The Heiress | Book 1: The Deal

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When childhood acquaintances Nikolai Mikhailov, Russian mob boss, and Emma des Rosier, heiress to des Rosier Enterprises, cross paths after twenty-one years, secrets from their past start to unravel. Emma des Rosier has everything a young woman could dream of. Killer looks, brains, a rich and loving father who spoils her, heiress to her father’s multibillion dollar company, the sexiest new celebrity boyfriend to hit Hollywood, Luca Davis, and she is genuinely happy in life. But when an old childhood acquaintance re-enters her life, dark secrets from her past start to unravel, threatening her happily ever after. Enter Nikolai Mikhailov; CEO of Mikhailov Technologies, Russian mob boss, and former childhood acquaintance of Emma des Rosier. He gets what he wants and when that doesn’t work, he takes what he wants; and he has come for Emma. But is that all that he is after? Forced to face the hard truth of her past, Emma will not go down without a fight. But will she risk everything to win the battle against Nikolai?* * * * * Find out in the first installment of The Heiress Trilogy: The Deal. * * * * * PLEASE NOTE: I will be attempting to update with a new chapter weekly. I am writing this as I post and editing it before submitting it. If you see any grammar or spelling mistakes, please let me know. Thank you! * * * * *

Romance / Thriller
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So, I have now moved over to PATREON. I will be keeping The Deal up, but will not be updating.


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