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What happens when two college girls, who have never met each other, become roommates? What happens when the same two girls become friends? What happens when the girls become something more? "Hey...I'm guessing your my new friendo for the school year, welcome to our dorm...I guess" Tyler, definition: A girl who's a socially awkward mess, and has a major obsession with video games Mason, definition: The most laid back person you will ever meet Two girls, one room, and one college experience. One really absolutely super scary college experience. "Well that's just peachy, isn't it?" Warning: language, use of alcohol, and drugs.

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Chapter One -Leaving Home-

College, some might call it new. Others call it thrilling. My favorite adjective to describe it, scary. One of the most terrifying parts of my life, college. The place where I would discover who I really am. Looking at myself in the mirror. Who is this girl? My name is Tyler Raines. I have long straight brown hair, and sparkling blue eyes. I am covered with freckles head to toe, no bare skin can be seen. I push up my glasses on my face. I can basically hear my little brother yelling at me in my head, ‘Nerd!’ His nickname for me. He’s just starting high school, and I wish him luck, even though I know he’s going no where. I adjust my black suspenders. I wanted to look perfect, first impressions after all. Honestly, most of my outfit, just screamed a mix of small, and nerdy. My white tank top tucked into my flowy black skirt. My black high top converse that matched the black bow in my hair. And to top it all off, a light blue jean jacket. I brushed my self off and grabbed my suitcase, heading downstairs towards the front door, only to be stopped by an on slaughter of hugs. I didn’t really like touchy feely

things, but it was my mom. My poor single parent mom, who for the first time ever, was seeing her baby leave the nest. And of course, along with my mom, was David. David, her new boyfriend, he wasn’t too bad. Just an average guy, sometimes I didn’t see what she saw in him, I didn’t question it though, she was happy, and I couldn’t really weigh in. I didn’t really see what she saw in any man. I didn’t see what really any women see in men. I mean it wasn’t my fault, I was attracted to women. I didn’t choose the lesbian life, the lesbian life chose me. When I told my mom my sexuality, she was very accepting, and it made me very happy that she understood what I liked, and what I didn’t. I hugged my mom...and David. Mom kissed me on the cheek and then next thing I knew I was leaving. Out into the big wide world.

I just wanted out. Out of here, out of this house, out of this situation. My parents never stopped yelling at each other. It was annoying as hell, and it never ceased. I laid back on my bed, cranking up the music in my headphones, Gerard Way’s voice ringing through my ears. I was leaving for college in a few hours, and you know what I haven’t done? Packed. Nothing

was in a suitcase, nothing what so ever. All my clothes were sprawled across the floor, my room a mess. I decide I had to pack something. I stood up off my bed, just throwing random stuff in the case. Because that was totally how packing worked. I stopped as I approached my mirror, examining myself. My bright red hair, and pretty green eyes. They never really portrayed emotion like most everyone else’s did. They never filled with lust or anger or fear. I was a pretty laid back person. Never really wanted anything to do with anyone, sometimes at least. Most of the time I was just following the crowd. Doing activities others enjoyed, never.really weighing in my thoughts, I never needed to anyways. I was happy just being the tag along friend that nobody really knew the name of. I finished ‘packing’ my suitcase, zipping it up. I rolled it down the steps. My music became even louder when I got downstairs. I was not dealing with their shit, not today at least. “Bye guys.” I waved. “You know, I’m just leaving, you know, for college, nothing much.” Mom glanced over at me giving a slight smile before diving straight back into their screaming match. I opened the door before walking outside. finally, freedom.

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