Falling for Red

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Chapter 20: The Game Begins

And, by shit, I mean my courage. A grave greeting comes through the phone, “Ms. Williams, what a pleasant surprise.” I cock my head to the side. It didn’t seem pleasant at all.

The voice sounds familiar, but for some reason, I can’t place it. It is clear though, that the man on the other side of the line knows exactly who I am. “I’m sorry, but who is this again?” I question.

“Herald Barnes, at your service ma’am.” There is humour to his tone, almost as if he’d hit a jackpot in the grandest casino. I roll my lower lip into my mouth and attempt to place the name with a face, nothing comes in mind. That fact alone scares me.

A cold shiver runs down my back, raising goose bumps on my arms. “I’m sorry, Mr. Barnes-” The phone is yanked from my hand.

“Piss off.” Red’s angered reply to the caller shocks me. I turn to face him front on, he’d pulled on a pair of boxers, I can’t help but continue to admire his defined abdomen. “Don’t even think about it. Don’t look at her, don’t speak to her and I swear if you touch her…” Reds heated gaze meets mine as he barks these words through the phone.

Pulling me close, the large brute wraps his arm around my waist, keeping his intoxicating glare in my direction. Reds jaw tenses and a vein protrudes at the base of his neck. I rest my head against his chest and inhale his manly scent. He visibly softens to the touch, his shoulders sag and he loosens his tight grip on my body. Unfortunately, I am unable to hear the other side of the line, but from Red’s expression; he’s not impressed.

Closing my eyes, I allow his heart beat to cure the nervous shakes. Red ends the call shortly after, he turns us and rests against the dining table while holding my hips between his splayed thighs. “He say anything to you?” Red questions, stroking up and down my waist.

“No,” I reply, shaking my head. “Who is he?”

Red drops his gaze, “no one.” Taking my jaw between his fingers, Red lifts my mouth up to his. He lightly sips at my lips, “let me get ready and then I’ll take you home to change,” he mumbles against my jaw. I nod again and allow him to move past me. My eyes flicker down to his phone once more, before I decide to forget the whole ordeal and continue making Red’s breakfast.

Fifteen odd minutes later, Red returns just as I plate up his food, he takes a seat and doesn’t think twice about digging in. I cup my chin and lean down on my elbows, watching him from the other side of the counter. The man seriously loves food. He glances up at me, “I’m not hungry,” I reply to his unsaid question. Red ignores the comment and rolls up a pancake, he lifts it up to my lips. I go to refuse but he simply pushes the fluffy goodness against my open mouth.

As a natural reflex, I take a bite and chew, the corner of his mouth tugs up. “Good girl,” his amusement plays with a certain part of my heart. My mind wanders and I continue to bite down on his outstretched offering, it’s not until he hisses deeply that I zone back. His large blunt finger rests innocently between my teeth, “finish it…” he groans. Confused, I go to pull back. His free hand comes up to keep my lips parted. “Suck, Julia.” The command ignites a fire between my thighs.

Unable to refuse the man, I close my lips around his thick digit and suck the syrup off. He watches me with hooded eyes, I lightly scrape my bottom teeth along the pad of his finger. The large man moans a curse and moves closer. Once I can no longer taste the sweet liquid, I release his finger. Stepping back, much to his disapproval I smile, “done.”

“Shit, baby.” Red runs the hand that had been keeping me captive through his thick hair.

I hold back my chuckle and cross my arms, his eyes follow the movement. “We’re going to be late.” I turn and walk past the island, towards the stairs. I make it halfway before Red is wrapped around my body. His hands come up to rub the skin just below my heaving breasts.

“You taking me on, babe?” His breath fans the side of my neck, before his strong, skilled mouth latches onto my exposed shoulder.

I shrug, uncommitted. “Just trying to get to work, sir,” I reply, biting the side of my cheek.

“Is that so,” one intimidating hand slides down to cup my core, he rolls his palm against my heat. He traces my leaking slit through his shirt and I blush, knowing it’ll leave a mark behind. He’s not playing fair, that’s for sure! “You wanna take me on, baby…” It’s more of a mock this time. He marks sections of my skin while torturing my lower regions with nonchalant strokes of pleasure. I feel myself come close to the edge, my hips move on their own accord against him.

All of a sudden the pleasure is stolen. My eyes snap open and I breathe heavily through my mouth. He’d just denied me a climax... The hormones in my body don’t take to this well. “I win,” I can feel the smirk against my collarbone.

Shrugging him off my body, I continue on my journey up the stairs, knowing my indifference will piss Red off more than a shouting contest. As expected the overbearing Italian follows me into the bedroom, he leans against the wall near the stairs while I pull up my skirt and replace his shirt for my blouse. His dark gaze follows me around the room. “Babe?” I ignore him. “Julia!” It’s more forceful this time.

I turn to him, waiting for him to continue. He doesn’t. Shaking my head, I tuck my shirt in and step past him. Before I can take another step, my back slams against the wall. Red looms over me. “Sir!” I grind my molars.

“You’re fucking with me, babe.” He forces a kiss on my lips, demanding I submit to him.

Keeping my mouth firmly shut, I wait for the brute to pull back. And, he does. Eventually. A scowl plasters itself to his expression, he slowly moves back. I slip out for beneath him and continue down the stairs. Grabbing my bag and keys from the dining table, I head for the front door. Red is hot on my heels. I keep my smug smirk to myself. I win. The vixen in my head hums in delight, finding all kinds of pleasure in the beast losing control.

Red thankfully gives me space, he slips into his vehicle as I slide into mine. As soon as I’m out of his direct eye line, I allow a small chuckle to escape. He is just so darn cute, so emotional. Red doesn’t hide much, at least not with me, his raw emotions come out full force. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My boss drives behind me, following me back home. I park outside the apartment block and make my way up to the right floor.

The house is empty when I enter, I slip into my room and change into a grey pencil dress. Stepping into a pair of heels, I pack my bag and lock up. As I enter the lobby, I find Red leaning against the side of the elevator. His arms and ankles are crossed, scanning me down he frowns. Taking my bag, Red slips his hand around to grip my hip, he leads us out to his car.

As we approach the vehicle, my boss presses my back against the cold metal. “Are we fighting, baby?” Red questions, genuinely curious.

“No,” I reply.

He groans and drops his forehead to my hair, taking in a deep breath he replies, “that sounded like a, yes.” He doesn’t sound pleased at the revelation.

I contain my laugh and reply as monotone as possible, “we’re not fighting, sir.” I then add a final blow, “what employee would go against their boss,” I reach behind myself and open the door. Ducking out from under the man, I swiftly slip inside and wait for him to move around the car.

“Employee!” Red slams his door shut behind himself. I nod, absently inspecting my nails. “You’re punishing me?” He breathes out, this causes me to look up at him. “For not letting you cum?”

Surprisingly, I don’t flush at the crudeness of his words. “Mr. Alfonsi, only a fool would punish you.” I turn back to face the front. From the corner of my eye, I see Red open and close his mouth several times before he finally slams the gears into place and tears out of the parking space.

His hands clench the wheel tightly; his grip has his knuckles whitening. I decided to give the man a little mercy… and some of his own medicine. The minx takes over and my arm trails to his thigh, the contact gains all of Red’s attention. He presses down on the accelerator, shocking the car and his body into action. “What are you doi- “

“Baby… Please watch the road,” I purr, slowly trailing my hand higher up his thigh.

He glances over at me, confusion lingering in his gaze. “Fucking hell, Julia!” He groans as I stroke his member once through his slacks, “I’m driving, merda!” He swerves slightly, thankfully the roads are relatively empty.

A moan softly, “it’s hot, Red. I feel so hot…” I whisper, crossing my legs, in the process lifting my dress up my thigh. His nostrils flare at the sight of my exposed legs.

“Keep that up and I’ll pull over and fuck you against the bonnet, baby.” Red groans, his entire body trying it’s hardest to fight for control. I begin to slowly stroke his hardening length; he shifts in his seat. “Babe, don’t think I won’t take you over my knee!” He threatens.

I move my hand faster, “promise…” The breathless moan undoes the man, he swerves onto the side of the road and parks. I quickly pull my hands back and cross them over my chest. Turning away from him once more, I stare out the front window.

“What the fuck, baby!” Red explodes. Two to Julia, one to Red.

The sexual tension curls around him like an elastic, “what’s wrong, sir?” I question innocently.

“You’re going to kill me, Julia.” Red closes his eyes, beyond tired and frustrated. Something dark flashed across his face, “tell me you learnt to do that for me, and only me.” He grunts out, cupping my cheek and turning my face to his.

His possessiveness is like a drug; I hold back a whimper as arousal seeps out of my cunt. “We’re going to be late.”

“Baby, I’m ten seconds away from losing it.” His jaw ticks.

I laugh, “I did it for you, Red. Always you.” He nods but this doesn’t seem to cool him down, especially his member which strains against the material of his pants.

“You little seductress,” He leans forward, “give me a kiss, baby.” He commands.

I roll my eyes and meet him halfway, cupping his jaw within my hands I shower little kisses all over his face. “Just. You. Red.” I confirm between pecks. He relaxes slightly, “now sir, we really need to head to the office.”

“I’m not finished with you, baby.” Red uses his thumb to stroke his bottom lip, I bite my own at the site. The man is beyond sexy!

A few minutes later, Red parks. He leads me to the elevator with his hand lightly cupping my bottom. Once we’re inside the metal rectangle, I attempt to move away from him. “Sir!” I hiss. He ignores me, simply clenching my flesh twice.

“What?” He mutters, “you’re mine, Julia.” Red’s body corners me. “Off limits, only mine.” I shudder against his solid form, way to charm a lady’s panties! A buzzing in Red’s pocket snaps the atmosphere. He leans back and answers the call, all the while keeping a steady eye on me. He speaks in his mother tongue and I can’t help but silently admire his accent.

The doors open and I pause as Red steps out. “I left my phone.” I mouth, he nods and holds out his keys. I reach for them; he takes my wrist as I accept the shaped shrapnel. Without warning, he plants a hard kiss on my lips. Instantly, I pull back and scold him with a furious glare. Scanning the area behind him, I’m thankful no one noticed. He smirks before leaving me and heading down to his office.

I fan my face as the elevator takes me back down to the basement. I step out and blink a couple times, allowing my eyes to adjust to the dark lighting. “Shh...” I hear the command before I see or feel anything. A strong hand wraps around my mouth and another takes my failing arms captive. I thrash against the stranger, his unfamiliar scent like acid up my nose.

That same fearful shiver runs down my back as a scream lodges itself deep within my trachea…

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