Falling for Red

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Chapter 25: I Need You

“Are you out of your fucking mind! You could have died, fucking hell,” Red’s enraged gaze fills my vision. All at once pain erupts along my left side and I look around, taking in my surroundings. Blinking rapidly, I take in the crowd of people circling around us. Unsure of what happened in that split second, I look back up at Red as he looms over me. “Don’t ever pull shit like that, do you understand me, Julia!” He demanded.

I nod absently, “calm down, Red.” I try to sit up but Red has other plans, he pulls me into his arms and lifts us. Now that I can see past his broad shoulders, I realise he’d literally pulled me out of the impact zone. “You ran onto the road, are you crazy!” I glare up him, as anger consumes my body.

“You expected me to sit still and watch that fucking truck pummel you!” He snaps.

My eyes widen, “Red, you can’t do that again.” I force him to understand.

“I won’t have to if you look both fucking ways before crossing a road,” he grunted back.

I bite my lower lip as Red carries me towards the company, clearly, he’s not going to understand or even bother listening to my reasoning. He strides through the lobby and I don’t have it in me to fight him off, my body pains and I’m glad he’s strong enough to carry me. The stares are obvious, but then again I was sure everyone had seen that fucking newspaper.

With long strides, Red moves through the hallway and into his office. He doesn’t stop until he has me sets me down on the sofa and crouches down in front of me. Taking my left arm, he inspects my body, it’s only then I notice my torn shirt and grazed arm and thigh. “I’m fine, Red.”

“Shut up and sit still,” he glares up at me.

Moving to his feet, he disappears through his office doors and returns a moment later with a first aid kit. “I can do it,” I mumbled, reaching out to grab the box from him.

All of a sudden, Red grabs my biceps and shakes me. “Fucking hell, Julia! Don’t be stubborn with me; right now I’m so angry I could take you over my knee and spank the living daylights out of you... So I’ll only say it once more; shut the fuck up and sit damn still!” He rages.

Instantly, I snap my mouth closed and listen to him. He keeps his eyes on me while lifting my shirt off my body. His jaw clenches as he sees my spoiled skin. A view throbs along his neck and I can see stress lines forming at the corners of his eyes. In that moment, Red looks every bit his age. Screw sitting still, the man is clearly distressed.

Hesitantly, I reach up and hold his face between my hands. “I need you to calm down, Red.” I lean forward and ignore the current of discomfort that accompanies the movement. “I’m going to be okay, you crazy man! How could you have risked your life-” I cut myself off and lean up to press my lips to his, firmly. “You’ll be the end of me, Red.” I continue peppering kisses along his jaw until I feel his body relax under my touch. I keep my mouth pressed against his, “thank you, baby.”

Stroking his jaw, I lean back. He opens his closed eyes and watches me, “what did you just call me,” a small hint of amusement lights up his irises.

“Baby,” I mumble, blushing under his gaze.

He pinches my chin between his fingers and pulls my face up to his, “say it again.”

“No, Red!” I flush.

The corner of his mouth tips up and I’m glad the anger isn’t simmering on the surface. “Why, baby?” He questions, putting emphasis on the last word.

“Because you told me to shut up,” I pout and cross my arms in exaggeration.

He lifts an eyebrow, “and now you decide to listen to me.” Shaking his head, he pulls my left arm free and begins to clean the scraps with disinfectant, I hold my breath as the sting from the liquid brings tears to my eyes. Leaning down, Red blows on the burning skin. “Silly woman,” he mutters before pulling my shoes off and lifting me to my feet. He fingers the zip on my jeans.

“W-what are you doing?” I question as a rush of heat dampens my panties.

His gaze flickers up to mine, before dropping back down to my zipper. “You’ve hurt your leg as well, Julia.” Pulling my jeans down, Red lowers me back on the couch. He brings his head close as he disinfects the wounds on my thigh, all at once his muscles tense. “I can smell your arousal, sweetheart.” The words are hissed through clenched teeth.

Arousal only flows at his words, I pull my leg free from his and clench my thighs together. Rolling my lower lip into my mouth, I suppress the moan that begs to be released at the sensation of his breath against my skin. “Lair,” I mutter out, hoping to gain some pride.

Red’s calloused hands take hold of my knees, with one quick tug he spreads my legs and moves between them before I can stop him. Looking down at my laced black underwear, he licks his lips. “Back at ya, babe.” His right hand slides up my unharmed thigh and strokes the waistband of the black triangle of protection.

Taking his time, Red runs his fingers across the inner parts of my thighs— close to the one place I need him most. “Please, Red...” I moan, knowing he what it’ll take for him to give me what I need.

“Something else, I want something more.” He continues to stroke my skin leisurely.

More? It hit’s me at once and I groan in frustration, the man is nothing but a dominating brute. A dominating brute that I can’t help but love. “Please, baby.”

“Good girl,” there’s a hint of a smile in his voice and I thank my lucky charms when he drops his head. Pushing my panties to the side, Red’s mouth lowers on my leaking core. He takes one long swipe down my slit and moans against my heat. Using his free hand, he pushes to fingers between my lips, I grunt at the intrusion. My muscles clench around his fingers and I roll my hips against him.

Red takes my clit between his lips and circles the sensitive bud with his tongue. Biting down, hard he pulls back slightly, “this mine, Julia.” I moan in agreeance. “You’re mine,” he finishes, moving his fingers faster. Taking my clit once more, Red tortures me into a prolonged climax. I screech into my fisted hand as the pleasure becomes too much and my body shakes against him.

He doesn’t let me come down from the high, with quick movements he unzips himself and pulls out his member, I quickly find myself straddling his lap as he takes my prior position. The head of his erection presses up against my opening, I rest my forehead against his and takes in deep breaths. “I need you,” I press my lips to the crown of his head, clutching him to me. The three words that I spoke weren’t the ones I needed to get out, but is it too early to tell him just how crazy I am for him?

He grabs my hips tightly and begins to lower me, “am I hurting you?” Red questions.

“No,” I reply. Any pain that I’d felt from my injuries had long since disappeared, all I feel now is him. All I feel is Red.

He continues bringing me down on his long, thick length. “You stop me if it’s too much,” he presses.

I nod against him and lower myself further. Muttering curses, Red brings one hand between us and to the vee between my thighs. He finds my bud and begins to roll it under his thumb until my body releases enough arousal to allow him to push his entire length up into me. We both groan as he hits my womb and fills me completely.

Red’s cock throbs against my muscles and I take his head in my hands, joining my lips with his I demand his tongue. Red simultaneously rolls my hips against him. I learn quickly and move against him on my own accord.

Deep sounds of pleasure fill the room and I find myself craving his release more than mine. Breaking the kiss, I move faster. “I need you,” I repeat, my mouth against his ear.

His fingers bite into my arse. “Mine,” his teeth graze my bare shoulder until he finds the spot he’s looking for. “Always, mine.” He sucks on my soft skin, marking me as his. I whimper against him, nibbling on his earlobe as my mind is taken over by desire.

Red hands tighten on my sides and he starts to jerk me on his rod at his own pace, rapidly he pummels into my pussy and I feel him tense beneath me. His body freezes for a second before I feel his warm spunk spray the walls of my heat. It’s his orgasm that takes me over the edge, my muscles contract and constricts around him, milking him of his worth. I shudder as he forces my body to ride out the release. “You distracted me!” I scold in a whisper.

“Take responsibility, Julia. You seduced me,” his breaths are shallow.

Placing my hands on his shoulders, I sit up. With his member still lodged firmly inside, I raise an eyebrow. “I seduced you?” He nods, immediately and I simply laugh.

“Hold still,” he mutters once I calm down. “It’ll hurt a little,” he frowns. Easing my body of his cock, Red tries his hardest to move slowly. I feel slight discomfort at the loss of his length and tenderness as my walls finally take in the stretch they’d had to house moments ago.

I sigh at the loss and he rests me gently on the sofa. He grabs my torn shirt and cleans his cock before pressing it against my core— which now leaks both his and my cum. Standing up, Red rights his clothing and heads for the push-out cupboard, pulling a shirt down he brings it back to me. Taking my ruined shirt from between my thighs, Red silently dresses me. He helps me stand wraps an arm around my waist in support. “I’m okay, Red,” I reassure him.

“Let go home, baby.” He strokes my waist and I nod.

As we walk through his office, my eyes flicker up to the security camera in mine. “Wait,” I grab onto his wrist and stop. “I went to Daily Helmuth Press, today,” I pause and he urges me to continue with his eyes. “I spoke to Mr. Barnes.” Red’s carefree expression drops.

“And?” He turns me to face him, completely.

I place a hand against his jaw and force him to relax before I continue. “He didn’t get those pictures himself, Red. Someone else did. Someone who works in your company.” I state.

“I know,” Red drops his gaze from mine.

I blanch, “excuse me?”

“Don’t start, Julia. That was the first clue, I’ve got my head of security going through each employee, why else do you think I came to the office.” He explains. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll find who it was.” He assures me.

I nod, “okay. Can I ask for one thing...? Please don’t keep anything from me, I don’t care if you don’t want to involve me or even let me help, but just don’t keep anything hidden. I want to know, okay Red?” He doesn’t reply immediately, but after a moment he nods. “Thank you,” I press my lips against his chest.

He wraps his arm around me once more and leads me through the office, thankfully only the receptionist sees us as we walk into the empty elevator. Red presses the basement level and we begin to descend. The seconds pass and before long the metal doors open, the underground car park is dimly lit. I scan the area, fear sliding up my neck. Something doesn’t feel right. Pressing myself close too Red, I allow him to lead the way to the car.

I release him as he pulls his buzzing phone from his pocket, I go to walk around to the other side of the car when my boot catches on something, looking down I squint at the small pieces of metal. Red is oblivious as he speaks silently into the device. I follow the trail of metal and look up at the structural beams above us.

I see the beam shake just as my eyes catch onto a shadowed figure resting on two parallel beams, “Red!” I scream out in panic as the stranger snaps the last bolt off and the metal poll comes sailing down...

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