The Cafe: Season 1

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“Are you out of your mind Alex! Stop the car?” “Why dad? I’d be doing you a favor!” “Alex! Stop this!” “Screw you!” Alex shouted loosing control of the wheel and crashing into a café. The Café is a local LA Coffee shop where all come to dream. There is Noah Welles the rich heartthrob. Olivia Clark the owner of the cafe who dreams of finding true love. Alex Jane the supermodel with a secret. Zander the resident bad boy who pours his heart out through music. Ava Mills the biggest bitch at the cafe and of course the boy everyone seems to swoon for Lucas Teller. Follow these people on their path to love and discovering themselves.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

The sound of sirens was heard across the night, lights around the city of Los Angeles. The streets were empty, allowing the young woman at the front to continue driving. Her pink g-wagon continued to swerve side to side. Her ice blue eyes looked at her rearview mirror, a few strands of her blonde hair fell across her face. She didn’t know where she was going, she did not care where she was, and she did not care if she died.

Her phone was ringing and while she swerved to the left on the street and answered.

“What! What!” She began to shout through her tears.

“Are you out of your mind Alex! Stop the car?”
“Why dad? I’d be doing you a favor!”

“Alex! Stop this!”
“Screw you!” Alex shouted loosing control of the wheel and crashing into a café.

Police officers immediately rushed to the scene pointing their guns at her and demanding that she get out of the car. From inside the café rushed footsteps were heard and a green eyes young brunette stepped out.

“Oh my god!”

Stepping out of the car Alex struggled to get out of the car.

“Hands up! Don’t move!” An officer shouted both girls looking at one another. The brunette watching as the other girl was arrested, handcuffed, and taken into custody.

The apartment was dark, not a sound was heard inside the apartment, a shirtless man in his mid 20’s slept soundly on his bed. Headphones covered his ears, his dark, wild brown hair was a mess, when he turned in his sleeps his muscles flexed as he groaned. The clock read 4am sharp when his phone began to ring. Groaning Noah reached for his phone which lay on the nightstand. The name Ollie flashing across the screen. Frowning in confusion his hazel eyes tried to focus on the screen which was still blurry from sleeping.

“Hey Ollie. Is Zander not home yet because he’s not here.” Noah spoke as he answered the phone lazily.
“Noah. Can you come get me? Some crazy woman just crashed into my café”
“What?” Noah questioned standing up from his bed looking around the dark room he headed to turn on the light and fumbled to put on a shirt and pants.

“I have no place to stay do you mind picking me up. I think I’m going to need a lawyer.” She spoke.

“I’m coming to get you. Call Zander “Noah spoke before hanging up.

He was unaware of what exactly had happened but when drove down to Broadway Street Noah was shocked to find dozens of police officers, reporters and his friend trying to evade questions. Rushing to her side, pushing past police officers he stood in front of her.

“Alright. That’s enough. I am miss Olivia Clark’s lawyer. For the time being she will not be answering any questions from the press.” He spoke pulling her away from the press while Officers escorted the reports away.

“What exactly happened?” Noah questioned looking at the large pink g-wagon that had crashed inside the Café destroying everything in sight from tables, chairs, the cash register, even the coffee machines that were used.

“What am I going to do Noah? Zander and I just opened up our business. I put everything that I had in this! How am I going to make a living now? I can’t pay for these repairs and... I live upstairs for god sakes! What am I going to do?”
“Ollie! Ollie” Noah spoke reaching to to gently take hold of Olivia’s face in his hands.

“It is going to be okay. Alright. I’ll ask my father to look into it okay. It is going to be okay.” Noah spoke while Olivia broke into tears.

“Come on. These officers will take care of it.” Noah spoke leading Olivia inside his car.

Noah tried to remain optimistic for his friend knowing she was counting on this business to stay afloat, but now it seemed things were going to take a turn for the worst.

“Damn” He muttered to himself driving away from the scene.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

Groaning Lucas sighed, the clock read 5am indicating it was time to get up. Sitting up from his bed he then headed to the bathroom where he looked at his reflection. His black hair stuck out at odd angles and his blue eyes looked as dead as he felt inside. Reaching for his toothbrush and toothpaste he quickly began to brush his teeth. When he was done he reached into his medicine cabinet and grabbed his prescription of anti- depressants. Using the water of the faucet he simply popped some pills into his mouth and drank from the faucet. Getting dressed in a pair of workout shorts, shoes, and shirt he headed to the gym.

There was sweat running down his neck, he was panting, there was music playing in the back which was muffled by his mind concentrating on evading his own thoughts. Last night was a blur of sex, passion, and nothing more than a sin. Shutting his eyes tightly as he ran on the treadmill Lucas increased the speed and continued to run. Panting, sweating, there were people around him, muscles, six pack, men.

He could feel it all as if it were happening in that exact moment. His body against another, his heart was racing with his mind and he felt as if he would explode. Running. He was always running. His body was giving out on him, he’d been working out for over an hour and he finally stopped, his breathing was erratic as sweat fell from his face.

“Why can’t I get it right?” He thought to himself. There was nothing he could say or do, the word, that one word which would define him was unacceptable. He hated it, he hated himself and just wanted it to go away.

Once again, he’d given into the wrong thoughts and had fallen into a trap. His phone began to ring and Lucas sighed. Ava, his salvation.

“I have a shoot today at noon. Wish me luck?” The text message read.

“Good Luck. I love you.” He texted back.
Biting his lip Lucas contemplated an answer. Across the room a guy was lifting weights, he was shirtless, his six pack glistening with sweat and his blue eyes seductive. When he looked at Lucas he smiled, it was like he was calling to him, in more ways than one.

He could feel the pull of him and Lucas smirked. Looking away he simply gathered his things and headed towards the showers. When his phone dinged again he smiled looking at the text.

“Love you too. Lunch date?”
Before he could answer Lucas was being slammed against the wall, smirking her looked back at the dazzling man and engaged in a passionate kiss, without much thinking he gave in again, to his sins.

Flashes of cameras blinded Ava, her fiery red hair and piercing cat like eyes caused everyone in the room to feel enraptured with her looks. This commercial was simple, her hair was well taken care of and as the wind blew Ava added a sultry look.

“Beautiful.” The photographer spoke to which Ava responded with a perfect smize. She wore a beautiful white dress and felt as if the world was at her feet. She was a top model in her prime, everyone wanted a piece of her. Everything was perfect.

“Alright everyone let’s take five, Ava, you did a great job. You’ll do a few poses with the Shampoo next.” He spoke, while Ava nodded. Heading to a chair that had been set up in front of a mirror Ava smiled while looking at herself. Her assistant, the mousy little Kendra with large glasses, frumpy clothes nervously handed Ava a water.

“So? What’s everybody talking about?” Ava asked Kendra.
“Um.. Well, your trending once again, your birthday was yesterday and everyone is talking about you and Lucas. They’re calling you the couple of the year.” Kendra spoke while she stood in front of Kendra with an IPad showing her articles online and twitter posts. Smiling to herself Ava nodded in satisfaction.

“When we announce our engagement next week it’ll be everything. The son of a wealthy powerful politician, marries me a top model on her way to becoming an actress. Have they called you back on my audition for that new movie?” Ava questioned.
“Well?” Kendra spoke biting her lips nervously.

“What?” Ava snapped.

“There’s a rumor that, well… the roles been given to an A-list actress. With an Oscar on her belt.”
“What! This was my shot!” She snapped her voice raising and causing the staff around her to look up at her. Offering an awkward smile, she then turned to look at Kendra.

“How can this happen?”
“Well.. I’m sorry. But... there is some good news.”
“Like what?”
“Well.. this morning your arch-nemesis, Alex Jane was arrested.”
“What?” Ava spoke laughing while Kendra quickly showed her an article. Looking at the mug shot of the blonde Ava smiled.

“Heiress in Trouble.” The article read and Ava smirked.

“Well. I suppose she won’t be auditioning for anything anymore. Who wants to hire a controversial model who’s difficult to work with?”
“I guess that new Gucci contract is all mine.”
“Too bad for her.”

“Alright! Let’s continue!” The photographer shouted while Ava smiled and headed back to her place in front of the camera.

“Life is truly perfect.” She thought to herself.

The smell of fresh brewed coffee lingered in the apartment, bacon, eggs, pancakes, a typical breakfast for some, but for a single man like Noah it was heaven. Olivia was in one of his shirts, which looked like a dress on her as it hung loosely just above her knees. Her raven her was tied into a messy bun and she smiled at him as she placed his breakfast in front of him on the kitchen island.
“Ready for work?” Olivia asked Noah with a smile as he came to sit in front of her his black tie still hanging loosely around his neck. His black suit neatly cleaned and polished, his hair perfectly styled in a side part.

“Almost ready. Have you managed to get in contact with Zander?” Noah questioned causing Olivia to sigh.

“Ollie? What’s going on? Everything alright with you and him?”
“I don’t know?” Olivia questioned leaning against the kitchen island and taking a sip of her tea.

“I mean. This new thing is.”
“I told you I’d take care of it.” Noah spoke reaching to take her hand reassuringly for a second and smiling at his best friend before letting go of her and taking a sip of his coffee.

“Honestly the best.” He said to her taking a bite of his breakfast and humming.

“Seriously, for someone who hates coffee you sure as hell know how to make it.”
“But anyways were is Zander.”
“I have no idea I’ve left over a dozen voicemails and texts and still no reply. He hasn’t even read them.”
“His phone might be dead.”
“Most likely but I don’t know I mean this was his idea. I put all my money into this business for him. I mean his career, the café is entirely centered around him playing his music.”
“He’s been missing work, he hardly ever comes home.”
“You think he’s cheating?” Noah questioned.

“Because if he is I’ll kick his ass Ollie.”
“That’s not necessary Noah. I mean. I don’t think he is. He plays at clubs at night and I get that he wants to make it in music. You and I both know he’s talented. But I can’t keep doing this anymore.”
“Are you going to break up with him?”
“I don’t know. I still love him, I mean we’ve been together since high school and all but.”
“Exactly, how do you know you haven’t grown apart.”
“I’m still the same person I was back then.”
“Come on Ollie? People change. I’ve changed, so has Zander.”

Looking at Noah, Olivia smiled sadly.

“I know.” She spoke in defeat.

“I just. I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m unhappy and I know he is too… and I know it has to do with The Café, his music career, and now this. What am I going to do Noah, my life is falling apart and this wasn’t the way I hoped things would turn out in my life. I’m 23 and it’s all going to hell.”
“Come on Ollie? It won’t be that bad. You could be me. I mean look at me.”
“I am. Your on your way to becoming a successful lawyer once you pass the bar exam.”
“Something I’ve failed to do, no to mention I’m practically the errand boy at my father’s firm.”
“Last week I asked him to let me study a case. You know what he did? I was given paperwork and old cases to study. I want something fresh, something that I can work with you know.”
“It could be worse you know.” Olivia spoke trying to cheer him up.

“Exactly.” Noah said with a smile.

“Listen Ollie, I’ll talk to my father and he’ll take your case for The Café for free.” Noah spoke finally tying his tie. With a kiss on the cheek he then hugged Olivia.

“It’ll be fine. You should talk to Zander about this. I’m sure he’s fine.”

Hearing her phone ring Olivia sighed when she saw Zander’s name flash across her phone.

“Love is hard just make sure you’re not throwing it away. I’ll see you later.” Noah spoke walking out of the apartment and missing the look of love and longing on Olivia’s face as she looked at him.

There was no need for Alex to be scolded at this point. Arriving home with a headache after making bail she headed to her bedroom and quickly showered. The sound of the water rushing down caused her to shut her eyes, while she tried to relax. There had been countless of articles already written about her. The Heiress to the Alex fortune had driven her car inside a Café while drunk and caused a high speed road chase. There were rumors of her being disowned which only irritated her. Disowned? Was that the right word for it? She was an only child as of now who could replace her when her father had no siblings himself?

Once she was out of the shower and in her robe, her father was waiting for her outside of her bedroom. Angrily he tossed newspapers, magazines, and more stacks of newspapers at her.

“Do you have any idea how much this is going to cost us?” He questioned.

“We have money don’t we?” She snapped.

“Money is what makes this dam world go round and it’s what makes us who we are doesn’t it?” She snapped.

“Alex! What were you thinking?”
“What about your mother! She is sick and your little episode could cause her more stress” He yelled.

Looking at her father standing in her room, calm and collected in his blue suit, smelling of nothing short of the most expensive brands from head to toe Alex glared back.

“It’s funny how you mention mom. Are you thinking about her dad? Are you?” She snapped angrily.

“Because I’m not the one having an affair with my wife’s sister am I?” Alex spoke her voice lowered as she glared at her father.

“It’s not what you think Alex. You don’t understand.”
“What don’t I understand? That mom is sick that she’s dying of cancer and you are screwing her sister. Mom isn’t even dead yet and you’ve already found a replacement. There’s plenty of whores in the world why don’t you screw one of them instead of Aunt Alissa. But I suppose it’s easier for you isn’t it. Tell me how long are you going to keep doing this?”
“No.” She spoke through her tears wiping away at her tears.

“Go to hell.” She snapped trying to walk away.

“Alex! You can’t talk to me that way I’m still your father.”
“Unfortunately!” She snapped.

“But I don’t time for this. Unlike you. I care for my mom and I’m going to go see her now.” She spoke opening her bedroom door to see her Aunt Alissa, the woman who was around her late thirties was still beautiful, just a few years older than Alex’s mother who was 45. Glaring at her aunt she spoke.

“I’m going out this afternoon to speak with Lawyer Richardson, when I come back I want you out of my mother’s house. You’ve lived off of her your entire life, it’s time you live off someone else. Now that you’ve whored yourself off to my father, maybe he can get you a nice apartment where you two can screw all you want. But I want you out of this house, and you better tell my mother this was your choice or I will tell her why I’m kicking you out.” Without another word to either of them Alex headed to her mothers’ room.

Standing in front of her mother’s room Alex let sobs escape her lips but quickly placed a hand to her mouth to keep herself from being heard. Last night had been nothing more than her drowning her pain in sorrow. She couldn’t fathom her father and aunt doing this to her mother not when she was fighting for her life. Pulling herself together she quickly wiped at her tears and headed inside her mother’s room. Many times before Alex had been here, she recalls how beautiful her mother had been, her blonde hair and ice blue eyes were mesmerizing to everyone but it was her kindness and giving nature that caused everyone to love her. Often, her mother would donate large amounts of money to charity and hold parties specifically for their social circle to give to these charities, people that were starving, abused women, people fighting cancer.

“Lexie.” Her mother spoke from her bed. Chemotherapy often made her mother bedridden, but even so her mother smiled and extended her hand out to Lexie. Today was a low day for her mother, Alex knew that, often times she was tired but even so, her mother pushed herself to go about her day, still working as hard as she could for her charities and doing work on the side.

“I saw the new today.”
“Can we not talk about that mom. I’m sorry. I don’t want to worry you.”
“But you do worry me. What you did was irresponsible.”
“I know. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”
“It’s fine if you know.” Her mother spoke bringing her into a gentle hug once Alex lay beside her on the bed and clung to her like a small child, while fighting back tears.

“Mom.” Alex called out.

“What is it honey?”
“Promise you won’t go anywhere?”
“I promise.”

“Come on dad. You have to help Ollie out.”
“Fine.” Noah’s father spoke taking him by surprise.

“What?” Noah questioned looking at his father who was sitting behind his desk in a dark gray suit. Looking up at him through his glassed his father spoke.

“I do have a few conditions,”
“I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but the person that crashed into your friends Café is none other than the Alex Jane heiress.

“Her father David is one of our clients here at the firm, he wants this to go away quietly which is why I want you to settle this privately. You’ll meet Ms. Jane and Ms. Clark privately and deal with it. You wanted a case right? Now you have it. Don’t screw this up or you’ll be delivering mail for us until your thirty.”
“Fine.” Noah spoke, feeling both annoyed and angry. Heading out of his father’s office Noah headed to his desk intent on getting to work only to have Lawyer Richardson approach. The man was more uptight than his father, he was a partner in the firm, having worked with his father for over twenty years. He was in his late 40’s, his hair was just beginning to Gray, and his mouth was often in a thin line. Looking at Noah the man simply appeared angry whenever he walked passed him. It was clear to Noah he was not liked at the firm. In fact, everyone believed he did not deserve to be here, the best lawyers were in this firm and it was a known fact that he would inherit his father’s spot once he was prepared enough for it. Sometimes it was too much to handle and people assumed he was not working hard enough for the things he would one day be given. Noah was top of his class but when it came to the bar exam, his mind was always a mess and often left him feeling incompetent when he failed. Sighing he got straight to work, looking over the case, reminding himself that this case was not only important for his career but for Ollie.

Head pounding from the alcohol he’d had last night and the hangover he’d woken up with this morning. Looking around the apartment he was currently in, he sighed. He couldn’t remember who he had been with the past night but when he looked around to find the apartment empty Zander sighed. At least there would be no awkward next mornings. Turning his phone on he sighed when he realized there were dozens of messages and voicemails from Olivia. Reaching for his guitar he sighed. Looking at the documents besides the nightstand he felt a weight on his shoulders.
“We love your music. The girl that sings with you, her voice is good, but a solo act is better than a duo. Think about it.”

Running his hands through his dirty blonde hair Zander sighed. What was he supposed to do?

“He’d been given a few days to think about what he wanted. He needed more time and money if he was going to leave. Did he love Olivia anymore? Of course he did… maybe… Last night had not been the first time he’d slept with someone else. But he just couldn’t stop. The spark which he and Olivia once had was gone. Falling back on the bed Zander sighed.

What am I going to do? Olivia writes most of our music? When they’d first began dating it was back in high school. He’d met Olivia thanks to Noah, his best friend, the two were close in the past but Zander was no idiot. In fact, before he and Olivia began dating she’d confessed to him that she was crushing on Noah. A fact, that Zander was all too happy to overlook. Noah had never seen Olivia with anything more than friendship in his eyes. In the past, even now; Noah continued to flirts and sleep with endless women. It had been so long now but part of Zander always knew that Olivia was still in love with Noah, and that ate away at him always.

His family wasn’t well off like Noah; his parents were teachers at the private school he attended it was how he was in that school. Olivia herself was not rich either, she had a scholarship in school which is how she ended up there as well. Noah’s parents had so many high hopes for him to become a doctor, but his passion and his true love was music. At first, it started as a hobby but as time went on he couldn’t let go of music. Olivia had a beautiful voice herself and together they would sing and write songs together. She was a great writer and knew just what to say in her lyrics to evoke feeling from anyone who heard. But it was his voice, that made everyone want to listen.

His phone rang once more and upon seeing his girlfriends name he sighed. He shouldn’t be feeling dread now, should he? But this relationship now felt more like a burden then love. He’d been the one to ask Olivia to open up the Café. She’d studied business in college and was looking for something to do at the time and he himself had studied music, it was a crazy thing to do, open a business just for themselves but it was good.

“Where have you been Zander? Haven’t you seen my messages?” She questioned.

“Sorry. My phone was dead.”
“Where are you?”
“At Lucas’s place?” He lied.

“Just… There’s been an accident. Some drunk girl crashed into out café.”
Sighing Zander looked at the contract once more and hung up after speaking.

“I’ll be there soon.” Going through his contacts he made a quick phone call.

“Lucas... I need a favor.”

“Lucas are you listening to me?” The sound of Ava’s voice brought Lucas back to the restaurant where he was having lunch with his girlfriend. From far away Lucas could see paparazzi’s taking photos of them. Most of the time Lucas pretended like he didn’t know it was Ava that called them. His father wasn’t please with the fact he was dating a model, he was a conservative politician and there was no way things would end well for him if his father found out his secret. Lucas concluded it was better this way.
“Lucas! I’m talking to you.”
“Sorry what was that?” He asked politely.

“I asked if you’d heard about Alex Jane?” She questioned taking a sip of her water and then continued to eat her salad.

“Oh. Yeah. The Café she crashed into is owned by my friend.”
“Really?” Ava questioned raising an eyebrow before smiling.

“You didn’t tell me.”
“I did.” Lucas spoke taking a sip of his own water.

“In fact, I asked you to come to the opening but you refused.”
“Did I? It slipped my mind.” Ava spoke causing Lucas to roll his eyes subtly.

Ava wasn’t all that invested in his private life. While he had met all of her friends she refused to meet his.

“Who is the owner?”
“Her name is Olivia”
“Her name?”
“Yes.” Lucas spoke, visibly he could see the anger and possessive jealousy in which Ava looked at him.

“If only she really knew how many times I’ve cheated.” Lucas thought to himself before continuing to speak.

“She’s my high school friend. She and her boyfriend Zander run the Café,”
“Oh.” Ava spoke visibly relaxing and then offering Lucas another bright smile.

“Well. How about we meet them. I think we should offer our help.”
“Really?” Lucas questioned in surprise, knowing Ava must have something up her sleeve.

“That’s great because I was thinking of helping Olivia out with what I could. I’m suppose to meet up with her boyfriend Zander after this and we’ll both head to the café.”
“Great. I’ll come join you.” Ava spoke with a smile.

“Great because Zander is early.” Lucas spoke waving to Zander and asking him for five minutes by raising his hand up.

“Oh. Also. If Olivia asks. Zander spent the night at my house.” Lucas spoke causing Ava to glare at him once again.

Walking into the firm Alex sighed taking a sip of her iced coffee she reminded herself to breathe once again. She was having the absolute worst day of her life. Her agency was threatening to drop her if she was convicted of anything. Her only hope was that Lawyer Richardson would get her out of this. Of course, it did not help that the model getting all of her jobs was Ava red head Mills. Just thinking about her caused Alex to get angry. She didn’t know why but Ava really despised her. It seemed that way because every single commercial, add, magazine shoot, or runway, they were either there together or competing for the same spot. Just this morning she’d learned Ava was replacing her for Gucci.

Heading inside Lawyer Richardson’s office she sat in front of his desk and sighed.

“Lawyer Richardson is out for lunch.”

Turning to look at the man in front of her Alex was surprised at how young and hot he looked. His dark hair was styled perfectly in a way that reminded her of the many models she had walked with down the runway. His chiseled jaw and obvious good physique were all great, but it was his eyes that garnered her attention.

“Is he?”
“Yeah. You’ll have to wait.”
“I’m Noah Welles by the way.” He spoke extending his hand out to her and offering a charming smile.

“Alex. Alex Jane.”
“So you’re Alex Jane. Great. Because I’ll be representing Ms. Clark in her cause against you.”

His word caught her off guard and just as she was about to take his hand and shake it, Alex immediately pulled herself away but the man in front of her reached for her hand anyway. It was easy to say that she’d been attracted to him upon seeing him, she could feel his eyes focused on her own and a spark running through her body but she fought with it and pulled her hand away.

“I don’t think we should be talking without my lawyer present then. Where is Ms. Clark? In your office?”
“Actually she’s at her Café trying to savor anything valuable in the shop and trying to fix what she can. Someone’s already come to pick your car up just now too.” Noah spoke with a smirk.

“I suppose daddy didn’t get what you wanted right?” Noah questioned causing Alex to glare not only at the mention of her father, but the condescending way in which this man was speaking to her.

“Excuse me?”
“I was right.” Noah spoke laughing.

“This will be easy then. So I’ll make things clear.”
“Lawyer Richardson will represent you as far as the DUI case. It’s more legal and I’ve yet to get my own license. So this accident of yours that your daddy wants to go away will be handled by me.”
“You see. In order to get some damn respect around her I have to cater to your needs. Fortunately for you Ms. Clark won’t press charges as per my advice.” Noah continued.

“And because this is your first DUI you’ll just get a fine, maybe some community service. You’ll look hot in orange.” Noah added causally continuing to speak and irritating Alex further.

“We haven’t gotten the proper costs of what everything will be but I suppose daddy can pay can’t he?”
“Besides. There’s nothing money can’t buy right?” Noah questioned smirking.

“You know.” Alex spoke with a flirtatious smile.

“I thought the exact same thing. It’s funny how we think the same except. I’ve suddenly changed my mind.” She spoke taking off the lid to her ice coffee. With another smile she poured her coffee on top of his head.

“There’s just some things like manners that money just can’t seem to buy.” With that in mind she simply tossed her cup in the trash and walked away.

“Asshole.” She muttered to herself walking towards the elevator. Her phone began to ring once stepped inside, opening it she sighed upon seeing the next headline.

There was a picture of Ava besides the coffee shop, in fact, there were several pictures from both her twitter and Instagram page with the café owner Olivia Clark. She’d seen the girl only briefly the past night and couldn’t remember her face that well. Looking at her Alex didn’t think much of her. She was pretty but there wasn’t much to look at. Not when the caption read Alex Jane destroys Ava Mill’s best friends’ café.

“Damn it.”

There was frustration and desperation that continued to gnaw away at Olivia while she looked at her Café. What was she going to do now? Where would she work? She wanted to scream but at the moment did not find it convenient to have a meltdown instead she tightened her grip on the broom she had and continued to clean up the broken glass around her.

A few feet away from her the woman Lucas had brought with him was busy taking pictures of herself while she sat in a chair that had not been destroyed. Feeling annoyed she wanted to kick the super model out knowing exactly who she was but stopping herself by reminding herself she was Lucas’s girlfriend.

She could hear footsteps from upstairs and a few moments later Lucas and Zander came back with boxes.

“This is everything.” Zander spoke walking over to her and trying to kiss her cheek only to have her move away.

“Come on. Don’t tell me you’re still mad at me? I’m helping aren’t I?” Zander questioned.

“Helping? It would have helped if you’d been here last night. What if something had happened to me?”
“Babe. I told you my phone was off.”
“Don’t call me that. I hate it.”
“Babe. Olivia.”
“I told you Babe is such a generic thing to say everyone says it.”

From the corner of her eye she could see that both Lucas and his girlfriend were feeling uncomfortable, Lucas had simply walked away and began to clean around the are Ava was sitting in. Even she had stopped taking pictures and had begun to clean.

“What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong?” She snapped.

“You’re really asking me that? Look around you Zander! We’ve lost everything! We have no place to live and our business is gone and our relationship is a mess!”
“What do you want me to say Olivia?” Zander spoke raising his voice as well.

“How about you tell me where you were last night?” She questioned.

“I told you I was with Zander.”
“Were you? Then what about the day before that or last week. It was your idea to get this restaurant. It was your idea to do this. Do you have any idea how miserable I am.”
“We fight all the time and you continue to stop coming home crashing at other’s places or cheating on me.”
“I’m not cheating! Damn it Olivia why can’t you just trust me.”
“I’m not the one that’s still hung up on someone who is never going to love me. But you know what. I am done being you doormat!”
“Is that what you think about me Zander?” Olivia cried tears falling down her eyes.

“God. Then what the hell are we doing? I’ve spent six years of my life in a relationship with you… and if you think my feelings for you weren’t love then why the hell are you still with me Zander?” She cried.

“I love you. But this, working together, starting a business, living together, it’s suffocating and I’m not sure I can do it anymore.” Olivia spoke. The ding of the coffee shops door sounded interrupting the chaos as Noah walked in his suit stained with coffee, causing everyone to turn to look at him.

“What?” He questioned.

“Zander say something?” Olivia spoke up ignoring Noah and reaching for Zander’s hand.

“Don’t you love me anymore?”
“Ollie? What’s going on?” Noah questioned while Lucas subtly told him to shut up.

“I don’t know Ollie. You tell me.” Zander spoke walking away and out of the shop causing Olivia to sob heartbroken and run upstairs. Noah intended to follow her but it was Lucas that stopped him.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Lucas spoke but Noah ignored him and ran after her.

The door to her apartment was closed but Noah knocked anyways.

“Please just go away Noah. I don’t want to talk.”
“Come on Ollie. Open the door. Please.” He pleaded silently. For a few moments he stood there hoping that she’d open the door but when that didn’t happen he sighed.

“Ollie. Come on. Don’t act like this. Let’s talk.” Noah pleaded.

Slowly the door opened and Olivia stood behind the door tears in her eyes. Sighing Noah walked in and hugged her tightly while she cried in his arms.

“How could he think I don’t love him. I’ve spent so much time with him. He was my first everything. How could he think.”
“You’re both just stressed. Things will work out.” Noah spoke, his voice gentle as he held her in the empty room.

“Then why is it that you’re the one that’s here talking to me and not him. Why id it always you Noah?” Olivia cried.

“It’s going to be alright Ollie. I promise.”

Alex didn’t want to go home. There was too much going on that she didn’t want to deal with. She found herself stepping inside a local bar in Hollywood. It was quite popular and there were dozens of people inside drinking. Heading inside she sat by the bar and ordered a shot of tequila. Wincing at the burn she shut her eyes trying to breathe. Someone was singing, he was blonde, his hair was styled into a man bun, his beard was short and made him look attractive. He was singing about love. Heartache, feelings that made her want to drink and forget once again. Their eyes caught one another and Alex smiled when the man in front of her smiled back. When he was done with his song the entire bar clapped and he headed towards her. Smiling flirtatiously Alex got up making sure to give him a sultry look before heading towards the bathroom of the bar. Just as she opened the women’s bathroom she was stopped by someone pressing their body against her own. Smiling Alex turned to look at the man that had previously been singing without a word they kissed. Pulling him by his shirt she dragged him to the largest bathroom stall closing it behind them as they kissed and clothes began to come off all she thought about was losing herself in pleasure and forgetting.

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