Falling for Red

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Chapter 6: A Night with the Devil

His strong muscular arm pulls me back against his chest, I suppress the sigh of pleasure and remember a very important fact. The man is committed! “It’s fine, I’ve got it,” I mumble. I signed up to be a secretary, not his other women. Very smoothly, indeed I slip out of his arms and head for the fridge.

I can practically smell Reds confusion, but honestly what’s confusing? He’s going to get married and having any kind of affair with his secretary is shunned upon. I watch from the corner of my eye as he moves around to sit on one of the island stools, dishing up his portion I begin to tidy up.

“You’re not going to eat?” His tone is angry, the words almost a husky hiss. I keep my back to him and continue washing the dishes, “Julia, come eat.”

“I’m not hungry, sir...” I mutter, my mind racing with a million thoughts.

For I moment I don’t hear anything, then a throaty cough has me spinning around real damn fast. Rushing to him I pat his back, “you shouldn’t have gone out.” I look up at him annoyed.

“And, she speaks.” He scoffs.

I give him a look, “go relax on the couch, you can eat there,” I pick up his plate, leaving him no option but to listen to me. He heads to the couch and takes a seat, I hand him his food and race up to his room to grab a blanket, coming back downstairs I place it across his lap. He places the bowl on the coffee table and crosses his arms. “Eat.”

“You eat,” is his oh-so yielding reply.

Biting the inside of my cheek, I bury the stubborn response and head straight for the wok, dishing out a smaller portion I take a seat on the end of the couch. Together we finish our meals. Red remains in the lounge room while I finish cleaning up. Ten minutes later I realise I am aimlessly walking around his kitchen, looking for something to do. Wringing my hands together I head back into the lounge room, grabbing my laptop. I sit down and boot it up, “Sir, you should head up to bed.”

“I don’t sleep much.” Is his reply. My peripheral vision takes in Reds large body edging closer to mine. Sitting straight I keep my eyes glued to my screen, the words on the screen dance around as my heart joins a marathon. Finally, he stops, the warmth of his body heat radiates through my body, his thigh pressed against mine lightly. I continue scrolling the document on my screen, “the new client brief?” He questions, unaware of my inner turmoil.

I nod, “yes.” He continues to lean close, “sir...” I clear my throat, “I really think you should head to bed.”

“Read it for me.” He leans back and slouches down, his head resting back.

I clear my throat again and this time actually focus on the file. I read out loud at a steady pace and highlight key points. Half way through the last paragraph Reds head drops down on my shoulder, his breathing is shallow and relaxed. I close my laptop and lean forward, but as I do this he falls down to my lap, my hands quickly lift up away with my laptop. Breathing out and counting to ten I continue over him and place my laptop on the coffee table.

Red unconsciously moves into a more comfortable place, on my lap. I attempt to move out from under him but he restlessly grunts out and grabs onto my thigh. I decide to wait until he relaxes and then move him to his room. Leaning back I close my eyes, the model in his office and the situation in the dress store flash through my mind, I feel myself slowly drifting off. I’m sure I’ll wake before him...

Groaning, bright light causes me to crack my eyes open. The sky greets me, I sit up real quick and look around. The blanket that was on me now rests lifelessly on my lap. I relax noticing I’m in Red’s house. Where else would you be? My subconscious rolls her eyes at me, flicking her hair and snapping at her gum. Idiot.

I slip my legs off the sofa and stand up, Red is nowhere in sight. I grab my bag from where I left it on the table and slowly trail upstairs. As soon as I enter a deep blush coats my skin, the bag slips out of my hand as I take the sight of Reds naked body through the frosted glass. Quickly I spin on my heels and rush back down, stopping at the bottom of the stairs. I head for the kitchen and splash cold water on my face. I’d wanted to politely ask if I could take a shower as the bathroom downstairs is really a powder room.

Clutching the counter in my hands I breath out deeply, a strange feeling burns through my body as I closed my eyes attempting very unsuccessfully to banish the silhouette of his ridiculously defined and large body out of my mind. Once I’ve forced my body to calm down I move to the powder room and brush my teeth. Finishing up in there, I zip up my shorts and wash my hands. Heading back out to the main area, I halt. Red is patiently waiting on his usual stool, with his hands cupping his chin.

I move around him and into the kitchen, unable to make eye contact I get to work with making his breakfast. His hawk-like gaze causing goosebumps to rise. I softly place the food in front of him, he looks relatively more tan than yesterday. Gaining courage I speak up, “mind me using the shower?”

He shakes his head, “go for it,” he picks at the plate on the bench before him and only when I place his cup of juice down does he seem to be satisfied.

“Thank you,” I turn my back to him, “I won’t be long.” When he doesn’t reply, I take that as a dismissal and make my way out of the kitchen and upstairs to his bathroom. I pick my bag up off the floor, dropping it on his bed I begin to remove my clothes. I turn the shower on before hand, in hopes of heating up the tiled space. Stepping under the warm spray, my tense muscles begin to loosen and deflate. He gets me so on edge! I use a washer to cleanse myself, before pushing the valve back.

Reaching out, I grab a towel and wrap it around my body. Walking back into his room, I begin to fish through my bag. During the whole ordeal I can’t help but wish the damn man had more doors in his place, I can count the number of doors in this place on my right hand. Grabbing a pair of panties I slip them on under my towel, before snagging the matching bra and clipping it up. I allow the towel to drop while pulling on a pair of tights. I grab a loose shirt.

“Julia...” Red’s voice seems awfully close. With a rush, the shirt is over my head. The brute walks in at that moment, he glances my way with a raised eyebrow and holds out a green folder. “What’s this?”

I frown, “it’s a copy of the client brief I read to you last night,” I reply cocking my head to the side, I swear he was awake for the first half of it. “You don’t remember?”

“No,” he shakes his head, before walking fully into the room and dropping down on the side of his bed, with his back to me. “Your shirt is on backwards...” He remarks as if he’s talking about the weather while flipping through the file.

I clench my fists to my side, the need to throttle him rising to an almost unmanageable point. It is one thing that he regards little in terms of my privacy, but it’s a completely different thing when he simply rejects my gender... acting like I’m simply another object in his home, never mind a woman. Grumbling to myself, I make quick work of rectifying my mishaps. “You look better,” I move towards him and take in his features.

“Mhm...” is the only response I receive from a distracted Red.

Without a thought I reach forward and place my hand on his forehead, instantly I gain all of his attention. “Still too warm,” I glare down at him.

“No. We have work to do.” Red goes to move off the bed. I grab the file from his hand and push his shoulder back. He glares at me but nevertheless slips under the covers. “Watch my company crumble...” He mutters childishly.

I scoff, “A couple of days won’t bring it to its knees.” I tuck the covers in around him. “You can work from home if it’s bringing you this much discomfort.” With that, I turn and head downstairs to fetch his laptop. Returning to the room, I rest it on the bedside table beside him, he has managed to lay out a couple dozen or so documents across his bed in the time it’d taken me to grab him his device.

The remainder of the morning continues like that, I make myself comfortable at the end of his bed. Vaguely, I am aware of how unprofessional the situation is... despite that knowledge my legs remain crossed and my fingers continue to tap away on the laptop.


“Sir, come on!” I nudge his bare back lightly before moving back in one quick movement.

He groans, rolling onto his side and in the process giving me an eyeful of his defined torso and muscular form. Cheers, sir! Swallowing hard, I place a file containing his discussion notes for the meeting this morning on the space beside him. “Time?” He questions.

“Half past six,” I reply. “Breakfast is on the bar, get dressed. Also, Chad Ashford has requested another meeting, how’s tomorrow afternoon?”

Red grumbles incoherent words under his breath, before pushing up onto his palms. His glances up at me and grudgingly nods, “I don’t have anything at four, right?”

“Four is good.” I mentally pencil it in, before heading downstairs and shooting an email over to Mr. Ashford’s secretary. Fifteen minutes later, a suited, fresh and shaved CEO joins me in the kitchen. I continue typing away on my laptop as he slips onto one of the barstools. I’m vividly aware of his strong gaze keeping me under his guard, it takes everything for me to ignore that temptation to meet his burning stare. A few minutes pass before he pushes half of his plate over to me, “not hungry?” I question, looking down at the piece of bread and egg sitting innocently one it.

His expressions seems anything but impressed, “I remember vividly asking you to prepare yourself breakfast alongside mine.” He snaps.

“Eat your breakfast, Red. I need to re-schedule the meetings you’ve missed.” I busy myself with working once more. Then out of nowhere, I find bread pushing against my closed lips, out of reflex my mouth parts and my eyes shift to my bosses.

I take a bite and he nods pleased, “not hard, si.”

“Si,” I mutter annoyed. I send another email out to one of the company’s investors, upon pressing the send button, Red again nudges my lips with the bread. I purse my lips before slowly chewing and closing my laptop. I take the bread and egg from him.

I finish his breakfast off and he heads back upstairs to grab his bag, I tidy up the kitchen while waiting for him. Red descends just as my phone buzzes and I put a mental note to check it once we’re at work. His keys circle his fingers while his other hand fiddles with his tie. I laugh at its crookedness. “Come here,” I motion him over towards the sofa. Red leans against the armrest and I lean up to re-do his tie, “what’s wrong?”

For a moment he says nothing, before finally meeting my curious eyes. “Nothing, let’s go.” He brushes past me, I hold my breath as his hard body whispers across mine. Once again, he remains unaffected by the physical contact. I subconsciously scold myself, it’s time I grow up and step out of this crazy fantasy! Red is off limits.

The drive to the company is uncomfortably silent. Red’s tightened knuckles on the wheel express his frustration. I don’t know what’s gotten into him; he’s like a coil begging to snap. After he parks, we take the lift straight up to his level. I allow him to exit first. “Julia!” The receptionist gains my attention.

Oh, I could kiss her! The silence was slowly becoming too much. “Hm?” I question.

But before she can answer, an arm is around my shoulder, “you have a visitor...” The receptionist trails off. I look up to meet familiar dark eyes before my eyes trail off after my boss. From his back profile, he seems beyond tense.

Red’s steady stride up the hall, halts. Slowly, calculatively he turns around to face Marco and myself...


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