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Forbidden Fantasies

By Saimariej All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Forbidden Fantasies is a complete manuscript at 56,468 words in total including a prologue and 17 chapters. It is a standalone novel but it has been left with a Happily For Now ending that could be followed up with a possibility of two more books to complete a trilogy. The story centers around a young collegiate, Araceli Nativa, who has went away to school at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. There she is attending courses as an English major and is doing quite well academically but rather poorly on the social scale. When her dorm mate determines her very shut-in life needs altering, she pressures Araceli into allowing her to dress her up for a Halloween party at the biggest frat house on campus. Reluctantly, Araceli agrees to go, if only to get her friend off her case and things seem to go rather well when the star quarterback takes an interest in her. The next morning, things take a grim turn, however, when he winds up dead with Araceli having been the last person to see him. Abel Slaine, a slayer with a vengeance, is on the hunt to kill her - the ancient evil demon queen who cursed who to live his days as an immortal after a curse robs him of the love of his wife.


From the moment she was created it was said no entity could control or contain her. The first feminist, by all true accounts, she was the woman originally created as the consort of God’s most perfect creation; Adam. And within the Garden of Eden, many would have imagined her existence to have been a perfect one but subservience did not bode well with the beautiful and contemptuous Lilith, for, how could it? She who had been created of her own, as opposed to her successor, the ever-tempted Eve. In truth, Lilith had not been a bad or unscrupulous wife, she merely desired not be submissive and forced to lie upon her back in the act of lovemaking and truly, what woman would? For was it not true that women held more control on top than they ever could on bottom? The notion was pure madness and ever astounding to Lilith, she would never bow down to obeying the likes of any man for God had created her in equal measure and she had a brain filled with ambitious thoughts, of power and strength, things Adam never could have imagined and so she balked and disobeyed in favor of finding her own way but God found her cattiness and attitude to be in disliking. She had not been created to be Queen of Eden, but instead to be a fair steward and do what was needed to make her husband happy. Disgusted with her Creator’s stance, Lilith defended herself, speaking in her own favor against the unfair and oppressing injustice that her obedience suggested. How could God call himself a fair being if he commanded women do as bid and never think for themselves? Better yet, how could women bear children and raise and protect them if they had no voice in their very homes? Such things infuriated the beautiful woman, whose golden tresses reached far past the round swell of her ample derriere. Crystal blue eyes so bright they appeared to be sapphires sat within her heart-shaped face lit up with a tinge of darkness unlike anything ever before seen. A purplish hue overtook the entirety of her pupil as her rage boiled within her veins and she bellowed her anger at what God expected her and all other women in creation to do. It would not happen, not on Lilith’s watch. In her hastiness and anger, however, she failed to see that she was making an argument without maintaining her patience and due to her wrath God found the need to teach her a lesson that would surpass all time but because Lilith had a strong point in her statements, God granted her the power to shift between planes, to change her gender at will, and to be the first independent woman in created history. Her metamorphosis, though it granted immortality, was not all she thought it be, however. And as humanity expanded so did their legends and Lilith was soon painted as a monster rolling through the night, devouring all she could get her hands on, and some rumors even held that she ate children, particularly babes. It was this notion which vilified Lilith and personified her as the demon queen of the night with only one mission: to rid the world of all men and their oppressing and vile manners. But soon, Lilith discovered that she was unable to bear children as mortal women were for God had cursed her and removed her very soul making her barren in but the blink of an eye. Being the resourceful female she had always been, however, made Lilith a crafty and intelligent being and since she could change form to anything she wished, becoming a man was as easy as thinking it into existence and since she already utilized lust as her main ingredient for entrapping them, Lilith used this skill to her advantage. First, to extract semen from men, she had to sleep with them and collect the biological fluid needed but that would only work in transport and not in conception. For conception, Lilith chose to take on the form of a handsome man and find a willing and useful human vessel by which to incubate her children; the cambions, the half-breed demonic offspring of a succubus and a human woman. For thousands of years Lilith went about creating as many daughters as she could and each soon coming to accept the gift of their heritage rose to stand aside their mother as the succubi queen and nothing had ever stood in their way. Not God, not beast and most certainly not a man. In the time since, Lilith had acquired herself a standing army and her plans to unleash darkness upon the unsuspecting populace of the world were going exactly as she wanted. Who could stop her? Better yet, who would?

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