Falling for Red

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Chapter 17: Under the Covers

The sound of loud footsteps, has Red dropping his head against my chest in defeat. Panicked, I push him off my body and quickly pull my panties up. He hunches over and cups his member, groaning out curses. I right my clothes as Red zips himself up. He moves to a sitting position, a large tent in his slacks glaringly obvious. “Red, Julia!?” Nikheeta’s soft voice drifts through the walls.

The colour leaves my face as I attempt to pull my dress close. Moving to his full height, Red stands up behind me. He takes both my wrists and holds them in front of my body, with one strong hand. The other trails down my back, finding the small metal lever. He leisurely draws it up my back, his fingers kissing up my vertebrae.

“Every fucking time.” Red grunts, pulling my back to his front in hopes to hide his arousal.

Biting back my amusement, I lead us to the door and pull it open. Nikheeta turns to smile at us from a room two down from Reds. She narrows her eyes on his arm around my waist, a humorous look converts her features, “I hope I wasn’t interrupting,” she laughs.

“Mamma, not now.” Red grumbles.

Together, the three of us make our way back downstairs and to the patio. The rest of the night is filled with many stories, laughter, and food. Taking my hand, Nikheeta smiles down at me, “you’ll come back again?” She questions as Red and I make our departure.

I catch Red’s eye and he simply tightens his hold on my waist, “maybe you could come visit Red’s home?” I bargain.

Her eyes light up as my boss groans beside me in annoyance, “we’d love that!” She drags me out of Red’s grip and into a tight embrace. “Thank you, Julia.” She whispers in my ear. Next, comes Ronaldo, placing a gentle kiss on my forehead he takes his wife into his arms. Red’s brothers give me nods, and I smile back at them.

Holding my hand, Red helps me down the stairs and to his car. He holds my door open and I slip inside. I wait for him to enter through the other side, “thank you, sir.” I smile up at him in the muted light. He looks down at me with a spark in his dark eyes, “it was fun.” I nod. Straightening in my seat, I lean back into the posterior and embrace his scent. As I close my eyes, Red’s hand cups my thigh.

“Baby, we’re here.” A soft jolt has me opening my eyes.

Looking around, I realise we’re parked outside Red’s home. Groaning, I sit up from my slumped position and turn to open my door. Red grabs onto my bicep before I can exit the vehicle. “You’re staying tonight.” He commands lightly.

Hesitantly, I turn in my seat. “I think it’d be better if I go home, sir.”

“Sir?” Red frowns. “Use my name, Julia.” He forces. I shake my head, no. “Should I make you...?” The question is open-ended. I know exactly what he means by, make. Make, resulted in naked bodies and laboured breath.

Pulling my arm free from him, I reply, “I’m tired. We have to be at the office early tomorrow. I’ll see you in the morning.” This time, I don’t allow him to halt my plans to leave. Stepping into the cold night, I close the door with an almost soundless thud. A much louder and harsher one follows. Striding across the yard, I fumble with pulling my keys from my bag.

As the metal touches my fingertips, Red grabs my wrist. “What’s gotten into you?” He questions, pushing me against the cold exterior of the car. I bite my lower lip; it was that damn hypothetical road that had bridged between us.

Glaring up at him, I snap, “this won’t work.” I wave my free hand between us. “We’re not good for each other.” I twist my wrist in his hold.

“Fuck that shit. What’s the real issue.” He takes my other wrist and pulls me against his chest. I release my breath. “You were fine a moment ago.” He mutters, beyond confused with my actions. Of course, he wouldn’t understand, for him, I’m simply a fling. A little distraction he can flick to the side when he’s bored once more.

Squeezing my eyes closed for a moment, I snap them open, “what are we, Red?”

“What are we!” He scoffs, “what do you think we are, Julia?” I’m left speechless as he turns the question on its head. “You’re mine, baby. End of.” Releasing one hand, he reaches up to grip my jaw. Leaning down, he places a punishing kiss on my lips.

I blink a couple of times, “you’re crazy.”

“I’m fucking insane, babe.” Bending, he wraps his arm around the back of my knees, the other supports my back as he lifts my form. “So, stop running from me.”

Red takes us inside, he effortlessly moves past the living space and up the stairs to his room. Dropping me on his bed, he crawls on above me. Taking my wrists, he pins them above my head, his other hand works to unzip my dress. “Just promise me one thing...” I whisper, watching the carnal need burn behind his irises. He pauses for me to continue, “if there’s ever someone else, just tell me, okay. So I can leave you quietly, I won’t make a big deal of it.” I look to the side.

“Look at me.” He hums. I refuse to meet his gaze. He takes my chin, “shut up, baby. I won’t say it again, don’t think about leaving me. I won’t let you.”

I narrow my eyes, “you’re selfish, Red.” I ground my molars.

He gives me a dark look before slamming out mouths together. I release all my anger into the kiss, nipping his bottom lip. He’s slowly taking everything from me, including my pride. Pulling my underwear down my legs, Red flips us. He tugs my dress up my thighs and to my hips, it causes my legs to naturally straddle his waist. “Take it off.” He demands.

Reaching down, I grab the bunched material and pull it above my head, dropping it to the side of the bed I chew my bottom lip nervously. It’s really happening. He runs his hands down and up the curve of my waist. Sitting up, he brings us nose to nose. I wrap my arms around his neck and wait for his next move.

“You’re sweet, baby.” He drops his head to the crook of my neck and takes my pulse. Sucking hard he leaves a bruising reminder, his palms run down my back sending lighting straight to my core. With shaky fingers, I begin to unbutton his shirt. Smirking against my collarbone, Red leans back and lifts the shirt above his head. I take in his tanned, muscular chest and groan. Fucking hell he’s beautiful.

Tracing the contours of his body, my mind reels. Moaning, Red pushes his hand between us to his slacks, unzipping the damn barrier and freeing his raging manhood. Turning us once more, Red hovers above me. He takes his shaft and lines it up with my opening. Closing my eyes, I release a moan as he begins to push in.

That’s when I realise my mistake, snapping my eyes open I press my palms against Red’s chest. “Condom.” I breathe out. Red continues pushing, I begin to scramble away from him. “Please, Red!” He’s too far gone; an animalistic craze takes over. “Stop!” I snap.

I break through his haze, the brute pauses above me. “What?” His voice is rough and deep.

“Condom.” I breathe out.

He frowns, “I’m safe, you’re safe. We don’t need one.” His response is said so simply, I’m left gawking at him.

“No. Red.” I push at his chest once more. “Get a condom.”

He sags, his body dropping down on mine. “I don’t have any lying around, Julia.” The frustration in his voice has me holding back a laugh. He hadn’t expected or planned this, the thought sends a pleasurable shiver down my spine. “Every fucking time, something gets in the damn way.” Rolling off me, he slumps onto his back after slipping out of his slacks, leaving him clad in his boxers. “The universe is a fucking cockblock.”

Chuckling lightly, I find my panties and pull them back up to my hips, following with his shirt over my torso. “Calm down, Red.” I roll my bottom lip between my teeth to stop from letting out a gut-wrenching howl of laughter.

Opening one eye, he glares at me. “Shut up, Julia.” Without warning, Red grabs my wrist and tugs me down onto his chest. “I’ve had enough cold showers to calm me down for three lifetimes...” He moans annoyed. “We’re getting those damn condoms first thing, tomorrow morning.” Relaxing against him, I close my eyes and listen to his heartbeat. The man is impossible.

My eyes shutter and I fall asleep to the sound of Red’s soft breathing.


Bright light has my eyes cracking open, blinking several times I take in my surroundings. Looking down I narrow my eyes on Red’s head resting on my chest, as his limbs wrap around my body. Prying his arms and legs from my form, I slip out from under the covers. Walking around to his side, I make sure to pull the sheets up to his chest, placing a light kiss on his forehead I quietly make my way downstairs.

Silently, I make Red’s breakfast. Placing a cover over his food, I locate my bag, keys, and dress from his room. Quickly, I make my way out of my boss’s house. Stepping up to my car, I slide inside and push it into gear. The drive home is quick, my mind races through the events of last night. I can’t help but grin as I park in front of my block of apartments. Grabbing at the backseat, I open my bag and pull out a pair of shorts, tugging them on I step out of my car.

Locking up, I smile at the doorman and continue to the elevators and up to my room.

Turning the key, I edge the door open with hopes of making it to my room before Robin or Marisa see me. Creeping inside like a robber, I sneak through the hallway and across the living space, bee-lining for my room. Twisting the door handle, I practically fall into my room. Closing the door with a light thump, I rest my forehead against it, before doing a little victory dance.

“Someone’s awfully happy.” A startled scream escapes my lips, as I spin to find Robin and Marisa resting on my bed.

Holding my hand against my chest I glare at the duo, “what the hell!” Storming their way, I grab both their ankles and begin to pull them off my bed, “get out you little creepers.” Exerted from the success-less tugging, I stand straight with my arms crossed.

“You didn’t come home last night?” Robin crosses her arms and ankles in response, leaning against my headboard while Marisa raises an eyebrow, waiting for answers the two of them stare me down.

Thinking of an excuse I finalise, “I had alcohol,” I blurt.

Robin nods, “who’s shirt is that...”

“Did you sleep with your boss, Julia.” Marisa questions bluntly, innocently.

Flushing, I open my mouth but nothing comes out. Snapping it shut, I grab the pile of clothes on my dresser before practically running to my bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me I lock it. The sound of imitated sexual noises come through the walls, groaning I turn on the shower in hopes to dull their mocks.

Taking a quick shower, I pull on a grey pencil skirt and white blouse. Poking my head out of the bathroom, I scan the area. Stepping into my empty room, I pack my bag and step into some red pumps. Sucking in a large breath, I decide to brave my friends... after all, I’ve faced much worse. I’ve faced Red.

Surprisingly my friends are silent when I exit my room. Robin suspiciously places a bag of food in my hands, while Marisa fixes my hair. I eyed them curiously and walk to the door. As I pull it open, Marisa pipes up, “you coming home tonight, Mrs. Alfonsi?”

Rolling my eyes, I purse my lips. Turning slightly, I flip the two of them the bird before exiting the unit, not before catching their amused expressions, though. Shaking my head at their antics, I head down to the ground level and to my parked car.

The drive to the company couldn’t have taken longer, it felt like decades although it's only been about fifteen minutes. A bit too excited to see your boss, don’t ya think...? I ignore my subconscious and park. Making my way inside the lobby, I head for the elevators and ride up to my office. Nervously, I tap my foot in the metal cubicle. He won’t be angry that I left this morning, surely he wouldn’t. Right...

Greeting the front desk, I pause. My eyes widen. “You!” Clearing my throat, I continue, “what are you doing here?”

“Looking for you! Why haven’t you been answering my calls? And, what the fuck Jules, where were you last night!” The enraged man before me scolds. My mouth drops open at his audacity, I flush.

“Calm down,” I whisper harshly.

He grabs my forearm, “I am calm!” He replies. Oh yeah and I’m a flying monkey. “Now, tell me where the fuck you were?” His grip tightens. Tugging at his hold, I decided to drag the idiot’s ass downstairs, away from all the curious eyes. However, before I can the sound of my boss's booming voice gains the attention of everyone on the floor... and most probably the staff several levels down.

“Get your fucking hands off her.” The command sends a shiver down my spine.

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