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Chapter 3

It’s been about 10 minutes since any of us have last spoken and in all honesty I’m kind of nervous as to where Alex is going. For all I know we could be going to a drug deal, she won’t tell me anything about where we’re going.

We’ve been driving down the same road the whole time; there are no houses or stores around as I look out the window, just grass. I have never been down this way so I have no idea where we could possibly be going.

“You know Alex; I’m supposed to be at home getting ready for school tomorrow.”

“You know Brooke, I don’t really care and besides its only 12:05 you have still all day to do that stuff. Just relax a little.”

“Hmp. Whatever.” I said with a pout

“Can you at least turn on the radio or something? The silence is killing me.”

“You talking is killing me.” She replied rolling her eyes

She did as I said though, she turned on some radio station called ′A rock Fm′ I’m guessing the ′A′ stands for alternative?

After a few songs I didn’t know came on I started getting annoyed

“Y’know this station sucks.” I crossed my arms

“Why is that?” she said in an amused tone

“I don’t know any of these songs.”

“I’m sure a song you know will come on soon, just be patient.”

“Oh yeah, like you know anything about being patient.” I said under my breath

And then the most amazing thing happened. The song Pumped up kicks by Foster the people came on.

“YES! Finally!” I said clapping my hands

Alex let out a little chuckle at my excitement

“All the other kids with their pumped up kicks better run, better run faster than my bullet!”

“Come on Alex sing along with me, Please?”

And she did. We sang the rest of the song and continued to sing a couple other songs after that one. It reminded me of all the fun we use to have together when we were younger.

*You are now entering a flashback*

*4 years ago* April 9th 2012

“Alex, I don’t know about this...” I said nervously.

“We got this B, trust me.”

“I-I don’t know. There are so many people what if they laugh at us?”

“We are amazing singers, especially you!” she said giving my hand a light squeeze

“Okay but I’m only doing this cause were doing it together.”

“Of course, I wouldn’t make you do this alone. We’re in this together and always will be.”

We both smiled at each other and then heard the announcer talk.

“Next up we have Brooke Wilde and Alexandra Woods singing ‘Call me maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepson!”

There was a bunch of applauding and we both walked on stage and started singing.

At the end of the song we bowed at everyone’s applause and then walked of stage.

“I can’t believe we just did that!” I said jumping up and down

“I can! We were awesome!”

Alex pulled me into a tight hug and spun me around.

“Woah! Alex put me down!” I said while giggling

“Oh sorry.” She said gently putting me down right in front of her

We just starred at each other, a million thoughts running through my mind and my heart racing. I’m not sure if it’s from the adrenaline of just being on stage or because of the girl in front of me I’ve liked for about 2 years, maybe both.

I should lean in, I really want to kiss her and it’s the perfect opportunity to do so. I don’t know how she feels about me though, what if she doesn’t feel the same way. if I kiss her and she doesn’t feel the same way it will be really awkward and I’ll be super embarrassed.

No, I’m going to do it.

I started leaning in slowly and I think she started to. Just as we were inches away from each other I heard footsteps and then someone shout.

“Brooke, sweetie there you are!”

Alex and I pulled away as fast as we could, both our faces turning bright red.

“Oh hey Aunt Jackie, glad you could make it.”

She pulled me into a big hug.

“Oh I wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

*You are now exciting the flashback*

So much for ‘always being in this together,’ 2 months after we sang in the talent show together we stopped being friends. That story is for a different time though. We never talked about our almost kiss either, every time I tried to work up the courage to ask her about it, something interrupted or I just got to nervous to ask.

“Brooke? Hello, earth to Brooke?” Alex was waving her hand in front of my face.

“Oh sorry. I spaced out for a bit.”

“Yeah I could tell. Anyways we’re here.”

I took a look out the window and noticed the car was stopped and then I took in my surroundings. We were in front of a small store called ‘Henry’s Terrific Tattoo Shop.’

“What the hell are we doing here?” I asked with a scoff

“Well... I lost a bet.” She said sheepishly

“That doesn’t explain anything.”

“I lost a bet and now I need to get a tattoo.”

“Very funny Alex, what are we really doing here?”

“I’m not kidding...”


Alex and I are currently sitting in a couple chairs waiting for the guy, who I would assume is Henry. He said he would be with us in a minute but it has already been 5.

“Are you nervous?” I asked

“Not really.”

“What are you even going to get?”

I don’t know if I could imagine Alex with a tattoo or not but she’s going to get one in less then a few minutes so I should start imagining now.

Alex just shrugged. “I’m not really sure.”

“Which one of you are Alexandra?” asked a tall man with a needle in his hand.

Alex raised her hand and he nodded his head as a sign he wanted her to follow him.

“See you in a little.” I said giving a little wave

“Uhm... No. Your coming to.”

“Why? I’m not needed in this situation.”

“I need the emotional support.”

I scoffed. “Sure you do.”

“Please B, I need you in there with me.” She said almost begging.

I smiled a little at the nickname and got up to follow her into the next room.

Alex was sat into a chair and started looking at some designs in one of the books the man handed her.

“I have to ask, are you both getting a tattoo today or just Ms.Alexandra?”

“Oh, she is. I am no-”

“Both of us are.” Alex said cutting me off

“No we’re not, just her. I clarified

“Hmm... How about I make you two a deal?”

“Well what is this deal you speak of?”

“You” He said pointing at Alex. “and her” He said pointing at me. “both get a tattoo, I’ll give you both of them for free.”

“No.” I said

“Deal!” Alex said the exact same time I said no.

“Please Brooke?”


“But we can get them for free.”


“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun.”

“I’m not doing it Alex. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise.”

“Please B. It would make me so happy.” She said with puppy dog eyes.

No I will not let her talk me into this. I will not let her talk me into this. I will not-

“Fine, not because you want me to but because I want to.”

Damn it. What did I just get myself into?



After about 20 minutes Alex and I still couldn’t figure out what tattoo to get so we let the tattoo guy- Henry, pick out the tattoo we got and he wouldn’t tell us what he was going to give us so this is how I found myself in the situation of getting a surprise tattoo I’ll probably regret later.

Alex went first and didn’t show any signs of pain which was a relief. Maybe the pain is not as bad as people say it is.

Oh boy was I wrong.

It. Was. Hell.

Right when he first started I immediately started hissing in pain.

“This will be fun she said” I muttered under my breath

“This will make her so happy.” I muttered again

“What was that?” Alex asked

“Oh nothing.” I said with a venomous tone

After about 30 minutes of pain he was finally done. I look down at the side of my forearm (where I got the tattoo) and see a little bumblebee tattoo.

Henry wouldn’t let me see what Alex got and wouldn’t let Alex see what i got. So I was curious to see what she got, if all I got was a little bumblebee.

On the count of 3, we both lifted up our arms to show each other the tattoos we got. What I saw made me gasp.

Today, September 4th, 2016, will always be remembered as the day a man named Henry gave Alex and I matching bumblebee tattoos.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me.”

~Authors note~

Hey! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while I’ve been kind of busy lately. I know this chapter isn’t as long as the others but it’s the most I could write at the moment.

Anyways I just want to thank you for reading so far. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it.



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