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Divide and Conquer

“So what do you think. Was the update well received?” Richard rubbed his eyes and prepared to share his conference call with Gerald.

“It didn’t go as well as I would have liked but we still have the remaining twenty some odd days before the next review.”

“Jesus Christ you would think they would have given us some extra time. She is showing progress.” Gerald was stunned. He expected to be accommodated. He had requested an additional month to get Caylnn up to speed. “So the request was flatly denied?”

“Yes, it was.” The high ball glasses on Richards coffee table tinkled like bells as he dropped fat, square ice cubes into each one. “How much do you want Doc?”

“I’ll start with half a glass.” Gerald swirled the ice cubes in the tumbler and waited for the liquid to cool. “We have to find a situation where she can participate. We have to find her somebody to work off of. She can’t continue with any real success cannibalizing herself. It won’t work long term.”

“Agreed, I have been putting out feelers. I should have a line on some new meat soon. Have you gotten anything from her histories or any new information she has shared?” Richard was looking for any crumb of new data that might help explain how Caylnn’s ability actually worked.

“No, she isn’t holding anything back there just isn’t anything there for her to remember. We are going to try the hypnosis. I’m not sure it will have any effect on the implant, but I don’t want to turn down the help. The drug mix we used before just isn’t working as previously documented. It’s proving difficult to get the right dosage. I flipped that switch off years ago and I can’t get her to flip it back on.”

“We have to keep moving forward. I know how this works. The deadline will be extended if we can show some tangible improvement, otherwise. Well, you know what happens otherwise.” Richard knocked back the last of his first glass and started to pour a second. “If it comes down to it I won’t be able to hurt her Ivan. You’ll have to do it. She expects me to kill her if she has a violent reaction to Carl's tactics. I didn't tell her the program won't allow it. Her recovery is the base wide mission barring any new high-level guests. Traffic has been diverted permanently until our situation changes. I don’t have it in me anymore to sacrifice bodies to the cause.”

“They will bring in somebody else to end her if we can't. If the situation gets’s that far out of hand, I doubt they would even extend us the professional courtesy of telling us first.” Gerald finished the last of his first glass and set the glass down on the table. “Hit me again Wolfe. I need to not think for just a few hours.”

"Ha, well even I don't have that much liquor."

"This plan to separate her from her family is not going to work."

"I disagree, and there is no separation from her son, just the husband. You'll see, he won't accept her. He is going to slit his own throat. We don't have the time to wait around and watch it happen naturally. This is a better way. We get them divorced and split her away from him financially. It will work."

"You are poking the dragon. She will not be manipulated by anyone. When she finds out what you have done Wolfe. I don't stock that much in the burn kits. Maybe you should order more supplies."

"She won't hurt me. She never has and I expect her memory to return any day now. She will be glad she's divorced."

"My God your ego barely fits in that shirt with you. This is not one day later. There is a great deal of progress made in the human mind from twenty to forty years old. Well, that is for most of us anyway."

"Laugh all you like. I'm going to make her powerful at the same time David tries to make her weak. Divide and conquer works for many situations, this one included."

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