Falling for Red

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Chapter 23: Like Gravity, He Lures Me In

Sitting up, I splutter uncomfortably and glare down at the offending bastard.

Sensing my discomfort, Marisa thankfully pipes up with a nervous laugh, “she was still shitting in diapers, Marco. That hardly counts.” Hoping they drop the topic, I glance up at Red. He seems awfully calm.

“I was talking about senior year, idiot.” Marco nudges his sister.

My eyes widen even further if that’s even possible. That was a dare and everyone in this room- except for Red- knew that. “Don’t start, Marc.” The warning is clear in Robin’s tone. She crosses her arms and stares him down.

Shrugging nonchalantly, Marco relaxes in his position with an annoyingly smug expression on his face. The screen darkens as the opening credits roll across the monitor, I lean back against the sofa. Red crosses his arms beside me and for the duration of the movie, we sit with a metaphorical wall between us.

Abnormally awake, I stand up as the movie ends and make my way to my bathroom. Closing the door, I brace my hands on the basin and look up into the mirror, stress lines curve around my eyes. Shaking my head, I splash cold water over my wrists before returning to the group in the living room. Robin has fallen asleep and Daryl slowly lifts her and disappears down the hall and into her room. Marisa lazily slaps at Marco’s hands as he rouses her. She’ll most likely be spending the night on the living room floor.

Crossing my arms, I eye Marco from the dining table. Sensing my gaze, he turns to face me. I wait patiently for him to move to his feet, “you can show yourself out,” I grunt.

Red remains stationed on the couch, simply looking into the dark screen.

Marco approaches me, “come on, Jules. I was teasing.” He coos.

I purse my lips, unimpressed, “you can tease your way all the way home, I guess.” I glance towards the front door, my intentions perfectly clear.

He glances between Red and I before releasing a frustrated sigh. “You kicking him out too?” His remark is a sneer. Growing tired of his antics, I push the large man towards the door, despite the effort he puts into resisting.

“Go home, Marc. We’ll talk later.” I finally give in. Opening the door, I wait for him to leave.

Frowning, he places a chaste kiss on the top of my head before walking out of the apartment. Pressing the door shut with a soft thud, I rest my forehead against it. It’s only a matter of time before the water boils over the edge of the pot, I need to speak with Marco. I need to have a proper conversation with him, but the thought of losing his friendship has me shying away from the confrontation. Closing my eyes, I take a moment to calm my nerves.

Turning around, I walk through the dimly lit room and approach Red. Dropping down to my knees, I reach out and spread his legs. Moving between the space I grab onto one of his hands between mine. “You’re angry…” I mumble. He doesn’t reply, the only response I receive is his eyes flickering down to mine for a split second. “Don’t Red. Talk to me, please.” I lean up and wrap my arms around his body. Resting my head against his abdomen I explain, “it was a dare, Red. Marco will always be a brother to me. We were kids back then.” I squeeze my eyes and pray for the best.

Slowly, Red relaxes. After a few moments, I feel him begin to stroke my hair. “Five years, Julia. It happened five years ago.” From his words, I’m unable to gauge his emotions. “You’re still young…” He continues.

“Where’s this going, Red?” I question, scared that we’ll break up before we’ve really begun. The brute doesn’t reply. Moving out of his grip I stand up and take his face between my hands, “Do you trust me?” I question. He nods, yes. “Then be with me, Red. Just me.”

He clamps my hips and tugs me close, placing his face in my chest and breathing in my scent. “I already am.”

Behind us, Marisa mutters in her sleep. Smiling down softly at her adorable behaviour I press a kiss against Red’s hair. “Come to bed,” I whisper. Pulling him to his feet, I lead him through the apartment and to my room. Pushing through, I lock the door behind us.

Red scans my room before dropping down on the edge of the bed. “Come here,” he commands. My body instantly heeds to his demands. Stepping in between his splayed thighs I wait for his next instruction. “No more kissing other men.” He looks up into my eyes and I nod. “You’re mine, Julia. I’m too selfish, I can’t let you go.” He reaches out and pulls the jumper off my body and top follows shortly after. Reaching behind my me, he tugs at my bra.

I grab his forearm. “I want to try something…” I slowly begin to remove his clothes. Keeping his muscular arms banded around my body he allows me to take the lead. My fingers shake as I unbutton his shirt. “I want to be a good girlfriend,” I continue, pushing his shirt off his shoulders and lowering to my knees. Clenching my hands for a second, I pull down his zipper. Black silk boxers peek up at me.

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I look up at him. He sits still, completely silent. But in his eyes I can see the animalistic storm rage, he’s controlling himself. I want him to lose it. Completely. Looking back at his enraged shaft I lightly wrap my hand around the pulsing member, I groan, my hand is too small to fit around the size of him. “Julia-”

“Show me what to do, Red.” I cut him off.

Red wraps his much larger hand around mine and begins to direct it up and down his rod. His breath is laboured and as I look up at him, I find his jaw clenched. “Go slow, baby…” He grunts out.

It’s then I realise Red hasn’t understood what I meant by trying something new. Before I can chicken out or let my thoughts deter me, I lean forward and wrap my lips around the tip of his cock. The shocked groan that escapes Red confirms my suspicions. Moving my mouth and hand in sync I work his shaft until I can feel him pulse violently. His strained form only encourages the sexual vixen in me. I work him faster, sensing his release and craving it.

Red snaps. Grabbing the back of my head he controls my actions. Thrusting against me harder and faster, his restraint shatters like glass. Clenching my thighs together, I find myself becoming aroused by his pleasure.

My mouth stretches painfully, as the salty taste of his essence leaks onto my tongue. His body jerks as shudder after shudder rocks him. His undoing erupts down my throat as I lightly nip the tip of his shaft. Quickly I swallow, unable to think logically. His hand remains fisted in my hair but goes limp, unlike his member which is still surprisingly hard. I clean him off with my mouth before looking up and frowning, “did I do it wrong?” I question, glancing back down at his saluting erection.

Red chuckles softly, humourlessly. He lifts my form and I lick my lips waiting for him to speak. “You’re killing me, baby.”

“It wasn’t good?” I blush, embarrassed.

Without warning, Red wraps his arms around my body and tugs me down onto the bed. Looming above me, he waits until I catch my breath. “You don’t realise your effect on me, Julia.” He drops his mouth to mine and pressed kisses along my jaw. “Your innocence is beyond seductive, sweetheart.” I close my eyes as the endearment is whispered through his sculpted lips. “My turn…” He begins to move down my body but I grab onto his shoulders.

“No. I want tonight to be about you,” I mumble.

Red moans, dropping his face into my chest. “You really don’t realise, huh.” Moving up onto his knees, he straddles my body. “Baby, your pleasure is mine. I’m only ever fully satisfied when you are well and thoroughly ravished…”

“Come here,” I smile, opening my arms to him.

He lowers his form and takes in the scent at my neck. I feel his length poke into my thigh and shift uncomfortably as my own arousal drips from my core. “You smell so good,” Red hums, his hand moves leisurely down my body. Stroking the waistband of my sweats he presses punishing kisses along my collarbone, “I want all you pleasure, Julia. Always.”

His strong fingers slip under the material and cups my heat, crawling down my body, Red tugs down my sweats and spreads my thighs. Moving between them he trails his finger down my panty covered slit. Pushing the fabric to the side Red drops his head, his tongue snakes out to lick up the seeping trail of excitement…


Groaning, I roll over onto my side. Red’s warm body remains wrapped around my form. “I’m hungry…” He grumbles, adorably. Tightening his hold on me.

“Let me up,” I laugh. “What do you want for breakfast?”

He turns me to face him, “you know my answer.” He pecks my lips.

“I’m not on the menu,” I purse my lips.

He smirks with a raised eyebrow, “you’re always on my menu, baby.” Taking hold of my waist, he flips us until I’m straddling his waist. The sheets fall to my hips, exposing my naked torso. His hands stroke up the curve of my waist, pausing just below my breasts. “Move in with me,” he breathes out.

“No,” I shake my head with a small smile.

His jaw tenses, “why?”

Leaning down, I cup his face. “It’s too early, Red.” I stroke his bottom lip with my thumb. I can’t tell him that I am afraid of getting too close to him. Becoming too dependent. He already gives me a paycheck every fortnight, that in itself makes me feel sick. It’s a fact that I am sleeping with my boss, and if the company found out then I’ll surely be labelled a gold digger. “I’m your employee, Red.”

“You’re more than that, Julia.” He hisses, sitting up in one fluid movement. “You always tip toe around our relationship, baby. As if it’s wrong to want to be with me. Are you ashamed of me?” He questions, looking away from my eyes.

Surprised at his thoughts, I turn his face to mine once more. “Ashamed of you… Are you crazy! How can I be ashamed of you, Red?”

“Lair. It kills me, seeing you at work but knowing you’ll dodge my touch.” He drops his eyelids. “Are you really mine? It feels like one day I’ll wake up and you’ll be gone, that there will be no evidence of your presence, much less what we have.” He breathes out, the vulnerability in his words humbles me.

He doesn’t understand just how strong my feelings for him are. He doesn’t understand just how much I love him. How scared I am of losing him. There will always be something about Red, that draws me in, clasping onto me like a magnet. Like gravity, he will always lure me back.

Lifting his chin, I murmur out, “I’m scared, Red.”

A bemused look crafts his features but before he can respond there’s a loud knock on my door. “Rise and shine, guys. Breakfast is ready!” Marisa’s loud cheerful voice has me fumbling to jump off Red.

My boss keeps his hands clamped around me, unfazed. He simply stares into my eyes, unimpressed. “We’ll be out in a sec,” I call back to my friend, distractedly. “Let’s go, Red.” I press a chaste kiss to his forehead before tugging at his grip on my waist.

After a pause, he releases me. I wrap a sheet around my body and stand up. He cocks his head to the side as I head for the bathroom. Closing the door behind myself, I brush my teeth and wash my face before pulling on a silky robe. I go to tie the glossy material around my waist when the door is pushed open and Red steps into the small bathroom behind me.

He’d pulled on his boxers and slacks but remained shirtless. I quickly attempt to close the robe, but Red catches my wrists. Stepping up closer, he presses his front against my back and catches my gaze in the mirror. “It’s mine, Julia. Don’t try to hide from me.” His arms curve around my waist and trail from my breasts down to my upper thighs, before sneaking back up to my waist. He presses a kiss to my shoulder and ties the smooth rope around my waist. “Only mine.” He pushes my hair over my shoulder and presses another wet suckle against my pulse.

It feels too intimate. It has me longing for more and longing for more with Red is dangerous. “There’s a spare toothbrush in the second draw,” I stutter out, before squeezing past him. Pulling the remaining sheets from my bed, I drop them by my door and replace them with a clean set. By the time I’ve made the bed, Red exits the bathroom looking devilishly fresh. He takes my hand and I lead us out to the kitchen, where we find Robin, Daryl and Marisa mucking about.

I push Red down onto one of the seats before taking the one next to him. My three friends join us at the table and before long we’re digging into the food. I plate up Red a second helping before standing to grab us some more orange juice. Walking into the kitchen I grab two cups and go to place them on the counter, when from my peripheral I see it. Dropping the cups, I’m numb to the shattering and commotion around me as I snatch up the newspaper that has my face plaster over the front page, along with a title that has my heart breaking…

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