Falling for Red

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Chapter 19: Don't Hold Back

My fingers tighten around the packet. Red leans down and takes my bottom lip between his hungry ones, he takes his time in sucking the flesh and eases a cry from my parted mouth. Manoeuvring himself more comfortably over my body, he reaches up and palms one of my breasts. Unable to fight him any longer, I open my lips further, inviting him in. I lightly nibble his jaw as he teases my left nipple.

Without thought my feverish kiss has him reeling back, I glance up in time to catch him swipe his tongue along his lower lip. I’d drawn blood.

The action does little in reducing the tension in the air, in fact, it has the opposite effect. Red presses his mouth down, forcefully. Grabbing the back of my legs he raises them up and effectively causes my thighs to cradle his large body. Groaning into my mouth, Red hisses the command once more, “open the fucking packet.”

My fingers remain frozen between us. His eyes snap up to mine, sitting back on his haunches, Red trails his hand up from my chest to around my neck. Lightly squeezing my throat, he gains my full attention. Looking down, he pointedly narrows his eyes on the condom. Kick starting my system, I fumble with freeing the condom.

A soft expression takes over his features, pulling the packet from me he raises it to his mouth, tearing it open with his teeth he gazes down at me. “Good girl,” he compliments, reaching down to stroke the length of my jaw.

His gaze does not leave mine; the brute casually releases his straining member. I keep my eyes on him, not wanting to chance looking down and ending up running for the hills after catching his size once more. Red rolls the condom down his cock, he shrugs out of his clothes in the process. Moving back over me, his lips leisurely tastes sections of my body, from my throat down to my naval. His steady taunting drives me crazy, I close my eyes and allow him to take me over the edge.

A blunt finger strokes down my seeping slit, my thighs tremble as a shiver runs through my veins. His heated breath hits my core and I instinctively clamp my legs around his neck. Taking hold of my hips, Red plays with my pussy. He circles my clit with his tongue, while his fingers stimulate my opening. Pushing one finger between my slit, he swirls it around inside of me. I arch my back and roll my hips against him. The sensation becomes too much; it feels too good.

“Relax, baby.” Red mumbles.

A ringing sounds in my ears and my core clenches around his thick digits. “Red…” I moan out as a wave of release washes over me. The climax runs through my body, but Red doesn’t stop. He continues to play with my core, fingering my slit until I’m climbing up to another release. “Please,” I beg, fisting the sheets around me.

The second orgasm sends a shot of pleasure straight to my head, then I feel a burning. Snapping my eyes open, the haze fades and I look up to find Red’s face directly above mine. I go to look down but he catches my chin, “it’s almost in, sweetheart.”

A stray tear leaks from the corner of my eye as a sharp pain causes me to shift uncomfortably. The pleasure fades and my muscles tighten around his large member. I hold my breath and attempt to relax around him. “It too big, Red.” I whimper as he pushes in another inch.

“It’ll fit, baby.” He leans down and pecks my lips twice, “you trust me, si.”

My head automatically nods, “yes….”

Slowly he begins to thrust into my channel, I spread my legs further and hope to accommodate the size of his length. I watch as he clenches his jaw, a vein straining along his neck. He’s holding back, holding back for me. A sense of security settles over my form, as the man above me cages me between his intimidating form and the large bed.

Wanting to please him, I bite my lower lip and roll my hips to meet his thrusts. He cocks his head and looks down at me bemused. “baby-”

“It’s okay, Red. You don’t have to hold back.” I whisper.

This doesn’t comfort him, his biceps flex either side of me. Holding himself still, he allows me to set the speed. “I don’t want to hurt you, Julia.” A shadowed look takes over Red, his eyes shutter. I smile. Gaining courage, I press my palms against his chest. Pushing him over, I follow him down until I’m straddling his hips.

Red’s too shocked to resist. His hands instantly clamp down on my hips, stopping me from moving. “I trust you, Red.” It’s only then that I realise I’m not lying. I truly trust this man. His hold remains strong. Bending over him, I lean down and take his nipple between my teeth. Lightly biting down, I feel his resolve fade. “Fuck.” The curse doubles as a moan.

I use his distracted state to lower myself down. His cock stretches my core in the most painfully pleasing manner. The fact that he cared about my comfort… that alone makes me want to give into him.

Unable to take his full length, I press my hands against his chest once more and sit up. Raising my hips, I push them back down. Simultaneously, we groan. I lift my body once more and bring it down on his rigid shaft. Closing my eyes, I allow Red to assist in my movements. I ride my boss, slowly, sensually the tension builds.

Unable to contain the beast any longer, Red wraps his arm around my waist and flips us over. My arms linger around his neck as he mercilessly takes everything I have to offer. Everything I have to give. The pain fades and pure bliss takes over, my pussy rains heat around his cock. Red’s actions become haste and jerky, a trail of sweat slips down his cheek. Perspiration lines our naked bodies, as a climax spreads through my system.

“Red!” I shiver under him as he continues to ride out my climax.

Like the beast he is, the animalistic hunger eggs him on… he ruts into me without caution. My body continues to jerk as the remainder of the release runs out of my core. Red follows shortly after this, with shudders of his own wracking through his body.

Dropping down over me, his member jerks against my inner muscles. I clench around him, our heavy breathing the only sound left in the room.

Red nestles against the crook of my neck, finally satisfied his body relaxes, I practically feel the stress and tension roll of his body. Looking up at the ceiling, I quickly come to terms with my actions, I just slept with my boss… And, I fucking liked it. Tightening my arms around Red, I keep him against my body as we allow our bodies to calm down. “You smell so sweet.” Red takes in a deep breath.

Eventually, we do break apart, Red moves back onto his forearms. “You hungry?” I blurt out without thinking.

A deep chuckle leaves Red. Flushing I try to move back, he sobers up real quick. “Stop moving. You wanted the damn condom on so badly, don’t want any spills now do we…” He grumbles.

Confused with his reaction, I allow him to reach down and pull out of me with the condom still intact. Closing my legs, I cross my arms over my chest and sit up. Red moves to his feet. I look down and my eyes widen as I see the smear of blood coating the condom. Grabbing a tissue, Red pulls it off his- surprisingly still- erect cock before disappearing into the bathroom.

The comfort I’d felt moments ago leaves with him, a cold draft enters the room and I reach down to grab my shirt. Unsure of what to do, I decide to leave before he returns. Without thinking, I swing my legs over the side of the bed and stand up in one quick movement, instantly I groan out in pain and crumble to the ground. Fucking hell.

At that moment, a shadow falls over my body. I pray for the ground to open up and swallow me, unfortunately, I’m not that lucky. Squeezing my eyes closed, I hope this all turns out to be a dream. One minute I’m a curled mess on the plush carpet, the next I’m in Reds brawny arms and against his large, warm chest. “You deserve it,” Red mutters.

Shocked, I glare up at him. “Fuck you.” The words are out before any kind of rationality can stop them.

“Already have, baby.” Red sneers back. “You tried to run,” he continues as if that’s some sort of explanation.

Shaking my head, I look away from him, “I can’t keep up with you, Red.” A traitorous tear runs down my check before I can catch it.

“Shit!” Pausing midstride, Red drops on the edge of the bed. He tightens his hold around my frame. Releasing a sigh, he breathes out an apology, “forgive me, Julia.” Holding me with one arm, he uses the other to cup my jaw, “my words were too harsh.”

Trying to pull away from him I reply, “you say you don’t want to hurt me and then you say I deserve the pain…”

“Never, Julia. I don’t want you in any kind of pain, ever.” He drops his head, ashamed. “I thought you were leaving me, it fucked with me.” He admits lightly. “Sorry, baby.” Red presses a gentle kiss to my forehead. I don’t reply. He moves to his feet once more and continues through to the bathroom. Crossing the space, Red steps into a large bathtub… It’s already full of hot water. I bite my cheek as I realise this is why he’d left.

Feeling like a complete idiot, I press a kiss to his chest. “I’m sorry, Red.”

He looks down with a heated gaze and lowers us into the steaming water. The heat soothes my body and I settle between his thighs, my back against his chest. Red’s knees bend, his body too long for the bathtub, I use them like guards and nestle into him. My eyes close as Red strokes my skin, “you’re sweet, Julia…” The words lull me into a deep slumber.


Turning my head to the side, I crack my eyes open. Something heavy rests on my back, coughing slightly I attempt to move out from under it. “Go back to sleep, sweetheart.” Red’s deep husky voice settles my nerves. I stop trying to escape and flop back down on the pillow as my boss continues to rest on my bare back.

The sheets sit low on my hips, covering my rear, this doesn’t stop Red from palming my bottom, though. His large hand clenches and unclenches the flesh there. “Good morning, Mr. Alfonsi.” I smile.

He groans, “it was good until you referred to me as my old man,” I can just imagine him pouting.

Laughing I begin to roll over and sit up, Red allows me to do so, instantly resting back on my lap once I’m comfortably seated against the headboard. “I can’t believe I fell asleep,” I stroke his long hair. Red wraps his muscular arms around my body and snuggles in closer. For the next fifteen minutes, I play with Red’s hair before nudging him to wake once more, “it’s getting late, you need to wake up sir.”

“Shut up, Julia.” Red ignores me.

Rolling my bottom lip into my mouth, I wait for him to fall back asleep before I slip out from under him. Grabbing his shirt from where it’d been discarded on the carpet, I pull it on and then I locate my panties and tug them up to my hips.

Looking back down at the bed, I roll my eyes. Red clutches the pillow I’d been using, his large body completely naked, with the sheets resting over his rear. I drop a prolonged kiss on his temple and head to the bathroom. Using his toothbrush, I clean my teeth and wash my face. Entering the bedroom again, my eyes flicker over to a still sound-a-sleep Red. I decide to make him breakfast before waking the beast.

Descending to the lower level, I enter the kitchen just as Red’s phone buzzes against the table. An ominous feeling settles in the atmosphere as I step up to the vibrating device.

Private Number

I don’t know what possess me, but I reach down and swipe my thumb across the screen before lifting the phone to my ear. And, that’s when shit hit the fan…

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