That Incredible Man

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

It was a cold and fairly miserable day the first time we kissed.

I only got to the office after lunch as I had taken the morning off to avoid my father who was coming in for his interview. Our relationship was fine, he visited us, we visited him but I couldn’t handle him in my workplace especially when he was being the flirty interview him.

When I got in the office was still abuzz with activity. For once I was happy that I am an idiot at my job and had to concentrate on my work. I was still at my desk way after 5 and when TGWTDG came to sit down it felt as though we had planned the meeting.

I t felt nice to be alone with him. We also had a good rapport but had to be professional around our colleagues. With all of them out of the office , it felt as though we could finally truly be ourselves. I cannot tell you what we spent all those hour’s talking about. But one minute it was 5:30pm and the next it was nearly 9:00pm and the husband was calling. Apparently only he was allowed to have a life outside of our home. As I struggled with putting away my laptop and collecting my things TGWTDG tried to help and one minute we were fumbling and the next we were face to face.

My left hand was in his, his fingers obscuring my wedding ring. We looked at each other for a long moment before our lips met. It felt so good I wanted to cry out. Can a kiss cause you to orgasm? I felt as though I was floating and falling at once.

We slowly pulled apart and regarded each other hesitantly. TGWTDG let out a weird snort laugh.

what the hell was that?” I said laughing to.

I think you just made my heart come.” He whispered pulling me again and kissing me and kissing me. Again and again and again.

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