Falling for Red

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Chapter 9: Pinned Against the Wall

Red’s arms band around my body, he keeps me bound. Snapping out of my shock I manage to turn my head, this effectively lands his punishing lips against my cheek, a grunt of annoyance is issued. “Sir, you’re drunk,” I mumble. God, this is the exact opposite of being a good secretary. I’m blurring the lines by allowing this to happen, I can’t even cry wolf! I am just as much at fault as he is, if not more. I attempt to push away from him, this furthers his aggression. I find myself laying on my back and gazing up into his determined eyes.

“Are you leaving me?” He questions.

Confused I shake my head, “Yes.” He smirks humourlessly, “Mr. Alfonsi, I will see you tomorrow, when you’re sober and clear minded.” I go to push him back.

He captures my wrists in one strong hand, lifting them slowly above my head. “You are my secretary, si?” Red’s deep voice is a gentle whisper.

“Yes.” I breath out with a nod.

He lowers his head; my own paralysed form continues to watch him. “Ah, and as a secretary you must please me?” His lips hover inches from mine.

“Sir, you’re being inappropriate.” I glare up at him.

Red chuckles, although something about it sends nerves shooting down my spine. “You danced inappropriately with another man.” He fumes. Sitting back on his haunches, Red sends daggers in my direction. “You willingly jump into his arms, yet turn your head to my touch.” He reaches up and begins to unbutton his shirt, I close my eyes and force myself not to react to his taunting behaviour, “you’re sleeping with him, aren’t you...”

All of a sudden the weight on my waist disappears, I open my eyes to find Red’s bare back walking away from me. For a moment I lay there, am I going to allow him to degrade me like that…

Fuck no! Without a second thought, I move off the bed and make my way to the exit. The audacity he has to assume such things. Has he forgotten that he’s the one with a fiancée! Hailing a cab, I give them the directions to my apartment, with plans to quit the following morning. But that’d require me to face him, I lean forward and give the driver a different address.

Glad that my key card is in my wallet, I enter the large building, using a petty excuse to move past the guard. Red hot rage takes over. With my mind set, I head up the elevators and through the hallways to my office. Flicking the light switch I send a glare towards my boss’s office, before taking a seat at my desk. Booting up the computer, I log in and begin to furiously type my resignation letter.

The controlling anger in my body encourages my fingers to fly over the keyboard. Within minutes, I find myself with a page of curses and insults, printing the letter I grab an envelope and slip it inside. Logging off, I stand up. I’m a lady on a mission, with that I walk through my office and into Red’s, where I storm to his desk and place the letter neatly in the middle of the glass panel.

It wasn’t the fact that Red had kissed me or that I’d been all too willing, it was him insulting me; mocking my actions with James. Stepping back towards his office door, my foot halts… I hesitate. A flash of his cruel smirk enters my mind and I continue forward and out of the office. Cracking my knuckles, I head down to the lobby; where I smile at the guard and head outside to hail another cab.

Before long, I’m outside my block of units. I make my way up and inside; the living area is dark. Slipping out of my heels I try to tip-toe to my bedroom. “Julia!” I jump started at the sound of my own name. The lights flicker on and I turn to find Marisa glaring at me.

“Hey…” I smile awkwardly. Sure enough, the ride home had set me on edge. Did I really do the right thing, am I overreacting? Either way, I won’t stand still and allow anyone (including the boss) speak to me in such a crude manner.

She folds her arms, “why are you back so early?” She questions and without waiting for me to answer continues, “how could the dress not have worked!? I’d planned this perfectly.” She grumbles, before turning her back to me and walking away with a series of incoherent thoughts tumbling from her lips.

I continue into my room and flop down on the soft mattress. I did the right thing! Groaning, I close my eyes and allow sleep to consume me. You’d best hope so…


My restless sleep is put to an end, the nerves bite at my skin. I’d acted rashly, what’s the chances of me making it into the office before him… No, don’t cave! My eyes flicker to my phone, which silently buzzes. Rolling over I pick up the device just as the call ends, I frown at the missed calls. Anxiously, I bring up my missed calls.

Julia. Why am I waking up in a hotel room…? Where are you.’

You’re late! Where’s my breakfast?

You better have a good explanation for not being here, I can’t remember anything from last night… Did any of the clients have any important issues?

’My head is killing me, pick up some medication on your way into work.’

He doesn’t remember anything. The blood drains from my face, I recall various hate-filled sentences I’d dished out in the letter about his infidelity. The verbally violent resignation is bound to be the end of me. Will I make it work before him?

Fuck it. Jumping from my bed, I practically tornado through my bathroom, taking a shower and brushing my teeth. Slipping into casual clothes, I head down to the parking lot. Glancing at the time on my phone in the process, eight minutes to seven.

My chances don’t look too slim. Buckling up, I remind myself to keep within the speed limit. Biting my lower lip, I rush through the entrance of Alfonsi International, gaining a few bemused looks. Keeping my head down and my feet moving, I find myself jogging through the hallway to Red’s office. I sigh in relief and push through the door to his office, it’s empty. Practically leaping to his desk, I spot the letter.

“Julia!” Red’s voice has me swiping up the envelope and grasping it tightly behind my back. “You’re late. And, not dressed.” He scolds, frowning at me. “We don’t have meetings today?” I nod in response, “good, then never mind changing, we need to finish up on the last blueprints.” He walks towards me while glancing down at a folder in his hands. All the while, my eyes continue to drift down to his sculpted jawline.

Thoughts of his demanding lips against mine enter my mind… Blinking rapidly, I clear the reminder of last night. “Okay, I’ll just get my laptop,” I mumble, edging away from the desk. Before I can make it past him, his steel like arm bands around my small waist.

“So, you’d like me to hold my ears and pull firmly to remove my head from my ass, si?” Busted. “I’m an egotistical pig, with no business acumen?” I keep my eyes glued to my flats, Red’s tone is neutral. He reaches out with his other hand to grab the envelope from my tight grip. Automatically, I reach out to grab it, he holds it up.

Jumping as high as possible, I pray to grow a fair few inches. “I was drunk!” I blurt out. Shit if he doesn’t remember anything, he’ll probably blacklist me for my behaviour and most probably ruin any chance I have to work in another company! “I didn’t write it!” I try, jumping once more. He cocks his head, amusement reflects back to me.

In the blink of an eye, Red grabs both my arms and captures them behind my back. “I will not accept any resignation letters from you, Ms. Williams.” Red states, “when’s the conference in China?” He releases me and scrunches up the letter before disposing of it in the bin.

“Next Thursday.” I stutter slightly.

He nods, “grab your laptop, I want some breakfast.” He grumbles, looking at me as if I murdered a kitten. I follow behind him and come to a stop as he looks down at my empty desk, pointedly. I face palm, hard! All of a sudden he chuckles, deep and husky. I watch him in awe. Catching himself, he immediately straightens up before placing his hand on the small of my back and directing me towards the doors.

Once we’re both buckled up, I turn to him. “There’s a nice breakfast bar two blocks from here, you’ll like the selection there.” In fact, I’d stolen their juice recipes, Red will love it!

“We’re going home.” Red reverses out of the lot. Before I can ask him why, he answers, “I want your breakfast, Julia.” I leave the matter, to preoccupied with his fisted hands around the wheel, those lengthy fingers that held you still while he- cut it out!

Red parks, and together we head to the front door. I press the code in and he pulls the panel open. I step inside and he follows, making my way to his kitchen; I get to work preparing his breakfast. He takes the stairs to his bedroom, descending half an hour later clad in grey sweats and a tight fitted black shirt.

I place a cup of juice down next to a plate stacked with pancakes and he instantly takes a seat on the barstool in front of it. Never have I seen a man devour a plate of food so quickly, smiling softly I begin to wash the dishes. “I’ll need to borrow your laptop,” I take the plate from Red.

While I clean up the kitchen he prepares the dining table for us.

I take a seat in front of the screen, while Red stands beside me, leaning over the large table and scanning half a dozen blueprints. He begins to list of changes which I note down and prepare to send to the design department. His arm extends over me and he types some changes in. My heart rate accelerates as his body heat seeps through my clothes. Sitting up straight I say, “I can type, sir.”

“I know,” is his only response as he continues to work over me.

Clenching my hands beneath the table, my lower regions leak heat. “Excuse me!” I stand up, just missing Red’s chin with my shoulder. I move past him and head to the powder room, locking the door behind myself, I lean against it. Calm down… Walking to the sink I run cool water over my wrists, before leaving the small room.

I find Red in the living space, where he’s inspecting a bright yellow tissue dispenser I’d secretly manoeuvred into his dull home. He glances from it to me, “what’s this doing here?” He questions.

“What is it?” I shrug, pretending I don’t know. I take a seat back at the table, from the corner of my eye, I notice Red making his way towards me.

“Julia…” He trails off.

I quickly think of a diversion. “Window seat good for you?” I question, standing up and moving around him to the living room, I can’t focus when he’s close to me. Dropping the box of tissues on the table he follows me.

"Is it good for you?"

I walk backwards until my back hits the glass wall. Trying to duck underneath his arm, I find myself gridlocked with hands pinned against the wall above my head. “I’m coming?” I question confused, trying to wriggle my wrists free.

Before Red can reply, the sound of a throat clearing has us looking up to the entrance, where a gorgeous woman frowns down at us…

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