Falling for Red

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Chapter 18: Sealing the Deal

Marco’s gaze slowly lifts from mine; looking behind me while clenching his jaw. His jugular throbs in response. Twisting my arm, I pray that I’d only imagined Red’s voice. A tense twenty seconds pass, and then I feel it. The heat from Red brands my back. A shadow falls over my form and I curse all the gods above.

Growing uncomfortably conscious of all the eyes on us, I plead with Marco, “please, let’s talk after work.”

Neither men pay any attention to me, in fact, it’s almost as if I’m not currently wedged between the brutes. “This is a personal matter,” I mentally facepalm as Marco sneers up at my boss.

“And this is my company and my staff, so I suggest you release whatever personal matter you have before I call security.” Red’s attempt at being civil could double as a threat. I feel him wrap his arm around my waist, before giving a hard tug. I stumble back into his chest; Marco looks down shocked as his grip breaks. “I won’t ask again,” The words are final.

Marco glares down at me as if I am somehow the one to blame for this. Shaking my head, I return the expression, “I’ll see you tonight,” my response is cut off by Red practically dragging me down the hall to our offices.

Pushing past and through my office, he shoulders through the two large doors leading into his office and pauses. Without warning, he turns and presses me against the cool panel. Gawking up at him, I wring my fingers between us. Red braces his forearms either side of my head and leans down until we’re within equal eye line. “Kiss me.” His words are clinical, monotone.

Leaning up, I slide my arms around his neck and slowly press out lips together. A switch flicks in him and he demands more, parting my lips, his tongue thrusts against mine. His calloused hands slip down over my hips and clamp the backs of my thighs, bending slightly, Red lifts me up. I automatically wrap my legs around his waist and press my chest against him. Moving his hands up, he supports my back, his palms resting against my shoulder blades.

It was only a matter of time before Red lost it...

Stepping back from the door, Red turns and walks towards his desk, without missing a breath. Rounding the structure, he takes a seat on his plush office chair, forcing my body to straddle his. Breaking the kiss, I press my forehead against his. Opening my eyes, I find his clenched together tightly. He breathes heavily through his semi-parted lips. “Tell me you’re mine,” pure need oozes from him.

“You already know I am,” I mumble back, pecking his lips lightly. I find myself unable to move away from him.

He groans, “just say it, Julia. Before I really lose my mind.”

“I’m yours,” I smile against his jaw. “I’m yours, Red… Now, calm down.” Reaching up, I stroke his jawline.

After a moment his eyes flicker up to mine, “it’s not enough.” Within the blink of an eye, Red stands me up and bunches my skirt at my hips. He rolls his bottom lip into his mouth while nudging me back against his desk. Lifting my body with little effort, he places me on the edge, wheeling in close between my thighs. Looking up through hooded eyelashes, he strokes the soft skin of my thighs. “Too many distractions,” he mutters, reaching my panties.

Lightly tracing my panty covered slit, Red shifts the material to the side. Closing my eyes, I placed my hands palm-down behind myself, bracing myself against them. “It’s mine, babe.” His breath fans my opening, Arousal seeps out and runs down my lips, coating his fingers as he spreads my core. Releasing my head to rest on my shoulders, I sense him rather than see him drop his own head.

The first swipe of his tongue up my pussy sends a shiver straight to my toes, I moan out his name, “Red…” The husky sound seems rather unfamiliar, even in my own ears.

Lifting my legs over his shoulders, Red settles in between my thighs, leisurely teasing my cunt until I’m a leaking mess under his mercy. The sane part of my mind wonders what explanation I’d give should someone decide to greet us with their unannounced presence, the other part releases a sultry groan, one that put adult stars to shame.

He pushes one finger inside, thrusting up against my g-spot and hitting all the right walls. Nibbling on my clit, he adds another digit. Scissoring my core, Red rolls my bud between his teeth and against his tongue. The bliss is incomparable; I almost forget to breathe. A shaky breath moves past my lips, drawing a smirk from his own against my heat.

Clenching my thighs around him more firmly, he brings me to the edge. “Please…” I beg, with one more flick of his tongue, the pleasure stops.

Shocked, I open my eyes and look down at him. He simply allows my panties to snap back over my mound, with a clenched jaw, he leans back in his chair and watches me with narrowed eyes. “Has he ever made you feel like that, made you moan like that…” The arrogance dripping off him has me flushing and straightening instantly. Feeling like a scolded child, I stand up and straighten my clothes. Giving him a bemused glare, I move around the desk and strode towards the door.

“Bastard!” I hiss under my breath while taking a seat at my desk. Shifting uncomfortably, I cross my legs and pull up my laptop for a distraction.

Despite the attempt, I can’t help but fume. The fucking audacity Marco and Red have, personally I see myself as Switzerland, I’ve done nothing wrong. Shaking my head, I part my attention and draw up an excel sheet of figures.

The rest of the day, I make sure to avoid Red. Slowly an angry little monster rises within me, resenting Red’s punishing behaviour. As night falls, I find myself eyeing the time on my phone and the second it flicks over to nineteen hundred hours, I stand up. Having already packed my bag, I’m quick in slipping out from behind my desk and crossing the space to the large glass doors.

Without looking back, I make my way down the hallways and straight for the elevators. Pressing the ’down’ arrow, I tap my foot impatiently, just craving to get away from Red. As far as I can possibly get. His intensity is too much. The ride down to the lobby takes eons, eventually, I do make it to my car. Within a matter of seconds, I’m buckled up and revving away from the company.

Speeding home, I mutter out several curses, knowing Marco will be waiting for that promised conversation. Fuck. Pulling off the road and to the side, I park along the gravel. Resting my head against the wheel I take deep breaths, the tension racing through my nerves causes a dull thudding at the base of my temple. Minutes pass.

The faint sound of my phone buzzing ricochets around the small interior of my vehicle, resting back against my chair I scan my surroundings, light rain begins to sprinkle over my windows. Opening my bag, I pull out the illuminated device. I don’t bother looking down at the caller ID, I simply swipe my thumb across the bottom and connect it to the speaker dock. Turning my key, I pull back onto the main road.

Julia!’ Red’s loud voice has me jerking back to reality real fucking quickly, ’the deal. it’s fucked up the deal,” he sounds beyond raged. I’d almost forgotten what my name sounded like, rolling off his tongue in that demanding manner.

Blinking rapidly, I make a U-turn. “What deal, sir? Calm down, I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding.” I attempt to tame the beast, at least until I’m aware of all the factors of the issue.

Fucking hell, Julia!’ He grunts out. I accelerate back in the direction of his office and cut the call. Skidding to a stop outside the front of the large infrastructure. I don’t bother locking up, instead, I rush out of my car and across the large concrete yard. The rain soaks my attire completely.

I make it to the entrance and send a frustrated glare at the doorman, he shakes his head confused. “Ms. Williams?” I nod, waiting for him to unlock the sliding doors. “Mr. Alfonsi has already left…” He continues.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I grind my teeth together before turning on my heels and marching back to my car. Slipping inside, I pull out and continue down the road towards Red’s home. Angst settles in the pit of my stomach, I try to go over each contract I’d looked through today. Had I made a mistake? It takes less than seven minutes to park out in front of Red’s house. By now the rain has picked up from a light sprinkle to a heavy storm.

Stepping out, I lock up as a shiver coursed down my spine from the chill in the air. Running across his lawn, I press in the code and tug the large metal door back. Pushing inside, I close the door behind myself. Turning, I’m greeted by darkness. There’s no light anywhere. Stepping down to the dining room, I drop my keys on the table before continuing through the space.

“Red?” I call out.

There’s no response. Glancing upstairs, I decided to try my luck. Where else could he be? He wouldn’t go to his parents’ home, that’s the exact opposite of what he’d do. Knowing Red, he’ll lock himself up for a good week before reigning hell over the company.

Slipping my heels off at the base of the steps, I quietly walk up them. Entering his room, I find it just like the rest of his home, cold and dark. Sighing in defeat, I turn around.

All of a sudden, a large hand wraps around my mouth while the other one bands around my waist. “Sh, baby.” A rising scream lodges itself at my trachea as Red pulls my back against his front. My heart rate beats feverishly against my ribs. Releasing my mouth, when he’s confident I won’t scream, Red turns me in his arms. “You were quicker than I thought you’d be…” Stroking the side of my jaw, he trails a hand up to the buttons on my blouse.

“What the fuck.” I push at his hands. “Stop, Red.” He pauses and lifts his gaze to mine. “What about the deal?” I question.

The side of his jaw lifts, “I’m sealing the deal, now, baby.”

“You’ve completely lost it, Red. You’re fucking insane!” The situation hits me hard. “Don’t touch me and try to seduce me when I’m angry with you,” I slap his hands away.

Taking my wrist in each of his stronger, larger hands, Red pulls my body flush against his. “You’re angry… Babe, I’m fucking furious. I can’t get it out of my head, fucked up thoughts of you with that man!” My eyes widen.

“You’re jealous?”

His nostrils flare, “I’m envious, Julia.” He doesn’t wait for any approval. Red begins to undo my blouse, he decides halfway that it’s easier just ripping the damn thing off. Next, he works on my skirt. As a side note, I’m glad to have the cold wet clothes off my body… wrapping his arm under my knees, Red lifts me, he’s a man on a mission. The coil snaps.

Walking us towards his bed, he drops me on the mattress lightly. Fingering his own slacks, he pulls the zipper down and steps out of the constraining material. Lifting his shirt over his head, Red moves towards me in nothing but his navy boxers. “Cond-“

“I’ve got them,” Red cuts me off. Taking my ankles, he parts them and slips between my thighs. “Just let me get it in, baby.” His voice takes a husky tone. That animalistic craze takes over and before I know it, he has my hands caged above my head in his steel grip. “You’re mine, si.” He cocks his head to the side. I nod, absently, mesmerised by the sheer force he holds over me. “Tell me.”

“Yes.” The word blends into the air.

His free hand takes hold of my neck, squeezing lightly he gains my full attention. Slipping his hand from my throat, he draws my bra down, freeing my breasts in the process. Red’s hungry eyes zero in on my heaving chest. I turn my head away, unable to watch him. Reaching over to his bedside table he grabs a box. Dropping it on my chest, he releases my hands. “Open it,” he grunts out, moving down to my hips.

“W-what…” I stutter out.

With determined strokes, Red pulls my panties down. Rendering me completely naked under his intoxicating eyes. “Open the fucking condom, baby. Before I lose it completely…”

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