, part and grant him access. He moans at my submission. I place my hands on his shoulders and steady myself, he tugs at my sleeves until they drop enough to allow my braless breasts to slip free.

Releasing my lips, Red leans back and narrows his gaze on my heaving chest. I shift uncomfortably, self-consciously aware of my slightly oversized boobs. “So beautiful.” Using the pad of his thumb, he strokes one risen nipple. Groaning, I drop my head. “You’re sweet, baby.” He continues. Leaning forward he captures my neglected peaking bud in his warm wet mouth.

Arching against him, I can’t help but release several groans as my boss stimulates my aroused tips. Clenching my hands on his shoulder, I allow the sensation to take control. Erotic bliss slips over my head and his drug takes me under. The hand that had fingered the skirt of my dress, moves under the tight material. Pressing against my lace panties, he cups my seeping heat. “Red…” I throw my head back and whisper his name.

“I want to eat, baby… will you feed me?” One blunt finger strokes my panty covered core, bringing me closer to the edge of ecstasy. His words send a rush of heat through my system. One climax. I bargain with myself.

Releasing his hold on my breast, Red wraps his arm around my waist and flips us, my back hits the hardwood. Crawling up my body, he spreads my thighs and moves between them. My dress strains against up my body. He groans looking down and finding my panties winking up at him. I attempt to close my legs, but he simply uses his large body to keep them open, “it’s mine.” He glares down at me.

Snapping his slacks open, Red strokes the smooth skin of my thighs, moving his hands up until they finger the waistband of my panties. He slowly slides them down my body, I snap my eyes close as he looks down into the heart of me. “Stop Red…” I grumble.

Moving between my thighs he replies, “no one else gets this, okay baby. This right here will always be mine.” His possessive statement encourages the release of more feminine juices. “That’s my girl, so wet and ready for me…” Red’s hot breath fans across my exposed pussy lips. Grabbing each of my thighs he lowers his head until his mouth latches onto my leaking heat.

“Fuck,” I breath out.

His tongue flicks up and down along my opening, teasing me until I’m a trembling mess beneath him. “Promise me, no one else.” He takes my clit between his teeth, biting down punishingly.

“I promise, Red. Please…” I beg him for a release.

I can feel him smirk against me. “Good girl.” Licking up the cum dripping from my slit, he pulls back. Rising to his full height, Red begins to unbutton his shirt. Shifting, he spreads my thighs wider, before pulling out his member. My eyes widen in shock. Sensing my fear, he reassures me, “just let me get it in, baby, it’ll be good.” He promises back.

I shake my head, “it won’t fit.” I attempt to shuffle back up the desk and away from him.

“Don’t run from me, Julia.” Red speaks through clenched teeth, “it drives me fucking crazy when you do.” Catching my ankles, he pulls me back down to him. “It’ll fit, baby. Just give me the chance to get it in.” He takes the tip of his cock and presses it against my soaking pussy…

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