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By Akazai Kisaragi All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter I: FANTA5IA

Once I finally broke out of the educational prison also known as school, I turned on my laptop with a single tap, excitement broadening my lit up face. Let's just say that school and Rosa Chi (me) do not mix well. Instead, video games and I are quite literally a match made in heaven! Honestly, I'd die if video games suddenly disappeared. Just the idea makes me extremely scared. I know, I sound like a whiney, melodramatic "gamer girl". Yes, I am proud to call myself a full-fledged gamer. Quite the motivated one too, must I say so myself. Not to brag or anything. Not like I'm one of those world champions being televised on TV just like that Koreans VS. North Americans LoL match. I tried to become one with my Asian counterpart and play the stupid game; but, I became bored after 24 hours. I don't know. Maybe I'm more white-washed than I originally thought. I'd never watch Pretty Little Liars or Glee though when there are such amazing animation shows around. At least they have a decent plot and good character development.

With a grin fiercely painted on, my fingers played my password against the keyboard at lightning speed while - of course - jumping up and down on my stiff chair like a walrus that just smoked some hardcore pot on April 20th. Unbelievably, I'm not spontaneously excited like I usually am. There is actually a reason this time around. Whoa.

I know.

It's a miracle. Who knows maybe I'll start to walk on water all of a sudden? Actually, technically, I have. Ice skating, mate.

Anyway, my epic friend, Vanessa, bought me the game I was dying to get my hands on this entire month. Drum roll and spotlights get ready for my blinding fabulousness. I officially owned 'Fantasia' at last! Without further hesitation, I inserted the blessed video game disc and impatiently tapped my right foot against the cold wooden floor. C'mon, I've been waiting ages to play the hottest fantasy game! And apparently the only thing that's stopping me are these irritating lags! Stupid laptop, stupid lags. . . So what if I don't possess the most recent Windows 8? Doesn't mean I should be receiving shitty service! Unfair. The world is such a cruel place.

Lazily, I pulled out my indestructible Nokia phone from my jeans pocket.

'So, Rosa, you try the new game yet?" Vanessa texted me.

The sounds of tapping echoed as I replied, 'I would be if it wasn't for my crappy laggy laptop. If I wasn't so broke, I would buy myself a brand new laptop. . . ggwp'

'LOL. u really are something eh?'

I stole a glance at the still loading page. What's taking it so freaking long?! I was about to pull out my midnight blue streaked hair by the roots -- until Fantasia suddenly appeared. Finally!

In bold red letters, I skimmed the words, 'Warning: You are about to emerge into a world known as Fantasia. Vampires, werewolves, angels, dark angels, nekos, zombies, shapeshifters, elves, trolls and other creatures exist in the supernatural world. Player, enter at your own risk. Do you wish to proceed?'

Underneath the bold red letters was a green box labelled 'yes' and a red box labelled 'no'.

'Hmm... this is a quite the unique introduction,' I thought, as the arrow hovered over the green box.

I really really hope this is not a virus like that other game... A single click sound is heard and the screen transformed into a brilliant yet blinding white screen. What the hell? Driven my instinct, I protected my sensitive emerald green eyes by shielding them with my bare hands. First, the lags and now this?! Fridays are supposed to be relaxing and carefree! Rebecca Black supports me with that statement in her back seat.

Soon, the whole room was eventually enveloped by the strange light radiating from my laptop. Please tell me my bedroom won't become the Chernobyl of 2k15. The only thing I was genuinely worried about was saving my precious. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but nothing's gonna hurt my lil' Nokia-chan. As soon as I safely placed it in my pocket, my eyes shut tightly and I hoped for the best... Cross my fingers, and hope to not die.

Chapter 1: Fantasia

I woke up with a feeling of nausea.

White fluffy cotton candy looking clouds decorated the plain blue sky. I don't remember walking outside... The word outside is a server I've never heard of either. Instantly, I stood up with wide alert eyes. Where in the world am I?! I rummaged through my jeans pocket and jumped for joy as my phone still intact and more importantly in one piece. Heh, Luffy would be proud. Now, all I have to do is call someone and... No signal! I'm pretty sure my body still exists somewhere in Canada! Unless I somehow unconsciously walked past the U.S.A. border, illegally may I add, without my passport. Very unlikely.

Weirdly, instead of the usual time, it read 59:8:50:31. I observed the last number count down faster than the other digits. Shit, Nokia-chan mysteriously turned into a time bomb! Okay, who exactly hacked into my phone this time? I know it's you, Illuminati. Wait. Could it be that it's counting down a certain time? So, the last two digits are the seconds, the one before that are the minutes, the one before that are the hours, and the first number are the days. Whoa, did I actually just mentally use Math without Google? Today's just raining with miracles.

But, what does it mean?

As I looked more closely, I realized there were two suns shining in the sky. One was the regular yellow Mr. Sunshine and the other one was bloody red. This is definitely not Earth I'm currently standing on! Or I drank more than I thought. Or I got kidnapped like Princess Peach by Bowser once again. What a hoe honestly. I suspiciously scanned my surroundings. Familiar evergreen trees surrounded me and grass was being squished by my dirty Nike high tops. I realized that I was in a meadow in a forest in the middle of nowhere. What happened to carefree Fridays, eh? No signal, no Wi-Fi, no nothing! So this is how the cavemen felt... Only inventing fire... There was no sign of humanity! Not a single house or building was here. I sighed heavily as I started to walk into the forest. Y'know, this world looks beautiful without pollution or trash.

What did 59 days, 8 hours, 50 minutes, and 31 seconds mean? Does that mean I am going to die in about 59 days . . . I'm too young to die! I'm only a sixteen year old that looks older because of height's sake for crying out loud! Suddenly, I heard footsteps crunching the dry leaves on the ground not so far from where I was standing. Instantly, I grabbed a stick and crouched down camouflage style. I was never a FPS player. No not faps-per-second, first person shooter. More a distance player. Like an archer or magi. Yeah, I only got a stick to defend myself. Better than nothing, right? If only this was a wand from Diagon Alley.

"What was that bright white hole in the sky? Could it be the Great Pro-" A high pitched yet boyish voice innocently questioned in English with a slight, barely noticeable Irish accent.

Maybe I'm still on Earth after all and there's a glitch on my phone!

"It's impossible. Don't listen to that." A lower and more masculine voice cut off the guy who talked before.

Sounds like a hot voice actor and a typical kawaii shota.

I heard someone sniff and ask, "Guys, do you smell that?"

How can they smell me? I froze and halted my shaky breath. Pretty sure I took a shower last night...

Someone snickered and replied in a calm low voice, "Yes, I smell you, Layle."

The same person who was sniffing earlier protested, "Hey, I do not smell, Dark!"

Guess the guy who was sniffing is Layle and the guy talking in a lower voice is Dark. Those are quite unique names. It would be hilarious if someone named Light would come! And a slouching panda-looking detective. Death Note reference there for all you anime only leaves the girly guy... No offense, dude whoever you are.

"You may want to wash, Layle." Dark strongly suggested and the sound of footsteps were getting louder.

Hopefully, they won't spot me underneath this bush. Ugh, I'm wearing skinny blue jeans and a red hoodie. I definitely stand out against green grass and my clothes are getting dirty! In normal situations, I wouldn't care much. But these are my favourite jeans and I highly doubt someone would let me borrow their washer in this place.

"But, I just took a bath on the last full moon!" Layle whined and I heard stomping.

Last full moon? Guess this guy doesn't use calenders. But, back at home, the last full moon was last week. Man, that's a long time to go without a shower! No wonder this Dark guy is saying that. I tightly covered my mouth to stop my laughing. Welp. I'm gonna choke. Not in that way, you perverted bastards-

"Layle, you do stink! Ew," The girly guy exclaims, giggling.

"How about your flowery perfume, Patrick?" Layle countered teasingly.

I heard more stomping and (I assumed) Patrick argued, "I naturally smell this way, Layle! At least, I do not stink like trash!"

Unfortunately, I accidentally tripped over a root due to trying to hold my laughter and a loud sound was heard as I fell on the dirty ground.

Oh whale, there goes my once clean hoodie.


"See, I told you I smelled something! But both of you didn't believe me and instead said I smelled stinky!" Layle yelled as I heard the footsteps get closer and closer and closer.

Shit! Creamy cheese bread sticks! I retrieved a sharp stick and played dead like a dog. As I shut my emerald green eyes close, I tried to think positively and convince myself that this was all a dream. Finally, the footsteps came to a stop and I heard steady breathing. Great, now they surrounded me. I inhaled sharply, bracing for only the worst.

"What is that?" Layle rudely asked.

Excuse me? I am not a mere object! I am a perfectly living (but currently playing dead) human being!

"By the looks of it . . . not our kind." Dark observed, stalling his breath.

As soon as I felt something hard poke my back - no sick innuendos intended - my whole body recoiled and instantly jumped. While holding the stick menacingly in the air, I took a step back. My eyes darted from my company. I was scared shitless.

"Who the hell are you people? Stay away from me! I am not afraid to use the power of this stick!"

Three 'people' stood in front of me.

One oddly short blonde with pointy ears, a physically fit black haired young male with matching black feathery angel wings, and another person with milk chocolate locks cascading down just above his broad shoulders. Warm dark brown almond shaped eyes stared at me in awe. At least, he appeared to be human. The winged one looked unhappy, a deep frown etched upon his flawless porcelain face. I blinked several times to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me. Houston, we have a problem. I'm not in Canada anymore. . . am I?

Maybe this is some multiple fandom convention!

Pre-Puberty!Link from Legend of Zelda. Some angsty fallen angel with a dark past. City of something? And, obviously, Teen!Jacob from Twilight.


That's gotta be it.

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