Falling for Red

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Chapter 21: I'll Torture You

The underground parking space is dark and cold. The man’s breath is grimy against the back of my neck. I claw at his arms and thrash against his body, refusing to allow him to chain me down. Looking down I see a small cross tattooed on his thumb, other than the mark I’m unable to distinguish any of the man’s features. He spins my body and presses me against the cement wall, effectively narrowing my line of vision. The action has caused grip around my mouth to loosen, I take the opportunity and release a blood-curling scream. “You’re begging for a good torturing, sweetheart...” The man hisses, his voice accented.

“Hey, w-what are you doing!?” There’s a loud panicked shout from behind us. I thank all the heavens above as a tear runs down my cheek. Silently, I pray the person is more intimidating than his voice had sounded.

The man behind me groans out in frustration, he smartly releases me. Slamming my head against the wall, the stranger waits for me to fall to my knees before making a move to the left and disappearing into the darkness. I remain crouched and wrap my arms around my legs, A shadow falls over me and through watery eyes, I look up.

His dusty blond hair is a mess; large glasses frame his eyes. “Are you okay?” He fumbles, his hands outstretched awkwardly.

I take a moment to catch my breath, pull yourself together! The little woman in my head encourages me to take the man’s soft hand. Reaching out, I wrap my fingers in his and he pulls my form up in one quick movement. Once I’m standing the man continues supporting me. “Thank you,” I mumble, blinking several times.

“It’s okay ma’am.” The lean man finally releases my hand, “always willing to help the boss’s secretary,” he smiles softly, but something hides behind his gaze. His eyes flicker over to where the strange bastard had disappeared. “You shouldn’t come down here alone…” He continues.

I nod. “Which department do you work in?” I question, seeing no badge or tag on his clothing.

“Computer science. I mean, I work on networking, security databases and systems for Mr. Alfonsi, personally.” He fumbles out. I realise then I haven’t really met all of Red’s personal staff members.

I attempt to smile lightly, “Will you tell me your name?”

“Sebastien Clermont, ma’am.” He replies quickly.

I nod gratefully, “well, Sebastien… thank you. I’d hate to imagine what could have happened.” Moving past him, I continue to Reds car. Unlocking the vehicle, I swipe up my phone from where it was forgotten on the seat. Turning quickly, I make my way back to the elevator, where fortunately Sebastien waits. Glancing around the parking lot once more, I press the arrow pointing up. Sebastien taps his foot nervously beside me. I can’t help but find his actions endearing.

We step inside the elevator and I turn to face him as he presses his frame against the back wall, “did you see what he looked like?”

He looks down and bites his lower lip, “no sorry, I was too far away to get a good look.” He shifts uncomfortably.

“It’s okay,” I step forward and place my hand on his forearm with a small smile. We arrive at the top floor and the doors open, I go to move out but shift to look back at him, “I’ll see you around Sebastien.” With a small wave, I continue out of the lift and wait for it to shut before turning around and walking down the hall to my office.

As I push through the large glass doors, I debate telling Red about the incident. He’d lose it for sure, but is it worth the risk? My mind remains in a jumble as I take a seat behind my desk. Absently, I boot up my laptop and look through Red’s schedule. Hours pass as my preoccupied mind works away.


I jump with a loud yelp as a strong hand clamps onto my shoulder, startled I move away from my desk. My heart beats erratically as I turn to find Red looking down at me confused. “Don’t scare me like that!” I snap, my nerves on edge.

“I called you several times, baby.” Red crosses the space between us and cages me against the end of the desk. He leans in and forces me to crane my neck to keep eye contact with him, “what’s wrong?” He mumbled dropping his nose to my hair. I relax against him and mimic his actions, taking in his scent I feel the anxiety finally begin to crease.

I decide to tell Red. “There was someone down there when I went to grab my phone,” I mutter against his chest.

He tenses, “who?”

“I don’t know. He just gave me a fright,” I choose my words wisely, knowing how protective Red is he’ll definitely blow a vessel if I say a little too much.

He pulls back and cups my face between his hands, “did he touch you, Julia.” Despite it being a question, the line sounds like a statement.

I shake my head, “no.” I wrap my hands around his wrists, “he probably got the wrong person, sir.” I try to convince myself more than I do him. “Let go, sir. Not in the office.” I say as I break his hold on me. But Red doesn’t take too well to this. Thrusting his pelvis against me, the length of his hardening member rubs against my stomach. “Red!” I push against his chest.

He remains pressed up close, “don’t fight me, Julia.” He ducks down and presses a harsh kiss to my lips, “you won’t win.” His breath fans my jaw. “I promise.” He finishes.

“I’m serious, Red.” I hiss.

He chuckles humorlessly, “and what makes you think I’m not...” Grabbing the back of my head, he tilts it up. “I could parade you around the office all day, baby... really you should thank me for being this generous.” He smirks.

“Generous!” I scoff. “Please, sir. We have work to do.” I fight his strong grip.

Without warning the large man bends down and wraps his arms around my legs, lifting me over his shoulder he gives my rear a firm spank. “Why do you always try to defy me, sweet Julia? Just shut up, baby.” He leaves his palm against my bottom and strides to his office.

“Why don’t you make me, sir.” I growl out, grabbing his hips to balance myself.

He flips me back around and takes a seat with me on his lap. “oh, you know I will… you might moan a little, though.” Red gazes at me with dark sensual eyes. I lick my lips and suppress a groan.

“You’re insatiable,” I shake my head.

Red places his hand at the base of my neck, he pushes down and leads my back to rest against one armchair, he sets my legs over the other matching side. The brute begins to trace my body, from my collar bone right down to my calves. I attempt to stand up but he presses his arm across my body effectively keeping me situated on his muscular lap. “Don’t move,” Red commands.

“Someone might come in,” I continue to struggle against him.

Red simply ignores my concerns, “let them….” He whispers, slipping his hand under my dress and trailing his calloused hand up my leg and between my thighs. I shake my head and clench my legs together, knowing he’ll feel just how wet I really am. A thrill of pleasure runs down my spine, my eyes glance over at the glass doors and my body releases more liquid heat. He finally hits his target, “you’re so wet, baby… so ready.” He praises.

One blunt finger runs along my slit, I throw my head back, exposing my beating pulse. The vulnerable position he has me in plays with my emotions, it arouses me in the most tormentingly, tempting manners possible.

Lowering his face to the crook of my neck, Red takes a taste. “You wouldn’t lie to me, right baby?” He peppers kisses along my jugular vein. “You’d tell me if someone touched you, wouldn’t you…” Red’s tone is calm but I can already see where this little game of mouse and cat is headed. He knew I lied about the situation in the parking lot. Of course, he knew. And, now he’s simply playing me until I give into him.

Despite this, I can’t help but feel attracted to his brutish ways. The control he has over me is frightening, this thought dampens my body further. Red pushes at my panties, he nudges them to the side before thrusting a digit between my folds. His pace is taunting; it causes my hips to roll in sync.

Vulnerable in his arms, I allow him to work my body however he wishes. Shuddering in pleasure all my walls break down in a current of moans, an orgasm builds inside of me. He moves faster, dragging groan after groan from my lips. A moan of his own sends a shot of arousal straight to my sensitive clit. Shivering against him, my stomach clenches as a climax approaches hard and fast.

All of a sudden, the loud shrill of Red’s phone tears through the atmosphere, my eyes snap open and I watched him in shock. Unfazed, the man reaches out with his free hand and slides his thumb across the screen. “What?” He greets the person on the other side of the line, his hand continues to casually tease my lower lips.

Writhing against him, my weak state is unable to move away instead I bite my lip and release another sultry moan. With pleading eyes, I look up at Red. Excitement lights up his irises, he adds two more fingers, and scissors my convulsing pussy. I wrap my hand around my mouth and muffle the dirty moans of pleasure. Closing my eyes, I mute out Red’s deep, sensual voice and think about anything but the hand between my legs.

The bastard has another thing coming if he thinks this is okay behaviour, a groan slips between my fingers. I decide then that before I tear his ass a new one… I’m going to enjoy that damn climax.

My traitorous hips move up and thrust against his fingers, the release builds and I stand on the edge of a mind-blowing orgasm… then it all stops. For a moment, I remain numb against the large Italian. Then slowly, I open my eyes and glared up at him. Red places his phone on the table before slipping his fingers out of my core, bringing his hand up from under my dress we both eye the slick juices coating his fingers.

He lifts his hand to his mouth and sucks off my cum. “Fuck. You.” I bite the words out, realising what he’d done. I move off his lap before he can stop me and straighten up my dress.

I go to leave, but he catches my wrist. “Try lying to me once more, babe. I’ll have you on your knees pleading for mercy.” Red wraps his arms around my waist and hips, pulling me back and resting his head against my back. He releases a sigh and I decide to push his audacity to the side for the time being.

Turning in his arms I grab the back of his neck with one hand and use the other to stroke his hair. He closes his eyes and buries his head in my chest. “What’s wrong, Red?” I question.

“Let’s go home, baby.” He breathes out, sounding beyond tired.

I frown, “who called you?” He doesn’t respond. I give him his space and offer him comfort instead. Time passes and his breathing deepens, I realise he’s fallen asleep. Thankfully the man is on a rolling office chair, I strategically shift us closer to the desk. Leaning against it, I reach over and grab the landline on his desk. I ring up reception and hold off all visitations and meetings for the next two hours.

Getting comfortable, I close my eyes and continue stroking Red’s hair. An hour flies by and Red groans, shifting he tightens his hold. I give him another thirty minutes before I gently rouse him. “Come, let’s get you some lunch, sir. Then you have a meeting at one.”

Standing up, Red keeps one hand on my hip while following me through to my office. I pause as I enter the room. Looking around I cock my head, it feels different. Something has changed. “What’s wrong?” Red questions, his voice is deep, sleep still coating his words.

Shaking my head, I grab my bag from beside my desk and give the room another scan, “nothing.” I reply distractedly, not wanting to cause false commotion. Regardless I know, something has definitely changed, the real question is; what? Pushing the thought aside, we walk out of the office and down the hallway to the elevators. I quicken my step and try to avoid Red’s possessive hold. He simply chuckles in amusement at my actions.

I wrap my arms around myself, as an ominous feeling settling over my form. We step up to the lift and that’s when I see it. From the corner of my eye, a shadow disappears through the doors to the stairwell.

I don’t know what possesses me, but in that split-second I turn and follow the shadow…

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